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Metabo BS 18 LTX BL Impuls manual

Manual for Metabo BS 18 LTX BL Impuls in Dutch. This manual in PDF format consists of 68 pages.

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We declare in all honesty that these cordless rotary drills and cordless impact drills with type identification and serial number 1) fulfil all relevant directive requirements 2) and 3). For technical documentation please refer to the Metabo BS 18 LTX BL Impuls User Manual. 4). Figure. M. Drills and impact drills are designed for impact-free (conventional) drilling in metal, wood, plastic and similar materials and for screwdriving and tapping. In addition, impact drills are designed for impact drilling in masonry, brick and stone. The operator is solely responsible for damage caused by improper use. The generally accepted safety regulations and the instructions in this manual must be observed. For your own safety and to protect your power tool from damage, follow the instructions marked with this symbol! WARNING! To reduce the risk of personal injury, read the instruction manual. WARNING! Read all safety instructions and precautions. Failure to follow the safety instructions and precautions can lead to electric shock, fire and/or serious injury. Keep all safety information and instructions in a safe place. Only pass on these documents to the next owner. Wear headphones when operating an impact drill (tool with SB symbol). ). Exposure to noise can lead to hearing loss. Operate the tool with the auxiliary handle provided (depending on equipment). Loss of control of the tool may result in injury. Hold the tool by insulated surfaces only when working in the vicinity of concealed wiring. Contact with a live wire can put voltage on metal parts of the tool and cause electric shock. Check (e.g. with a metal detector) that the place to be worked on is free of electrical, water and gas lines. Protect the battery packs from moisture! Do not expose the battery packs to open flames! Do not use defective or deformed battery packs! Do not open the battery packs! Do not touch/short-circuit the contacts of the battery packs! A defective lithium-ion battery pack can cause leaking of mildly acidic flammable fluid! If electrolyte is spilled and comes in contact with your skin, flush it off immediately with large quantities of water. If you get electrolyte in your eyes, flush them with clean water and see a doctor immediately! Remove the battery pack from the power tool before every adjustment/re-equipment/maintenance/cleaning. Make sure that the tool is turned off when inserting the battery pack. Dust from handling materials containing lead, some wood, minerals and metals can be a health hazard. Inhalation of or contact with such dust particles may cause allergic reactions and/or respiratory problems. Some types of dust (e.g. oak and beech dust) are considered carcinogenic, especially in combination with additional materials used for wood treatment (chromic acid salts, wood preservatives). Material containing asbestos may only be handled by asbestos handlers Use a suitable dust extraction device if possible Ensure good ventilation of the work area Wearing a respirator with P2 filter class is recommended. 1. Declaration of Conformity 2. Intended use 3. General safety instructions 4. Special safety instructions

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Observe the applicable national material handling regulations. Clamp the workpiece to be machined carefully, e.g. with clamps. LED illumination (14): Do not look at the illuminated LED through optical aids. The drawings are located at the beginning of the operating instructions. Explanation of the symbols used: Direction of travel Slowly Fast First speed Second speed Screws No torque limit Drill bits Impact drilling Torque Fig. A 1 Quick-action keyless chuck 2 Secondary handle 3 Slide switch (drill/impact) 4 Slide switch (1st/2nd speed) 5 Button (toggles between “Hi-Performance” and “Normal” modes) 5 Quick-action key (only with handle). 6 Direction switch (direction adjustment, transport lock). on both sides of the tool 7 Bit holder 8 Belt hook 9 Battery pack release button 10 Capacity display button 11 Capacity indication button 12 Battery pack 13 Setting wheel (pulse mode, torque limitation, if necessary) 7 Clip on the belt clip. “Max. B Before use, charge the battery pack (Fig. C 7 B) 14 LED 15 Depending on the equipment, the pressure switch.1 Battery pack, signal capacitance indicator Fig. B Before use, charge the battery pack (4) and the torque indicator (Fig. C 6). If power is reduced, charge the battery pack. The optimum storage temperature is 10 °C to 30 °C. 7.2 Battery pack removal, installation Fig. C 7.3 Turning direction adjustment, setting the transport lock (interlock) Fig. D 7.4 Speed selection Fig. E Only set the slide switch (4) when the electric motor is not running! 7.5 Normal/impulse drilling: setting Fig. A Press switch (3). 7.6 Torque limitation, maximum torque, pulse mode: setting Continuous operation in pulse mode is prohibited! (The motor could overheat.) Power tools with symbol. 18 LTX BL Quick. Figure. F Turn thumbwheel (13) to activate impulse mode (button (5) flashes) or torque limit (button (5) lights up continuously) To set the maximum torque (drilling position) press button (5) (button (5) is not illuminated). To reactivate the thumbwheel settings: Press button (5) again or turn thumbwheel. Power tools with symbol. 18 LTX Impuls/ Quick. 18 LTX BL Impuls: figures. G Set the desired operating mode with the thumbwheel (13): 1. 10 = Torque limiter Drill= Maximum torque Impulse= Impulse 7.7 On/off switch, speed adjustment rice. A Switching on, speed: push switch (15). By pushing on the over- 5. Figure 6. Overview Nm 7. Operation

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BS 18 LTX Impuls (602191500) Cordless electric drill

metabo, impuls
  • The reliable cordless drill/driver with maximum power for very demanding tasks
  • Plug-in pulse mode for unscrewing tight-fitting screws and drilling on smooth surfaces
  • Powerful 4-pole Metabo motor for fast drilling and screw driving
  • overload protection: protects the motor from overheating
  • Spindle with internal hexagon for bit accessories for use without a drill chuck
  • Clamping neck (Ø 43 mm) for universal use
  • Built-in backlight for illuminating the workplace
  • Robust gear case made of die-cast aluminum for optimal heat dissipation and durability
  • With practical belt hook and nozzle compartment, optionally right or left-handed locking
  • With smart metaBOX solution for transport and storage
  • Many brands, one battery system: this product combines with all 18 V battery packs and chargers from CAS

The tools illustrated may differ in terms of configuration, equipment and technical data.Please refer to the scope of delivery and product description.Accessories are only included if specified in the scope of delivery.

BS 18 LTX Impuls (602191650) cordless drill/driver

The tools shown may vary in terms of configuration, equipment and technical data.Refer to the scope of delivery and product description.Accessories are only included if specified in the scope of delivery.

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metabo, impuls

Metabo bs 18 ltx impuls overview

Power surges and high frequency interference. “The calling card of the power grid. In order not to spoil expensive equipment, as well as to place it in a convenient place, regardless of the location of the outlet, take the surge protectors and extension cords.

Safety glasses are a necessary piece of equipment, providing full protection to the eyes when carrying out construction work, and other production, in which the likely ingress of small particles, fragments, dust or dross in the vision.

Earphones protect your hearing, and gloves allow you to work in comfort, protect your skin from scratches, cuts, blisters and other various damages and eliminate unwanted slipping.

Respirator is a means of personal respiratory protection. Respirators are a lightweight means of protecting the respiratory system from harmful gases, vapours, mists and dust. Respirator has already proven to be an effective means of respiratory protection. It is nowadays very difficult to imagine working in harsh and hazardous conditions without using individual protective equipment, including a respirator.

The bit set is an excellent choice for every craftsman who strives for excellent results and high performance.

Bags and belts for tools, is able to provide productive work as a home handyman-owner, and professionals in their field.

Laser tape measure will be, your assistant in any measuring work because of its ergonomic design and the ability to measure the distance without serious errors and mistakes.

A tape measure is an easy-to-use working tool that is designed to resize and distance. Measuring tape will be indispensable during repair, construction, carpentry and other works. It is great for home use and other situations where you need to quickly and accurately measure the distance.

Level is a very useful tool in solving any tasks during repair or construction work. It will come in handy when moving and installing furniture and home appliances.

Convenient and reliable portable is a great solution to the lack of lighting wherever it is needed. Everything you need to provide a bright light in a room. it is a rosette.

Positioning tool is an indispensable auxiliary tool by means of which the marking, dimensions and other information necessary during construction, mounting or dismantling is done.

Knee pads. designed to protect knee joints from mechanical impact as well as from exposure to high and low temperatures when carrying out various work in industry, household and garden.

In situations where it is necessary to remove deposits of salt, rust, dirt, scale from the metal surface, or remove peeling paint before applying a new one, the brush is able to perform roughing of the metal, grinding

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Designed for use as an attachment to a hand or power drill when installing outlets, junction boxes, ceiling lights.

metabo, impuls

Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 602191500 cordless screwdriver is designed for working with fasteners and drilling holes. Plug-in pulse mode makes it easier to drive out tight-fitting screws and drill into smooth surfaces. Powerful 4-pole Metabo 4 motor for high performance in the most demanding applications. Also worth noting is the hexagonal core spindle that allows the tool to be used with standard hexagonal bits.

  • Plug-in pulse mode for undoing tight-fitting screws and drilling on smooth surfaces
  • productivity thanks to the powerful Metabo 4-pole motor for fast drilling and screw driving
  • Overload protection: protects motor from overheating
  • Spindle with hexagon socket for screwdriver bits for screwless work
  • Clamping neck (Ø 43 mm) for universal use
  • Integrated work light for illuminating the work area
  • Robust gear housing in die-cast aluminium for optimum heat dissipation and durability
  • With practical belt clip and compartment for bits and accessories, optionally secured on the right or left side
  • Battery packs with power indicator to monitor the degree of charge
  • Ultra-M technology offers maximum power, gentle charging, optimal energy efficiency and long service life
  • Steel: 13 mm
  • Drill chuck clamping range: 1.5. 13 mm
  • Battery pack voltage: 18 V
  • Weight (with accumulator pack): 2 kg
  • Type of battery pack: lithium-ion
  • Battery pack capacity: 4.0 Ah
  • Max. Soft torque: 55 Nm
  • Max. tight torque: 110 Nm
  • Adjustable torque: 1.5. 25 Nm
  • Wood: 65 mm
  • Values for idle speed: 0. 500 / 0. 1.700 /min
  • Drill spindle thread: 1/2″. 20 UNF
  • Momentum: 60 Nm

Model Features

The Metabo cordless screwdriver BS 18 LTX Impuls T03470 has a Metabo 4-pole motor. for best performance. Gear housing made of die-cast aluminium for optimum heat dissipation and a long service life. Backlighting is integrated, which means you can see the work area in poor light and prevent errors. Metal bracket allows the tool to be carried on a belt.

Quick-change chuckThe quick-change chuck makes it quick and easy to change consumable tools.

Two operating speeds Switch between operating speeds with toggle switch on top of the unit.

Torque adjustmentWith a wheel on the bottom of the handle, the torque can be adjusted and “Pulse” mode selected.

Comfortable HandleThe Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls T03470 has a non-slip grip for a secure, slip-free grip.

  • Plug-in pulse mode makes it easy to remove tight-fitting screws and drill on smooth surfaces
  • Powerful 4-pole Metabo 4 motor
  • Spindle with internal hexagon for use with standard hexagonal bits
  • 43 mm diameter clamp neck
  • Bright working area lights
  • Reversing function
  • Metal belt clip
  • Gear case made of cast aluminum for a better fit of internal parts and better heat dissipation
  • Charge level indicator
  • Ultra-M technology: monitoring system to protect the machine and the battery pack


The Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls Set cordless drill/driver (602191960) is available from the supplier without prior notice!

  • Futuro Plus quick-action chuck with metal sleeve
  • Additional handle
  • Belt clip and toolbox compartment
  • 3 rechargeable Li-Power battery packs (18 V / 4.0 Ah)
  • ASC 55 “AIR COOLED” battery charger
  • metaBOX 145 L

Product specifications may differ from those shown on the website, check the specifications of the product at the time of purchase and payment. All information on the website about the goods is for reference only and is not a public offer in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code We earnestly ask you to check the availability of the desired functions and features when buying.

The Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls Set cordless drill/driver (602191960) is covered by an official Metabo warranty of 2 years.warranty

All products sold in the online store, are brand new and have a warranty service period in the service centers of the manufacturers or the service center ONLINE TRADE.RU. Buyers who bought digital photos and videos, peripherals, communicators or other equipment in our store, get the cash voucher and warranty card with the stamp of our store together with the goods. Go to Warranty policy

The machine is plug and play all day long. Is a very compact product, since it operates without a battery. This model has great power and can fasten large screws. Can be used not only for home repairs, but also for work in small workshops and even in furniture factories.

The main purpose. fixing slats on the ceiling. High power allows you to drive a 100 mm long electric screwdriver in wood in just 1.5 seconds. To tighten the same screw with an ordinary screwdriver, it takes at least a minute. Cable length of 5 meters allows you to comfortably work around the workbench and not move objects. Its

  • long cable;
  • electronic speed regulator;
  • depth stop;
  • magnetic holder;
  • trigger lock;
  • high power;
  • low weight.
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Powerful and durable motor this model received. Screwdrivers easily penetrate metal profiles and hard wood. The average user can handle any job without any problems. Also suitable for professionals. For fixing roofing materials is ideal. The impact wrench can easily apply pressure to the screw itself, so you don’t have to apply too much force. Key-operated knot protects tool from falling, and gearbox itself is covered by metal case. There is a reversing button on the side of the machine.

  • bit holder;
  • indicator shows the number of revolutions;
  • easy to use;
  • The screwdriving depth can be adjusted;
  • aluminium housing;
  • High power;
  • the ability to work with one hand;
  • ergonomic shape.

The price of such a device is within 10000. The modern network wrench has excellent performance. Besides, it belongs to the percussion type models. Ensures high screwing quality even in hard-to-reach places. Characterized by a high working speed, which is not accompanied by kickback. Can even work on the toughest materials. Modern Vario electronics enable variable speed adjustment. The housing is made of high-strength aluminum. This housing design guarantees excellent heat dissipation and durability. The unit weighs 3 kilograms. Power cord length. 5 meters. Power is 650W and rotation speed is 2200 rpm.

After I bought the drill Metabo BS 18, repairs in my apartment went very quickly and of a much higher quality. The power of the device impressed me, can work long without recharging the battery, and does not heat up. Changing the nozzle is also easy. The housing is made of durable material.

Of course the 18 LTX is a professional device, like all Metabo products. I have been using it for almost a year now, I have not had any complaints and it is more than worth it. It is not always convenient to lug around a corded drill, and cordless drills do not always last long, but not in this case. The drill’s very high-capacity battery allows it to be used intensively virtually all day long. The body is very strong and made of very high quality materials. With all that, it has enough power to drill even very thick metal surfaces

My kids gave me the Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls electric screwdriver as a present. Of course the tool of the highest class, it is ergonomic in the hand, the handle is rubberized and does not slip in the palm, even if you sweat. It screws in screws instantly, it is perfect for wood, but thanks to the different speeds it can work with any material. Two batteries included for convenience.

I have been using a Metabo BS electric screwdriver for about a year now. Great tool, very powerful. Screws small and large without any effort. In wood, you can twist it with almost no effort at all. But I use it more as a drill. Handles large holes with ease, too. The battery lasts a long time and charges in less than an hour even though it’s only about a year old. It is not cheap, but it is more than worth its money.

Very powerful drill, especially if you consider that it is a cordless drill. Bought it almost a year ago, when I did repairs in the garage, still as new, even drilled metal beams with it. Language is not rotated, call the BS 18, any other than a drill, because the power is very much. I heard that “winter fishermen” even use them to drill holes. Very powerful chuck, as for such a small tool, even has an additional handle. The batteries that came with it, by the way, are still good for a long time.

I bought Metabo 18 in a hurry, I relied on the characteristics and competence of the consultant, I had to quickly finish the urgent emergency work and searching was not necessary. I am very happy with the machine. The engine it has a powerful, easy to hold in the hands, heated up a little, but not to the extreme. Holds nozzles tight. Drilling with it is fast and neat. Even tightly driven screws manage to pull out pretty easily.

The Metabo 18 cordless electric screwdriver is currently the most powerful electric screwdriver in its class. The manufacturer offers a 3 year quality warranty. The Metabo 18 has a power of 120 N/m, so the Metabo 18 has an extra handle to hold it in operation.

It has two speeds of 500 and 1700 rpm and two modes for tightening screws: moderate and tight. The Metabo 18 can drill a maximum diameter of 65 mm in wood, 13 mm in metal. The Metabo 18 has a light and a belt clip for easy attachment.

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