Overview of the Makita sliding compound mitre saw

Makita crosscut saw with pull-through

These models are designed for angle, tilt and compound sawing of wood, aluminum profile laminate, and plastic. Saw blade change with spindle lock. Safety of the operator, regardless of the model price, is guaranteed by the following: engine brake system, metal cover, and protection against unintentional start.

makita, sliding, compound, mitre

The saw blade rotates at 4600 rpm. Makita broachable crosscutters have easy access to the brushes so you can replace them yourself without having to go to a special service center.

All Makita models are equipped with a clamping base to secure your workpieces. Movable supports let you work with long workpieces. In addition, these models are equipped with a special backlight, which allows you to work in a dimly lit room.

A table for a Makita sliding compound mitre saw

A unique sliding table Makita DEAWST06 with the overall dimensions of 750x850x1150-2550 mm is designed for installation of crosscut saws. With its low table weight of 16 kg, adjustable fixtures, ergonomic casters, and carrying handle, the table is suitable for virtually all Makita package crosscut saws.

The table features features a device for accurate accurate machining of different-sized workpieces. long, wide. When the saw is mounted on the table, you get a nice stationary workbench and you can simply move the equipment to another workspace as needed.


With rather moderate dimensions and small weight of 27 kg the saw has exceptional cutting parameters: cutting depth is 91 mm, width. 279 mm.

Saw LS1013 with power of 1,43 kW and weight of 21 kg that provides sawing with parameters 91×310 mm has advanced features. The saw blade of this modification is characterized by the highest maneuverability: moves vertically by 45°, horizontally from 4° to 5°, and horizontally from 6° to 8°.45° to 52° to the right.

Unpacking my new miter saw Makita LS1018 L

Makita Lh2040

This versatile 1.65 kW equipment combines a circular pendulum saw with a table saw.

Features of the saw: soft start, protection against unintentional start, electronic brake, double insulation, low weight for easy transportation to the place of work, extended functionality. The Lh2040 F version is armed with a fluorescent lamp.

How to choose?

Today’s construction market is represented by a huge assortment of mitre saws, which differ not only in design, but also in technical indicators. That is why it is difficult to make a right choice in favor of this or that model. Specialists recommend that before buying a tool to study its capabilities, as well as determine the amount of planned work. If the equipment will be used only for household purposes or rarely, the simplest modification complete with the usual type of functions will do. For frequent and high-quality cutting of parts from various materials, you will need a professional saw, a versatile option that has a wide range of features.

In addition, when choosing such a device it is important to pay attention to several important parameters.

  • Safety. It is better to give preference to a tool that is designed with a locking option against accidental starting and a safety guard. Such products are much more expensive, but they completely exclude injury when sawing.
  • Size and weight. The saw should be ergonomic and mobile. This will ensure comfortable work. Small and light saws are well suited for cutting workpieces at height. Despite their size, they have a high performance and are not inferior to large socket saws. Professional versions are always oversized because they have more power.
  • Cutting depth and width. To ensure quality workmanship of the workpieces, it is necessary to choose devices with a blade diameter of at least 20 cm. The higher it is, the more convenient it will be to work with the equipment.
  • Material of the frame and operating unit. This has an impact on the durability of the saw. The right solution is to buy devices, the main parts of which are made of durable metal.
  • RPM and power. Powerful saws are best for fast working because they have higher blade speed. Simple modifications have a capacity of 1.6 kW, it is enough for various works. Professional saws have a capacity of more than 1.8 kW, but they require good electrical wiring.
  • Duty cycle. Household tools are inferior to professional tools.
  • Manufacturer. Despite the fact that equipment of different brands can have similar technical characteristics, they differ significantly among themselves. This is due to the fact that manufacturers use different materials and assembly technologies in the manufacture of the tool.
  • Cost. Budget versions of the products are usually designed for machining soft wood. The more expensive models have universal blades that can cut hardwood, metal or plastic. That’s why inexpensive saws are recommended for training purposes and for simple jobs in fence mounting or house building.

It is also important to choose the right saw blades. These elements can be differentiated by the bore, the external cross-section, and the shape of the teeth. The internal diameter and drive diameter of the blade are usually 3 cm, the external diameter can vary from 21 to 30 mm. discs are also matched to the power of the motor. Larger discs are not recommended for high-power models, because a sloppy cut can occur during cutting.

The larger the outside cross-sectional area, the more teeth it has, thus reducing the stress on them. Such cross cutters last longer. Saws with few teeth are usually used for longitudinal cuts. When selecting saw blades, you should pay attention to their markings, which are spelled out on the surface. The table has the direction of rotation of the cutting element, the maximum rotation speed, and compatibility with each machine model.

Buy trapezoidal-toothed circular saw blades for use with plastic. If you plan to cut hardwood, discs that have arbalet or tungsten carbide tips on their teeth will be suitable.

Makita circular saws with a broach

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Metal mitre saw Metabo Cutting saw KGS 254 M 1800 W 25430 mm depth 92/47 mm width 305/205 mm (602540000)

Metal crosscut saw KGS 254 M 1800W 25430mm depth 92/47mm width 305/205mm one-handed portable crosscut saw KGS 254 M with a broaching function for wide workpieces. Equipped with a built-in funnel for efficient sawdust extraction, a laser for exact indication of the cutting line, a bright LED light for illuminating the cutting area, steplessly extendable and replaceable table extensions, high stops, workpiece clamping and a limit stop for easy grooving.

Moscow, Admiral Makarov a. 17, corp. 1

Makita LS1018L coping saw for cutting wooden workpieces and aluminum. Power 1430 W, blade diameter 260 mm. Suitable for straight and angle cuts. Cutting depth at 90o. 91 mm, 45o. 50 mm. It is useful on a construction site, in a furniture factory, in a carpenter’s workshop, etc.д.

The LS 1216 mitre saw is designed for wood or plastics, depending on which disc is selected. Circular saw is a circular saw fixed to the work table. The 305 mm diameter blade cuts at various preset angles. Saw with power of 1650 W is used in woodworking shops for making furniture. Features of the LS 1216: Comfortable positioning of workpieces: the step-by-step rotary bar ensures perfectly straight workpieces Comfortable working position: the handle is covered by a plastic cover and the circular saw

Makita LS1016 cantilever-type cut-off saw

Moscow, Dmitrovskoe highway, 165, k.1 SEC BUHTA Pavilion 2F5, d. 165, btop. 1

Makita LS1040F mitre saw is designed for sawing wood, plastic and thin aluminum profiles. It makes both straight cuts and 450° cuts (right/left). Model has a power of 1650 W. Speed of a disk. 4600 rpm. Maximum cutting depth: 93 mm.

with broach, 1510W power, depth of cut 91mm (at angle of 90 deg.), disc diameter 260 mm, weight 24,1 kg

Makita LH 1040 F combination circular saw equipped with a powerful motor (1650 W) and a large saw blade (260 mm) is intended for cross and rip sawing in wood and not only. circular saw blade rotates at 4,800 rpm. Cutting depth up to 69 mm. Rigid saw design, simple and reliable adjustment mechanisms ensure accurate cutting at a given angle. With many useful functions and working area illumination lamp.

power: 1800W; speed: 5000rpm; disk diameter: 255mm; disk bore: 30mm

Moscow, Dmitrovskoe highway, 165, k.1 SEC BUHTA Pavilion 2F5, h. 165, bldg. 1

Circular saw (mitre saw) Makita LS1216 allows high-quality, accurate and efficient cutting of blanks made of wood, wood-containing materials, as well as plastics (depending on the saw blade). This mitre saw blade clamps securely and accurately to the work table. Cutting can be performed at any predetermined cutting angles. The Makita LS1216 is ideal for use in small woodworking workshops where furniture is made.

Trimmer saw with pull-through, 190×30 mm saw blade, cutting depth 52 mm, power 1010 W, weight 13,1 kg

Rigid construction, three degrees of freedom saw unit, a powerful motor, efficient gearbox and a saw blade predetermine the ample opportunities crosscut saw Makita LS 1216. It can be used for facing of workpieces with cross-section up to 107×363 mm. Straight, angular, inclined and combination cuts are possible. Model is equipped with soft start system, constant electronics, motor brake, power lock. Accessories: saw blade; dust canister; guide rails; clamp.

Moscow, Varshavskoe shosse, V.V. 65, bldg. 2

Makita LH1040 combination mitre saw

The Makita LH1040 combination mitre saw combines a coping saw and a circular saw. The tool is designed to cut wood, plastic and soft metals. Works in two cutting modes: longitudinal and cross cutting. Also bevel and bevel cuts. Soft start, double insulation, motor brake and accidental start protection give an extra guarantee of safety.

with pull-through, laser, power 1430 W, cutting depth 91 mm (90 deg.), disc diameter 260 mm, weight 19,9 kg

Metal mitre saw Metabo KGS 216 M (619260000)

Pull-through function for wide workpieces Compact lightweight that can be carried with one hand Robust design with die-cast aluminum housing for the toughest conditions Easy transportation thanks to ergonomic carrying handles and lockable saw head Effective sawdust extraction via integrated sawdust funnel Quick, precise setting of the most common angles via clamping points Laser for exact cutting line indication (from line, no batteries needed)

Top-of-the-line model in the Makita lineup with maximum technical features and capabilities to handle both thin workpieces and timber. World’s best 305 mm crosscut saw now cuts even better. Double linear recirculating ball bearing guides keep the cut clean and tidy. Electronic system maintains constant cutting speed under load. Large table and swivel ruler for convenient support of the workpiece.

Circular saw ZUBR master ZPT-255-1800 PL

Trimmer saw, Zubr, master, ZPT-255-1800 PL is a powerful tool with a movable head and laser cut line illumination allows you to accurately cut wood, plastic and thin-walled aluminum (when installed with appropriate discs). Features and benefits: Two-way tilt capability reduces the number of interventions during work; Laser guide for more precise sawing; Pull-through feature for wide cuts; Turning table that can be locked in any position and is easy to use

Moscow, Varshavskoe shosse, d. 65, bod. 2

Disk 255х30 mm, cutting depth 93 mm at 90°, power 1650 W, weight 12,4 kg

Metal mitre saw Metabo KGS 216 M (619260000)

Metabo sabre saw with pull-through, laser, backlight, dust extraction, max. cutting depths 90°/45° 65 /36 mm, max. cutting width 90°/45° 305 /205 mm, blade diameter 216 mm, power 1500 W, weight 13,5 kg

Makita LS 0714 mitre saw is a handy little tool for working with wood or, if equipped with special discs, with plastic and metal workpieces. Allows angled, oblique and compound cuts up to 45 degrees to the right. Small dimensions and weight for easy transportation. Features of saws Makita LS 0714 Dust extraction system with a dust bag for a cleaner workplace, good visibility of the cutting line and protection of the organs

The Metabo mitre saw KGS 216 M is a professional’s tool for intensive use. To be able to carry a heavy load, this model is equipped with a cast aluminum table, and to extend the scope of tasks, namely to work with larger workpieces, the saw has a sliding function. Increased table top allows the operator to work on larger workpieces.

Metabo KGS 305 M crosscut saw 619305000

The Metabo mitre saw KGS 305 M has a motor that enables the disc to be spun at up to 3700 rpm. The trimming saw has a bag for collecting sawdust, which ensures order and cleanliness of the workplace. Features: Very high cutting performance due to extremely powerful universal motor and large saw blade; pull-out function for wide workpieces; Compact lightweight, can be carried with one hand; Robust construction thanks to the housing made of aluminum alloy steel

Moscow, Varshavskoe shosse, d. 65, Bldg. 2

Makita LS1040 mitre saw is a small tool to perform longitudinal and cross cutting of wood, plastic, soft metal. The tool has a powerful 1650 W motor. Saw blade and table tilted by 45°. Suitable for long products.

Versatile pendulum saw with laser pointer, dust extraction, and light with adjustable positioning. Power 1010 W, blade 190 mm, weight 13,1 kg. Maximum cutting depth 5, 2 cm. Included disc and dust canister This machine is not only suitable for precise sawing of the ends of wood at any angle. The Makita LS0714FL can be used to cut grooves for joining parts and, with the appropriate saw blade, to cut aluminum

Metabo KGS 216 M 0102160400 mitre saw

Metal mitre saw Metabo KGS 216 M 0102160400 The Metabo mitre saw 0102160400 cuts all types of wood and wood-based materials. The tool can be used for sawing soft metal, plastic, laminate due to the high rotation speed of the cutting element. up to 5000 rpm. Trimming saw Metabo KGS 216M can be used for household tasks and production of cabinet furniture. Working surface is equipped with workpiece retainers and smooth extensions of the working area.

Moscow, Varshavskoe shosse, h. 65, Bldg. 2

Trim saw Makita LS1040F 1650W 4600 rpm circle 25530mm gl.93 mm kerf illumination

Makita LS1040F mitre saw is designed for sawing wood, plastic, and thin aluminum profiles. It makes both straight cuts and cuts at an angle of 450 (right/left). Model power is 1650 W.

Moscow, Varshavskoe shosse, h. 26, pp. 12

Metal trimming saw Makita LS1040 is designed for professional cutting of wood and soft materials (laminate, plastic). Can be used for long term operations without overheating of the body due to high power of 1650 W motor. Cutting of large workpieces is available. maximum depth at 90° is 93 x 95 mm. Makita LS1040 mitre saw makes high precision cross and rip cuts in different angles.

Moscow, Varshavskoe shosse, v. 65, Bldg. 2

The Makita LS0714 mitre saw is designed to make oblique, compound and oblique cuts in wooden workpieces. The saw blade can be tilted to the left by 45° for this. The machine is equipped with a 1,010 W electric motor. It offers high performance. 190 mm saw blade rotates at 6,000 rpm at idle speed. Sliding blade guides allow for cutting long workpieces.

Metal trimmer saw Makita LS1018L

with broach, laser, power 1430 W, cutting depth 91 mm (90 deg.), disc diameter 260 mm, weight 19,9 kg

Makita LS1016 circular saw

with broach, power 1510 W, cutting depth 91 mm (at 90 deg.), disc diameter 260 mm, weight 24,1 kg

Makita LH1040 compound mitre saw

cutting depth on top table 40 mm/cutting depth of 93 mm at 90°diameter disc 260 mmW power 1650 W, weight 14,3 kg

Cut-off saw Makita LS1013

disc 260×30 mm, cutting depth 91 mm at 90°,

Cut-off saw Makita LS 1440

Makita LS1440 coping saw, power 1380 W, blade diameter 355 mm, cutting depth 122 mm at 90°, weight 34,2 kg

Makita LH1200FL compound mitre saw

universal saw with lights cutting depth of 95 mm at 90° disc diameter 305 mm power 1650 W, weight 20.7 kg

Makita LH1040F compound mitre saw

working zone lights saw blade depth of 40 mm upper table depth of cut 93 mm at 90°diameter disc 260 mm power 1650 W, weight 14,3 kg

Circular saw Makita LS1040F

light, 255×30 mm disc,

Makita LH1201FL compound mitre saw

High-performance saw with light, cutting depth 95 mm at 90°, disc diameter 305 mm, power 1650 W, weight 20,7 kg

Saw a coping saw Makita is a tool that is used with equal success by professionals for production needs, and ordinary people for domestic purposes. The product is actively used for bevel, angle and end sawing of different materials such as wood, aluminum, plastic, drywall and others.

The classic Makita crosscut saw has a number of exceptional performance features. This is primarily due to the manufacturer’s tradition of high quality. Every experienced carpenter knows that Makita makes practical, functional products that offer the best price-performance ratio.

The product line includes a large number of professional and consumer products. They are usually equipped with a belt-driven or toothed gearbox and a special trigger valve. Main body of a Makita sabre saw is a circular saw blade. It is with its help the processing of soft materials.

Manufacturers you can trust

Below are brand preference recommendations for mitre saws. Data based on customer reviews and forum information.

Optimal face saw in terms of comfort, technology and safety at work is considered a product of one of these firms: “Corvet”; DeWALT; Metabo; Makita; “Interskol”. Hitachi; Bosch.

Most of these manufacturers provide an extension of the special table under the workpiece, however, for cutting large parts in some cases additional supports are required. These can be found, for example, in the LF 1000 trimmer from the manufacturer Makita. This addition greatly simplifies the work of the user. In addition, the movable part of the metal saw is included in the stable bed, which has a place to assemble the cutting angle.

The best crosscutters, in terms of stability and reliability, are those whose frame is made of magnesium or aluminum alloy. They are stable, strong and also have an acceptable weight. An example is the Bosch GCM 10. the most popular modification among professional models. With all other advantages it weighs only 15 kg.

Hitachi is considered to be the leading manufacturer among hacksaws with the permitted cutting edge angle to the workpiece. Whereas Bosh, Metabo or Makita offer the possibility to measure cutting angles of 0, 90 or 45 degrees only, the Japanese company gives the operator the possibility to make cuts of 30, 15, 22 and even 5 degrees. The provided option makes it necessary for the operator to add a pivoting device to the construction of the device. However, the weight of the unit for cutting sheets, pipes or profiles should not exceed 30 kg. However, the cost will also increase by 15 to 25 percent.

The DeWALT saw manufacturer benefits from the XPS system, which allows a clear line of sight to be projected. A shadow is projected from the saw blade before starting work, which makes the metal sawing more accurate. The models of the domestic manufacturer “Interskol” are, in terms of design, very simple because they have:

Additional pluses of the device. are very affordable (you can pick up models from 5000), easy to hold on the weight.

In order to cut a metal sheet, profile or pipe, it is necessary to turn either the disk or the table. The disk can rotate on its axis and against, which is very convenient for the work of the master.

Before making a purchase, we recommend that you pay your attention to the models of the above manufacturers, weigh all the advantages and disadvantages.

Trim saw with pull-through rating. The best crosscut saws user rankings, comparisons, reviews

Furniture, doors and windows do not look beautiful unless their parts are perfectly joined together. Even the slightest gap in the joint spoils the appearance of the product. Only a special tool. a mitre saw. can adjust the ends of blanks at the right angle. In order to make the cut extremely accurately and neatly, the trimmer must be:

  • Be easy to work with: not heavy and small;
  • To have a reliable motor with a modern system of protection;
  • Have a good cutting depth and width specifications;
  • To have a sharply sharpened disc not less than 200 mm in diameter;
  • To be equipped with additional features: broach, laser, clamps, dust bag.
makita, sliding, compound, mitre

There are not many requirements, but among the many crosscut saws on sale it is quite difficult to find those that meet them completely. If you focus on customer reviews on the Internet, they mostly praise the German Bosch and Japanese Makita. Yes, they are perfect saws, without any disadvantages. But! Unbelievably expensive. The price clearly “beats the s” of the average Ukrainian buyer. Not surprisingly, the forums often meet the wish. to buy a similar trimmer, but cheaper.

We decided to help you make the right choice of crosscut saw. After careful study of all performance characteristics, especially for our portal, the specialists of the online store S Torgom picked up the top five trimmer saws. The top 5 includes the highest quality devices from reliable manufacturers. At the same time their price is quite acceptable, which is why they sell more than anyone else.

Metabo KGS 216 M

The best trimmer preferred by most buyers. The manufacturer is Metabo from Germany, which is known for its excellent build quality. 1.5 kW synchronous motor, completely immune to mains voltage fluctuations. Deactivates automatically in case of overload or overheating. The big saw blade with 40 teeth gives a clean cut not only in soft wood but also in oak and aluminum profiles. Penetrates 65 mm deep with a straight cut, and 36 mm deep with a 45-degree tilt of the head. Covered for safety. Laser marker for increased cutting precision. For wide workpieces designed as a broach in the form of two slats. Comfortable, pivoting aluminum table that firmly locks into position. Light weight, compact size.

  • Sturdy and convenient laths. extensions;
  • Laser marking;
  • Side hold-down included;
  • Leads in terms of cutting height;
  • Comfortable carrying handle.

Hyundai M 2500-255 S EXPERT

Trim-cutting saw from the famous South Korean brand Hyundai is slightly cheaper, but the power develops more: by 2.1 kW. This means that the cutting pressure is higher, so it can “digest” the hardest and most composite materials. RPM of the blade is electronically controlled depending on the hardness of the workpiece. Motor protected against accidental start-up with a lock button. Smooth start-up without unnecessary jerking at the beginning of operation. Diamond wheel enlarged to 255 mm. The cutting unit is of swivel and pendulum type construction. Penetration depth in upright cuts 75 mm, in diagonal cuts 42 mm. When cutting big parts the pulling mechanism is used. Cast, stable bed with stops on the sides. safety with electric brake.

  • Better performance to price ratio;
  • High console stroke rate;

Scheppach MST254

Trimming saw from German company Scheppach has indisputable advantage. it has upper working table. Its presence means that this tool is multifunctional. Not only used for facing, but also for cross and rip sawing. Recommended for small carpentries and furniture workshops. Two different units take up too much space in a room like this, and one combined unit is just right. And the price is just the price of one. Outstanding performance. Power. 1, 6 kW, disc enlarged, deep and wide cut: 70 height, 110 width. Both work surfaces are made of aluminum, are comfortable and well thought out. There are lateral clamping clamps. Bottom frame swivels, equipped with a precision scale. There is a parallel stop and height adjustment on the top table.

  • A versatile, combination tool;
  • Deeper kerf;
  • Functional circular table with stops;
  • Large number of accessories included.


This powerful mitre saw comes from Romania. Industrial class, intended for large-scale production. Two-kilowatt motor designed for tough, daily operations. It is a brush type, well protected against power surges, overloads and overheating. Integrated broach allows a 30 cm wide end piece to be sawed. Sawing depth of 9 cm. When tilting the cutting head, the setting is reduced to 5 cm. Large, frequently spiked saw blade. Easily cuts hard, bulky workpieces. Reinforced cast iron bed. The manufacturer has expanded the possibilities and range of rotation, installed clamps, clamps, handy handles for fixing the indicators. In addition to the laser, there is an LED working area light. Together with the handy scale, they allow extremely precise sawing. Safety height limiter makes it possible to groove workpieces. Built-in professional dust extraction system

  • Dust extraction turbine extracts 80% of the chips and dust
  • Handy tool holder for contra-angle sawing;
  • 48-tooth blade included for extremely clean facing.

Makita LS1216L

Japanese crosscut saws are, of course, the best you can find on the market. If you are not afraid of the price of Makita, which is 5 times higher than that of German and Korean models, then feel free to buy. It’s a professional tool. It has the largest disc at 30.5 cm in diameter, impressive width and depth of cut. The engine develops the power of 1650 W. This figure in the Japanese engine is almost 2 kW in models from other manufacturers. Angled mount that increases the visibility of the working surface. Fluorescent light is built in for illumination. Molded comfort table with vertical rails and broach. It’s comfortable to turn. It has the ability to lock in the most precise intermediate values with two handles. Double protective insulation allows to plug into a network without grounding. When you lift the saw head, it locks and the saw blade closes with the guard. It is the best safety system. The unskilled user cannot turn the machine on without knowing where the release lever is.

    The highest parameters of the kerf width: at 90 degrees. 38 cm, at 45 25.5;

What is a crosscut saw with broach?

Not an all-purpose tool, as it is designed for corner cutting. Sidewinder saw with a broach is otherwise called a pendulum saw. The main feature of the mechanism is the presence of a swivel module. It makes the work of cutting the material easier and more accurate. Stationary models can precisely cut boards, cants, and slats. Less common applications for boards, laminate, and fiberboard.

Trimmer saw with pull-through capability

Such a device has three main elements: a disc, a motor and a starting mechanism. Models may vary slightly in equipment. Some of them are equipped with a collector motor, and others with an asynchronous motor. The first type of motor works better, but it wears out quickly. Asynchronous motor lasts a long time, but has lower performance and costs more than a collector motor.

Wood saw with broach saw base mounted on table. To increase the productivity of the work, you can make a fixation on two slats arranged in parallel. The latter method of attachment allows the saw blade to be used more freely. The saw comes with a frame. a round base that is movable, and it is made of aluminum compounds.

What you need a sliding compound mitre saw for?

Main purpose of tool is to make precise straight or angular cuts. The possibilities of using a coping saw with a broach are not limited, but it is more often used for finishing work, furniture production, and interior door installation. Popular jobs that require the use of a joinery saw with a broach:

makita, sliding, compound, mitre

Advantages and disadvantages

Makita’s domestic and professional class crosscut saws are manufactured using modern quality materials and high-precision machining techniques.

  • The branded model range is identical to the best European brands in terms of performance characteristics, including operational reliability and service life.
  • Analysis of the feedback from owners and service structures specialists confirms the absence of design and operational shortcomings in the Makita crosscut saws.

On the other hand, there are a number of justified complaints about the cost of the tools of the latest models, the lack of spare parts and replacement equipment.

What it is?

Trimming saw with broach is a highly specialized type of equipment, designed for angular cutting. This device is often also called a pendulum saw. The main feature of the tool is considered to be the presence in the design of the swivel module, thanks to which the work is simplified. These stationary machines are able to saw beams, boards and slats with jewel-like precision at different angles. Sometimes they are also used for wood-fiberboard, laminate, synthetic boards and organic laminate. The device is widely used in the works on cutting plastic profiles, decorative stucco, profiled aluminum.

The main advantages of trimmer boards are:

As for the disadvantages, it is forbidden to put abrasive and diamond wheels on such tools.

The devices are available in different modifications, which differ in technical indicators. Thus, small-sized machines can perform sawing of workpieces up to 60 mm thick, medium-sized. from 70 to 80 mm, and professional. more than 100 mm. Regardless of the type, all trimming plates perfectly cope with their tasks, as they have a high performance. They are equipped with a depth limiter, which allows selecting the necessary grooves and cutting of a certain thickness.

In addition, the equipment is provided with an additional mechanism, thanks to which the disk has the ability to tilt in both directions at a chosen angle to the horizontal plane.

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