PTO shaft on the power tiller

PTO on single axle tractor with your own hands

The variety of agricultural adapters on heavy and medium-power tractor equipment is just off the charts. Potato tillers, rakes, plows, seeders, harrows, sprinklers, and fertilizer equipment make it easier and quicker for the farmer to do what he’s used to.

In order for the auxiliary links to function as intended, you need a PTO (power take-off shaft). How it works, what it consists of and how it can be made by hand, we’ll talk in this article.

PTO: design and classification

PTO absorbs revolutions from the combustion engine and transmits them to the auxiliary attachments, thereby setting them in motion.

PTO classification

PTO shaft on self-made mini tractor, as well as on any factory model of agricultural machinery, is set at the back. Only tractors of universal ploughing cycle have lateral and rear version of layout.

Non-synchronous in turn are subdivided into:

Scheme of the synchronous (a) and dependent (b) shafts are shown on the drawing. Their leading working parts are:

  • 1. clutch;
  • 2. transmission shaft;
  • 4. intermediate mechanism;
  • 6. PTO itself;
  • 5 and 3. lever organs;
  • 7 and 8. pinions.

PTO with non-synchronous drive is connected to the engine by the clutch or the crankshaft itself. PTO rotation with a dependent drive is started through the clutch, but when it stops, it also stops working.

Independent PTO drive allows him to work regardless of whether the clutch is on or off.

In the case of a semi-independent drive, the PTO will be active only when the transmission is shifted.

The last classification worth mentioning are the control features. There are:

shaft, power, tiller

the first is most often equipped with a dependent drive and a stepped gearbox.

Hydraulic steering is more complicated than mechanical steering. You’ll need a bigger planetary gearbox to make the circuit work. The scheme of its operation in the disengaged and starting state is shown in the figure, where:

  • 1. starting lever;
  • 2. motor force;
  • 3. screw;
  • 4. spring element;
  • 5. brake;
  • 6. drive shaft;
  • 7. gear;
  • 8 and 11. the driver and its stop;
  • 9. drive
  • 10. satellite.

PTO on a homemade mini-tractor: doing at home

In order to bring this engineering dream to life, you can use one of the suggested drawings.

According to the diagram below, the design of the future PTO has several basic elements:

  • front frame;
  • drive sprocket;
  • idler sprocket;
  • additional selector shaft;
  • two bearings it is better to take already ready, removed from the old agricultural machinery;
  • brake.

The assembly will look as shown in the installation diagram for the second drawing.

How to make the PTO universal?

In order to make this working unit versatile and create all the conditions for linkage aggregation in any part of the tractor, its design must undergo some changes. Rear tractor traverse can be equipped with a rear power take-off shaft, where to attach the elements of the gearbox.

PTO with lateral installation requires the aggregation of a metal structure, where the details of the transmission are implemented. Alignment with PTO shafts will be made through slotted shafts, which must be free in the structure. Once assembled, you should end up with a mechanism similar to the one in the picture.

Making such self-made machines, do not forget that there are ready-made factory PTS variants.

Assembling using prefabricated parts will greatly simplify the work. The only drawback in this case will be the price.

Minitractors with PTO can be put on a par with expensive heavy tractors. Although they cost many times less, they are not much different from their production counterparts in terms of functionality.

Mini-tractors with PTO can be used all year round: in summer. to gather crops, in autumn. to collect leaves and grass debris, in winter. to clear the yard of snow or transport heavy loads.

Power take-off shafts (short for “universal joint shafts”) and universal joint shafts (short for “coupling shafts”) are cost-effective. PTO). a unit in tractors, and less often in trucks, that transmits the rotation from the engine to the attached equipment, active trailers and other mechanisms. In this case, tractors can be equipped with a front PTO.

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The PTO is the assembly that transmits the rotation from the engine to the attachment. There is an opinion that a single-axle tractor with a PTO is more functional, because it expands the range of attachments. Usually there is a PTO on heavy power tillers. Such machinery weighs a lot, its attachments are also massive, such as a mill.

A single-axle tractor with a power shaft (PTO) or with a belt, which one to choose? Consider the pros and cons

In this article we will tell you about the types of clutch of a mototblock. Let’s see what a single-axle tractor with a PTO differs from a power tiller with a belt. Let’s consider the pros and cons of such power tillers. After studying the material, you will be able to decide which type and single axle tractor is better for you to choose.

High variability in the connection of attachments

The low cost of attachments

SHRACHI POWER WEEDER Attaching A Pulley To The Pto Shaft

Pay attention to the quality of the belt that is installed.

Make sure that the pulleys on your power tiller are coaxial and in the same plane of rotation. Otherwise, the belt runs sideways and will slip or burn.

the single axle tractor with this gearbox in the Mobil K range. Mobil K MKM-2, MKM-3, MKM-4 single axle tractor

Strong mechanical coupling. Tapered or multi-disc. Mothballs with a rigid PTO (power take-off shaft)

High efficiency with active attachments

Make sure before you buy a power tiller that attachments are made, and most importantly sold, for the size of the PTO. If a manufacturer of power tillers with PTO does not produce any attachments, then it is very likely that you will not be able to buy it from other manufacturers.

On power tillers with PTO it is necessary to work with an active tiller to work the ground at the back (because of the strongly forward shifted center of mass. Read more here). Working on cutters instead of wheels is very heavy and inefficient.

Power tillers with this type of clutch in the Mobil K range. Mobil K GHEPARD single axle tractor. Mobil K G85 single axle tractor

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Top 10 best models ranking

Motor blocks with gasoline engines are mainly used for the treatment of small household plots and summer cottages. Small in size, low in price and low in weight. The machines are equipped with engines up to 10 horsepower. To choose the most suitable option, it is worth considering the rating of popular models.

PATRIOT Pobeda (440 10 7212)

Mini-tractor with a four-stroke gasoline engine is used for tillage of old-soil. The model is maneuverable and multifunctional.

Equipped with two forward and one reverse gear.

To adjust the speed there is a handy lever.

Can be used in combination with a cart, mower, snow blower and other equipment. The engine is protected from overheating by cooling system.

The single-axle tractor is made in a high-strength metal housing, which ensures its long service life.

  • Working width. 100 cm;
  • 198 cc of engine power. see;
  • engine power. 7 litres.с.;
  • fuel tank. 3.6 л;
  • 78 kilograms.

PATRIOT Nevada 9

The agricultural machine is suitable for large area plowing. Reliable and high-quality work due to the presence of a powerful engine and gear reducer.

Cutters are made in the form of a saber, so they successfully cope with the plowing of virgin lands.

Model has an excellent cross-country ability on any terrain.

Champion BC1193

Versatile implement in a practical metal alloy housing. Characterized by easy operation and efficient work in conjunction with additional equipment.

At speeds up to 10 km/h it covers a strip of 110 cm and ploughs up to a depth of 30 cm.

shaft, power, tiller

And the low-noise operation is exceptional.

Filled with gasoline AI-92. No refilling necessary due to large fuel tank.

  • Tillage width.110 cm;
  • Ploughing depth. 30 cm;
  • engine output 9 l.с.;
  • engine displacement. 270 cc. cm;
  • fuel tank. 6 l;
  • dimensions. 180x80x110 cm;
  • weight. 132 kg;
  • noise. 78 dB.


Reliable unit for fast working of middle and large areas. Due to the grip of 100 cm per pass it fulfills its task quickly, requiring from the operator minimum actions.

All he has to do is set direction and the single axle tractor ploughs perfectly even on old arable land.

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When working with a plough it is possible to increase quality of processing and reduce duration of work.

The plowing depth can be adjusted from 20 to 30 cm.

Celina NMB-901

Single axle tractor with PTO from a reliable farming equipment manufacturer. Used on large-area plots as standalone equipment, together with plough and other components.

It is characterized by high efficiency and fast operation by capturing up to 113 cm of land in a single pass.

Due to the variable ploughing depth it is suitable for different types of soil.

  • the working width is 72-113 cm;
  • ploughing depth. 30 cm;
  • engine power. 9 liters.с.;
  • engine capacity. 270 cc. see;
  • Fuel consumption. 374 g/kWh;
  • Fuel tank. 3,6 l;
  • Dimensions. 136 x 780 x 100 cm;
  • weight of 123 kg
  • noise. 92 dB.


Tractor MTZ-80 to adjust the PTO in any case is put to repair if there are cracks and dents on the eyelet, sleeve or roller. Troubleshoot as follows:

  • Align the sockets of the change-over roller and the rear axle by means of the control lever. after matching the holes, they are fixed by means of the set screw.
  • The locknut is loosened and the stop screw is screwed into the lever of the change-over roller to the limit.
  • Locking bolt is screwed into the cup and then the adjusting counterpart is carefully taken out.
  • The tine arm with springs is disassembled, then disassembled and the bad parts are replaced.

What is a universal joint shaft on a power tiller??

The PTO has several functions at once:

Modern production produces models of power tillers with 1 or 2 PTO. If you are going to purchase a machine with 1 shaft, then it is best that it be placed at the front of the machinery. This will allow it to be effectively used as a snow blower and mower. But a power tiller with two PTO shafts allow you to use attachments and PTO from the vehicle at the same time. PTO shafts run at equal standard speeds of 540 rpm or 1000 rpm. The PTO is divided into three types according to the nature of the drive:

  • Independent (shaft rotation depends on the clutch operation and stops rotating when the machine is stopped)
  • Independent (rotates on a separate shaft and does not depend on the main clutch);
  • synchronous (starts together with the shaft connected to the gearbox; the rotation speed depends directly on the gear).

There are two speeds of the shaft: constant and variable. The first is completely independent of the transmission. The second one is proportional to the movement speed of the power tiller.

According to the type of engine, motoblocs with VAO can be divided into two large groups:


Household devices are suitable for use in the cottage or a small household plot. They are characterized by small size, low price and low weight. Gasoline-driven power tillers can be equipped with two- or four-stroke engines with up to 10 hp. с.


Owners of large household plots and farms use such machines. Powerful power tillers with a universal joint shaft are robust and easy to move. The units are suitable for regular multi-hour use. Diesel models have an engine capacity of 8-12 liters. с.

Cultivators with PTO can be differentiated by engine type and weight, capacity, working width and a number of additional features.

Almost all modern models of power tillers with a gasoline or diesel engine are equipped with the PTO shaft. In their design, this important element can be mounted in the front, rear, or side.

The main function of the PTO is a stable transfer of torque from the motor drive axis to the used attachments. So without a universal joint shaft installed, the tiller’s functionality is severely limited.

PTO shaft of a power tiller has a simple and clear design that greatly simplifies its independent repair.

Power Take Off (PTO) Shaft Basics with Agri Supply /h3>

PTO is properly engaged and disengaged when the clutch is disengaged.

Single axle tractor with universal joint shaft

All kinds of PTOs can be installed on power tillers. dependent, independent, synchronous, non-synchronous. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

features with PTO

It is thanks to the PTO that you can truly realize the full potential of your tractor, power tiller or other machine. Here’s what a PTO is. Among the pluggable devices:

  • grain grinder;
  • pump of these or other units;
  • sawmill;
  • Sack (welding unit wheel);
  • compressor;
  • generator;
  • pelletizer
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