Manual tile cutter how to cut porcelain tiles. Ceramic tile cutting technologies

Cutting porcelain tiles: what to cut, using a manual tile cutter and a diamond disc

The most affordable tool for working with ceramic tiles at home is an angle grinder. Given the vitreous, hard surface, a diamond wheel without slots is chosen as a cutting tool for an angle grinder.

On how to cut a porcelain stoneware there are many detailed instructions in the Internet and technical literature.

An experienced tiler manages to cut porcelain tiles angular grinder for the embodiment of the panel, but chipping will not be only when using hydrorez

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The main thing to know the peculiarities of work on the ceramic granite with the angle grinder:

  • It is very difficult to draw a perfect straight line for the trimmer with an angle grinder, although it is possible to achieve acceptable accuracy by pre-determining the place of the cut with a marker;
  • When cutting, be sure to leave a 2-3 mm margin from the intended line in the direction of the break;
  • There is no need to drive the angle grinder on the stone several times, it is enough to slowly and smoothly, with a strong pressure to make one cut, then there will be fewer chips;
  • The tiles must be securely fixed, preferably with clamps to the work table, as ceramic granite can only be cut by applying considerable force. Tiles that are not properly secured can pull out and “make trouble.

All tiles Hand cutting machine

The unlimited freedom of movement of the angle grinder over the surface makes it possible to make arbitrary cuts in the material.

The disadvantages of this technique are high noise and a lot of dust when working.

manual, tile, cutter, porcelain

Cutting porcelain tile by hand

Manual cutting tools are most often used for small amounts of work. It differs from other, electric tools for cutting porcelain stoneware because it is dust free, but the obvious disadvantages are low productivity and poor cut quality.

For this reason, the use of the tool for large jobs is not rational.

Working with an electric tile cutter

The owners of electric tile cutters can tell with great knowledge about how to properly cut porcelain stoneware. This device increases the accuracy and speed of cutting by an order of magnitude.

Structurally, the electric tile cutter is not complicated and consists of two main parts. the working table and the electric drive. Despite the simplicity, there are a great many modifications of this tool. The performance of the device, therefore, and its price depend on the inclusion of additional mechanisms that increase the functionality of the tool. So, the power of the electric motor determines the size of the cutting disc. The larger diameter wheel on the device removes, for example, the question of how to cut a porcelain tile of increased thickness.

A special attachment will allow you to cut porcelain stoneware at an angle

Trade offers a wide range of models of electric tile cutters of any size, power and configuration. All of them are divided into two subgroups.

The first is the mechanisms with a fixed electric drive. In this variant, the material is fed under the cutting edge by hands, which requires maximum concentration and involves a certain experience in carrying out the work.

Protective guard to avoid injury

The second group. these are devices with movable cutting tool, when the drive moves along a special guide. This is the safest way to cut ceramic granite tiles.

If you carry out work with power tools at home, the main problem is not in the noise (you can agree with the neighbors), but in the huge amount of dust that accompanies the work of the angle grinder. A special tray for water, included with the electric tile cutter, eliminates the question of where to cut porcelain tiles, as all the dust is absorbed by the liquid during the cutting process.

The main advantages of electric tile cutters:

  • The speed and ease of cutting allows you to master large volumes of tile laying in a short time;
  • There is no need for additional processing of the edge, the cut is smooth and clean;
  • Special rotating mechanism with the divisions fixes the disk position at an angle to the table plane, you can cut porcelain tiles at 450 or other angles;
  • A skillful specialist will cut segments of any shape and even rectangular holes in the tiles with this tool;
  • There is a special high-strength porcelain tile for floors. What to cut such material with? Only with an electric tile cutter.
manual, tile, cutter, porcelain

Ceramic tile for the floor can be cut both with an electric and a manual tile cutter

The intricacies of working with this device include the need to adjust the feed speed at different cutting sections. Slow feed at the beginning and end of the tile, fast feed in the middle. This order of work helps to solve the question. how to cut porcelain stoneware without chipping at the cut ends.

The electric option allows you to speed up repair work

While cutting, you should control your every movement, keep the tile close to the table and use protective screen or glasses, splinters can fly out.

For some users, the description of how to cut porcelain tile is not enough.

Making a hole for wiring in porcelain stoneware. Watch the video below, how to cut such material

Jigsaw cutting

This method is also very labor intensive and is mostly suitable for small amounts of tiles meant to be cut. In contrast to alternative methods, this option involves sawing ceramic granite. By the way, knowing how to cut porcelain tiles with a jigsaw will allow you to perform similar operations with a hacksaw for metal. In addition to patience, you should also stock up on interchangeable cutting blades, which will certainly require work with dense material.

The first thing to do is to fix the saw. According to the planned line on the tile should spend a jigsaw so that the most even cut is formed. To avoid the possibility of overheating the tool, it is also necessary to moisten the material. This is how the electric model works, but there are also manual jigsaws, which, with the appropriate skill and effort, allow you to create accurate and even figure cuts. Again, the main thing is to use saws or diamond wires that are suitable for the specific purpose. Of course, the sawing procedure will take a lot of time, but this is one of the best examples demonstrating how to cut porcelain tiles at home with maximum precision. This method is especially useful if it is necessary to create curvilinear cuts in the wall tile for further installation of electrical appliances.

How a handheld tile cutter is designed?

A tile cutter is a tool, on the base of which there are slides (guides). a crown with a tungsten carbide steel roller moves along them. On this base and lay the tiles for cutting.

How to cut ceramic tiles in thin pieces (tips and tricks)

Models may differ in modification. For example, you can find tile cutters with auxiliary equipment. A device that allows you to make round holes.

Before buying, you should also ask the dealer what tile cutter to choose for porcelain tiles. The fact is that some models are only suitable for thin ceramic tiles.

A few secrets

If you need to cut a tile in a curved line or in thin strips, the special pliers are used.

In cases where you need to cut thin tile strips, you can use special pliers or pincers, which you break off in small pieces. In stores you can find a cutter cutters designed for cutting ceramic tiles. It combines the glass cutter and pliers at the same time. If you opt for a cutter, you need to get one with an interchangeable wheel or a diamond glass cutter.

The glass cutter is easy to use for one-time domestic work, but if a large scale of work and the need for great accuracy is necessary to use other methods of cutting, for example, a tile cutter. It works on the same principle as a glass cutter, only it has a larger cutting roller. A tile cutter is a hand tool, the principle of operation of which is similar to that of a glass cutter. The difference is that the tile cutter has a limitation in the thickness of the material to be cut. First the cutter makes an incision in the enamel and then it breaks the tile along the line. The tile cutter is a tile clamp similar to pliers, with a glass cutter built into it.

The glass cutter is a more versatile tool than the tile cutter, but both are only suitable for home use.

Features of the material

The raw material, consisting of clay, kaolin, quartz sand, feldspar and mineral additives, is pressed under great pressure and then sintered at high temperatures. The resulting material has practically no pores and has a hardness equal to the hardness of corundum (7. 8 on the Mohs scale). Inferior by hardness only few materials, such as diamond, sapphire, ruby and other. That said, thin tiles (3 mm and thinner) are quite brittle.

Note! Material of this hardness cannot be cut with hand-held glass cutters, stone blades and jigsaws. They can be used only as an auxiliary tool.

manual, tile, cutter, porcelain

Consider two ways to cut tiles at home. The methods have limitations, which will be described below, as well as ways around these limitations. It is possible to achieve acceptable results with them, but it is better to cut porcelain tiles on professional equipment. Only it will give a guaranteed result in a reasonable amount of time with a relatively large amount of work.

Correctly cutting ceramic granite at home is not so much difficult, as it is troublesome. In order to fight a lot of abrasive dust, you have to use paper bags and filters if you are sawing on a table or workbench. In addition, a vacuum cleaner is absolutely necessary; cutting hard porcelain tiles at home without collecting dust is quite uncomfortable.

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