Metabo 125 angle grinder with regulation

Buying an expensive tool is difficult. First of all, it is quite a high probability of acquiring a fake. You can distinguish a brand-name German tool from a counterfeit by its price. Too low a price is a sign of counterfeit equipment. In addition, there are other parameters. A brand-name angle grinder must have a logo and markings. Impeccable appearance, solid color, rubberized grip.

  • DeWALT DCG405NT brushless angle grinder: battery type Li-Ion; 125 mm disc diameter.weight 1.74 kg.Spindle speed 9000 rpm.Cordless grinder; supplied without battery and charger.

DeWALT DCG405NT brushless angle grinder. Photo AllTools.manual

  • Bosch AdvancedGrind 18 0 cordless angle grinder.603.3D3.100: Battery type Li-Ion; weight 1.7 kg.disc diameter 125 mm.; spindle speed 2800-10000 rpm.Cordless angle grinder; supplied without battery and charger.

Angle grinder (angle grinder) Bosch AdvancedGrind 18 (without battery).у.) (0.603.3D3.100). 220Volt photo

  • Brushless angle grinder AEG BEWS18-125BL-0 4935464414: battery type Li-Ion; disc diameter 125 mm.; weight 2,4 kg., spindle speed 11000 rpm.; delivered without cordless battery and charger.

Brushless angle grinder AEG BEWS18-125BL-0 4935464414. Photo AllInstrumenty.manual

Today, the technology of tool production is highly developed, which has allowed to fill the market with all sorts of representatives, which allowed to qualitatively improve the work in a variety of conditions. Those who often encounter power outages or have to work in remote areas where there is simply no access to the grid need a helper that can perform tasks relying on its own power source. Because of the size of the generator, its cost, the individual nuances of use, it is far from being an alternative.

For a long time, professionals recommend to buy a cordless angle grinder will please the autonomy, ergonomics, productivity. It was the need for such a tool, its availability that prompted the famous company Metabo to present its expanded line of. Among her pick for a reliable helper will not be difficult for anyone, there are household options and which are used in large-scale manufacturing, construction.

Modern technology makes it possible to produce highly reliable and affordable products. Buy a battery-powered angle grinder Metabo will be the right decision, it can provide you with everything you need to successfully cope with the tasks at hand. Using it, you can:

Что стало с METABO W-650-125 за год? Стоит ли брать? Какую болгарку выбрать?

  • Work metal, stone, etc.
  • Carry out the cutting work.
  • Grind various surfaces.
  • Remove old paint, varnish, get rid of rust.

Modern power tools are remarkable for the high quality of operation, which is due to the use of the latest technology, the best materials, nodes. Rest assured, whichever model is your target, even the cheapest, its quality will be extremely high.

NEW 2019! NEW 2019! NEW 2019!

Metabo angle grinder WEV 850-125. A modification of the lightweight 850 watt angle grinder with variable speed capability that greatly expands its range of applications.

Features Metabo WEV 850-125

  • Armored motor winding.
  • New high performance motor with good overload resistance.
  • Reactivation protection, will prevent it from turning on when power is interrupted.
  • Vario-Constamatic (VC) wheels with constant speed under load.
  • Soft-start and limited inrush current.
  • Protection against overheating.
  • Secure fastening of the hood with a fixing screw.
  • Improved cooling system, even more efficient.
  • Front handle, with the possibility of installation on both sides.
  • Spindle lock button for easy and fast tool change.
  • Carbon brushes with wear abrasion firing system.
  • Small size and light weight, but with high resistance to high loads.

Accessories Metabo WEV 850-125

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Metabo WEV 11-125 Quick adjustable angle grinder

Metabo angle grinder WEV 11. 125 Quick professional, lightweight, handy with variable speed and lots of features. You can buy or order all Metabo angle grinders in our store, and if you have any questions, we’ll help you make the right choice.

metabo, angle, grinder

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The Metabo angle grinder WEV 11-125 Quick replaces the WEV 10-125 Quick. Light, variable speed angle grinder. Thanks to a large number of functions that ensure efficiency, safety and convenience of work, this model will be an indispensable assistant in the arsenal of professionals.

  • Power tool type angle grinder
  • Maximum power (W) 1100
  • Power supply 220V
  • Noise level (dB(A)) 93
  • Length of electrical cable (m) 4
  • Saws blade (mm) 125×14
  • Idle speed (rpm) is adjustable to suit the task in hand./min) 10500-2800
  • Stroke frequency under load (rpm)./min) 8800
  • Torque (Hm) 3
  • Weight (kg) 2.1
  • Country of origin Germany
  • New and improved Metabo Marathon motor, with improved dust protection, up to 20% higher peak load resistance and 50% higher torque.
  • Highly effective cooling and ventilation system, with air intakes in the rear of the housing, preventing them from being covered by hand during operation.
  • High velocity airflow inside the tool prevents dust from settling and accumulating on the internal components.
  • Vario-Constamatic (VC), enables the precise speed to be set on the dial, which remains virtually constant under load. Thanks to this function, the optimum mode for the specific material and work is selected.
  • Soft-start and limited-current system for smooth startup and reduced stress on the power grid.
  • Electronic overload protection, keeps the motor from breaking, and an LED indicator informs the operator of the overheated motor.
  • Metabo S-Automatic high-precision mechanical clutch, prevents kickback in the case of a sudden jamming of the disc in the material.
  • Re-start protection, if there is a sudden power outage and then a sudden restart, the tool does not start spontaneously until the start button is turned off and on.
  • Gear body when unscrewing 4 screws, can be rotated relative to the motor housing in increments of 90.
  • VibraTech (MVT) front anti-vibration handle, substantially reduces vibrations and can be mounted on both sides of the gearbox housing for maximum working comfort.
  • Protective cover put on, take off and adjusted without additional tool.
  • Quick system, makes it possible to change accessories without using a wrench and prevents the disc clamp from overtightening during work.
  • Carbon brushes with automatic wear deactivation protect the motor from breakage.
  • Diameter of the body in the girth, became even thinner, which has a positive impact on the convenience of work.
  • Low weight.
  • supporting flange
  • Metabo Quick nut
  • VibraTech side handle (MVT)
  • Power cable length of 4 meters
  • cardboard box (603625000)
  • plastic case (603625500)
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angle grinder (angle grinder) Metabo

Angle grinder is capable of cutting metal, glass, plastic, wood, stone, tile, concrete, as well as grind and peel surfaces. We have a really wide range of angle grinders in our catalog.

What characteristics are important in the first place?

Number of revolutions per minute (rpm) when idling and in operating mode. this value is linked to the power of the machine. The speed of the disc in rated load is lower than the speed of the idle speed. There is a special regulator for regulating the number of revolutions per minute, which in professional machines ranges from 7 to 12 or more thousand revolutions;

  • weight and ergonomics. the more functions a tool has, the more it weighs. Since the master has to constantly keep the angle grinder on the weight, the convenient location of the handle plays an important role. Grinder models are equipped with one or two handles;
  • torque strength;
  • diameter suitable for angle grinder circles;
  • cable length.

In our online store you can buy very inexpensive angle grinder (angle grinder), by the standards of Moscow, the price for the authoritative tool brand Metabo we have more than acceptable. It’s easy to explain. We are an official dealer of the manufacturer, which sells and provides a guarantee on the performance of products purchased from us. That’s why you can order any tool in the collection from us. We measure “cheap” by our cumulative discount system, regular campaigns and sales. The price does not reduce the quality of products, each product has a certificate of conformity.

A good angle grinder, which you can buy in our store, must also have a number of additional options, so that it will be easier to work with it. For example, some of the models are equipped with brushless motors with maximum protection against dust. This greatly extends the life of your Metabo rotary tool. Another useful option is the motor stop when the grinding wheel is locked. The professional models also provide a quick, almost instantaneous stopping of the grinding wheel rotation when the tool is switched off.

Our store is the perfect place to find Metabo tools for every application. We are at your disposal for prompt delivery, as well as for assistance in selecting and purchasing.

Metabo, which is well known to the domestic user, offers its customers many tools, which are characterized by a high level of quality. The Metabo RPM angle grinder is also on the list of machines, and is available in a wide range in our store. With this machine, you can perform quite a wide range of work that requires special precision.

A special mechanism installed in the product, makes it possible to control the speed of the spindle, so it is desirable to buy Metabo angle grinder with adjustable speed for craftsmen who have to work with materials of increased complexity.

Promotional merchandise

Metabo angle grinder. High-performance, efficient and reliable professional grade angle grinders designed for heavy-duty applications.

Today, Metabo is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of angle grinders and supplies its angle grinders to all kinds of trades and craftsmen working in all sectors. from small workshops and do-it-yourselfers to the large industrial and construction companies. Metabo angle grinders can be found on shipbuilding yards in Germany, in the construction of famous skyscrapers and islands in the United Arab Emirates, on construction sites in the USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

Metabo 125 angle grinder

Robert Bosch GmbH is a German group of companies, which develops and produces industrial and domestic appliances, as well as electronic and electrical components for automobiles.

The founder was the inventor Robert Bosch, who in 1886 opened his own workshop in Stuttgart (Germany), which was called “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering”. In the early days, Robert had to personally handle all orders by bicycle. But already in 1901, thanks to the persistence and tenacity of the inventor, the first factory of Bosch.

In 1906, an 8-hour working day was introduced there (for the first time in Europe), which was caused by the need to increase concentration at work and, consequently, to ensure proper rest after a hard day’s work. Popularity of automobile components was caused by repeated victories in car races in which Bosch equipment was used.

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With increasing popularity and market demands the branch network and assortment of the company is expanding. Mixers, refrigerators, car starters, a variety of household and professional construction electric tools, cooking plates. this is not a complete list of products manufactured by Bosch concern, which today has more than 300 subsidiaries.

The concern logo is a schematic representation of an engine, enclosed in a circle, the image is in fact the same age as the company, whose history has more than 100 years of fruitful and successful work. All Bosch products

This is the brand name of the largest tool manufacturer in Russia, Interskol Scientific and Technical Center.

In 1991, the Scientific and Production Company Interskol was established on the basis of the Institute of mechanized building hand tools and building and finishing machines which later grew into the Scientific and Technical Centre.

Many patents for own creations. Long-term experience of the engineering staff, continuous improvement and implementation of modern technologies allow the company to occupy about one fifth of the Russian market in its segment.

Thanks to its reliability and good price/quality ratio Interskol products have earned trust of the consumers not only at home but also abroad.All Interskol products

Taiwanese company manufacturing products under AGP brand since 1988 is one of the largest manufacturers of professional power tools. AGP equipment is characterized by its power and has a high degree of reliability.

It is worth noting that every AGP product is equipped with an electric motor of its own production. Many of the company’s developments have been awarded prestigious prizes. The company’s services include the ability to create power tools for specific conditions, taking into account all the needs of the end user.

The AGP company motto is daring innovations and improvement of existing technologies.All AGP products

Allgemeine Elektricitäts Gesellschaft (AEG). The German company is a manufacturer of electrical appliances for industrial and domestic use, which began its history with the production of electric lamps in 1887.

AEG power tools and household appliances are synonymous with reliability, ergonomics and intelligent design. This is because AEG. The first company to develop and implement industrial design principles for mass-produced products.

In 1908 AEG was the first to launch mass production of electric household stoves, in 1911 household refrigerators, and in the 50’s released the first automatic washing machines.

In 2013 the company celebrated its 125th anniversary. Today manufacturers who continue to dictate the conditions for the whole market of power tools and household appliances are united under the brand AEG.

One of AEG’s cardinal rules is that convenience and functionality must go hand in hand. Buying an AEG product ensures that you get a quality product and the very latest technology.All Products AEG

Makita Corporation is a Japanese company that makes power tools and power tools.

Makita has been making power tools since 1915, when three acquaintances and Masaburo Makita set up a company in Nagoya to manufacture electric motors and generators. At first, they manufactured and restored electric motors, transformers and lighting equipment. Makita introduced its first electric hand tools in 1958. It was the world’s first electric chopper. Now Makita is one of the world’s largest power tool manufacturers.

In 1935, the company began supplying electric motors and generators to the USSR.

Nowadays Makita produces more than 350 types of tools and over 4500 accessories for them. The Makita range currently consists of more than 1,000 products. Makita has eight Makita production sites, three of which are in Europe: Great Britain, Germany and Romania.

The company’s primary market is Europe, followed by North America and Japan. Sales in other regions are less significant.All Makita products

Ceccato Aria Compressa S.p.A Italian company with more than 60 years of experience in compressed air technology, the undisputed leader in the production of air compressors. Acquired and part of the Atlas Copco Group since 1998

Atlas Copco Group also includes product brands Abac, Alup, Chicago Pneumatic, Dynapac, Grassair, IrmAir, Liutech, Lutos, Pneumatech, Prime Energy, Prime Industrial Rental, Puska, Rand-Air, Worthington Creyssensac and others.

Ceccato Aria Compressa S.p.A one of the few companies which has the technical capability to produce screw compressors and compressed air dryers. the largest manufacturer in Europe.

To date, the company declares boldly that more than 95% of production is the development of the last 3 years.

One of the principles applied in the development of the machine. “minimum noise, maximum performance”. makes it clear once again that the company has accumulated a lot of experience over many years of productive work. All products Ceccato/ABAC

Та самая METABO WEV 15-125 QUICK! Как починить болгарку Метабо? @Доктор Дью

The history of the brand begins with the founding by Hermann Ankerman and Hermann Schmidt of the company for the production of hand grinders in 1922. The company’s own invention, an angle grinder with a flexible shaft, was called the “flex”. It is precisely because of the popularity of these power tools that Herman Ankermann-Hermann Schmidt changed its name in 1996 to FLEX. Today, FLEX is a global manufacturer of many different power tools.

The list of products includes: grinders, floor saws, routers, polishers, peelers and other equipment, as well as accessories and consumables. The company’s slogan: “Quality tools from professionals to professionals” speaks for itself. FLEX products are highly reliable, unpretentious and ergonomically designed, for which they are recognized worldwide. All FLEX products

The company was founded in 1910 by two young entrepreneurs, Duncan Blake and Alonzo Decker, who started a small machine shop and gave it the very famous name of The Black Decker® Manufacturing Company.

Gradually increasing production and product range, Black Decker pioneered in manufacturing household drills. In 1917 the first factory was opened, in 1922 the first foreign branch in Canada. Further the history of the company can be described as a triumphant march through the world market of tool and component manufacturers.

Today Black Decker is a world leader in the production of tools, power tools, appliances and tools for the garden and a variety of products for the home. The company owns DeWALT brand, as well as many other brands known abroad. Black Decker boasts a large number of international awards for best products and innovations.

Black Decker. A quality tool that is both affordable and reliable, based on over 100 years of experience with the latest technology.All BlackDecker Products

PROXXON (Proxon) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of professional microtools using the latest technology. For more than 30 years PROXXON GmbH has been producing quality and reliable tools that outperform many competitors in terms of precision, reliability and running time.Because of its wide range of applications, the PROXXON tool is ideal for:

  • toolmakers
  • Aircraft operators
  • jewelers
  • opticians
  • artists
  • electronics engineers
  • aircraft and ship modelers
  • engravers
  • watchmakers
  • precision mechanics
  • carpenters
  • restorers
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INTERTOOL one of the leading manufacturers of construction and repair tools in Ukraine.

INTERTOOL tools are represented on Ukrainian market since 1999. This trademark combines experience, professionalism, customer focus, creativity, desire and energy of its creators.

TM INTERTOOL is represented in all regions of Ukraine, as well as in most neighboring countries. You can buy Intertools in specialized stores, retail chains, internet stores and at consumer markets. INTERTOOL brand is known practically to every Ukrainian involved in construction, repair, landscaping.

INTERTOOL concept Tooling for Every Home!, Which means quality at a price the customer can afford. INTERTOOL proves that quality tools at an affordable price are real.

INTERTOOL product range today with more than 4,000 items.All Intertool products

For more than 150 years, Stanley has been manufacturing and developing hand tools. Stanley facilities around the world. Development of new hand tools occurs with direct input from end users.

Stanley Works was originally founded in 1843 by Frederick T. Stanley as a bolt and door hardware factory in New Brittain, Connecticut, USA. A few years later, in 1857, Frederick’s cousin Henry Stanley founded the Stanley Rule and level Company. In 1920 Stanley Rule and level Company became part of Stanley Works, reorganized as Stanley Hand Tools Division.

Over the years, Stanley Works has introduced consumers to the most innovative and useful tools ever made. these include. Bailey planer, Surform rasp, Power Lock tape measures, from the recent. the Fat Max range of tools.

than ever, Stanley is a leader in designing and manufacturing hand tools. Stanley brings up to 100 new products to market each year. As a direct result of their commitment to excellence in hand tool design and manufacturing, Stanley was awarded the Golden Hammer of Honor in the New Product category in 2001 and 2002.All Stanley products

Metabo angle grinder (angle grinder)

Needed an angle grinder with a speed regulator so I could work with one hand on occasion, for frequent woodworking sanding. Good thing they checked with me at the store, offering an angle grinder with constant electronics, the motor which maintains power, so the tool does not fail under load even at low speed, which is exactly what is needed for wood. Stopped on the angular grinder Bosch GWS 13-125 CIE. At first I wanted to save money and looked at the angle grinder from dnipro-M and Sturm, but still bribed Bosch the presence of a number of other systems, such as protection against accidental jamming of the disk, plus power. Buying satisfied, in Taki Da did a discount, got an angle grinder with a warranty card in Ukraine, everything as it should!

Already have a Makita angle grinder, with a thin body, now I need to work often stationary, for cutting thin fittings. Thanks to the guys in the store, who advised the best solution for such a problem, namely to buy the angle grinder 125 mm with a long handle with a stand for it. Got a small stationary machine. At the same time in the new angular grinder dnipro-M has a speed regulator, useful for cleaning, especially pleased with the price of the set to 1500 UAH, including free delivery!

Na thought to buy an angle grinder with a “pearl-matrix humid”) but it is necessary to have a regulator obrotivy, at the same time small design, so the button was under the finger of a large hand has conveniently roztashovana, so the power supply enough, so also the price is adequate, so that inexpensive. I thought I would look for a long time, but Takі Da zdivouch, after my call in 5 hvilinok requested three options, I was furious, and the choice was between Dnipro M GS-140SE and Sturm AG9512P. The price of the Sturm angle grinder was appealing, especially since they have the ability to maintain power at low speeds. Took it, tested and realized that I did not go wrong, the tool is what you need, the only thing that is not good is the button is slightly on top, but the gear can be turned and all ok!)

METABO W 850-125 ИЛИ MAKITA 9558HN. Какую болгарку выбрать? Сравнение популярных УШМ.

Excellent choice and good sorting, the ability to pick up an angle grinder by class, the price of inexpensive, to the current discount on the angle grinder pro class. Helped decide, took a few grinders. 125 mm from Bosch. I work with it most of all. 230 Dnipro M. for cutting angle, bought with a twist handle. And fit into the budget and got a decent set!

I bought an angle grinder Makita GA 5030, Romanian assembly, warranty card official in Ukraine, with holograms, original angle grinder. In this case, the price of the angle grinder pleased, because there was a discount!)

If you need a cordless angle grinder, pay special attention to battery capacity. When loaded quickly discharges, I bought a cordless grinder enhel, and took a 2 Ah battery from an electric screwdriver (previously taken, and the batteries are compatible, which is a plus). Just realized that over time, it’s better to buy a 4 Ah battery. Then for the house will be super. Thanks

Metabo angle grinder (angle grinder)

Angle grinders TM Metabo effective power tool, which is used in professional activities, and in everyday life. Metabo angle grinder is capable of cutting, sanding, deburring, etc.д. Perfectly cope angle grinder Metabo with cutting bricks, concrete, marble, steel, granite. Successfully used Metabo angle grinder for cutting boards of small thickness, but it is recommended to use special discs for wood, as the usual cutting disc is not suitable for such purposes.

Metabo angle grinder is indispensable in construction, repair, service stations and various workshops. In any area, where you want to quickly and accurately cut the workpiece, grind a weld, remove a layer of rust. Metabo angle grinders are reliable helpers.

Buy a Metabo angle grinder at a low price you can in the online store We offer a wide selection of angle grinder this brand. On the entire lineup is a good manufacturer’s warranty. In the electronic catalog of the store there is a cordless angle grinder Metabo in a large range of the most popular models of different capacities at an affordable price. Also, here you can buy chain angle grinder with optimal technical characteristics and rich functionality.

metabo, angle, grinder
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