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One of the leaders of domestic tools, including handheld circular saws, is the research and production company founded in 1991. Interskol absorbed all the best, developed by the leading USSR research center on electric and vibration tools, and advanced world brands.

The result is an excellent, inexpensive and very reliable hand tool. Main production facilities are located in Spain, Russia, China. Shanghai, China. Jinhua.

Interskol offers a whole range of tools with power from 800 to 2000 watt, equipped with various electronic components to facilitate starting and protection of electrical equipment. Designed for home and professional use.

Saws Bosch

An international concern with products ranging from household kitchen appliances to spacecraft components. The main activity in the production of hand tools is based on the use of the latest achievements of technology, combined with German precision and reliability.

The tools presented by the company are available in various configurations from 600W to 2200W, with saw blade sizes from 65mm to 235mm. The basic range of models are models for professional use.

Main technical characteristics

To understand how to choose a circular saw, you need to know the range of characteristics and their impact on the cutting process. We present in the table the main parameters and possibilities of the circular saw, as well as recommendations on the purpose.

There are 600-2000 W. The higher, the heavier the tool, but it can cope with denser materials, work faster, longer do not warm up under load. For occasional use at the cottage, 800-1200 watts is enough.

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Affects the convenience of lifting, cutting vertical surfaces. If you often have to work on the roof, choose the 4-5 kg model.

RPM range is 3000-6000 rpm. The higher the speed, the cleaner the cut, the less burrs stick out, no need for thorough grinding of the butt. For furniture making in the home workshop a speed of 5000 rpm and higher is recommended. For roughing boards, this only affects speed.

Available in 160-230mm. Impact on cutting depths of 45-85 mm. The largest models have a circular saw cutting depth of up to 140 mm at a time on one side. The choice depends on the cross section of the material to be sawed.

Available in wood, stone. Solid and carbide-tipped teeth. First bent or straight. Straight cuts are suitable for all types of wood longitudinally and transversely. Curved for soft wood. Carbide for wood and stone, lasts longer, but costs more.

Other than 90º, some models are able to change the position of the saw blade up to 45º. It is useful for bevel cuts, kerf cuts, to connect the parts later at a 90 degree angle. Necessary when assembling crates, furniture, wooden greenhouses, windows, etc.

Needed when changing saw accessories. Without it, you generally use two wrenches to hold the shaft and turn the nut with the other. Spindle lock is available in advanced versions with a button. It is more convenient (no wrench needed) and faster. Perfect if you frequently change wheels of different diameters or change from sawing stone to cutting boards.

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Optional safety button. Without it, squeezing the trigger does not start the wheel. Increases safety.

When cutting hard materials the rotational speed decreases, productivity is reduced and cutting quality suffers. With constant-speed rotation, the electronic system detects the load level and ensures compliance with the specified parameters.

During prolonged work, the motor winding gets warm. This leads to melting of wires, short circuits. With protection, the saw shuts down sooner, which prolongs its operation without damage.

Starts rotation of the blade at a low rpm, gradually picking up speed. Reduces load on the network because of the absence of high starting currents, helps to accurately guide the tool to the line of the cut.

Device Features

Choosing a table circular saw, you should pay attention to the following indicators: the list of workable materials, cutting depth from 40 to 141 mm, blade diameter from 190 to 450 mm, power from 150 to 5500 W, voltage from 220 to 380 V, dimensions and weight of the product, power supply from AC or battery, individual configuration of each individual model.

If you already own one, there is a wide range of different circular sawblades to choose from. You can also buy band saws from us.

Overview of handheld circular saws with stationary mounting capability

A manual circular saw is a must-have in the arsenal of anyone involved in construction or carpentry. The most convenient models that are installed on a workbench or table and used stationary.

The first circular saws were developed by SKIL in the 1920s. Since then, the type of tool has undergone significant changes. Manufacturers are constantly working to improve the design, to this day withstand the rigors of competition. What are the design differences of fixed mount tools and which models are on the market?,

Manufacturer Rating

The choice of a circular saw is determined by a number of factors:

  • The volume and nature of the intended work;
  • The possibilities of the room in which the unit is supposed to be installed;
  • Noise, mobility and electrical safety requirements;
  • product price.

The most popular manufacturers of such equipment are well-known, well-established companies: Bosch (Germany), Makita (Japan), Metabo (Germany), Hitachi (Japan), Interskol (Russia), JET (Switzerland).

Reviews on machinery from these manufacturers, not always unequivocally enthusiastic, which is natural: people have a lot of preferences and the ideal product will hardly ever be created, but it is this five is currently leading by the number of positive statements as specialists and buyers who use their products in the home.

  • Japanese models are distinguished by the highest quality of assembly, including moving elements of construction, the presence of additional functions that extend the work of the saw (soft start), high requirements for safety. Highest operability and ease of adjustment are the hallmarks of Japanese brands. However, the use in some models, albeit high-strength plastics for the manufacture of moving elements of the transmission on the saw shaft may not play in their favor.
  • German models, as a rule, have a great power, but the extensive use of plastic for the manufacture of the machine body often causes the distrust of buyers. These products are also distinguished by the highest quality of settings.
  • Russian-made products are characterized by high reliability, wide use of tool steel, however, power suffers. in this regard our saws are often inferior to Japanese and European brands. No delayed start function, which may cause failure of individual components or the electric motor. Price of Russian models is much lower than their foreign counterparts, it is also necessary to consider serviceability of domestic saws.
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Design features

The basis of the construction of any electrical equipment is an electric motor, by means of which all other mechanisms of the device are set in motion. Electric motor of circular saw is placed on the frame of the machine. its rotary motion is transferred to the saw blade directly or via a transfer mechanism depending on model design. The peculiarities of such equipment include such elements as:

  • Bed is the base of the design that is made of metal (steel, cast iron), and this is what explains the considerable weight of models equipped with it;
  • table top. is the working surface, it has a groove for the saw and is also made of metal;
  • gearbox or pulley (depending on the model) are placed under the surface of the table top;
  • the working surface accommodates the elements protecting the worker against injuries, as well as various devices facilitating the execution of works and expanding the functionality of the machine.

Scheme of the device of one of the variants of stationary circular saw layout: 1. thrust plate, by means of which the width of the sawn-off piece is regulated; 2. sawing disc; 3. working surface (table top); 4. sawing disc drive shaft pulley; 5. sawing disc drive shaft with bearing unit; 6. casing, providing sawdust outlet, formed during machine use; 7. belt, serving for transmission of rotary motion of the motor shaft to the sawing disc drive shaft; 8. electric motor; 9. pulley, mounted on electric motor shaft; 10. mobile frame; 11. attachment of electric motor to the machine body; 12. base of the machine. stationary frame; 13. structural element, used for covering the internal space of the machine (protective panel).

The circular saw is comfortable and quite functional when used

Tips for caring for your power tool

Do not forget that you have to work with a dangerous tool. You therefore have to be very vigilant and careful. Only then will you get the job done and you and your family’s health is also protected.

The circular saw should be operated only with protective clothing, gloves, and goggles.

Check that the saw is in the off position before you plug it in.

If you should ever need to switch the saw on or off, it is advisable to do so in “idle mode”. If done under pressure, it can shorten the life of the tool.

Make sure that the maximum permissible degree of strain is not exceeded. To do so, take a break every 15 to 20 minutes. That prevents the motor from overheating.

Circular Saw Safety

Make sure the workpiece is securely fastened before working. It must not be allowed to wobble or sag. Otherwise it can have serious consequences for you.

Make sure there is no moisture near the workplace.

Stationary circular saws

In the POWERTOOL online store.RU has a wide selection of stationary electric circular saws. This tool is also called circular because its cutting element is an appropriately shaped plate with sharpened teeth. Equipment of this type is suitable for longitudinal and bevel sawing of hard materials, especially natural wood and metal. The main advantages of a circular electric stationary saw include high productivity and speed.

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How to choose the right table saw?

By and large, all such devices have a similar design, but they can often have additional elements that can greatly expand the functional side of the tool, increasing the safety of handling it. Product is placed in a metal or plastic housing with one or two handles. Because of the high RPM the saw blade is covered with a special safety guard that opens only when the tool is guided to the workpiece.

there is also a platform that helps to keep the blade in a defined position. The product is supplied with a wedging knife. with its help it is possible to free the blade if it gets stuck in the material. The required speed is obtained using an electric motor, to which the blade is bolted. One of the main features of circular saws is the ability to cut material only in a straight line, arc cutting is not provided here.

Depending on the depth of cut, the tool can be divided into several groups: small (they can cut through the material to a depth of 46 mm), medium (up to 55 mm), large (up to 70 mm) and professional, in which this parameter can reach 140 mm. Table recircular saws are the most convenient to use. When they are used, the tool is stationary and only the material to be sawn is moved. If necessary, the workpiece can be cut at different angles in longitudinal or cross direction. One of the key advantages of this tool is its low weight and high level of mobility. Can work with workpieces over 60 cm wide. However, the device vibrates quite strongly during work, which can have a negative impact on the final quality of the cut.

When choosing a device, you should always pay attention to the power of the motor. In this regard, the devices can be divided into three groups: low-power tools have a motor with a power not exceeding 800 W. With their help it will be possible to cope with light products. Universal products are equipped with an 800 to 1200 watt motor. Professional designs have a power output of over 1200 watts.

When selecting models to be included in our rating of the best table sawing machines, we considered all the above factors, as well as paying attention to user feedback and value for money. In this review you will not find very expensive products, because we tried to include here only affordable products, so that each of our reader could pick up a machine to his means. Now it’s time to analyze the performance of specific models.

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