Nissan note air conditioner compressor bearing replacement

Replacing the bearing in the air conditioner compressor of Nissan X-Trail

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The bearing is ideal for 100 thousand kilometers., further its failures are possible,such as wedge and turning it on seating place(it is possible to look for compressor for replacement at once)To replace compressor bearing,without taking off of compressor and depressurization of system. You need to remove the right wheel.unscrew the lock from the bumper and take out two clips under the arch, then move the lock to the side.see the central bolt(IMG: It needs to be unscrewed, for this I used swedes, it is fixed by pressing the pressure plate to the compressor pulley, the pulley is not rotated because it is fixed by the belt.(IMG: Next, gently clamp on the axis bar of the clamping plate and pry from three sides by rotating the compressor elbow (IMG: So we took it off. Careful with that thing, it has shims in the hole on the back, don’t lose them.(IMG: then remove the circlip, using a screwdriver and a magnet so as not to lose the circlip.(IMG: Loosen the belt and fix the tensioner pulley, take off the belt only from the compressor pulley, towards the engine.

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installing the extractor, sorry about the blurry photo(IMG: the pulley just came off the axle with a light load.(IMG: Knock out the old bearing, put in the new bearing, be careful with the compressor pulley, do not bend it.Closed type bearing, double row, dimensions 35x55x20. I got the number C32BD219DU. In bearing Spb price 550 Kernim bearing in a circle(IMG: sand down the clamping pads to avoid unnecessary rust rattle.(IMG: made a new bolt to make it easier to break in the future, tear off the inner edge, there will be a nut 10.(IMG: Reassemble in reverse order.

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How to Remove and Replace an AC Compressor Clutch and Bearing NISSAN TIIDA 1.8L 2006~ MR18DE RE4F03B

How to change air conditioner compressor bearing of Nissan Note

Please advise, reliable service. You can: do diagnose and confirm that this is the problem; order the correct bearing for the air conditioning clutch (WF32470018? 32BD4718?); perform work to replace it.

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Guys, I have the exact same problem. I start the engine, A/C comes on, after a few seconds it starts humming and rattling, it even goes to the steering wheel. When I turn off the A/C, the rumble subsides. At the service (not an official) said to change the bearing of the air conditioner clutch.

Please advise reliable service. Where you can: diagnose and confirm that this is the problem; order the right bearing for the A/C clutch (WF32470018? 32BD4718?); to do work on its replacement.

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YRI121, t.е. The problem is not in the clutch bearings (as told at the service) but in the compressor?_black eNote. was.
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Shortly made diagnostics check condensate grease at the officers. They said: yes, there is a problem, we must prepare to replace the clutch or compressor. But the old one may work for a long time, so you can take your time. I’ll get used to the slight hum and save up for a new compressor))_black eNot. was.
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Anyway made diagnostics check the condensate lubrication at the office. They said: yes, there is a problem, we should prepare to replace the clutch or compressor. But the old one may work for a long time, so you can not hurry. I’ll get used to the slight hum and save up for a new compressor))
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Here I have the same trouble happened, noise when I turn on the air conditioner, went to the service station to the air conditioner guy, checked and charged the system. The verdict electromagnetic clutch to replace, and it was said clutch noise and bearing. The question is how can the clutch itself be noisy? Something I personally do not understand. He also said that it can happen with dirt and insufficient refrigerant. Well, the bearing is ordered just in case.
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I went to my friend in the service, he said it is unlikely the bearing, talked me out of taking apart the clutch, and now the sound has disappeared, rarely occurs, in short the bearing is in the glove compartment, if anything will be replaced. I don’t know yet

Good access on the ramp, took off the wheel and armpit

Bearing 32x47x18 that I bought in advance was not the same, I promptly bought a new 35x55x20.

The clutch can’t make noise (other than the noise it’s supposed to make when it’s on), but the bearing it sits on can still make.

In my case, the bearings seemed to be in perfect condition, after traveling a hundred thousand miles, no backlash or dry rolling, removed the rubber guard showed the presence of light grease. But since you have already disassembled, you decided to change the bearing of the electric clutch. The noise is gone

Drivetrain Belt Diagram for Engine 1.6

The timing belt on the Note differs considerably on the 1 engine.6 и 1.4.

The HR16DE engine has one, and the CR14DE has two. The alternator and the pump have separate straps.

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You usually think of replacing it when it whistles when you start the engine. There are two variants, if a belt not many ran to tighten a roller and splash silicon grease on a belt, or to replace if it already worn out.

Let’s figure out which drive belt fits!?

Laptop drive belt 1.6

The original number with the air conditioner: 11720-ED00C

Bearings in the alternator belt tensioner

Also if there is extraneous noise from the drive belt, you can change the drive roller bearings. The roller itself is expensive, but replacing the two bearings is cheap and hearty.

Belt for 1.4

Air conditioned alternator belt number: 11920-BX00A

Cooling pump drive belt

Genuine pump drive belt number:

11720-BX015 3-strand, 675mm long.

Idler pulleys

Also, in order not to change the roller completely, you can get by with just replacing the bearings.

Replacing the Nissan air conditioner bearings at a price of 500 p.

When I turn on the climate control, some strange monotonous noise begins to be heard from under the hood?, and during the diagnostics it turned out that it is necessary to make replacement of the bearing in the pulley of the compressor of the air conditioner of your car Nissan ?, you have reached the address.

Service Auto Aircon, for maintenance, diagnostics. filling and repair of mechanisms of automobile conditioners Nissan located in South Administrative District, is ready to provide this service at a price of 500 p.

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