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TOP 10 best battery screwdrivers

An electric screwdriver is a tool without which no master is complete today, and at home it can come in handy at any time. Electric screwdriver is in demand for many reasons, including thanks to:

  • Mobility. The tool works for the battery, so in order to use it does not need a socket.
  • Multitasking. With electric screwdriver, you can tighten the screws, drill holes in various surfaces, and some models can still play the role of a penetrator.
  • Accessibility. In construction stores, for little money, you can purchase quite affordable devices that are fully cope with household needs.

The range of screwdrivers is very wide. Many manufacturers produce a variety of devices that are distinguished by design, power, the presence of backlight, reverse, etc.D. It is quite difficult to choose a really high-quality and reliable electric screwdriver, but our site Ten-Best.Ru will help you with this. You will find out which models are really the best this year.

In this rating, we will consider the top 10 best screwdrivers, and you will find out which professional electric screwdriver or an inexpensive home tool for home. Each position was evaluated in terms of reliability, design, availability of additional functions, price/quality ratio.

The most powerful battery screwdrivers

The power of the battery electrical screwdriver is determined by the torque. If this parameter exceeds one hundred units, the tool can be classified as this category. In fact, it is more correct to call such tools with drummer drills, since their characteristics allow you to drill holes, and in the presence of a stroke regime, it also punch them in concrete. But do not lay much on such things. Their strength is much smaller than that of the penetrator, and the maximum of what you can count on is a break of a small hole in a brick wall. It is better to forget about the drilling of concrete in large diameter and entrust this work to a more suitable tool.

Powerful batteries differ from their younger brothers with rather large dimensions and a large weight. This is not surprising, given their technical characteristics and tasks that are set before them. But there are quite compact models, and one of them is in front of us. Japanese engineers once again performed a miracle, and were able to fit a powerful engine with a torque of 135 units into a small case in a small case. This is one of the highest indicators that allows you to classify this tool for full.Fledged network drills.

The only thing the developers had to sacrifice is a shock regime, but it is honestly, it is very rare in screwdrivers due to the existing restrictions. Even very powerful models rarely cope with thick concrete, in addition, peorators exist for such tasks. But there is an electronic adjustment of the speed of rotation, independently adjusting the parameters based on the efforts made. This protects the electric screwdriver from overheating and significantly increases its service life.

Hitachi DS10DAL

Light weight and fast battery charging country: Japan Medium rating (2022): 4.Eight

powerful, electric, screwdriver, battery

The best electric screwdriver for the money?

Inexpensive version of the unstressed drill-electrical screwdriver from Hitachi, whose weight is only one kilogram. Despite this, the working indicators remain at a very high level: a quick.And.Random cartridge is capable of working with a diameter of 0.8 to 10 millimeters (for metal), idle speed at the peak can reach 1300 revolutions per minute, and torque at the spindle increase up to the spindle up to 36 nm.

The voltage of the lithium-ion battery of the Hitachi DS10DAL is standard 10.8 V, and it takes a little more than 40 minutes to recharge it. Among other things, as the advantages of the model in their reviews, users highlight the convenient position of the handle in the hand during drilling, complete set (additional battery of a strong case with a spacious organizer), as well as a competently mounted backlight that facilitates the use of a screwdriver in conditions of insufficient visibility.

powerful, electric, screwdriver, battery

Stavr DShS-10

It’s no secret that eminent brands like to wind up the price tag solely because of the fame of their name. Over, the quality of their goods can be average, and in most cases it is not at all inferior to the model from the company Stavr. This is a network electric screwdriver with a capacity of 350 watts. It works at 750 revolutions per minute and gives out 75 Newtons of torque. With such parameters, you can not only tighten the screws, but also drill holes, even in the metal.

The maximum disclosure of the cartridge is 10 millimeters, which is not so much, especially when accounting, that the recommendations indicate the recommended diameter of the drilling in the tree. 26 mm. There are also all the functions necessary for the home. There is a reverse, button lock and spotlight lamp lock. The kit includes additional brushes in the amount of 4 pieces and even the keys to pick up the cartridge. That is, the maintainability of the tool at the highest level.

Electric screwdriver battery: which is better for production?

In its characteristics and endurance, the screwdriver of a professional level is enormous from the “home” device. A really good device is able to work without failures for a long time without losing capacities.

Such a tool easily processes not only lumber and metal. Stone and concrete, most metal alloys and any polymers are affuriated. Powerful models are used as a mixer for liquid and viscous building materials.

Electric screwdriver battery: for production

In addition to Spectra, the use of the advantages includes structural materials. The plastics used have increased mechanical and tribotechnical strength. Metal parts. In greater thickness and the presence of strengthening ribs or protrusions.

With regard to torque, a steppe regulation system is universally involved. The use of the tool, including during the implementation of the technological process, imposes a requirement for the accuracy of output parameters. The effort of automatic tightening for the node under consideration sometimes plays crucial. Devices are available at the time up to 150-170 nm.

The general picture complements the presence of a rotation speed setting and a mandatory reverse. The “usual” model gives up to 1,500 revolutions per minute. The stability of the process is provided by gearboxes and hardened couplings. The shock mechanism helps in removing deceased hardware.

The continuity of functioning is provided by a battery with a capacity (measured in ampere hours) up to 3.0-for constant work. The kit must consist of a pair of batteries: while one is operated, the second is charged. Stress. Taking into account the tension of tasks (from 18 to 36 V).

Which electric screwdriver to choose, decide the master. The best choice will be any of the following several universal products.

powerful, electric, screwdriver, battery

Kruger (KD 18LI).

Electric electric screwdriver. Designed to work with hardware and execution of holes and openings. German quality is emphasized by the elaboration of ergonomics and the convenience of governing bodies.

The effect of a change of nozzle. At 2 speeds: up to 1350 and up to 350 revolutions per minute. The first is for drilling, the second is for a tight mark. The cartridge is created under a shank with a diameter of up to 10 mm, equipped with a rotation blocking system.

In addition to reverse, the design is equipped with rattle. An indispensable possibility for assembly production. Local backlight and fastening, case and a complete set of nozzles make work possible immediately after purchase.

Power. From a pair of lithium batteries.

Metabo (BS 18 10 MM).

The model is characterized by high power (48 nm) and the steps of control of the torque (20 speeds). The cartridge is fast.Sounding, under the bits and the core with a shank diameter up to 10 mm. Drilling. Up to 1 cm in diameter on wood and up to 2 cm for metal.

There is no shock mode. Revolutions. Not more than 1.6 thousand. Power. From a replaceable battery mounted by the “slider” (the most convenient).

These are productive devices. The cost is in a wide range, depends on the model.

Diold DEA-14li-07

Electric screwdriver Diold DEA-14li-07

Diold DEA-14li-07-model for repair and finishes. With its help, you easily drill holes in the supporting structures, you can unscrew, tighten screws and screws. Illumination effectively illuminates working zones. The fast clamp cartridge creates the conditions for simple and quick replacement of nozzles. Lithium-type battery.

  • Two.Speed gearbox;
  • Pair of batteries;
  • Rubberized handle for reliable grip;
  • Revolutions adjustment;
  • Practical case;
  • Reverse.

Makita DF347DWEX8

Electric screwdriver Makita DF347DWEX8

Innovative model for home or professional use. The number of revolutions per minute at an average speed is 1400. Universal tool, functionality thought out.

  • Work with metal and wood;
  • Convenient adjustment of the moment of twisting;
  • Fast.Packed cartridge;
  • Durable plastic case with rubberized inserts.

Patriot Br 141LI 2018

Electric screwdriver Patriot Br 141LI 2018

The battery drill shurupert is suitable for working with fasteners, drilling holes. On the tool you can set any mode of 18 available. Management is simple, functionality thought out to the smallest detail.

  • The presence of reverse;
  • A fast clamp cartridge with a spindle lock option, a simple replacement of equipment;
  • Rubberized handle;
  • Hourly charging;
  • A pair of batteries in the kit;
  • Lack of memory effect.

AEG BS 14G3 LI-202C

Electric screwdriver AEG BS 14G3 LI-202C

The battery drill has compact dimensions suitable for solving different problems. Technique is used in various conditions, including in a limited space. The maximum wiping moment is 36 nm.

  • The presence of an indicator of the charge level;
  • Illumination of the working area;
  • Setting the moment torsion in 24 positions;
  • Fasted cartridge.

Despite the fact that all such devices have approximately the same design, there are models that differ from their competitors in certain parameters and are more popular among buyers. We selected the most popular screwdrivers that have a large number of positive reviews. Our rating includes models from the following manufacturers:

  • Interskol;
  • Bort;
  • Hammer;
  • Makita;
  • Hitachi;
  • Blackdecker;
  • Bison;
  • Metabo;
  • Dewalt;
  • Bosch;
  • Krüger.

Interskol Da-12ER-02 Home Master

The most inexpensive battery electric screwdriver in our ranking. Equipped with a linear coupling restriction of torque. Gear gearboxes are metallic. Thanks to small weight 0.96 kg, even with continuous work, hands do not get tired.

Charging fee is immediately built into the battery itself, which allows you to disassemble and replace it in the case of a breakdown. Window with light indicators will be reminded when it is time to put the tool for charging. The warranty period is two years.

powerful, electric, screwdriver, battery
  • Thanks to easy weight, hands do not get tired even with prolonged work.
  • Self.Izing cartridge.
  • Battery charge indicator.
  • Low price.


Good unstressed drill shurupert at an affordable price. The tool is attached to the battery using a handle. The reverse and lock button is combined. The main control buttons are painted in orange, which allows you not to confuse them with other parts.

Ventilation holes in the back allow you not to overheat the engine. The absence of rubberized legs on the battery is compensated by a wide and stable base. It can be charged with any charge level.

  • The cartridge is clamped without labor, with one hand.
  • Successful location of the buttons.
  • There is an instant stop.
  • Light weight and compact dimensions.

Hammer ACD185LI

Household battery electric screwdriver, which works with fasteners, drills wood, metal and plastic. Can drill a hole in wood with a diameter of up to 25 mm. This is the most powerful model in the 18 in line of batteries. There are 16 torque settings and the “drill” mode.

The engine brake allows you to stop rotation immediately after lowering the lever. The reverse is turned on by the button on the side of the start, this allows you to conveniently control the thumb and forefinger.

Makita DF331DWYE

This model has a plastic case with a rear rubberized handle. The device uses the cartridge of the German company ROHM, the world leader in this area, and all the main electronic elements for Makita are produced by the Dutch company. 18 steps of torque plus one for drilling. Thanks to the right angle of inclination, you will not have to strain hard and bend the hand.

With the help of the regulator, you can accurately, without disruption of the slots, twist any screws and drill neat holes of such depth that is necessary. This is especially important when working with furniture, where an extra millimeter can ruin the entire structure. Power is easily adjusted by the trigger button, the stronger the press, the higher the power. Indicators on the charger will inform about full charging or overheating of the battery.

Hitachi DS18DVF3

The battery electric screwdriver of the famous manufacturer Hitachi, which deserves your attention. Thanks to the nickel-cadmium cassette-type battery, a fast charge of the battery occurs, in just half an hour. Above the power source there are two bits wearing holes. Adjusting the force at 22 values, which makes it an ideal device for working with wood, plastic, soft steel and aluminum.

A two.Speed gearbox with a control button in one touch allows you to choose the required number of revolutions. Turnover in the first gear up to 400, and on the second 1200 rpm. A 2 kg weight tool is well balanced in the hand. A motor with increased resource and air cooling.

The cartridge 13 mm allows you to easily change the nozzles. There is a corporate hook for wearing a belt that has five positions. The kit includes: a universal charger, a 18 V voltage battery, a double.Sided bat, a company lamp, a set of bit with a holder.

Blackdecker BDCHD18KB

The first in our ranking is a stressed battery electric screwdriver, which is suitable even for drilling some brick walls. Two.Speed gearbox helps when working with metal and wood. It is equipped with two batteries with a capacity of 1.5 Ahh and charger.

The tool is equipped with 10 mm with a non.Clock cartridge. Twisting the moment 40 N m is more than enough to perform 90 % of the work with which the user may encounter at home. Clothing protection allows you to prevent combustion.

Zubble Da-14.4-2-LCM2

Compact and light drill-electrical screwdriver with a torque of 45 N m, which allow you to drill a tree with drill up to 25 mm. Spendel is blocked, which allows you to manually wind the fasteners. Thanks to impulse charging, it is easy to endure it. Due to the new lithium-ion technology, performance increases by 35 %. For replacing the Sovers, a quick.And.Packed cartridge is used.

Metabo PowerMax Bs 2014 Basic 2.0ah X2 Case

If you do not professionally own a screwdriver, but you need to tighten something around the house, then this series will definitely suit you. The battery capacity 2 Ahh allows you to work for a long time without thinking about recharging. Thanks to a weight of 0.8 kg, your hands will not get tired of holding the tool in any position. With this model you can use not only hexagonal bits of different lengths, but also round.

Inexpensive models are recommended for private use on small residential or industrial facilities.

Here are the best inexpensive drills of battery type in this category according to the reviews and estimates of customers.

Zitrek Green 12

The Battery Drill Electric screwdriver “Zitrek Green 12” is used in the construction of and during locksmiths and installation works.

The tool allows you to quickly drill holes of the desired diameter in wooden and even metal surfaces.

This also includes work on screwing or extracting fasteners.

Thanks to a convenient handle and a lightweight tool design, the drill has high efficiency and performance.

The presence of a flashlight will help with poor lighting at home or in open territory. And the built.In switch will be relevant in the case of direct and reversing rotation of the cartridge.

The function of blocking the power button is. The kit includes 2 lithium-ion batteries.


  • Type of cartridge. Fast.Packed;
  • The number of idle speeds is 600/min.;
  • Drilling diameter-10-25 mm;
  • Voltage. 12 V;
  • Duration of battery charging. 1.5 hours.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Simplicity and ease of operation.
  • Extended equipment.
  • The presence of backlight.
  • Budget value.

DEKO DKCD16FU-LI Li-Ion 1.5 A h 16 in x2 case with a set of tools

The batteries-electrical screwdriver “Deko DKCD16FU-LI” is designed for construction and locksmithing work.

It allows you to quickly drill the desired holes in wooden and metal surfaces, as well as screw up and extract fasteners.

For the convenience of operation, the manufacturer provided high and low rotation speed, while reaching the maximum accuracy of drilling.

There is a spare button in stock, which allows the user to work with one hand. And the rubberized handle and the small weight of the structure make the process of construction and repair work comfortable and safe.

The switch for direct and reverse rotation is. The charger is included in the kit for the product.


  • Cartridge. Fast.Sounding;
  • The number of speed speeds. 2;
  • The maximum speed is 1350/min.;
  • Drilling diameter-10-25 mm;
  • Voltage. 16 V;
  • Spotlight lamp. There is.

Interskol Da-18er Promo Li-Ion 2 A h 18 in x2

Drill-electrical screwdriver of the Interskol Da-18er battery type is suitable for operating at home or in the country.

He will perfectly cope with surfaces from any materials, whether it be a tree of different species, plastic or metal.

The case with a set of drills and bit is not included in the kit, but the tool is equipped with a spare battery and a safety coupling.

The electric screwdriver has a T-shaped shape and is equipped with rubberized inserts. From the side you can detect the switch.

The back of the device is equipped with LED Local lighting. The speed range switch is located on top.

The adjustment ring has 181 provisions. Battery charging time is 1 hour. There is a reverse function.


  • Cartridge. Fast.Sounding;
  • The maximum speed is 1400/min.;
  • The diameter of the holes formed during drilling is 10-25 mm;
  • Voltage. 18 V;
  • Spindle fixation. Yes.
  • Safety and reliability of operation.
  • Build quality.
  • Long.Term work in autonomous mode.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Extended equipment.

Patriot Br 187US Li-Ion 2 A h 18 in x2 case

Drill-electrical screwdriver from the Chinese brand “Patriot” is recommended for drilling holes in wooden and metal surfaces, as well as for fasteners.

How to make Powerful Electric Screwdriver

One of the main advantages of the presented model is a battery.Slip battery, which provides resistance to impacts and other mechanical damage.

The engine is equipped with a brake. The reverse function is also provided by the manufacturer. Rotation frequency adjustment and overload protection is.

The instrument.Free lighting lamp makes the tool as comfortable and safe as possible in case of weak at home or on the street.

The device includes 2 batteries and charger. Case with accompanying elements is attached.


  • The number of switched speeds. 2;
  • The number of idle speeds is 1400/min.;
  • Drilling diameter-8-20 mm;
  • Voltage. 18 V;
  • Reverse function. There is.

Rating of the best battery professional screwdrivers TOP 10 at the choice of customers

A review of the best drills begins with determining why and a clamp is needed. Someone needs a portable universal, and someone is required exclusively for screws. For some masters, a lot is important. Due to work on high stairs. For others. Long.Term work without recharging. Many buyers make their choice via internet no store. Someone seeks to choose the cheapest. Someone is more expensive, but better. Nevertheless, everyone finds something to their liking. The choice of electric screwdriver for the majority is almost an intimate business, and this is not a joke.

You can compare the main best offers from the most famous brands quite simply. To begin with. Visit the nearest store or technology market. Having consulted with the consultant, you need not to forget that everyone sees the range of sentences in their own way. Therefore, the search for top screws can be continued on the Internet.

Dwell on Dewalt DCD791D2 70 Nm or the latest interskol development is to decide each potential buyer. The rating of screwdriver screwdrivers can be composed in different ways, but the optimum is given.

The rating of the best screwdrivers is based on the most common choice of certain models in terms of a number of parameters. Basic. Price / power and mobility / functionality / size and mass / optionality of sentences.

Electric screwdriver: Krüger KD 18LI

Specially made for unscrewing fasteners and drilling. An electric screwdriver from the Kruger brand. They can carry out the entire list of work on installing and removing fasteners.

Work can be performed at one of two speeds. The first. With revolutions up to 1350 per minute. Perfectly for drilling and ordinary fasteners. The second. Up to 350 revolutions, but with a much more powerful torque. For working with tight fasteners.

Cartridge. Fast.Packed, type. Three.Cup. The maximum diameter of the shank is 10 mm. For safety and certain types of work, a spindle movement system is provided. Added reverse and rattle. To work as a conventional screwdriver.

Power. LI. Ion battery, with a voltage of 18 V (B) and a capacity of 2 Ah. He provides long work without the need to recharge.

The comfort of the work is enhanced by the illumination of the LED type and the mount for putting on the hand. 2 batteries and a set of nozzles. Drill and bats are delivered in the kit. Packaging. Case. Mass (weight) of the tool. 2.1 kg.

Electric screwdriver: m Akita DF457DWE

This bright drill is an electric screwdriver from Makita is designed for as a professional. And domestic use. The spectrum of work is the installation and removal of any fasteners, drilling and other similar operations with appropriate nozzle. The choice of a multifunctional assistant can be stopped here.

Type of mechanism. Unstressed, with electronic protection against overload. The latter’s operation is to turn off the engine power when the spindle rotation is suddenly stopped. The latter can receive up to 1,400 revolutions per minute. 2 speeds are available. The collector electric motor can be adjusted by means of 17 stages of torque.

Cartridge. Fast.Packed type. The maximum clampable diameter of the shank is 13 mm. The largest drilling diameter when working with wood is 36 mm, with metal. 13 mm. The functionality is expanded by the regulator of the depth of work.

Power-from lithium-ion batteries, which are included 2. Voltage. 18 V, capacity. 1.5 Ah. Installation. Classic slider, under the handle.

Tool mass. 1.7 kg. The mass of the total kit in the case is 4.37 kg. The minimum set of bit is also supplied (optionally, you should clarify).

Electric screwdriver: m etabo BS 18 l

The Metabo brand is rich in excellent models of the hut of complications. The next model confirms this with its quality assembly.

The cartridge is fast.Sounding, no key to change the nozzle is needed. The maximum diameter of the tail of the nozzle is up to 13 mm. You can also drill, the maximum diameter of the drill for lumber of 20 mm, for metal. 10 mm. The screwing depth is regulated.

The mechanism is unstressed, develops up to 1800 rpm. Engine. Collector, at 2 speeds of operation. The maximum hard torque is 50 nm.

Power-from 2 interchangeable lithium-ion-type batteries. Each. With a capacity of 2 ah and a voltage of 18 in.

There is a backlighting of the working area. To release the hands, a hook is provided. For suspension on a belt or belt. Small interchangeable nozzles and drills can be temporarily fixed in a special compartment on the case. Ergonomics and style emphasize functionality. Which is already enough for any operation.

Mass. 1.6 kg. Laying a set of tools. In a suitcase.

Electric screwdriver: Metabo BS 18 10 mm

This electric screwdriver from Metabo is characterized by increased power. Torque of 48 Nm provides good work with stuck fasteners.

The installation of interchangeable nozzles is carried out in a fast.Packed cartridge. It provides for the installation of both bit and drills with a tail diameter from 0.8 to 10.0 mm. At the same time, using bit without a cartridge is possible in normal mode.

The model is unstressed, you can drill: metal. Up to 10 mm in diameter, wood. Up to 21 mm.

Electric motor. Collector, two.Speed. Revolutions. Up to 1600 per minute. Torque regulation. At 20 steps.

Power-from the lithium-ion battery removed by the type of slider. Voltage. 18 V, capacity. 1.3 ah. The kit contains 2 batteries immediately.

It differs in small sizes. Which provides access to limited and constrained places. There are regulators of depth and torque. The illumination of the working area will help both in limited corners and at night. You can suspend the tool on the belt. For this there is a hook.

The equipment is made in a plastic case equipped with a pen.

Shurpovert: Metabo BS 14 4 10 mm

Metabo brand offers a very convenient electric screwdriver of an unstressed type. This professional electric screwdriver is not very expensive and is suitable for each master.

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