Mini dumper from a power tiller with his own hands


From a metal profile pipe with a cross section of 20 40 mm made rectangular frame size of 450 x 600 mm. On one side of the frame fastened self-aligning wheels with a diameter of 250 mm, on the opposite side welded plates with holes for mounting to the chassis snowplow.

Cart frame connected to the undercarriage of the snowthrower with six bolts and nuts, which were used to attach the snowthrower.

Dumper tracked mini dump truck Zipper ZI-MD300

The Zipper ZI-MD300 mini track dump truck. Suitable for clearing construction sites, homesteads from various construction and household debris, gravel, trees, sand and more. Also perfectly copes with the task of carrying loose building materials from one place to another. And all this will be done in the shortest possible time and without the use of human labor.

Thanks to its compact design, it easily drives on narrow paths and through small gates.

With the help of a snow shield, which is included with the Zipper dump truck, it can be transformed into a snowplow.

Control levers are conveniently located for comfortable use.

Zipper ZI-MD300 is used in the construction industry for transporting bulk cargo, as well as for clearing areas of snow.

mini, dumper, power, tiller
  • Rubber tracks do not leave traces and damage even on paving slabs;
  • The design of the device is made on the type of power tiller with a bicycle handle, which guarantees easy operation and good maneuverability on a small area;
  • The trailer is roomy and protected against corrosion by a layer of powder coating;
  • has an attachment for snow removal, so the mini dump truck is useful even in winter;
  • the gearbox does not need any maintenance;
  • Body lift is done manually.
  • High quality and certification of all Zipper equipment, which is presented at the whole European market since 2008.
  • wide model range.
  • Very convenient and modern design.
  • The price is one of the most affordable in the market of Ukraine.

Technical characteristics

New and used equipment imported within 14 calendar days. Warranty and post-warranty service all over Ukraine.
5000 loyal customers and over 1000 items of equipment in stock. 4 official representative offices in Ukraine: Lutsk, Kiev, Zhitomir, Kharkov.
Exclusive distributor of brands: Holzmann, Robland, Cormak, Ayza Mizrak, Zipper. Design and commissioning by qualified professionals.

Payment and delivery options in the company KMA ua

Delivery in Ukraine: Nova Poshta, CAT and Deliery (carrier charges). Free delivery from 100 000 UAH., if the goods are not in the offer.

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Equipment self-delivery is available in: Kiev, Kharkov, Zhytomyr and Lutsk.

Cash and non-cash payment, cash on delivery, transfer on card, payment by installments and leasing.

Mini Dumper(Hydraulic Tipper)Part2/2

Mini dumpers: an overview of technology, models, prices

The largest producers of mini dumpers dumper trucks from the U.S., Germany are presented in this section of the catalog Most foreign companies have offices in Russia, or organizations representing their interests. For each manufacturer there is an address, company name, phone number, website, main specialization and manufactured tools. The list of mini dumpers dumper manufacturers included in this section:

Alitrak s.r.l. Italy AUSA Center S.L, Spain AVANT TECNO OY, Finland Boxer Equipment Inc. USA Fiori S.p.A., Italy Kubota Baumaschinen GmbH. Germany Terex Corporation, USA

Mini dumpers dumper trucks for sale

Mini dumpers, including spare parts, are sold by manufacturers and official dealers in Russia. Sale is from equipped warehouses. You can choose and buy the dumpers you need at a reasonable price in our catalog.

Small excavators with big prospects from Minidiger

Mini dump trucks

MainProducer WAMATO Country producer GermanyLifting capacity 800 kgTruck type Dumper Condition NewPackage dimensions (WxDHV) 2100 x 800 x 1050 mmGaran.

Zipper ZI-MD500HST Crawler Dumper ZI-MD500HST Mini dump truck. suitable for cleaning of construction sites, homestead territories from various construction and household waste.

mini, dumper, power, tiller

Crawler Dumper, ZIPPER ZI-MD500HS Mini Crawler Dumper ZI-MD500HS. suitable for cleaning construction sites, homesteads from various construction and household waste.

Zipper ZI-MD500H Mini Crawler Dump Truck Zipper ZI-MD500H Mini Crawler Dump Truck. Suitable for cleaning construction sites and household plots from various construction and household chores.

MainProducer WAMATO Country manufacturer GermanyCapacity 300 kgReplacement Truck Type Dump Truck Condition NewPackage dimensions (WxDxH) 1270 x 800 x 990Net Weight.

mini, dumper, power, tiller

Zipper ZI-MD300 tracked mini dump truck Zipper ZI-MD300. Suitable for cleaning of construction sites, homesteads from various construction and household m.

BasicProducer WAMATO Country of manufacturer GermanyNew conditionUseful specificationsWarranty period 12 months Net / gross weight 134/177kg Engine type: 4-stroke unleaded b.

MainProducer WAMATO Country of manufacturer GermanyNew conditionUseful specificationsWarranty period 12 monthsNet / gross weight 165 / 177 kg Engine type: 4 stroke unleaded.

ZIPPER ZI-RD300 wheeled mini dump truck ZIPPER ZI-RD300 mini dump truck on wheels. Suitable for cleaning the construction site, homestead territory from the various construction and household waste, gr.

The cheapest product in this category is Mini dump truck ZIPPER ZI-RD300 with the price 59920grn, and also Wheeled mini dump truck Bamato MTR-300R with the price 62650grn, Wheeled mini dump truck Bamato MTR-350 with the price 69010grn.

What are the most popular mini dump trucks in 2022??

The best and most popular this month in Santeho are Mini dump truck ZIPPER ZI-RD300 with the price 59920grn, Mini dump truck ZIPPER ZI-MD300 with the price 73960grn, Mini dump truck ZIPPER ZI-MD500H with the price 96050grn.

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Which Mini dump trucks are relevant in 2022?

What is the price of mini dump trucks in 2022?

Average price for items from the category Mini dump trucks: 116935grn. Price range from 59920grn to 173950grn.

We make a wood splitter

Among other things, the power tiller can be turned into a wood splitter. To do this you need to grind a cone on a special machine, as well as a thread. After that it is necessary to put a ready cone on a shaft which has suitable bearings. Then a flange must be installed at the end of the shaft, as well as a sprocket. It can be taken from a motorcycle wheel.

You can fix the cone on the shaft with a bolt. After that, between the motor and the shaft itself you must install a spacer made of pipes and a couple of nuts. This will help to tension the chain. To make the supports for the shaft, you can take the supports from “Zhiguli”. The motor is designed for a power tiller. With such a redesigned construction, you can easily cope with splitting firewood.

Transformation of a motor-block into a motor-tractor

Almost every month the range of agricultural machinery is replenished with new units which can significantly simplify farmers’ everyday work. One such device is the Moto-Block to Moto-Tractor Conversion Kit, which allows a single-axle tractor to be converted into a tractor quickly and without great expense. After the purchase of the conversion kit, the owner of the power tiller will be able to considerably expand its technical potential. Now it is possible to control the power tiller while sitting instead of following it on foot. over, after the re-equipment it will be possible to connect a variety of attachments to the power tiller.

than eight thousand trees have been planted with the support of Continental

For the third year in a row, Continental implements the eco-action Marathon of Linden Trees. As part of the project, Company employees work with beekeepers and local communities to plant honey trees in areas where Continental operates. This year in Khmelnytsky and Ternopil region more than 3 thousand. linden seedlings, and in the three years of the project’s existence, almost 8.5 thousand linden seedlings have already been planted. trees. Thus, Continental not only greener communities but also supports the development of beekeeping.

We work closely with beekeepers and actively support the development of beekeeping in the areas where we operate. Supported by “Continental” Already 13 apiary cooperatives and the first Ukrainian interactive map of honey crops have been created. Such cooperation is beneficial for both sides: for the company it means pollination of its fields and for beekeepers it means an opportunity to gather large quantities of honey and get additional profits. Local communities in which we plant trees together will also benefit, said Continental Farmers Group Director of Communications and Social Projects Nonna Schmidick.

The location for planting trees is determined by representatives of the local government together with the forestry authorities. Continental employees, beekeepers, schoolchildren and local residents who care. Since the start of the Marathon of the Linden Trees, Continental has bought and handed over to the community more than 283 thousand young trees.thousand. UAH.

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Trailer for power tillers with his hands!

If you have a desire to make a trailer yourself. So the article below is for you! If You want to buy from us, call us. 097 564 04 05!

Trailer for power tiller, a thing needed, and sometimes even necessary in a private household. In this material we will consider how to make a trailer for a motor-block with their own hands, focusing on the drawings and description to them.

In the diagram below, homemade trailer to the tiller, capable of carrying loads weighing more than 400kg, but first things first. The trailer is equipped with a driver’s seat, it is undemanding in operation and quite simple in its construction.

Mini snow removal equipment

The annual snowfalls are a problem not only for motorists and pedestrians: the owners of private homes and small stores also have to deal with snow drifts. And special snow removal mini-equipment helps in this.

The range of mini-excavators for snow removal is quite wide: many foreign manufacturers are engaged in its production. The most famous brands of mini snow removal equipment are supplied to the world market from the U.S., Italy, Sweden, Germany and Japan.

But domestic companies are lagging far behind in this area, so Russian consumers do not have a very wide choice. The main difficulties are limited choice of attachments and underdeveloped production of low-power motors. No particular breakthroughs in this segment are expected, so we have to be content with Russian-made equipment, which may someday be able to compete adequately with imported counterparts. However, domestic craftsmen do not sit idly by: many of them successfully master mini-equipment for snow removal with their own hands and share their experiences on the pages of thematic Internet forums.

Homemade single axle tractor for snow removal

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