Replacement of air conditioner compressor bearing toyota camry 40

Replacement of air conditioner evaporator Camry 40

The car is 6.5 years old and only this year I got to clean the air conditioning system. Before that, I only changed the cabin filter on time.First time tried to disinfect the system with chlorhexedine. It seemed to get better, but soon after you turn on the air conditioner for the first minute there was a little bit of bad smell (smell of dampness or something). In general, not very effective remedy turned out (in my opinion).

Decided to try a special evaporator cleaner.I wanted to order the cleaner STEP UP, but when buying in a specialized store of chemicals for washing cars I saw the cleaner ABRO (also made in the USA) and decided to try it.Further, the process of cleaning: Dry the evaporator by turning on the heater at the maximum for 7-10 minutes (in temperature and air-conditioning power).Bend back the tunnel trim on the front passenger side to get to the drain tube (through which condensate flows out):

Replacing bearings on Toyota Camry

The design of the support bearing mechanism is a one-piece module:

  • First of all it is necessary to dismantle the entire rack, for this unscrew the upper rod of the shock absorber with a wrench.
  • The car is raised with a jack to remove the lower part of the bearing strut. Unscrewed the brake hose from the support.
  • Unscrew the nuts at the bottom of the strut.

Remove the three nuts under the hood at the top of the support and take it out.

After the strut has been removed, thoroughly clean the seating place from dirt and examine the module for corrosion. If there is significant damage to the support, the old rack must be replaced with a new one. In case there are some minor damages on the metal surface, these places are cleaned, treated with a rust converter and repainted.

If everything is OK with the support, but the bearing needs to be replaced. disassemble the support and make inspection of the support bearing.

With the help of prepared ties, the spring is compressed, allowing you to perform work on replacing the bearing and replacing the oil seal. It is better to work on tightening the spring with a helper.

To remove the spring it is better to use a special tool for its compression and store the spring in a compressed state in a safe place.

In most cases the bearings are replaced with new ones. As a rule, there is no point in repairing them.

Replacement of the rear shock absorber strut bearing differs from the dismantling of the front one, as the access to the interior of the Toyota Camry is performed through the rear door by removing the seats.

To do this, the lower part of the rear seats is removed and pulled out. The backrests are folded, the sides, behind which the upper shock absorber mounts are located, are dismantled.

Unscrew all three nuts and remove the wheel hub. Further, the procedure is similar to that for front struts.

Front and rear strut bearings are different by design. the front one has a bearing to rotate the strut when you turn the steering wheel.

What influences the function of the bearing

The service life of the hub is adversely affected if the car is driven with flat or low profile tires. The matter is that such wheels practically do not damp the shock loads occurring while driving over the roughness. And it is the wheel hub that suffers first and foremost.

What affects the function of the bearing

The second most likely cause of bearing failure is wheel camber/axial misalignment. Angled wheels increase the load on the wheel hub many-fold, which impairs the bearing function. Usually it is relevant to the front axle, in which, due to the design features of the suspension, the violation of the camber angle / divergence occurs regularly.

.Checking, tensioning and replacing the drive belt

Do not use a towel or other suitable towel to pull the drive belt taut.

Belt edges more than 1 cm long are missing

Measure belt deflection with a straightedge

1. To adjust alternator and compressor drive tension, loosen alternator pivot bolt (A) on left front corner of engine block. Loosen the locking bolt and turn the adjusting bolt (B) clockwise to tighten the belt or counterclockwise to loosen. Measure. belt. tension. Re-adjust if necessary.
2. To adjust the power steering pump drive belt tension, loosen the adjusting bolt and turn the pump toward the engine or vice versa to loosen or tighten the belt, respectively.
Loosen the tension of the drive belt and remove it from the pulleys. If one belt needs to be replaced, it is also recommended to replace the rest of the belts.


Suspension is the car component which is exposed to the most serious loads. No wonder, that it is for this reason that the Camry is most often sent for repair. This is especially true for foreign cars driving on domestic roads. The employees of the service station have to do suspension repair of this car quite often.

Замена подшипника на компрессоре кондиционера не спуская фреон Toyota Camry 40

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Having a huge experience, and using the modern equipment, the professionals working at the technical centers of “JapAvto” in the shortest possible time will make repairs of Toyota Camry of any complexity.

Toyota Camry, maintenance, diagnostics and repair of which is carried out by specialists of “JapAvto”, is manufactured by Toyota Corporation plants located in the U.S., Japan, China, Australia and Russia. Today already seventh generation of this family is realized on the market.

Toyota Camry is one of the most widespread passenger cars in the world. Almost every big European city has a company service center where this family of cars is serviced. Restoration of the engine, bodywork, automatic transmission and suspension repair are not all the works that are carried out in these technical centers.

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