Mini circular saw from the angle grinder with his own hands

Circular machine from the angle grinder and a jack with their own hands

To make a precise cut of lumber, it is most convenient to use a circular table. Such a machine is not necessary to buy. If you have an angle grinder, you can make it out of it, and without spoiling the angle grinder itself.

  • Profile pipe 20×20 and 25×25 mm;
  • door hinge;
  • Angle 50×50 mm;
  • diamond-shaped jack;
  • 20 mm strip;
  • furniture board or plywood of 20 mm;
  • saw blade;
  • nuts, bolts.

Construction of a home-made circular saw from an angle grinder

Regardless of the design features, each circular from the angle grinder, which make their own or buy in stores, consists of:

In the form of motors for homemade machines it is allowed to install various available options. Often it is recommended to use asynchronous motors, bought directly for the machines, motors from washing machines, drills or angle grinders. Any of the options has its advantages and disadvantages.

Buying motors for the respective purpose, it is possible to choose its parameters for your device. advantages, as such, there is no. The only disadvantage of this purchase is the high price. After all, in fact, the cost of the engine exceeds the cost of hand-held power tools. So you can make a little money and buy a ready-made machine. For many people it is not affordable, and the expediency of such purchases is absent.

circular, angle, grinder, hands

Another solution. motors from washing machines. This method will be optimal if you have a functioning engine in the presence of such unnecessary equipment. Not all washing machines will be suitable for homemade machines. Many modern automatic machines are equipped with a motor, which requires the use of a special controller.

Naturally, you can make your own efforts to assemble the controller, but it is an unnecessary time and financial expense. To connect the motor from an old washing machine is quite simple, because their shaft is already equipped with a pulley. The presence of such a motor will greatly simplify the creation of a circular saw. The disadvantages of such devices can include their low power. We end up with an incomplete machine model and a fictitious device. But it is worth noting that for certain situations you can also use such a solution.

The drill, if used as a drive for homemade circular machines, has a number of certain advantages, compared to the previously presented devices. The key advantage is that there is no need for a gearbox.

Generally, an electric drill has low speed and high power. The saw blade is directly driven by clamping its axis with the chuck of the electric drill. The disadvantages of such schemes is the need for breaks during the working process. This is because the drill is not designed for continuous types of work and needs to be stopped for 10 to 20 minutes every 10 minutes. Partially this problem can be solved if you install additional ventilation on the motor, but it will significantly complicate the machine design.

The use of angle grinders, which are also called angle grinder, actually has no known disadvantages. First of all, its motor has a high power. Many men can boast of having such a tool, if not, it can always be purchased, in any case it will come in handy for its primary purpose. It is quite easy to integrate it into the machine.

Often in the complete set angular grinding machine provides the presence of clamps, thanks to which it is easy to mount on the bed. Installation of the pulley on the shaft is made as easy as possible. Because of the high revolutions in the motor of the device, there is good ventilation, because there is a built-in cooling system, which is able to function without stopping.

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To construct a circular machine, using for this purpose an angle grinder, under the power of everyone. No special knowledge or skills required. Here you need to dive a little deeper into creativity and diligently do your task. At the very beginning of the construction of the machine, you should verify your intentions and decide whether you need it? It is important to bear in mind that, despite its resistance to continuous operation, the angle grinder can break because of the heavy load.

If you intend to open your own production of furniture and wooden products at the industrial level, of course, you should buy a full-fledged circular machine. Self-made device is suitable for home and cottage purposes, as a tool that allows you to solve domestic, everyday tasks.

Materials used:

The process of making a homemade chain saw attachment for the angle grinder, is shown in detail on these

In the plate I made holes for bolting to the angle grinder and welded to it the bearing cage.

Adapted an oiler to lubricate the saw chain.

Homemade saw, successfully passed the tests.

The result is a removable attachment, a chain saw for angle grinder, quite a useful tool in the cottage and in the garage.

If you are interested in this self-made device, we recommend watching the video of the author, which also shows the process of making a saw from an angle grinder with their own hands.

How to make a circular saw with their own hands: the preparatory stages of work

Before you put a point in the question about the advisability of self-made circular saw, it is necessary to get acquainted with several similar devices, view videos on the Internet. During observation and viewing, special attention should be paid to the main elements, parts, methods of attachment. To understand how to make a circular saw, you need at least a theoretical knowledge.

The fabrication process can be carried out in two ways:

In the case of the latter option, the task is somewhat complicated, since parts and mechanisms are bought more often in different places, but they must match the technical and functional characteristics.

Scheme of making a circular saw with their own hands.

For your information! Purchase elements for the future design of the circular saw must be purchased only after a detailed drawing of the installation.

Without the drawing it is impossible to take into account the size of the elements and choose the complete set. Quite often this stage (drawing work) is omitted by home craftsmen because of the lack of skill to perform. It is not necessary to do this, as it is enough to draw a saw. At least this will visualize the future machine. To imagine what the result will be. is extremely important.

Only after you have a drawing or sketch and all the necessary elements, you can proceed directly to the process of assembly.

Circular saw from an ordinary drill

Initially, is constructed semblance of a table. Four legs are attached to the table top. On the surface of the tabletop is marked out a slot, from which the cutting disk will protrude.

On the back side of the table top at a small distance from the slot for the disk fix a rectangular bar with a round hole cut inside. Its diameter must be equal to the diameter of the chuck of the used drill. Using a jigsaw, the planned slit is cut out.

Similarly, a slit is cut on another sheet of plywood, and parallel to this slit another slit is cut, the width of which should be equal to the width of the prepared wooden bar. The second plywood sheet is superimposed on the first one so that the slots for the disk coincide.

The second slot is filled with a wooden bar and a rectangular sheet of plywood is glued to it at right angles, looking like a skirting board. This will be the guide. All wooden elements are glued and necessarily secured with screws.

Rules of operation

The use of designs such as homemade saws equipped with discs in wood processing imposes certain responsibilities on their owners.

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Besides the table well fixed on the floor and the guard on the disc, it is necessary to organize the sawing material feed in both directions: from right to left and back. Boards and slats should not be moved along the base while the circular saw is working, but a block or its wooden analogue should be used for this purpose. It is not recommended to be closer than 25-30 cm to the rotating disc. Do not keep your hands close to the saw. you could injure your fingers.

The circular saw must be switched on and off by means of a button either on the side or on the front of the machine. Do not stand behind or in front of the disc while it is turning.

Table circular saw variant

  • Using a pipe or bar 1.5-2.0 cm, make a U-shaped bed, and then attach the lever to the bed.
  • The frame is attached to the table with self-tapping screws, before which its lower section is bent in the direction of the cut, strictly horizontal to the movement.
  • Put a T-shaped lever on this piece, which can be made from a pipe of greater thickness, so that it can rotate.
  • Cut the crosscut of the frame in two.
  • To make the construction stable, we fix it with clamps, and then install the slopes.
  • Manufactured hand saw with a clamp we pull to the end of the vertical section of the construction.
  • If you install in the angle grinder an ordinary cutting wheel, the construction can also be used as a cutting device, but such a tool will not be able to make a cut deeper than 7-8 cm.

Although the main difference between the stationary and table circular saw from the angle grinder is the height of the bed, here you will also need a detailed design scheme. Next, we will consider each feature of making such a circular saw:

  • The special table for such a tool should be covered with tin or galvanized iron, otherwise during the time of use of the table, a hole may form on it, provoking an error in the sawing process. A metal 7-8 cm corner piece will serve as a base for cross joints of the table.
  • According to safety requirements, saw blade must protrude over table base by not more than one third of its own diameter. Thus, for sawing the bar about 10 cm thick you need an element with a diameter of 35 cm, as well as a powerful motor (1 kW). If you intend to saw bars over 15 cm thick, it will be difficult to make a circular saw for this at home.
  • The 7-8-cm corner is taken as a basis for an adjustable stop. Length of the angle is calculated from the length of the table plus 35-40 cm. Cut one of the shelves from two directions so that the length of the remainder corresponds to the length of the table, and bend the backs down.
  • To attach the fasteners, the lower shelves are drilled for the threads for them.
  • We take the previously designed stop, put it on the table, and fasten it with bolts in the position set by the template that runs between the disk and the stop.
  • The most responsible unit in the home-made sawmill from the angle grinder. the shaft. It is best to buy it at the construction market, as errors in manual production are inadmissible here. The shaft must be equipped with a place for fixing the disk.
  • Ball bearings must be installed by yourself in the trunnions, in order to avoid the entry of sawdust, protected by covers. The transmission should be chosen of V-belt type, and condensers. necessarily of paper or oil-paper type, capable of withstanding a large load. The motor for your circular saw can be a motor from a discarded washing machine, here the choice is easier.
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Now you know how to make a circular grinder from an angle grinder, without resorting to the services of professional craftsmen. Knowing the technology and having a set of necessary tools and materials, you can easily cope with this task. This work is economical and grateful, so it is worth using this chance!

Circular from the angle grinder with their own hands

Homemade circular saw from an angle grinder with my own hands.

Needed to do glazing in the cottage. To choose a quarter for the glass, I decided to use an angle grinder and disc 125 on wood.

The saw blade, the maximum speed corresponds to the maximum speed of the angle grinder.

From the angle I cut a strip for the bracket. Aligned it perpendicular to the disk and welded a bracket.

This is how the height-adjustable bracket turned out.

Found the frame in the trash. Don’t even know what it was used for. Angle grinder mounting bolts to adjust the perpendicularity of the cut.

I put a tabletop on the frame. Adjusted the height and width of the cut under the glass 4 mm.

The glazing will be double. The quarter came out quickly and easily.

Finished product. Cut height and width 15 mm. 10 mm between panes. In the end I can say that the result is a workable design that coped with its task. Of course, it is impossible to saw large amounts of it. cutting height 30 mm. angle grinder clogged with wood dust that can lead to its failure, but for small one-time work will do.

For the manufacture of the machine used materials:

How to make a circular saw is shown on the following picture

We also need the axle, the housing bearings, a couple of pulleys and a belt.

On one end of the axle is installed pulley, and on the other end is a flange to mount the discs from the circulars.

Fasten the housing bearings with bolts to the frame.

From a piece of sheet steel, let’s make a platform for the motor mount.

We make a table top of sheet steel, the metal is better to take thicker, so it does not bend and does not affect the process of cutting.

Under the sheet of steel, the author made rests from pieces of pipe, and the sheet should be lifted above the axle and the bearings.

Needless to say, the table top must be lifted up to change the blade. But also the hinged attachment of the table top will allow you to adjust the depth of cut. To solve the problem, the author hinged the table top on sturdy gate hinges. On the other side there is a stop in the form of a bolt, with this bolt you can adjust the angle of elevation of the table top.

For longitudinal sawing of boards, fastened with clamps to the table, a guide corner.

circular, angle, grinder, hands

With such a circular machine, you can cut boards, slats, as well as saw blanks made of wood.

The whole process of making a circular saw is also shown in this

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