Polishing machine and corner grinder of differences. Additional materials

Which is better. corner grinder or grinder?

Construction and repair work involve the performance of cutting, stripping, grinding, polishing surfaces made of various materials, so there is often a grinder and corner grinder in the arsenal of the master. At the same time, many newcomers confuse tools or do not know which one to choose to complete a specific task. By comparative analysis of the units, we will tell you that the corner grinder or grinder is better.

Place Model
one. Makita GA5030, 720 W, 125 mm Prices Review
2. Interskol angular grinder-125/900 671.one.0.00 Prices Review
3. Bosch GWS 660-125, 660 W, 125 mm Prices Review
four. Stanley SB90 Prices Review
5. Makita 9910 Prices Review
6. Resanta LSHM-75/900 Prices Review
7. Wert Ees 125DE, 350 W Prices Review
eight. Makita BO5031, 300 W Prices Review
9. Dewalt DWE6423, 280 W Prices Review
ten. Makita BO3711 Prices Review
eleven. BlackDecker KA300 Review
12. Makita BO3710 Review

What is the difference between a corner grinder and a grinding machine

Grinding machine is a type of power tool. Its main functions are grinding and polishing metal, wooden, plastic surfaces. At the same time, there are many types of unit. strip, angular, eccentric, etc. The second option is 98% similar to an angular grinder, so they are often used to perform identical tasks.

Corner grinder is a colloquial name for an electric tool, the main purpose of which is to abrasive processing of various materials. The unit is used for cutting metal, wood, stone or processing such building materials as brick and concrete.

Corner grinder is designed for cutting metal and other materials

Is it possible to polish the tree with a corner grinder

Corner grinder or corner grinder? The difference is that the second tool is used for cutting materials, and the first to clean and further surface processing is carried out.

Grinding machines are distinguished by a wider separation of areas of work. They can be polished and polished not only even, but also angular surfaces.

Since the tool is similar to an angular grinder, many use it for grinding. In this case, you need to choose the right version of the abrasive circle. Carrying processing is recommended to be carried out cordless. To remove the old coating (paint) from the surface of the wood, peeling circles are used.

Cutting, Grinding, Sanding and Polishing with the Parkside cordless anglegrinder.

Perform oblique cuts and process the edges of wooden blanks is better with end circles. Soft grinding of wooden surfaces is carried out with petal disks.

Makita GA5030, 720 W, 125 mm

Household angular grinder is equipped with a 720 W engine with a power. Works with discs with a diameter of 125 mm. The maximum spindle rotation speed is 11,000 rpm. The configuration includes an additional two.position handle.


engine protection;

Fixation of the “Start” button.

Interskol angular grinder-125/900 671.one.0.00, 900 watts, 125 mm

A more powerful model from the manufacturer in terms of technical parameters is identical to the Makita aggregate. Low price is due to weak functionality. Of the additional functions, only fixation of the spindle is provided.

small weight;

price-quality ratio;

Ergonomic design.

Bosch GWS 660-125, 660 W, 125 mm

Small.sized household angular grinder attracts high quality assembly. The tool is also designed to work with discs with a diameter of 125 mm. A distinctive feature is the presence of straight.toothed conical gears in the gearbox. excluding engine overheating during long loads.

low level of vibration;

dust protection;

Additional handle.

Polishing machines: types and tips for their use

To make or repair many products or surfaces is not enough. It is also necessary to give them a characteristic shiny look, to polish. For this purpose, special devices are often used.

A polishing machine can be used in various fields. In particular, this device is used for the final finish and to improve the appearance of surfaces. The wide functionality of the tool is ensured by changing nozzles and pasting. Problems such as:

Regardless of which problem is solved, the polishing machine has a rather typical structure:

The appearance of such a device is similar to an angular grinder. However, a big difference is the use of completely different disks. It is natural that with an increase in the size of the working part, the processed area increases at the same time. Also important characteristics of polishing machines are the granularity of the installed discs and the total power of the device. As the technical characteristics increase, the price increases.

Subtleties of choice

To choose the right polishing machine, you need to pay attention, first of all, to power. This indicator can vary from 0.8 to 2.5 kW. You should also take into account the pace with which the disk is spinning. The maximum value is 10 thousand revolutions per minute.

Important: only polishing cars with a revolution regulator is worth purchasing. Thanks to it, the selection of the working regime is ensured in accordance with the features of the surface.

It is advisable to give preference to automatic adjustments to inexperienced and inexperienced users. Such a tool allows you to polish anything without fear of damage. But still it is worth training on old, obviously unnecessary, details and surfaces. Systems on the battery are more mobility than connected to a socket.

The following video will help to choose the right polishing machine.

By type of drive, it is customary to secrete pneumatic and electric polishing machines. Pneumatic performance is good in that the compressor drive does not require electricity consumption. In addition, such a device is most stable and does not make special requirements during operation. However, electric devices have an important advantage. increased mobility (due to the lack of binding to air supplying air). And the removed batteries allow you to use the device even where there is no stable power supply.

Attention should be paid to eccentric (orbital) polishing machines. experts consider such devices the most productive. The ability to work with a wide range of surfaces is also very important. The orbital polishing system is equipped with a rounded configuration platform. Polishing details are fixed on this “support plate”. Work plates are made from:

To fix the grinding unit, both Velcro and clamp can be used. The first method is appreciated for convenience, and the other. for efficiency. It is worth remembering that eccentric machines emit a significant amount of dust. Therefore, some of the manufacturers equip their products with channels through which it will be diverted. The main function of the sole is thin grinding (produced by rotational movements), and the auxiliary recovery processing helps to improve the result.

Eccentric grinding grinding is characterized by different power levels. they vary from 150 to 1000 watts. For the simplest manipulations, you can limit yourself to low.power devices. no more than 400 watts. intensive work of the motor is needed only for rough grinding of solid materials. Some devices are capable of issuing an effort over 2000 watts, however, such models can only work in “wet” mode.

In most cases, eccentric polishing machines are equipped with discs with a diameter of 125 mm. This solution is distinguished by the most rational amplitude of oscillations during finishing processing. However, the most serious work is successfully performed only by devices that allow you to use circles with a diameter of up to 215 mm.

Eccentric polishing systems differ in the latitude of the application. They work as high quality as vibration complexes. In power, the orbital polishing machine is comparable to the tape mechanisms. It is important that it can also polish the processed surfaces. When selecting eccentric devices, one must not forget about the difference in household and professional models.

The versions used for the most part are designed to polish wood. As a rule, these are relatively low.power systems that can work only with frequent breaks. If it is firmly known that you will have to process metal and stone, you need to give preference to professional versions. Such eccentric polishing mechanisms have a large mass. But they can act for a very long time, while stably saving the working resource.

Ground grinding and polishing machines can effectively process concrete and natural stone.

polishing, machine, corner, grinder, differences

High.quality devices of this format are capable of:

  • leve the base;
  • prepare it for decoration;
  • polish the surface to an ideal state;
  • Seal and harden the processed layer.

Attention: Paul polishing becomes effective only when the device is complemented by an industrial vacuum cleaner. Otherwise everything around will be very much covered with dust.

Preparing to grind the floor, you should take into account the granularity and mechanical strength of the tool with diamond spraying. When grinding, increased pressure on the processed surface is of great importance. Therefore, more valuable options are cars that can be weighted with additional loads.

High quality grinding and polishing machines (including Hodman brand) are equipped with planetary gearboxes and high-power engines. In good mechanisms, holders of a working tool based on chrome steel are used. These holders should be attached so that the movement occurs smoothly and quickly even on the uneven surface. This condition significantly increases the controllability of the machine.

Manual rotary mechanisms are used to polish cars. Along with them, orbital systems can be used. The difference between them is among the axes of rotation (1 and 2, respectively). The lines of leading firms have both rotary and circular models. Each variety is good for its special tasks.

The rotary apparatus is better than orbital:

  • by level of performance;
  • in terms of a variety of background diameters;
  • by maneuverability of the working part;
  • to save the forces of the builder;
  • by noise level;
  • by safety for joints;
  • by the duration of operation.

It should be borne in mind that rotary systems are characterized by quite low performance. That is why they produce less heat. The danger of varnish damage is also reduced. The appearance of “holographic” defects is almost excluded. Such a tool is perfect for soft polishing, however, it almost does not help to polish durable varnishes.

With all the importance of polishing the car, I must say a few more words and about machines for processing wood. Such devices have a different area of ​​application. Some options help to align irregularities, while others are designed for final processing.

What is the difference between a corner grinder and a grinding machine

Grinding electrical tools of both types are designed for processing, cleaning and grinding of wood and other materials. The units have many similar features, but there are certain differences.

Corner grinding machine. a device with a power of up to 1,500 watts with an angular gearbox, various brushes and disks of different sizes. Designed not only for cleaning wood, but first of all for cutting metal, ceramics, stone and slate.

Coal grinders usually support vibration stabilization, which prevents the beating of the nozzle on solid material.

The usual grinding machine is a device for polishing surfaces presented by many varieties. Release tape, vibrational and orbital units, the difference between which is in the form of a working sole.

Due to the minimum difference between the corner grinder and the grinder and the high similarity, the devices are equally often used to give smoothness to the tree or metal surfaces. But the main purpose of the corner grinder in this case remains precisely the cutting of solid materials.

Is it possible to use a corner grinder as a grinder

In fact, the construction device is a grinding machine of the angular type. Therefore, grind a tree with its help, of course, you can. Despite this, for such purposes, the unit is used infrequently.

To give the surface smoothness using the device, it is necessary to install a support circle on the tool shaft and put an abrasive disk on it with the desired grain indicators. The processed material is recommended to be previously cleaned using a special brush.

Attention! The usual grinding device due to advantageous differences allows you to cope with the harvesting of a tree faster and with the application of less effort.

Why is an angular grinder called an angle grinding machine

The device got its name due to differences in the design-the working nozzle in it is located at right angles with respect to the body. The correct name of the device is precisely an angle grinding machine.

As for the colloquial name of the apparatus, it arose under the USSR. The first corner grinder that appeared on the Soviet market in the 70s were supplied from Bulgaria. People quickly began to call them a producer, so as not to pronounce each time a long official name.

The better to grind. corner grinding or grinding

If it is necessary to grind the tree, and the vibrational, orbital or strip machine with its advantageous differences is not at hand, then to solve the problem, it is quite possible to use a corner grinder. In this case, you need to correctly choose an abrasive circle for the apparatus and install the necessary speeds. The device will help clean the material from traces of old paint and provide black processing.

When using an angle grinding, you need to remember that one of its differences is more rude results after application

If you must grind the workpiece carefully, until maximum smoothness, the corner grinder is not suitable for solving the problem. It is better to take an eccentric machine with its positive differences. Grinding device will allow you to polish the surface without scratches and hooks.

Rotor polishing machines

The classic rotary polishing machine has a number of undeniable advantages over orbital:

  • The first and main advantage is performance. That is, for example, to remove the risk from 1200 abrasive can be guaranteed and quickly using lower speeds at times. About 1 thousand revolutions against 3/4 thousand at the orbital.
  • It is also possible to choose the diameter of the substrate and polisher from standard 75 mm or less to 125, 150 mm or more. In the orbital machine, let’s say Rupes Bigfoot Markii 21, the diameter of the plate (substrate) is 150 mm, it is impossible to replace it with a substrate of another diameter, the polisher has a standard diameter of 160mm and polishing hard.to.reach places is difficult. For limited spaces, additional machines with a different diameter of the substrate and the course of the eccentric.
  • maneuverability. Having the opportunity to choose the diameter of the poliser, the stiffness of the substrate, the lack of vibration (oscillatory movements) can be polished any inaccessible places or places from various curvature surfaces without any problems.
  • less fatigue and safety for the joints of the policeman hands due to the lack of vibration. Low noisiness.
  • The service life of the polishes. Smaller necessary working revolutions on the rotary machine and the lack of vibration significantly reduce the destruction of the polishes and extend their service life.

Orbital polishing cars

  • The advantages of orbital machines are partially due to their disadvantages. Smaller performance. less heating. less likely to “break through” (wipe) varnish. Orbital rotation reduces to an almost complete absence of such a defect as a hologram. Great option for the so.called “soft” polishing. But high.quality polishing on solid varnish, for example, Mercedes or infinity, is very difficult or impossible to do. Shine, yes, it will be, but many scratches will remain.

Why are many teaching children’s centers (studios) so persistently teach work with orbital machines? Everything is very simple. Premium cars flash in the advertising of learning and promise the future students and training on such real cars. From the side it seems cool. Just picked up a polishing machine and now he is MB S-Classe is waiting for you. Here they are. wealthy customers, money and rapid development. It remains to pay for training, one. two weeks and you are a master. Due to the lower performance, less surface heating and the almost complete absence of holograms, polishing client cars without serious skills is safer for the center of the center itself. The result will be to some extent positive in any case, and the remaining scratches can be modified by an experienced master with a regular, rotary machine. The learning process takes less time and requires much less skills from the student.

“You need to buy a corner grinder!”. from this issue, acquaintance with grinding machines begins. The first discovery is that corner grinders are this grinding machines. Most often, corner grinders are used not for grinding, but in equipment with a detachment circle, like a compact cut for cutting metal parts.

So, let’s analyze everything on the shelves, there are grinders:

  • – Direct grinding machines
  • – Corner grinding machines (corner grinder), they are also “corner grinding”
  • – ribbon grinding machines (lsm)
  • – Vibration grinders (HSSM), they are flat grinders (PSM)
  • – eccentric grinders, they are also orbital grinders

Now in more detail, for lovers of details:

Corner (corner grinder) is the most common type of grinding machines (another name. corner grinder). Of all the grinder, this is the most universal tool, since such machines are used not only for polishing and grinding surfaces, but also for cutting and processing stone and metal.

Can be grinded, cleaned and polished, depending on the equipment of the grinder. Corner grinder is not suitable for working with wood!

Direct grinding machines are similar to corner grinder, but a working disk or sharpener is located directly on the axis of the machine. Direct grinder is required for accurate work that require careful handmade. In this regard, direct grinders have light weight and power. It is convenient to work with one hand. The tasks performed. grinding corners, edges, inaccessible places, cut materials of small thickness, apply engraving.

Ribbon (lshm). ordinary grinder in the understanding of most inhabitants. Ribbon grinding or sandpaper rotates on two rollers. Large working area and rotation speed of the tape make it possible to achieve high performance. Basically, LSM is used for wood work. Outwardly lshm resembles a shirt.

Vibration grinding machines (VSHM). Another name is flat.grinding (PSHM). Outwardly resemble a boot with a large working flat surface (sole). Grinding is performed due to low-amplitude vibration of the sole-reciprocating movements. Appointment. finishing grinding, used by wood, stone, plastics, metals. When choosing PSHM, pay attention to the amplitude of the oscillations and the power of the grinder.

Eccentric or orbital (circular) grinder. are very similar to vibrational grinders, but with a round working surface. Accordingly, grinding is supplemented with circular movements, combined with oscillatory movements. Such a complex movement of the working surface makes it possible to perform uniform grinding. Orbital grinders are very universal, they can be used everywhere, they cope with any surfaces. Grinds are suitable for thin grinding.

The constructive differences in grinder ends on this. However, in addition to the design of grinder, the types of equipment are distinguished for its intended purpose. For example:

Brush grinder-called so due to the fact that the working nozzle is made in the form of metal brushes. There are both straight and in the form of lshm, but instead of a tape, two metal brush rollers.

Polishing grinders. practically nothing different from the corner grinder, you can operate with cutting disks, but the main area of ​​their use is surface polishing (metal).

In some technological processes for the manufacture of various parts to give the surface of the product type use such processing technology as polishing. It took a time when the surfaces were polished manually, since this has long been considered irrational use of strength and time. It is currently much more profitable to perform this stage of work using polishing machines.

Polishing surfaces today is relevant not only with the final processing of auto cousins, but also during the decoration of the premises. In addition, polishing is a procedure due to which the life of the cladding of natural stone increases. Granite, marble and other stones of natural or artificial origin are materials that can be polished. So, scratches are eliminated, gloss is formed and the service life of such plates is extended.

Corner grinder and grinder: how differs?

Construction and repair work are not dispensed with without cutting, cleaning and grinding of various surfaces: metal, wooden, stone. Therefore, you can not do without high.quality corner grind. Corner grinder is the colloquial name for an electric tool, the main purpose of which is abrasive metal processing, as well as other materials. Today, such a tool is everywhere used for cutting metal, stone and wood, as well as for processing different building materials, including brick and concrete. Another instrument name is the angular grinding machine. The name “corner grinder” familiar to everyone appeared due to the fact that the first samples of the corner grinder appeared in the Soviet Union only in the 70s and they were produced in Bulgaria. The tool has a cylindrical case, nozzle and side handle.

You can buy a corner grinder (corner grinder) in the online store “Perestroika Ka”-a large selection of both models and brands. Possible buying in bulk. Specialists from Perestroika Ka told us about the features of the Bulgarians and Grind.

polishing, machine, corner, grinder, differences

Distinctive features of corner grinder

The assortment of the Bulgarians is quite large and they are divided into household and professional engine power. The former have small power, simplified functions and less continuous operation. For home repair and construction, a great option. The latter differ in greater performance and power. Professional corner grinder is equipped with adjusting the number of spindle revolutions and can work for a long time without turning off. Household are equipped with a handle and have a power of 1.5 kW.

Manufacturers equip corner grinders with various useful functions:

  • balancing, which stabilizes vibration, avoiding the beating of the disk about the processed surface;
  • control of the number of risk revolutions;
  • speed control;
  • soft start. it is convenient to work with such devices. They begin work at low speeds and gradually gain power;
  • automatically shutdown of brushes if a failure occurs in the electrical system.

The corner grinder is equipped with an angular gearbox, brushes (cutting, pending, brush, plate, cup) or disks of different sizes. Diamond cuts are suitable for working with corner grinding, which can be performed by granite, concrete and asphalt, as well as abrasive cutting circles, which have proven themselves well when cutting ceramics, stone, metal, slate.

An angle grinding machine or corner grinder has many functions and is therefore purposefully used for different purposes

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In order to polish the car with qualitatively, it is not necessary to send the car to the service or to buy expensive money in specialized stores with tons. You can put the car in order very simple and economically. using high.quality polishes, a special paste and a regular corner grinder. So, you will not only save money, but you will also be sure of the excellent result of the work.

What to look for when choosing a circle for polishing

Sometimes polishing nozzles are already complete with polishing liquids, however, if products are purchased separately, it is necessary to take them into account:

  • Form. Disks come in two types: flat.grinding (in the form of a circle) and petal (cone.shaped). In order for polishing to be done as efficiently as possible, it is better to purchase products of several forms.
  • Rigidity. This parameter directly depends on the type of polishing pasta. If the liquid is used to restore the body, then you need to select more hard polishing circles. To choose the desired disk, it is enough to pay attention to its color: blacks are considered the softest, orange are distinguished by medium stiffness and are suitable for all pastes, white circles are the hardest, so most often they are used to remove the most serious scratches.
  • Diameter. It is better to purchase several different disks in diameter, then it will be more convenient for you to polish different parts of the car and hard.to.reach places. For polishing the body, they usually choose large discs, and for headlights. the smallest.
  • Type of fastening. Disks can be attached to a polishing machine or a regular drill in two ways: wind up on a thread or fixed using Velcro. The last option is considered universal, since you do not have to select discs in the diameter of the thread.
polishing, machine, corner, grinder, differences

When choosing a nozzle for polishing a car, it is necessary to pay the greatest attention to the material of the grinding coating, since it will depend on it for which work is more suitable for the circle.

Popular functions of corner grinder

  • Function “Soft Start”. Devices in which this function is very convenient in operation, due to the fact that the device begins at lower speeds, gradually gaining power.
  • Balancing. This function is present only on the highest quality models.
  • The brushes are disconnected itself. This function is also present only on high.quality devices. The brushes themselves are automatically disconnected in the case of turning off electricity.

Types of grinding machines

It is a tool where the surface grinding occurs unidirectionally, using a grinding patch of linen, which is located on the rollers provided for rotation. This type of tool is suitable for polishing large surfaces.

This type of typewriter is also called a flat grinding machine. It is a tool with a flat sole, hence the name. The surface grinding occurs with the help of reciprocating movements of the skin. It is this action that is vibrational in nature. This type of typewriter also has vacuum cleaners for collecting construction dust.

There is another variety of vibrational type machines to work on the protrusions and in the corners, it is a deltas.grinding machine. The sole of this type of tool has a triangular appearance, which allows you to perform work in hard.to.reach places.

Such a variety is commonly called orbital. The name was again formed thanks to the appearance of the sole of the grinding. It resembles an orbit or, forgiveness, a circle.

How to choose a corner grinder (corner grinding)

Corner grinder or angular grinder (angular grinding machine) has a wide area of ​​application. With its help, you can cut such materials as metal, stone, concrete, not to mention the tree and drywall. The corner grinder will also cope with such tasks as the peel, cleaning or grinding surfaces. Let’s look at the basic characteristics of the Bulgarians, which should be given the greatest attention when choosing angular grinder.

Household or professional

Household corner grinders differ from professional in that they are designed for a relatively small amount of work. For this reason, they are warming faster and they need to be turned off more often so that the tool does not overheat. Professional corner grinds are heated much less than household ones, have greater functionality, however, such a tool is much more expensive and harder.

polishing, machine, corner, grinder, differences

Below are the differences between household Bulgarians from professional:

Household corner grinder professional corner grind
Functionality Already Wider
The weight of the tool Easier Heavier
Price Cheaper Expensive
The probability of overheating of the tool during intensive work Above Below
Reliability Below Above
The cost of repair Below Above

It should be understood, the more expensive the tool is, the higher the likelihood that it will be more functional, light, reliable and less bask, regardless of its class.

If you are going to use the tool rarely, do not difficult tasks, you better buy a household angular grinder. If you need a corner grinder for frequent work, you should make a choice in favor of a professional tool.

Permissible sizes of the discs used

Most often, when using a corner grinder, the working tool is abrasive discs designed for cutting or grinding. The second most popular are cuts. The next key characteristic when choosing an angular grinder is the maximum permissible size of the abrasive used. Here the main indicators are the most allowable diameter and the thickness of the discs. Keep in mind the larger the most permissible disk diameter, the deeper the holes you can cut with your tool.

The average value of the maximum diameter of the disks in household grinder is 150 mm, in professional it reaches 230 mm and above.

One.handed or two.handed corner grinder

Two.handed corner grinder is rather a professional tool than household. Such corner grinder has greater power (2 kW and above) and the maximum diameter of the discs used reaches 230 mm. This is primarily necessary for cutting concrete, thick metal and so on. However, they are harder and require more dexterity than one.handed. At home, one.handed tool is quite enough. They are lighter and cheaper.

Spindle rotation speed

Speaking about the maximum speed of rotation of the corner grinder, we are always talking about the speed of rotation of the spindle at idle. It is this figure that manufacturers indicate in the characteristics of the tool. During operation, the corner grinder, this speed is reduced.

  • The larger the diameter of the disk is used in the corner grinder, the lower the speed of its rotation.
  • Most professional angular grinders and many of the domestic ones have a adjustment of the speed of spindle rotation. This is a very useful function that allows you to independently adjust the speed of rotation depending on the disks and working material diameters used.

Power consumption

The power of the angular grinder consumption depends on the class of the tool (household or professional), as well as on the maximum speed of rotation and the maximum diameter of the disks used. A professional tool is equipped with a cooling system that protects the tool from overheating at large loads.

To achieve a large number of revolutions, and even with large diameters disks, you also need high power. Therefore, domestic corner grinders are always less powerful than professional. The average power of the household angular grinder is 1.5 kW, while in professional Bulgarians this indicator almost always exceeds 2 or 2.5 kW.

Useful functions

Below we will consider the most useful functions that modern corner grinders possess:

  • The system of automatic balancing the H3 disk is a very useful function, the essence of which is as follows: in the process of work, the discs are abrasion, and almost always unevenly. Grinder begins to vibrate, which creates some difficulties in work.
  • Switching protection system. Also a very useful function. If electricity suddenly disappears during the tools, the tool will stall. After the current appears again, the angular grinder can turn on! In order to avoid injuries and troubles associated with such a feature, manufacturers of many Bulgarians equip their tools with a switching protection system.
  • The system for maintaining a constant number of disk speeds. Allows you to maintain the tool at a given speed with minimally attached efforts.
  • Soft starting system. if your angular grinder does not have such a function, it cannot be connected to a household electrical network. The fact is that at the time of turning on the corner grinder, it begins to work at maximum speed and if heavy discs are used, strong vibrations are created and the tool is very difficult to keep in the hands. Soft starting system allows you to turn on the angular grinder more smoothly.


When buying a corner grinder, it is better to give preference to the most famous firms to manufacturers, such as: Makita, Bosch, Defort, Metabo, Kress, Hitachi, etc. Pay no less attention to the place of purchase. In large stores, you are unlikely to sell a fake, but in few familiar stalls or markets may well.

Speaking about and more expensive. Do not buy a very cheap tool. He is unlikely to leave you good impressions about himself.

in different regions and stores may differ.

How best to choose a grinder for repair, polishing a car

When choosing a grinder for a car, you need to evaluate the main parameters of the device. performance, dimensions and capabilities. The effectiveness of the unit in the work will depend on these parameters.


The power of a grinding machine for a car can be 190-1000 W. In domestic use there are enough models with average performance. The most powerful electric machines are used for professional purposes.


The most convenient in circulation are grinding machines with a weighing 1-2.5 kg. Heavier aggregates quickly tire their hands, and light models are characterized by increased accuracy, but they work quite slowly.

The speed of the equipment

Grinding their putty on a car is better than a grinder with maximum speed indicators. Finish processing is performed by low speed units. A universal option will be a model with a wide setting of equipment for equipment.

Additional functions

To choose the right grinder for grinding a car, you need to evaluate a set of its auxiliary functions. A good electric unit should support the system of smooth start and engine protection.

Attention! It is desirable that the model is equipped with a vacuumber and the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner.

Glass Edge Grinding Polishing Machine,Glass Straight Line Edging Machine,Glass Edging Machine

On the handle of a grinding machine should be present rubber inserts from sliding

How to choose an orbital grinder for a car

The most popular in the repair of cars are orbital grinding machines with round discs. They allow you to process a wide area in a short time and cope well with the irregularities of the surface.

To choose a grinding machine of an eccentric type for auto repair, you need to pay attention to several points:

  • power-it should be 200-600 watts;
  • speed-it is desirable that it can be adjusted in the range of 2000-13000 revolutions;
  • maximum oscillation frequency. it should be at least 24,000 per minute;
  • mass and dimensions. you need to buy such an aggregate that will not tire your hands with prolonged work.

The diameter of the sole in an electric orbital machine for a car should be 125-150 mm. Small discs are considered standard and are found in stores most often, but wide are more convenient to use.

Rating of the best inexpensive grinding machines for polishing a car

You can choose an electric grinder for automatic work and polishing among inexpensive units. For use in the service, cheap models are usually not suitable, but using them in the garage is quite convenient.

Bosch PSM Primo

The German grinding machine is characterized by small dimensions and small mass. Equipped with a built.in dust microfiltration system, suitable for processing the most inaccessible areas of the car. In the electrical device there is a container for collecting garbage. The model works quietly enough and does not cause irritation.


Such a device instead of a disk (like on ordinary grinder) has a roller covered with metal bristles. On top the roller is closed by a steel casing that protects the eyes of the operator from the hit of the metal and other dust. Also note that the additional handle has not a straight, but a curved shape for the convenience of using the device. Otherwise, this is an ordinary corner grinder.

Brush grinder are used to remove the paintwork and rust. For example, due to the fact that the roller of this device has a continuous bristle, the device copes better with cleaning the paint from the old iron gate than the same drill with a br. By the way, you can use rollers not only with metal wire, but also abrasive spraying. Rollers with an abrasive are convenient when working with wood.

In conclusion, I would like to say that all the grinding machines, except for the corner grinder, have a rather narrow specialization and are rarely applicable for ordinary homework. Therefore, they should be taken only if you have a home workshop or you periodically earn construction. Here is a rating of popularity of models of different types: we analyzed the number of grinding machines presented on the sale of a percentage (compiled on the basis of statistical data Yandex Market and E-Catalog):

  • Corner grinder. 62.5 %
  • Eccentric and vibration grinding. 18.2 %
  • Tape. 6.3 %
  • Lines. 5.3 %
  • Polishing. 4.7 %
  • Deltas.grinding. 1.4 %
  • Wall grinding. 1 %
  • Brushing. 0.6 %

As you can see, multifunctional corner grinders are more popular than other grinders.

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