Nissan max air conditioner compressor bearing replacement

Nissan max air conditioner compressor bearing replacement

The original catalog picture does not show the thermostat cover gasket but it should be there. Can someone give me her number?

There are two options for this part number. WV48B-88 and WV48BA-88, what could the letter A mean?? The gasket is found under part number P102. Tama and Masuma part numbers are the same, for thermostat and gasket by the way.

Nissan maxima 2000 A/C compressor bearing and pulley replacement

Radiator changed in May 2021. It has been almost a year, at this point in the winter time.It is much warmer in the car.

There will be time and interest, I’ll try the old radiator again flush or saw.

Your feedback on the chip tuning can be sent to me in private or posted under the article.

I think the pickup without a body. doubtful idea. If you take the beast. I think it’s just for small pines.

Although, no one cancelled the chrome ponte.

Serjik,I found a paronite all for VAZ 500 to 500 mm thickness 1 mm knocked out myself on the pallet, about pon or pmb sellers do not know anything, they say that the temperature up to 120 degrees, although such a temperature we do not happen there. will test.

a2a,If there’s plain paper cardboard in there, I think the chrome will do just as well.

I specifically logged in to describe my struggles, maybe someone else will be helpful.

In general, all like everyone else, washed, x.х. went up to 1200-1300 no dancing with tambourines did not help.

The symptoms manifested themselves in the fact that the speed is rather reluctant to fall after speeding with some hangs on 1300-1400 then fell to 900-1000. This is all I have been able to achieve. On the run, the speed in general harassed up to 1600-1700 car had to hold on the brake, coasting in neutral (mkpp) also kept 1600-1700 until the car stopped, then reluctantly fell to 1000.

As a result, tried all the methods found in the net, after removing and putting on the chip RPM fell, waited for another 20 seconds (and 30 seconds, and a minute tried) but after turning off and then starting all over again. Won this all the same way:Without any preliminary on / off the ignition and waiting, just started, warmed up (waited for on / off fans) brown connector / put it on did not help (RPM did not drop), discounted again (without stopping immediately), the third time RPM settled down to the right

650 and I somewhere stumbled that some are not good. conscientious service guys stupidly unplug the cable from the idling valve, I decided to do the same way temporarily, t.к. I had to go somewhere tomorrow. Dismantled it, nothing changed, jammed it. I start to check, ok 650, as prescribed by the doctor))), but! When I turn on the loads (lights, air conditioner, etc.).т.п.) RPMs were dropping hard, almost stopped. Turned everything off, took the key out, waited a half a minute for the car to “go to sleep”, put the idle switch back on, started, grabbed it and immediately stalled, hmmm. (already something new)) Started again, started like nothing happened, the speed jumped just over 1000 and then stood at its rightful 650! Condenser, headlights, revs are lifting, it means that the CCW is working all right. Sparked it, shut it off, cranked it a few more times, everything’s like in the book! That’s how you win)

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If you have automatic transmission, go down a slippery hill in mode 2, if a steep hill in mode 1, around town, go at breakneck speed in mode O/D OFF (THE YELLOW LIGHTS ON THE Dashboard MUST LIGHT), also when going up gently uphill. in O/D OFF mode, and during dynamic driving in O/D OFF mode. Have pity on your hydro clutch: you need it to keep your speed smoothly on the highway, also use mode 2 when going up a bad road, use KICK DOWN when overtaking. Pedal down hard on the gas pedal. Remember: overtaking must be done very quickly in low gears.

Replacing the bearing in the air conditioner compressor Nissan max

Manifestation: noise when the engine is running. It sounds like there is a bus or trolleybus nearby. Howling sound with elements of howling. There was a problem with the roller bearing of the air conditioner. Remedy without removing the compressor as follows. Remove the right wheel and the guard behind it. Remove the belt. Unscrew the nut on the axle of the air conditioner clutch. To prevent the axle from spinning you can use a gas wrench to gently squeeze and hold the clutch and roller. Remove the clutch (disk in front of the roller) by prying with something like a screwdriver on both sides. Remove the locking ring (need pliers or something similar). Remove the roller and bearing assembly. The roller is tapped or rolled all around, so the bearing is not easy to press out of the roller. So the edge of the roller in front of the bearing is lightly sharpened on a lathe. After that, the bearing can be pressed out of the roller quite easily. Then I took a new bearing out of my and pressed it into place. Kernel around edge of pulley, you can use a chisel to keep the bearing from going anywhere. Reassemble in reverse order. If there is only one extra part left after reassembly, that’s ok. This is the old bearing. The bearing was 40BD219DUK (NSK), dia. 40/62 wide.24. I put a 40BD219DU (NSK, 600 ) It looks exactly the same. Went 10 km already all is fine. I saw all of the above with my own eyes. I think that such work will not be done in every service. In Omsk, I did in the service VELKAM (10 years of Oct., 300 meters beyond the viaduct to the right). It’s dark, dirty and scary as soon as you go in. But the guys are smart and have hands.

Yes, another symptom of failure: at first I noticed that when you turn off the air conditioner there is a slight noise. It lasted about half a year.

Another thought occurred to me. There are modifications of our cars without air conditioning. There is a suitable belt for them (shortened). Maybe it makes sense to put such belt for winter to prolong life of air conditioner, not to spin the roller in vain. Theoretically the bearing life is almost doubled. And this bearing failure is one of the most common causes of death. Sometimes with dire consequences if it seizes up.

Equipping a tool for repair

If you have decided to perform the replacement yourself, then you need to carefully read this article and follow it.

You should be well aware that in this repair there is a risk of potential. Do not deviate from the recommendations of the article.

penetrating, lubricating liquid VD40.

Having thus prepared, and having bought a bearing, proceed with the repair.

nissan, conditioner, compressor, bearing, replacement

Don’t forget to read the drawing or sketch of the assembly.

nissan, conditioner, compressor, bearing, replacement

Repair of air conditioner clutch of Nissan Maxima (replacement of bearing).

Nissan Maxima air conditioner clutch repair (bearing replacement). The pressure plate is put on the compressor shaft and fixed by the central.

Nissan Maxima Nissan air conditioner compressor clutch bearing

VIN, (vehicle identification number) can be found in the vehicle registration certificate, as well as on the plate under the hood of the car.

By VIN you can identify your car according to manufacturer’s catalog and choose the right auto part.

Example of VIN in the vehicle registration certificate:

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