Mower blade with your own hands

Homemade mower for mini-tractor do it with their own hands

Attachments for minitractors are expensive. But it was not in vain in Russia they used to say: “Artful thinking is cunning”. Many craftsmen have learned to make it themselves. In remote remote remote areas of Russia farms survive on sales of products that they grow and produce themselves. Livestock needs a lot of hay, so preparing it takes a lot of time and effort.

Mowers for a mini-tractor are not complicated in their design, and farmers prefer to make them with their own hands. Mowers for a mini tractor made by hand, perform their intended purpose no worse than their factory-made sister. How to make a homemade mower for power tillers, we have already told. Let’s talk about a home-made mower for a mini tractor, its features and assembly.

Mowers for a minitractor can be segmented or rotary. Home-made rotary mowers are made more often, as the construction itself is easier to maintain. And it mows better, gets less clogged and buried. It is more difficult to make segment mowers.

Material for making a mower for a mini-tractor

Buying off-the-shelf parts is easier, but you’re not likely to save money that way. To make a mower with their own hands will need scrap metal. As a rule, you can find a lot of it in private yards in villages and villages.

On abandoned farms you can find old, rusty frames, which are suitable for making the base of the mower. You can use old iron batteries and barrels. Even old frames from bicycles can be useful. Spare parts from an old Volga or Zaporozhets, too, do not rush to throw away.

All this in capable hands, plus the knowledge of technical parts and skilled handling of welding can turn into a mower for mini-tractor.

Design features of a homemade rotary mower for mini-tractor

Self-made rotary mower for mini-tractor consists of blades that are mounted on the discs, frames and housing. This construction is powered by the power shaft of the mini-tractor. On the ground, the mower slides on the lower discs.

A welded frame is made of 40-cm. angles. For its manufacture, any scrap metal that you can find on hand will do. The blades can be taken from an old tractor-type rotary mower. But they will need to be shortened by 3 cm, otherwise there will not be enough traction in the mini-tractor. The height from the bar in this model is 35 cm.

Two disks with a diameter of 39 cm are cut from a sheet of metal with a thickness of 4 mm. Many craftsmen advise not to rush and cut these disks from old iron barrels. To them attach the blades, but so that they freely rotate. When moving under the influence of centrifugal force, these blades will mow the grass.

The fixing should be strong. The lower supports are made of disks from the harvester 45 cm in diameter. Axis shafts are made from old metal pipe with 30mm diameter. You need 80106 bearings for this sheave. The lower bearing is mounted in the tube, the upper one in the pulley. The pulley of this design is welded.

A disk with blades is put on the shaft with a welded disk. These pulleys are welded to the pipe, as shown on the drawing. The whole structure will rotate on bearings.

This self-made model has a working width of 110-115 cm, revolutions of 1400 rpm. All this is attached to a welded frame. A cover is installed on top for protection. In the connecting part of the belt to the tractor, where it intersects the figure eight, an additional bearing can be installed. So the belt will be less subject to wear and tear when the mower works.

In order not to complicate the construction of this rotary mower, the bottom disc is welded directly to the frame. The rotary mower can be operated at a speed of 10 km/h. But much depends on the type of vegetation. If you mow faster, the grass will simply get chopped. cuts the grass up to 5-7 cm. Suitable for mowing grass for feeding livestock, picking up crop residues, like corn.

A segment mower with my own hands

Our home-built segment mower for the mini-tractor was based on the crank principle

Self-made segmental model is more difficult to make, and you need to apply more effort. This design has a crank. crank mechanism. One of the crank arms is connected to the crankshaft of the mini-tractor. It is the axle for the rear wheels of the mower. The other side of the crank is fastened to the knives. This coupling activates the crank mechanism during travel and with it the knives.

The blades look like two saws joined together and cut the grass like scissors when they move.

In the offered you self-made construction, the width of the segment is exactly 7.2 cm. An angular gear is mounted to the bar as shown in the diagram. There is a shaft on the gearbox, where the hub with a twisted pin is mounted. The offset will be 32 mm. A bowl from the cross with needle bearing is put on the main pin. On the blade itself we make a slit for the bowl.


mower, blade, your, hands

The gearbox axle must be connected with the gearbox shaft, where the pulley is put on. The rear axle has wheels, which can be made from old bicycle wheels. They are needed for height regulation and to prevent the mower from sinking into the ground during operation. details about the design of this module is shown in the diagram.

Safety precautions

The main thing a craftsman has to worry about when making his truck, not how well it will work, but, first of all, how safe it will be. Check that all connections are tight before you start working with your own mower. Take care of the safety of not only the tractor driver, but also of the animals. There must be nobody within 50 m of the mower during start-up.

mower, blade, your, hands

Make sure there are no people at the front when working with the home-made mower. If the grass to be mown is high, e.g. reeds. Do not be lazy to go and see. Remember safety above all.

To assemble a mower for a mini-tractor with their own hands is easy only a person with skills as a welder, a technician, a mathematician. In addition, diligence and industriousness should be present. If you do not have all these qualities, then just spare your nerves and buy a ready-made rotary mower model.

Final tips

First and foremost take care of your safety. For this purpose:

  • Re-iterate your safety instructions for working with electricity;
  • Do not work with open rotating knives without their protective guards
  • Do not trust strangers without proper training your dangerous homemade machines;
  • Keep your eyes open when mowing, but monitor your work area. On it do not allow children, animals, casual visitors.

Self-made lawn mower helps to feel all the pros and cons of electric grass mowing, the peculiarities of such devices, the need to balance the center of mass. After acquiring a little experience in using it, it is easier to choose a factory model, professionally prepared for long-term use.

And now I recommend to fix the memory of the material watching video Michael Mayorov “Electric grass trimmer with their own hands.

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All owners of homestead plots face the problem of mowing the grass, which literally grows before their eyes, and during the season you need to improve your site several times. Gasoline trimmers and electric trimmers came to replace usual manual mowers long time ago. But the price has not declined and is quite noticeable for many owners of cottages and private houses. Folk craftsmen have still found a way out of this situation and learned to do with their own hands trimmers for grass literally from improvised means, using gasoline and electric tools, not intended for this purpose.

Necessary accessories

The simplest version of the lawnmower includes the following parts:

  • blades;
  • motor;
  • wheels;
  • handles for controlling the structure;
  • protective cover;
  • The frame on which all the assemblies of the mower will be attached;
  • details for controlling the system: RCD, switch, cable and plug for connecting electricity.

The frame of the lightest model will include a metal sheet with a thickness of 2 to 3 millimeters with a hole in the middle for the passage of the motor shaft. The sheet is aligned with the frame made of metal corners. To the sheet is attached to the top of the motor, at the bottom is installed a cover with protection, on the sides of the axle are mounted wheels, as well as handles to control the device.

If the product uses a flange motor, it can be attached to the sheet itself by drilling holes in the latter, which will be identical to the holes in the flange. If the engine is of the classical type, then it is necessary to weld or bolt a few perpendicular struts from the corner to the sheet, so that they coincide with the legs of the engine.

In the corners, special holes are made for fixing the engine. If the holes are created as grooves, it will help to combine the motor with the frame when attaching. Such an assembly will be very useful for selecting the optimal grass cutting height. It will be easiest to create holes for the different location of the engine in height.

The central place of lawnmower will be a node, which will consist of a mandrel with short blades fixed on its surface (one long blade can also be used).

This type of attachment differs from other variants not only in purpose, but also in the way of mowing the grass. over. there are different types of mowers, but they all perform similar functions, have the same nodes in the construction. As for the main features, they are as follows:

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  • You can mow grass or weeds with thick, hard stems, small growth. It is important to choose a variant that can handle the load, will not fail in a short time.
  • Efficiency of various types varies. The choice should be made based on the size of the plot; if it is small, it is better to use the simplest systems. For large plots more complex and productive systems should be used.
  • The transmission that powers the attachment depends on the type of tractor unit and where it is attached. Most often it is connected by belt drive, much less often by PTO.
  • The frame is used to hold the main assemblies, so it must be strong and capable of carrying the weight. The linkage to the power tiller is an important element; if it has no special linkage, you must use an additional hitch, it can be purchased as a readymade linkage.
  • The work unit can have different configurations, it all depends on what you need to mow grass or other plants. If for making hay, you should choose a segmental or disc variants, they neatly cut the stems. When you just need to remove the weeds, a mulcher cart is best, leaving some shredded grass behind.
  • The performance of different models differs. That’s why it’s worth choosing the right one based on the area you want to mow.

When making a homemade mower for the motor-block, it is better to see ready-made variants, to see them in reality. Then it will be much easier to assemble the construction, plus it is easier to understand the structure of some nodes to implement them independently.

General rules and recommendations for connecting to a power tiller

Self-assembly of a mowing unit for a power tiller is a responsible task and requires an appropriate attitude. But even a successfully made mechanism may not work as expected, if you do not make the correct installation of the mechanism to the power unit.

Recommendations on how to make a correct connection:

  • Switch the power unit into reverse;
  • Connect the mower to the PTO through the connection in the coupling socket;
  • The trailing mechanism must be secured with a spring pin;
  • Mower blades must be protected with guards;
  • Mowing work should be started at a low rpm;
  • When driving the mower avoid sudden manoeuvres and turn the machine smoothly without jerking.

When choosing any of these types of mowers to make by yourself, you should primarily focus on the safety of use. these devices are high-risk and can cause irreparable harm to your health if used incorrectly or if the safety precautions are not observed. Also during operation check the technical condition of all assemblies of the machine.

There’s grass in the yard: How to choose a lawn mower?

To create a lawn mower yourself, you need to have minimal skills in construction, as well as understand something about assembling mechanisms. Homemade lawnmower has many ready-made circuits, so you definitely do not have to improvise in this case. The main advantage of the mower with their own hands will be its low cost. All the necessary parts the owner takes from old and defective devices.

The quality of the lawnmower will directly depend on the power indicator of the motor, as well as the sharpness of the blades. Use cheap steel to create a home-made mower model should not be used, because it can ruin the entire work. Masters are advised to use high quality steel. Grind it unevenly: sharpen it at the ends, and leave it blunt at the attachment point. So there is no winding of vegetation on the propeller and the motor does not get clogged.

In terms of usability and functionality, a ready-made lawn mower from the store will be better than a mower with your own hands. The factory model has several speeds, you can adjust the height of the blades yourself, it makes less noise.

It is possible to improve the finished homemade design. Experienced mechanics advise to create lawnmowers with adjustable handle length, grass collector, insurance bumpers, the ability to watch the height of mowing, in some cases, such a model is even combined with a bicycle.

Deciding to create a lawn mower with their own efforts, it is necessary to consider all the main advantages and disadvantages of design, because independently create such a product on the power of not everyone.


This is a very important consideration, on which depends the future work of the mower. So you need to choose everything very carefully, taking your time.

The optimal height of wheels should raise the blade above the ground for five to six inches. So you can create a lawn that is pleasing to the eye. But if you go higher or lower, you get a far different result. Either some sections will be missed, or the entire construction will be a cinder block.

You choose the number of wheels. You can make the design on four, three or two legs. it is not decisive, except that the technology of assembling changes slightly.

Two-wheeled devices are necessarily equipped with a protection against touching the ground. simply because if you let go of it for a second, it will tilt. This incident will lead to a breakdown. In addition, a belt for a lawnmower of this plan would not be a surplus either. Since they are considered the most maneuverable, this will be even a plus. As a matter of fact, it would be much easier to carry it this way than to try to roll it. So, to make life easier, you might as well use a lawnmower strap.

Four-wheeled machines can’t always be made. the wheels have to be the same diameter. But two pairs of identical wheels aren’t always lying around in the garage. Nevertheless, this design is the most reliable, because it gives quality support, and allows you to work with large areas of grass, without unnecessary fatigue.

The wheels have to be big enough, because it’s a hard enough “road. If the diameter is too small, mowing would be hell.

Self-made mower’s structure

It is better to assemble a lawn mower based on an electric motor. It should be approximately 1KW (500W or less) in power, with an optimal speed of 1500 rpm and a recommended working width of 50cm. Folk craftsmen usually take the motor from old household appliances (vacuum cleaner, washing machine, chainsaw and so on), the main thing is the operability of the device.

In addition to the most important element (motor), the mower is equipped with:

  • A long cord for connecting the power supply;
  • A convenient handle for controlling the device;
  • high quality steel blade for horizontal cutting of weeds or lawns;
  • with wheels for comfortable driving on the ground with grown grass.

It is also desirable to provide in the design of the homemade device the presence of a protective cover. it is necessary to use blades made of tool steel. Width should be within 2-5 cm, thickness 2-3 mm. You can use a single sharpened blade or several blades, arranged towards each other at an angle of 180 or 90 degrees (depending on the number of blades).

The shape that is chosen for the knife can also be different:

Important! It is possible to make a knife sharpened on all outer edges that will twist around its center on a bolt.

The handle for the homemade mower should be long enough, so that the user can control the device without bending or stooping. Chassis from a baby stroller are most often ideal for this purpose. Other suggestions: pipes or blades from various gardening tools. By the way, the wheels can also be taken from an old and unnecessary baby stroller.

How to make a mower with your own hands?

As indicated earlier, it is possible to create a lawnmower:


Carrying out such a procedure is quite simple, the main thing is to have patience and the following elements:

  • wheels (will do even from an old stroller);
  • a welding machine;
  • hand saw;
  • steel plates;
  • electric motor.

From the steel object should be cut a special platform, because it will play the role of mounting support for the engine, whose shaft should be placed in the lower area. After making the installation, as in the above video, it is necessary to create a reliable protection shell for the engine.

The thickness of the “shell” must be 1.2 mm, and as for the diameter of certain holes of this protector, it must have a higher ratio than the shaft, literally 4 mm. The motor unit must be marked at a distance of 3-4 cm from the ground, because otherwise the part will be damaged during the movement and work.

Special attention should be paid to the metal disc, which is installed on the shaft itself. Blades must be created in several variants. To do this, the master must cut a disc from an iron sheet (the size factor of which is 38-40 mm). It is placed on the motor end and is carefully welded with a welder.


To create a homemade mower, the following elements are ideal:

  • motor from an unwanted washing machine;
  • Wheels from an old baby stroller;
  • Sheet metal (thickness of 2-4 mm);
  • blades made of steel;
  • thin water pipe (future handle)
  • electric cable;
  • plug;
  • switch.

The very structure of the mower can not be called extremely complicated, because it holds a sturdy housing, sharp knives, a powerful engine and favorably located the control lever. So anyone can make a useful lawn mower with their own hands fairly quickly.

Asynchronous motor will be the best option, because it is almost silent. The wheels must allow the blades to be at a height from the ground (5-6 cm). This feature makes the mower well suited to high grass and uneven areas. It is desirable to install 4 wheels, because only then you can guarantee maximum maneuverability and durability.

The metal sheet for the frame should be 30×50 cm wide, and as for the depth, in this regard, it is necessary to make sure that the engine and the cover that covers it do not “look” beyond its borders. In most cases the blades are self-made from steel sheets (thickness 2-3 mm and width 20-50 mm).


The specified type of chainsaw has the necessary level of power, so it will be an excellent basis for the future garden helper. To create the fixture you will need:

  • the basic mechanism. the engine;
  • A frame, which will play the role of a support for the installation of the nodes of the device;
  • the cover is of a treading nature;
  • blades;
  • wheel;
  • parts and handles that are part of the steering system.

Having taken the engine from an old, but now unnecessary chainsaw, it is important to simply install it in the cart of a mobile nature, without changing anything in the mechanism. And create a cart indicated plan is possible with the help of angles 25×25, having the dimensions of 500 mm and 600 mm. These must then be joined together by means of a welding machine in the form of a frame.

The wheels are then installed in the area of the corners, and a kind of chassis is obtained. The next step is to “rid” the old chainsaw of the bar and the “hand wheel” of. The handle is also made from a water pipe, as in the previous lesson.

“Steering wheel” should be screwed to the resulting handle, and then increase the length of the gas cable and fuel hose.

ANGLE grinder

The specified tool should be perceived as a universal, because it can be used to make a chainsaw for cutting wood, a milling and drilling machine, and, of course, a lawnmower. To create it, you need to saw in half a car wheel disc and use only one part. It should be muffled on one side with a sheet of metal.

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To the resulting body should be welded wheels and handle. On top you need to qualitatively mount the angle grinder, taking care that the guard on the tool itself is secure. Since the working shaft of the angle grinder is rather short, you should screw a nut with a thread of an extended plan. Now you can attach the knife to it. Naturally, such a unit will be suitable for cutting low grass, which is why it is quite easy to make a homemade mower from an angle grinder.

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