Mount the drill horizontally for sanding as

Choosing recommendations

Grinding nozzles for drills are usually sold under the brands of manufacturers of hand and power tools. It could very well turn out that nozzles of different brands are produced by the same manufacturing company, but their price in the retail network differs by tens of percent or even times. But well-known brands try to maintain the high quality of the tools they offer, so when you buy drill bits for well-known brands (for example, Dremel, Makita, Bosch, etc.), you have to buy a special tool. п.) much less chance of running into substandard products. Grinding tools of such brands as Fit, Verto, Matrix, “Praktika”, “Zubr”, “Enkor” are also popular with users.

But still the best way to assess the quality of the nozzle for a drill before buying it. reading user reviews in online stores, on specialized sites or on specialized forums.

Making a Stand for a Drill Stand with Your Own Hands: Instructions, Drawings, Video

Significantly expand the functionality of a hand-held tool allows a rack for a drill, with their own hands to make it is not difficult at all. Placing the drill on such a stand (it can also be made rotary), allows you to turn an ordinary hand-held tool into an effective drilling machine, which can be successfully used to perform various technological operations.

mount, drill, horizontally

Homemade drill stand made of wooden elements

The mechanism for moving the drill in the vertical direction

Self-made machine tool for drilling must be equipped with a mechanism that will ensure the movement of the drill in the vertical direction. The structural elements of such a unit are:

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  • The handle, by which the carriage with the drill attached to it is brought to the surface of the workpiece;
  • the spring, necessary to return the carriage with the drill to its original position.

The spring mechanism for moving the drill

It is possible to make such a mechanism, using two design schemes:

According to the first variant, the construction is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • Two metal plates are fixed on the machine stand with screws, between which the axis is installed, where the knob will be placed;
  • on the other side of the stand also set the plates and the axle, on which one end of the spring is fixed, and its other end is connected to the handle;
  • The pin, by means of which the handle is connected to the device carriage, is placed in a longitudinal groove, made in the carriage.

The basis is an old stand from the “Krokus” photo enlarger, made in Poland

If the springs are at the bottom of the return mechanism, the handle is also secured with two plates and an axle that allows it to move. The springs in this constructive scheme are placed in the lower part of the guide grooves, which are refined by means of metal brackets, limiting their movement.

The principle of operation of a drilling machine where the springs are located at the bottom of the carriage is quite simple: as it descends during drilling, the carriage with the drill attached to it presses on the springs, compressing them; after the mechanical effect on the springs stops, they unclench, raising the carriage and the drill to the initial position.

Additional equipment

Self-designing of the unit allows to provide additional structural elements, expanding the functionality of the product and simplifying the performance of technological operations. A turntable, a vertical level, a coordinate table, an electric drive, and more can be added to the homemade machine.

Swivel plate allows you to make angled holes. For this purpose, holes are drilled on the base along the arc for common angles. The drill in working position is secured by pins. Coordinate table is used for milling surfaces and grooving. It consists of two mutually perpendicular screw jacks welded together.

Rotation of the lower screw moves the upper part of the table with a fixed workpiece, the upper screw moves only the workpiece. With such a device increases the accuracy of work, the main thing is to weld moving elements without distortion.

Drill bits. accessories

We have already written about how an electric drill can be turned into a lathe and drill press (links inserted), and also adapted it to work as a circular saw.

Here are a few tools to extend its capabilities even further.

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1.Drilling and milling attachment for power drills.

This attachment allows you to obtain high-precision holes of large diameters in a variety of, including.ч. round, round workpieces, some milling work, thanks to the high precision of the relative positioning of the cutting tool and the workpiece.

Universal sharpening tool.

than any other sharpening machine, its high versatility justifies its considerable investment. From knives and axes to drills and all kinds of cutting edges, sharpening your household cutting tools becomes a breeze.

Holder with a clamp.

Such a universal holder allows you to fix your electric drill in any convenient place and use it with various tools and as a sharpening machine, and grinding and polishing, and milling, and even a miniturner. The main thing is that both your hands remain free.

Arrangement of additional assemblies

If you adapt additional attachments to the homemade machine, it can perform simple turning, milling, and drilling operations at an angle. To make these works available, the master should provide the ability to move the workpiece to be processed in the horizontal plane. This is made possible by a movable horizontal barrel, on which a vice is mounted to hold the workpiece. The barrel is set in motion by turning a handle. In order to drill holes at an angle, homemade machines are additionally equipped with special rotary plates containing holes in an arc. They are used to clamp the workpieces to be machined. To handle this job, the handyman should do the following:

  • Drill an axial hole on the additional swivel plate and the machine stand.
  • Using a protractor, drill the swivel plate at angles: 30, 45 and 60 degrees.
  • Equip the stand with three holes into which the pins of the rotary plate will be inserted. With their help the fixation of the rotary and stationary part of the machine will be carried out in the future.

To make a hole at the required angle, it is enough to turn the electric drill attached to the additional plate at the required angle and fix the tool in this position using the pins.

Holder for an electric drill is a useful and convenient device, which provides quick and reliable fixation of the tool when performing stationary work. To date, manufacturers have established production of racks for most models. All of them differ not only in design features, but also in cost.

Holder for a drill Enkor 50429

Portable device “Enkor-50429” is represented by a working table and a clamping device that facilitates drilling. The drill stand is designed for handheld drills with a 4″ diameter drill collar.3 cm. According to consumer reviews, it is best to use a tool for work with this stand, characterized by the power consumption in the range of 1 thousand. W and weighing no more than three kilograms. Includes column and bracket assembly, as well as base and Allen key.

Sparky sp 43 stand (Sparky)

The drill stand is designed for drills with a diameter of 4.3 cm. Standard working stroke is 7 cm. Sparky base plate is cast iron, so the work becomes the most comfortable and safe. Significant weight minimizes the risk of the tool carrier sliding during operation.

The legs of the plate stand “Sparky” have a rubber coating, so it is allowed to install on a smooth surface, and the backlash is completely eliminated. Can be used for metal, wood, and ceramic work.

Other popular models

No less popular and models from other manufacturers, which are characterized by high quality indicators and quite affordable for the average consumer:

  • The “Kalibr” model, which allows transforming a hand-held power tool into a stationary drilling machine. The unit is suitable for drill journals of 4.3 cm. Widely used for drilling of metals with a thickness of 6 cm. The design is made on the basis of aluminum alloy;
  • The reliable, affordable Dremel is the perfect choice for stationary drilling jobs, not only for corner and vertical drilling but also for polishing and grinding horizontally. Fifteen degree increments are adjustable;
  • Sparta model with a diameter of 4 cm is designed for easy work with both drills and screwdrivers. The accessory firmly locks the working tool in position, and the special design makes the tool feed down evenly and smoothly.
  • Skrab-25526 rotary model with a jaw diameter of 4.3 cm is ideal for the home and small jigsaws. The design successfully combines reliability, durability and reasonable cost;
  • Diold stand is ideal for use in domestic and industrial environments. The stationary fixture allows the attachment of hand-held drilling equipment with a neck diameter of 4.3 cm. Ideal for drilling work on metals, wood, plastics and other materials;
  • Agtz-4002953601002 rotary aluminum model has two degrees of freedom and 360º rotation. Features a quick attachment to the table top with a clamp, and the maximum width of opening is 4.5 cm. It is used for fixing the electric drill and using the tool with a drill bit or grinding attachments.

Especially in demand among domestic consumers stand with a vise 6 cm model FIT-37861. The device is not only equipped with a vice, but is ideal for carrying out the most precise work with an electric drill. The maximum diameter is 4.3 cm with a guide height of 40 cm and a stroke depth of 6 cm.

A stand for a drill made by our own hands

Simple self-made rack for a drill made by hand, a detailed description of manufacturing with a step-by-step photo.

Hi all! I want to show a homemade drilling machine made from a drill. The machine is made of profile pipe, angle bars and steel sheet, everything is quite simple in the construction.

The trolley is driven by a cable drive, so everything runs smoothly. If you are interested in the project, I suggest you study it in more detail.

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