Oleo-mac sparta 25 does not pick up speed

Gasoline grass trimmer does not pick up speed: causes and peculiarities of repair

To cut the grass on a small lawn, it is not necessary to purchase an expensive and cumbersome lawnmower, it can easily be replaced by a gasoline/electric grass trimmer. The device of these machines is quite simple, they are convenient to use and unpretentious in service. But sometimes it still happens malfunctions. On one of them. when the grass trimmer does not develop the maximum speed. and we will talk in this article.

Lawn mower Sparta 25 25 does not gain speed

Caring for the garden, countrymen occasionally face the fact that the lawn mower will not start. There are many circumstances for the failure of the tool. In order to correctly diagnose the problem, the owner of a useful dacha unit should know the structure and mechanism of its individual parts.

If the mower does not start, or rather immediately cuts off after starting, you need to check the main components and assemblies. The method of checking is as follows:

  • Fuel tank (fuel quality);
  • Candle and Candle Channel;
  • Air filter;
  • Fuel filter;
  • Breather;
  • Exhaust port.

These assemblies are in most cases the source of major trouble, which can be cleaned up after a painstaking inspection.

Before starting the motor of a gasoline grass mower for grass, check the presence, and quality of fuel consistency. Don’t save, don’t skimp, and don’t get smart here. Repair or replacement of the piston group will cost you a lot of money (at up to 70% of the price of a new tool). Prepare the oil-fuel mixture strictly according to the annotation. Calculate its quantity from actual needs. Excessive gasoline, left after work after a while loses its properties.

If the quality of fuel consistency does not cause fluctuations, and the lawnmower stops when starting, the premise is a primed plug. Here, during repair, an ordinary spark plug wrench (I guess every motorist has one) and a spare spark plug will do.

  • We unscrew the spark plug and wipe it;
  • We laboriously dry it (do not incinerate);
  • Excess of fuel in the chamber is drained through the spark plug hole and dried;
  • Olden candle cleaned of carbon deposits using a file or a lady’s file;
  • Set the gap with a distance of 1 mm (you can check with any coin);
  • Return what remains to do our customer to the area and try to start the weed trimmer for grass.

lawnmower does not develop revolutions, the reason.

Dry the channel should be two or more 30-40 minutes. Otherwise there is a risk to refill the newest spark plug.

Which is designed design if the candle working, socket, where it is placed one hundred percent dry, and lawn mower does not want to start, lubricate the threaded joint. It must be made a little wet. No matter how delightful the spark may be, there’s simply nothing to ignite in the dry chamber.

If the engine grass trimmer for grass nevertheless does not start, you should rule out such a reason as the lack of spark due to poor contact between the spark plugs and the high-voltage wire. If the connection is good, and there is still no spark, you probably have a faulty ignition unit. Here without a master will not work, t. к. part can not be repaired, and sold as a complete unit.

Another reason why the gasoline grass mower stops is the air filter. To rule it out, try to remove the filter and start the grass trimmer without it. If it works, then you will have to change the air filter for a new one, otherwise at least blow and painstakingly clean the old one.

Do not start the gasoline trimmer for grass can be due to pollution of the fuel filter. This is the next step of our method. Here you check the condition of the filter element and if necessary replace it with a new one. When changing try not to leave the absorbent nozzle completely without a filter, it is forbidden any description of the operation. Haste may result in the repair of the engine piston group.

Often, the delicate brand models do not start and glows on the basis of contamination of the breather. The function of this element is to equalize pressure in the tank. if the node is clogged, vacuum is created in the tank and prevents fuel supply. There is a way to remove the fault by cleaning the breather valve. To use for cleaning of course the ordinary needle.

oleo-mac, sparta, does, pick, speed

Trouble with the OLEO-MAC SPARTA 37: It won’t start!

Normal operation of combustion engines and possibly broken because of dirt in the exhaust channel or clogging the mesh muffler. It is encountered on older models. To solve the problem of course the classical cleaning and removal of the mesh.

If the step by step method of fault finding has not given results, and your grasshopper as before does not start or stops, it is worth looking around the carburetor and the engine itself. A clogged carburetor will be the primary cause of unbalanced operation of the tool. There are three main problems here:

  • Clogged ports or nozzles. Clean all aggregate with special washes or blow out with a strong high-pressure air jet from a compressor. Do not use needles and wire, as there are variations to damage the passages;
  • Worn carburetor gasket. The solution is to replace the failed gasket;
  • The density is disturbed. To check this indicator, use an ordinary household tonometer, replacing his manometer suitable. Watch the readings: if they do not change. our client is fine, and if the pressure begins to fall, it means that some part of the carburetor is defective. Have to find and replace it with a new one.

If the carburetor is fine, the gasoline grass trimmer may not start due to wear of the piston group. If you find chips, scratches, or otherwise scoring, on the piston on another cylinder they should be replaced. Piston rings must be inspected without fail. A slight play of the piston when rocking the connecting rod indicates that it is time to change the rings. This function is best left to the service center.

To keep your lawn mower running perfectly in the future, you need to give it excellent storage and operating conditions:

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25. Another Seven-Year-Old Lawnmower Repair

  • At the time of the work closely monitor the cooling system, scrupulously and in a timely manner to conduct cleaning of channels in the body, in addition the starter ribs;
  • If necessary, use solvents, kerosene and other cleaning products for cleaning;
  • Do not clean the tool when it is hot. let it cool;
  • Always follow the operating instructions as otherwise the engine could overheat;
  • if you do not plan to use the lawnmower in the next month, the fuel mixture must be drained from it, t. к. Over time, it will disintegrate into heavy fractions that are sure to clog the carburetor passages;
  • after emptying the fuel, let the trimmer run at idle until it stops, this will help you remove the residual working fluid 100%.

Before winter storage, do the following steps:

  • one hundred percent disassemble the braid, wash and clean our customer’s remaining parts as you can;
  • Inspect the parts for damage and correct any misalignments, rips, bends or any other malfunctions as necessary;
  • Pour enough oil into the gearbox and clean the air filter;
  • there is an option to partially disassemble the motor, wash, purge and lubricate what remains to do our client moving parts;
  • If you want to be to lubricate the piston, you need to twist the plug, lift the starter piston to the last dead center, pour a little oil into the candle hole and several times to scroll the crankshaft;
  • If you store the mower outside your house, wrap the engine with oily rags.

Бензокоса OLEO MAC SPARTA 25. Потеря мощности. Диагностика с разбором

Remember, a careful observation of the rules, can make your lawn mower start badly for several seasons.

What to use a good varnish 45-52

Goodluck Science Technology Co. manufactures chainsaws at low cost, but of acceptable quality. Chinese-made gasoline tool models GL4500M and GL5200 are inexpensive with high performance, which attracts customers. But. As any other equipment, units sometimes need timely repair and maintenance, because some of the components wear out and fail. In these products all parts are interchangeable, except for some. Buy parts for chain saw Goodluck for a low price in the online store Benzomoto, which offers a wide range of products for the repair of various tools for petrol.

How to choose a grass trimmer for grass: gasoline grass trimmer for work in the garden

Gasoline grass trimmer (lawnmower). is in wide demand among dacha owners. It is notable for compactness, mobility and excellent maneuverability. It has high power and practicality for trimming vegetation with thick stems. Gasoline grass trimmers for grass are divided into standard and professional devices:

  • Standard models of gasoline trimmers have low power, respectively sold at a lower price. This kind of grass trimmer for grass is characterized by a minimal set;
  • Professional grass trimmers are equipped with a powerful engine. They are used for cutting plant crops in large quantities. Includes several attachments.

For work on dacha plots, the best gasoline grass trimmers for the grass. Consider the best models of gasoline trimmers:

The above models are the most practical and convenient when working on medium to large plots. High power output. In the following table, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the three types of grass trimmer for grass:

Council grass trimmers for grass with a motor in the top are the most practical. These units deliver more power because the engine at the top is well cooled. Comfortable in use due to correct weight distribution of the motor.

Rapid carburetor for Oleo-mac Sparta 25

The company provides a return and exchange of this product in accordance with the requirements of the law.

Return periods

Returns are possible within 14 days after receipt (for goods of proper quality).

Return shipping is available by arrangement.

According to the current law, you can return the product of proper quality or exchange it if:

  • The Sparta 25 has no user use, no scratches, chips, abrasions, stains, etc. п.;
  • the product is fully completed and the factory packaging has been left intact;
  • All tags and factory markings are intact;
  • the product retains its appearance and consumer properties.

Description of Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 is an average lawnmower in terms of technical characteristics and features. Working width of 38-40 cm. The device is equipped with a two-stroke engine rated at 0.8 kW. Two versions of the cutting element are the special feature of this model. Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 is universal when cutting the grass both a fishing line and a blade knife can be used. So the Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 can be used for cutting grass of different densities and hardness. The low weight is another important feature of the device.

Additional strain on the joints and muscles of the back arises during prolonged work. Well-balanced design and low weight significantly reduce fatigue during work. Fuel tank capacity. 0,75 l.

The manufacturer has provided an elastic shoulder strap for comfortable use of the lawnmower. The engine in the trimmer is located on top. The bicycle handle and straight boom type are the classic choices for brushcutters from various manufacturers. Grass trimmer is equipped with a vibration damping system to eliminate vibration.

Note! When working with dense grass or small shrubs, the developers recommend to be extremely careful. When cutting these plants for a long time, the device can overheat.

Grunhelm GES28-45P electric saw

GRUNHELM GES28-45P electric chainsaw. This is a reliable helper for the home handyman. This saw can do jobs on a construction site, cut logs and boards, but its main area of application is to work in the garden area. It can be used to efficiently prune branches or cut young fruit trees and shrubs, and it can also be used for making firewood. The saw is compact and lightweight, made of reliable materials that ensure a long life of the tool. Saw does not require any special skills in operation and maintenance. Simply fill up with oil for chain lubrication and connect to 220 V plug!

GRUNHELM GES28-45P electric saw is equipped with Oregon bar and chain, which guarantees quality work with the tool, as well as the fact that it will last much longer than cheap analogues. Oregon is known worldwide for supplying quality consumables and equipment for electric saws and chainsaws. An important factor is the presence of an overload indicator on the saw. In case of long hours work or high load on the tool an indicator light will go off, it will inform you that the saw needs a rest, so the saw will last much longer and the user will not burn the engine in his work. The big advantage of the GRUNHELM GES28-45P chainsaw is its soft start system. As the maximum rpm of the saw is not reached immediately, the engine gradually reaches maximum rpm that prevents the tool from an unpleasant jerk that would be quite strong with such high power and reduces the load on the motor itself, and its brush system ensures stable operation during power supply voltage fluctuations. The saw’s handle design allows you to work in all directions without any problems and the quality of your work is top notch while you work in comfort and safety. The chainsaw has the push-button for unlocking the start and it is necessary to prevent the motor accidental start during breaks in work, when carrying the connected chainsaw or for its maintenance.

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