Partner Colibri Grass Carburetor adjustment. Adjusting the carburetor of the lawn mower…

A trimmer carburetor device for gasoline grass

Motokosa carburetor adjustment is a process that needs to be mastered for the full operation of a trimmer for grass. Trimmer for grass is a completely simple device that can break in only a few places and demand a mechanical repair or replacement of part. Adjustment of the carburetor device of the float.type motorcycles may require knowledge of certain subtleties. The nuances due to the model and the specifics of its functioning will ensure a clear mixing and supply regime of the fuel mixture.

CHAMPION BAS carburetor, how to adjust? This is just a trimmer for floating type grass. a common option designed to mix air and fuel in the proportions provided. The main problems arising during the operation of the motor are approximately similar to the problems that overtake the carburetor in the car:

Обслуживание карбюратора “Partner Colibri 25″

partner, grass, carburetor, adjustment, adjusting, lawn
  • the motor can stall immediately after it managed to start. The reason is that gasoline is supplied in insufficient quantities. This is called “poor” fuel;
  • Excessively fed gasoline leads to its incomplete combustion, excessive density of the mixture and uneconomous consumption.

Repair of the carburetor

Important! It is necessary to regulate the carburetor under different circumstances: a change in the temperature regime, octane fuel or type of oil, after winter or end of the, load or spontaneous turning of the screws from strong vibration of the body. Some owners prefer to configure the module before each use to make sure of its correct work.

The main problems

Malfunctions of the carburetor Motokos or trimmer for grass, despite the relative simplicity of their elimination, sometimes require a long search by excluding. The main reasons are as follows:

How to Fix a Lawn Mower Carburetor

The most repeating breakdown is wear, rupture of the membrane. As a result, its lavation. Fuel moves are not sealed at certain stages of the engine cycle. The reasons here are as follows:

  • You have been working on a motorcycle or trimmer for too long without a break;
  • Poor.quality fuel was seasoned;
  • Wheelled gases fall into the pulse channel.

A deformed membrane is fraught with several bad consequences:

  • not enough gasoline or oxygen in the created combustible mixture;
  • the launch of the motor occurs after 10 or more unsuccessful attempts;
  • the engine knocks, clats during operation, and t. D.;
  • The working piston is deformed.
partner, grass, carburetor, adjustment, adjusting, lawn

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The reasons for the clogging of the mesh filter are poor.quality fuel cleaning, damage to the hose and/or the injection head.

Wear of the contact edge of the lever. a consequence of not completely purified fuel, into which grains of sand or particles of clay, metal or other inclusions that are not soluble in liquid hydrocarbons fell. A problem with fuel injection appears, the motor does not function with interruptions without load.

The inlet needle breaks due to the presence of metal and stone particles in gasoline. As a result, the saddle of the intake needle tightly adjacent to it, the fuel mixture flows. In the combustible mixture created by the carburetor, there is too much air, which is why the motor can “sneeze” during operation. Finally, the needle can stop due to poor-quality gasoline, or the unit was idle for a long time.

Deposits may accumulate in the adjustment compartment. The needle does not completely cover the hole, and a lot of gasoline enters the fuel chamber. the motor pours it, perhaps floods the spark plugs. Because of this, the gasoline mixture contains an increased number of vapor of gasoline. The efficiency falls noticeably.

The membrane is often deformed (sometimes torn) due to continuous operation of motorcycles or trimmer for grass for several hours. If you abuse such a “shock” mode of operation, damage to the membrane occurs more often. New breakdowns will be sprinkled from a cornation of abundance:

  • the piston will break;
  • The number of attempts by the unsuccessful start of the engine will increase sharply;
  • The fuel mixture will contain too little gasoline;
  • Useful (thermal) power will drop sharply.

Sequeling of the adjusting lever. a consequence of the incorrect installation, random flexion. Contactive line will find an incorrect position. This will violate the additional injection of gasoline.

The damper has worn out

Throttle and air conditioning are unusable due to admission to the air flow of dust, metal particles, etc. D. Damaged shutters are similar to details subjected to streaming with sand. Due to wear of the damper, the efficiency of the motor decreases, breakdowns are detected. The piston and cylinder wear out.

In some cases, this filter is simply not suitable for your model motorcycles or trimmer for grass. In the end, the shaft of the motor will suffer. its pieces fall into the engine channels, which is why the piston will be broken.

The fact that the adjustment is too rough (it is not possible to accurately set the parameters) are to blame for the adjustment screws. The manufacturer Motokos or trimmer for grass can put excessively thick and hard springs. You can find others either in workshops where such equipment is repaired, or purchased from any dealer or official representative of the company who released the engine for your trimmer for grass or mechanical braid for grass.

The primer broke

Primer-a manual mini-pump for forced swinging fuel into a carburetor. For a successful start of the motor, it may be necessary to pump 20 ml of gasoline manually.

Carburetor for a trimmer for grass. How to adjust the carburetor of a trimmer for grass.

On trimmers, in addition to electric motors, gasoline internal combustion engines are installed. This mechanism requires special attention, since if it is incorrectly set up, it will either refuse to work or work with interruptions and power loss. Basically, the engine setting is to adjust the supply of fuel, and this is done using a trimmer carburetor for grass.

The standard design of any gasoline trimmer for grass must include a fuel system, the basis of which is the action of a standard carburetor. Its device and the initial principle of action are almost the same for all motos, regardless of their design characteristics and purpose.

The carburetor of the motorcycles consists of an entire.metal aluminum corps, which protects the internal components of the node from moisture, fine debris and dust. In the lower part of the case, a diffuser is provided, the second name of which is “Venturi’s nozzle”. The main function of this regular part is the supply of air in the amount that is required by the fuel node to enrich the fuel. Diffusure work on a simple principle: the smaller its diameter becomes, the more intensively the air is absorbed. This is due to the fact that in the zone of the smallest diameter the level of air discharge becomes maximum.

The upper part of the factory diffuser is pre.equipped with fuel tubes, according to which, under the influence of air, the fuel mixture is delayed. The remaining parts of the carburetor: regular adjusting screws and fuel pump can be located both inside and outside the carburetor.

The device of the carburetor Motokosa includes a throttle, the main task of which is to adjust the volumes of absorbed air. The larger the amount of air, the higher the rated power of the power unit of the trimmer for grass. Another damper function is to relieve the cold start of the engine. If the lawn mower is started for the first time after prolonged downtime, then the damper must be closed. Immediately after starting the motor, the part must be opened, otherwise the ICE will stall.

The carburetor for a trimmer for grass is equipped with a pulsed channel, which connects the internal cavity of the ICE crankcase with the pulse chamber of the pump. The piston located in the motor cylinder creates reciprocating movements, which leads to phased changes in pressure inside the crankcase. At the same time, a membrane is set in motion. Thus, the action of the pump is completely synchronized with the operation of the power unit.

A standard carburetor membrane takes an active part in the fuel suction. In the fuel node, it gets through the fitting. After that, the fuel passes through the intake and exhaust valve, then through the mesh filter and fuel tube. Then the fuel flows next to the needle and gradually fills the camera equipped with a control membrane.

The standard valve of the carburetor trimmer for the grass is connected to the membrane using a lever. Below the membrane is a cavity into which the air is absorbed through a special hole.

The carburetor for the lawn mower is working on this principle in stages. This ensures the continuous operation of the fuel unit and the uninterrupted supply of fuel in the cylinder of the standard power unit.

Когда требуется настройка карбюратора бытового триммера для травы? It is necessary to adjust the carburetor of a trimmer for grass with:

  • running a new engine, during which from 4 to 5 liters of fuel mixture were used;
  • sharp changes in the weather;
  • changes in air vacuum. for example, when a lawn mower is often used in mountainous areas;
  • prolonged simple trimmer for grass;
  • intensive growth of loads on the power unit Motokosa;
  • arbitrary twisting of the adjusting screws of the carburetor. this becomes the cause of increased vibration of the internal combustion engine;
  • change in the quality of the components of the fuel mixture;
  • transfusing a fuel by a carburetor, a result of which is an increase in fuel consumption;
  • the regular appearance of the thick layer of tarry deposits and soot on the surface of the electrodes of the standard spark plug of the trimmer for grass;
  • starting the engine and its arbitrary shutdown or slow speed;
  • lack of fuel intake into the cylinder of the power unit;
  • increase in the volumes of ejected gases.

The lack of timely tuning of the carburetor threatens the serious breakdown of the trimmer for the grass, up to the full failure of its factory engine. carburetor adjustment. Periodic adjustment of the carburetor of the trimmer for grass should be performed on the served and completely serviceable power unit. Before starting the procedure, the operator must thoroughly rinse the details of the internal combustion engine and inspect its CPG for the presence of burrs or other defects. In addition, you will need to clean or change the spark plug, as well as rinse the filter elements in the design of motorcycles.

During the tuning of the carburetor, the engine of the lawn mower should operate under a certain load. It is best to install a cord of the corresponding diameter or cutting knives on a trimmer for grass.

After the installation of the cutting organs, the operator must start the ICE of the trimmer for the grass and leave it to work for about 10 minutes. If during the operation of the power unit at idle, it was noticed that the cord or knife rotates, then it is necessary to reduce the speed created by the engine. To do this, turn the lower regulator, often indicated by the letter “t”, to the left side, until the installed cutting organ is completely stopped. The further settings of the fuel node are as follows:

  • The “l” regulator, located on the right, is responsible for the enrichment of the fuel mixture by air during the operation of the motor at low speeds. The position of this screw must be configured first. To do this, the operator will need to achieve maximum engine speed when working at idle. for this you need to alternately turn the “l” screw in the right or left side. As soon as the maximum revolutions are achieved, the screw will need to be turned to 1/2 turning to the left;
  • The screw “t” or “LA” is necessary to adjust the idle. During its turning to the left, the power unit will decline, and when turning to the right, respectively, increase;
  • The H “H”, provided on the left, is responsible for the enrichment of the fuel mixture by air during the operation of the ICE of the Trimmer for high speeds. This screw is also needed to configure the power of the motor and the volume of the consumed fuel. The setting of its position is carried out by turning the screw to the right or left sides until the maximum permissible engine speed is reached. After that, the screw “h” will need to turn 1/2 turn to the left.

Problem 1: Zaror of holes, channels and nozzles with mud

The first thing that happens is the holes and nozzles in the fuel supply system clogged with dirt. Filters installed in the tank and directly in the carburetor do not help. They still miss small particles, which cause motorcycles to fail.

partner, grass, carburetor, adjustment, adjusting, lawn


To do this, unscrew the bolt on the mechanism, holding it with a finger. The fact is, there is a spring and a careless action will lead to the fact that it will be lost.


How to make a purge. The most effective way is the use of an ultrasound bath.

It is filled either with a special liquid or gasoline, a carburetor is placed there and under the influence of ultrasound, the so.called cavitation effect, the channels are cleaned from pollution.

The second cleaning option compressed air.

You can use the compressor available on the farm and clean the carburetor channels. However, this method is effective if the pollution is not very large.

If there is no ultrasonic bath or compressor at hand, then cleaning can be carried out in the third way using a special cylinder for cleaning the carburetor. They are sold in almost all car stores and supermarkets. The price is low and equals about 2-3, there is enough such a cylinder for 4 or 5 purges.

Step 0

Now we need to blow the channels in the case and the carburetor lid. See photo.

Step 1

Another particle of dirt can get stuck under the needle. Cm. a photo. This will also lead to the refusal of motorcycles.

Important! When cleaning the carburetor, in no case should not be used with needles, pins or wires. Even the slightest scratch will withdraw the carburetor from the system. It will have to be changed in its entirety.

Problem 2: Flaw clogging of thin cleaning

It is located on the cover of the carburetor and is a small metal mesh. Its pollution occurs very often. This is due to the precipitation of oil, additives, mud on it.

Step 2

Sometimes when disassembling the nets, a certain film is found. This carburetor lacks fuel and the lawn mower is either not starting or working with interruptions. The treatment methods are identical to the first reason: ultrasonic bath, compressor or spray can with a special solution. In addition, if the net is clogged thoroughly, you need to take a soft brush for watercolor paints, get wet into gasoline and rinse it carefully without damaging it.

How to adjust

DIY Carburetor Settings with your own hands requires preparing the following tools:

  • tachometer (electronic meter of rotation of the crankshaft);
  • slotted screwdriver;
  • A set of filters (their replacement is part of the adjustment process).

Adjust the carburetor on the Partner 352 chainsaw or other model only if you pre.clean the dirt. For this, it is best to use an air nozzle compressor. The adjustment itself is performed in several stages:

  • To access the adjusting screws, you need to remove the lid. There are also access to them through special holes on the left side of the carburetor. It must be remembered that the left screw is a quality screw (labeling h), and the right one is quantity (labeling L).
  • After that, the screws must be fully tightened, and then loosen for ⅕ turnover.
  • Then the chainsaw must be launched, since the carburetor can only be configured with a hot engine.
  • After that, the number adjustment screw needs to be twisted clockwise to the maximum engine speed. Upon reaching this result, the screw must be unscrewed counterclockwise ¼ turn. After that, the chainsaw should work on idle. If there are too few or many revolutions, then the throttle is used.
  • Now, with the help of a screw, quality set maximum speed. This parameter is determined by the tachometer. The maximum possible value is easy to view in the instructions. For example, for the Partner 350 motopile, this value is 12500 rpm

If there is no tachometer, then the quality of adjustment can be determined visually. If the tool smokes great when working, then the quantity screw needs to be a little fastened. Another option is possible. A chainsaw can work well at idle speeds, but it is bad at maximum. The situation is capable of twisting a quality screw, while the gas must be kept completely clamped.

REPAIR LABING THE LAW: how to start, adjust? What to do with breakdowns?

The lawn mower is the most important tool for those who prefer to store their land in order and beauty. This type of equipment copes with almost all types of grass and weeds. After the use of this device, a plot of land overgrown with weeds will look like it is appropriate.

However, any tool is subject to disable. Sooner or later and the lawn mower gives out all kinds of malfunctions.

About how to solve the problems with gasoline braids will be considered in this material.

The most common causes of a malfunction of benzocosylles

Obviously, the more authoritative manufacturer, the more reliable its goods are the most important criterion for determining the reliability of an ordinary buyer. The second criterion can be called the cost, the third. reviews of the owners who have checked the work of the tool with their own practice. By the way, high cost often does not mean high quality, durability and resistance to breakdowns. It is better to conduct a more detailed analysis of the market before buying a gas station, and then choose a “middle ground”.

Before proceeding to the list of the most common causes of the breakdowns of mowers, we note that very often inexperienced owners of benzos do not know, for example, which gasoline and butter should be poured to the fuel tank, which gasoline is better added to the device, how much oil is pouring to gasoline and so on.

Some also do not know what lubricant to use for a gearbox, how to sharpen a disk, or a knife, and many other nuances. Due to these and other reasons, unfortunately, in a large number of cases, breakdowns of various techniques occur, including trimmers and gasoline mowers. Users simply do not take care of technology at the proper level.

However, there are a number of the most common causes that arise as a result of the specifics of the functions performed by both other external and internal factors that lead to breakdowns:

  • The cutting cord is not served or breaks off too quickly. This is due to the lack of fishing line, or there was an confusion of fishing line for the lawn mower in the coil;
  • The motor does not start. Inexperienced users are not always the first time they can run the unit due to the “Start” button. But there are other factors: blocking the airfilter; the gap of the candle is not exhibited, or it was out of operation; A gasoline carburetor can often transfuse the fuel mixture; The insufficient amount of fuel is pumped up;
  • Often, the lawn mowers do not develop revolutions, the reason for which can be four factors: clogging of an air filter, clogging of a shaft with a cutting coil of mowed grass, an incorrectly adjusted carburetor, poor fuel is flooded in the tank;
  • The engine does not work at idle. If the engine itself is serviceable, but stalls in idle, then there can be three reasons: the blockage of the filter; the carburetor is not configured; poor gasoline or oil mowing oil is used;
  • such a problem as the lack of a spark is also regularly found. Reasons: a bad blockage, broken candle, failed or the contacts of the supplying armor.

Sadko GTR 520n gasoline

In addition to the listed of the most discussed breakdowns of gasoline mowers and the causes of their occurrence, you can find a lot of other complaints and reviews about this tool on the network. However, how to solve the problems indicated in the list above is the following chapter. To the menu

Methods for eliminating malfunctions

The cliff of the cord occurs regardless of which line for trimmer in quality is in the coil. To fix this turmoil, it is enough to rewind the cord into the reel, if it is confused, or wound a new one if it is absent.

How to get a lawn mower if the engine does not start? Check if the start button is turned on, whether the oil button is enough, whether gasoline is poured into the tank. If the motor is still not starting, rinse the gasophiller (sometimes it should be replaced if a large blockage is detected), check the candle for performance, clean the air filter.

It did not help? Set up the carburetor air damper to position C, this solves the problem of fuel transfusion. In the case of the “persistence” of the motor, just drain all the fuel from the system and fill the new one, making sure that it has proper quality. Making all these processes solves the problem of launching a motor in 80-90% of cases.

If the motor refuses to work at idle, first of all adjust the carburetor and rinse the air filter. this in most cases solves the problem. If the situation is repeated, then most likely you poured poor fuel into the fuel tank, then drain it and fill the tank with a new.

How to get a lawn mower and make it work if engine speeds are not gaining, and it stalls? First, check if the cutting shaft is clogged with waste and weeds. If everything is in order with the shaft, wrap the air filter or change it to a new one, if the first seemed to you too contaminated. By the way, washing the air filter and gasoline should be washed, which makes the gasket more elastic and prevents the drying of the material.

If, having done these procedures and pressing the starter for the lawn mower, the lawn mower stalls again, then the case lies in an incorrectly adjusted carburetor device. Read the last section of this article, it tells how the carburetor is adjusted on the benzokos.

If there is no spark, put a spare candle to check what exactly is the matter. Когда запасная свеча при установке правильного зазора также не выдает искру, значит дело в оборудовании косы для травы. Repair of the lawn mower in the event of a malfunction begins with the check of the wire leading to the candle.

Clean the contacts, you can also clean the contacts of all near the wiring, make sure that all wires are intact.

Adjustment of the carburetor of the lawn mower, trimmer for grass

Having completed these steps, the pressed button of the lawn mower should lead to the appearance of a spark on the candle. Remember that when checking the spark, the candle should be in contact with the metal surface to create an electric mass. We emphasize that the pollution of the reducer of the lawn mower is often affected by the revolutions (attenuation of the engine). To the menu

Carburetor adjustment

This aspect is always needed when the lawn mower is set up.

A correctly configured carburetor is the key to the successful operation of engines for the lawn mower.

Despite the fact that the question of how to adjust the carburetor on a benzocos, it seems, to beginners are incomprehensible, but the repair of the lawn mower often ends with this procedure, since the reasons lies in the wrong adjustment, and the repair of the lawn mower and the methods of eliminating them in the settings for configuration. By the way, the run.mowing is also involved in the adjustment of the carburetor.

To understand how to correctly configure a gasoline carburetor for motorcycles, you need to know:

  • The device contains three screws: right (l), lower (t), left (h).
  • A properly configured carburetor operates on idle evenly and without changes with cold and hot motor, as well as with a sharp descent or set of revolutions. The screw t is responsible for the idle.
  • The screw l is responsible for how much the fuel mixture will enter the combustion chamber at low speeds. When adjusting, the screw turns counterclockwise by a quarter turnover.
  • Fuel adjustment at high speeds occurs by screw h. For configuration, give out full gas, opening the throttle. Turn the screw clockwise until you hear a speed drop. Then, scroll through the screw in the opposite direction so that the engine works unevenly, after which begin to slowly turn the screw clockwise until you start to hear the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the motor.

The correctness of adjustment is determined even by the color of the working part of the candle. If the tuning of the carburetor is made correctly, then the candle will be clean, without soot.

For a 2-stroke unit, 2-stroke engine oil is necessarily used. To the menu

How to sharpen a knife or disk for a gas station?

To sharpen a knife or disk for mowing equipment, know that a good disk or knife must be sharpened so that the edges become sharp, but the metal was not overheated. The sharpened cutting element will provide easier removal of the grass surface. Also, the sharpness of the disk or knife affects the number of plants that will be eliminated by one capture.

In general, the maintenance of a gasoline braid for grass provides for constant cleaning of equipment after work, checking the quality of oils and gasoline, as well as a properly configured carburetor.

Do not pour doubtful additives and the like into the lawn mower. Regularly carry out the lubrication of the gearbox and the lubrication of driving elements to prevent problems. It is recommended to update lubrication, at least every 1000 hours of work.

Setting up a carburetor of a lawn mower with three adjusting screws

Before starting work, you need to place the lawn mower on a flat stable surface. Remove the chain in the opposite direction. There are motorcycles with two and three adjusting screws. Two screws most often equip the tools produced in China. Consider the adjustment of the carburetor Motokos with three screws.

Setting up a carburetor of a lawn mower with three adjusting screws

Before proceeding with the adjustment of the carburetor of the lawn mower, you need to rinse the air filter. Cleaning is carried out with water with a detergent or soap, and if necessary, a new. Often in the poor work of the carburetor, scibberries are guilty. In order to prevent the filter, it is recommended to clean the filter after every 10 hours of operation of the tool. Do not forget to check the condition of the candle, if there is a dozen, you need to clean it. Candles are consumables and have their own resource. To ensure good operation of the engine of the lawn mower, candles periodically need to be changed. Next, we evaluate how well the carburetor is fixed to the cylinder-piston group. After the preparatory manipulations are completed, you need to start the motor. Let the engine work for 5-10 minutes. Then you need to identify how many adjusting screws on your tool.

There are the following adjusting screws on the gasoline trimmer:

Fuel supply adjustment

At first you need to slowly tighten the screw adjustment screw for the fuel mixture. You need to do this until the engine starts to stall or stalls. Following this, if the engine did not stop working, you need to turn the screw for a quarter of turnover, and if it stalled, then by half the turnover. Next, you should have a stalled engine. Then you need to open the throttle and see how the speed is gaining. Turn the screw for a quarter of turnover again. You need to scroll until the engine begins to confidently gain increased speeds during cuffing. This is the right time when the engine works most economically. There are times when adjusting this screw does not give anything. Often the reason is in the factory spring that is located on this screw. This does not happen to all the tools. And if the spring turned out to be defective, then replacing it will not be difficult. A suitable spring can be purchased at any construction store.

Cooper adjustment

Following the adjustment of the fuel supply, we are accepting for the adjustment of the idle. To do this, you need to adjust the corresponding screw so that the engine works slightly accelerated at small speeds. But it is necessary to trace, for the immobility of the reel with fishing line and knives. Before the start of their movement, several revolutions should remain in stock. The movement of the coil and knives can subsequently lead to the rapid wear of the clutch. Having noticed that the engine starts poorly, you need to increase the number of revolutions at idle. With an increase in revolutions, the fuel mixture is saturated with air, which leads to power loss.

The main signs of the proper idle work:

  • Revolutions for a trimmer head;
  • Uninterrupted operation of the engine even when the position changes (sharp rise or descent of the knife);
  • Calm operation of the engine at a cold move;
  • Lack of increased speed of hot engine.

Maximum speed adjustment

Further, for the full tuning of the carburetor of the lawn mower, it is necessary to adjust the maximum speed. It will not be superfluous to look into the instrument operating manual and see the maximum speed value. This amount will help to determine the tachometer most accurately. If such a device was not at hand, we set up by ear. Barely determining the maximum speed of revolutions by ear, we begin adjustment. A screw for limiting maximum revolutions will help in this matter. Control the engine operation at maximum speed. If necessary, reduce speed, weaken the fixing nut and unscrew the screw. If the turnover is too large, then you will need to screw the screw. These actions must be done in order to protect the engine from overheating. Scroll the screw until the clear even operation of the engine is established.

After the work done, if everything is done correctly, the stable work of the tool is provided.

Understand this by the following signs:

Setting a carburetor of a lawn mower with two adjusting screws

Motokosa carburetor adjustment with two screws is much easier than described in the first version. But it is worth noting that this setting is less accurate. Before starting the setup, it is necessary to remember the factory parameters of the lawn mower. After a while, the engine starts and works for several hours. Although some tools are enough 10-15 minutes of work to set the necessary parameters.

Setting a carburetor of a lawn mower with two adjusting screws

First you need to start the engine at low speeds. If the chain moves along the tire during operation, then this is not the norm. You need to adjust the screw so that the chain stops moving.

Next, you need to switch to average speeds. Then the engine can smell. The adjustment screw will also help to eliminate this trouble. Having tightened it stronger, the fuel mixture will begin to be supplied to the engine, which is less enriched. After that, the smoke will disappear. But the speed will increase. Adjustment must be done until a smooth clear work is achieved without jerking.

After all the necessary settings are carried out, it is necessary to let the trimmer work in real conditions for more than one hour. After some time, it would be nice to check whether all the components work correctly. If deviations have been found, they need to be eliminated.

An indicator that the adjustment will be successfully non.flowing fuel combustion and a slightly brownish candle color. The color of the candle with the soil is darker.

Carburetor Carburetor Setting Motokosa is a very important preventive event, which must be carried out every time when such a need occurs. As described above, such a need can arise quite often. By the way, the reason for configuration can also be the screws promoted from vibration. In order for the tool to serve for a long time, it is necessary to always follow the instructions for the operation of the lawn mower, use the correct fuel mixture.

The main problems and malfunctions of the carburetor.

Mesh filter. There are only two problems with this element more often:

In order to find out the cause of the breakdown, the fuel filter lid is unscrewed to extract the mesh filter. If dirt just accumulated on it, then flushing in gasoline or purging will help.

With visible damage on the mesh filter, you must definitely put a new. There may also be damage to the fuel supply pipe (during the repair they practice checking this element).

The starting device of the carburetor in most cases does not function due to blockages. Should be used for flushing acetone or the same gasoline.

Purging parts of a carburetor with click of compressed air. permissible and convenient repair practice.

The hull of throttles, the ligaments of the parts of the carburetor, the intake or graduation pipeline. all of the listed parts are subject to depressurization. You can probably check in a primitive way. spread the problem area with soap foam.

The device of the carburetor of the lawn mower

The basis of the carburetor of the lawn mower is an aluminum corps. It has a diffuser (hole with internal contours). Air is pumped through this hole. The speed of oxygen (air) is dependent on the cross.sectional (passage opening) of the diffuser.

The diffuser is equipped with fuel channels. Fuel is drawn from them using air flow.

In what cases is it required to set the carburetor?

The stable work of the carburetor motorcosa largely depends on its correct setting.

The assembly adjustment is required in the following cases:

  • After the a new trimmer for the grass, when 4–5 full fuel tanks were spent during operation;
  • with a frequent replacement by the operator of the brand used to refuel gasoline;
  • as a result of a sharp change in the weather;
  • due to long-term storage of a trimmer for grass;
  • as a result of arbitrary twisting of the adjusting bolts, motorcycles caused by strong vibration of its motor;
  • due to a sharp increase in the number of fuel trimmer consumed.

It will also be required to adjust the carburetor of the motorcycles in those cases when the soot quickly appears on the light of the instrument, as well as with a sharp increase in the volume of exhaust gases thrown out by the trimmer.

Elimination methods

The list of upcoming work with the engine may be as follows:

  • replacement of the fuel pump;
  • disassembly and flushing of the mesh filter;
  • replacement of the adjusting lever;
  • It is also necessary to clean the adjustment space;
  • replacement of the membrane (or the entire block where this membrane is located);
  • setting in intake, graduation and needle valves;
  • replacement of the damper;
  • cleaning the fuel channels and diffuser;
  • replacement of springs of screws;
  • Change of primer.

Not all these works can be completed. It often turns out that many of them have no need if a specific malfunction is immediately discovered.

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