Replacing the air conditioner compressor bearing Nissan almera n16

Change of the bearing of an air conditioner compressor in a Nissan Almera Н16

The thermostat cover gasket is not in the original catalog picture, but it should be there. Can someone tell me its number?

There are two options for this part number. WV48B-88 and WV48BA-88, what can the letter A stand for?? The gasket was found under part number P102. Tama and Masuma have the same part numbers on the thermostat and gasket, by the way.

I replaced the radiator over the May holiday of 2021. It has been almost a year, now it is winter time.It is much warmer in the car.

If there is time and interest, I’ll try the old radiator again to flush or saw.

Your feedback on the chip tuning can be sent to me in private or posted under the article.

how to change Nissan sunny Ac compressor clutch

I’m guessing a pickup without a truck. questionable idea. If I’m going to take the beast. I’ll use it to cut down small pines.

I have the chrome-plated look.

Serjik, I found a sheet of paronite for VAZ 500 to 500 mm thickness 1 mm knocked out myself on the pallet, about pon or pmb sellers do not know anything, they say that the temperature up to 120 degrees, although such a temperature we do not happen there. I’ll be testing.

a2a,if there is plain paper cardboard in there,i think it will be paranite too.

I logged in to describe my struggles, maybe someone else will be useful.

In general, all like everyone else, washed, x.х. went up to 1200-1300 no dancing with tambourines did not help.

The symptoms manifested themselves in the fact that the speed is rather reluctant to fall after speeding with some hangs at 1300-1400 then fell to 900-1000. That’s all I got. While running, the speed in general climbed to 1600-1700 car had to hold on the brake, coasting in neutral (mkpp) also kept 1600-1700 until the car stopped, then reluctantly fell to 1000.

As a result, tried all the methods found in the net, after removing and putting on the chip revolutions fell, waited for another 20 seconds (and 30 seconds, and a minute tried) but after turning off and then starting all over again. Won this way: Without any preliminary on / off the ignition and waiting, just started, warmed up (waited for on / off fans) brown connector / put it on did not help (RPM did not drop), discounted again (without turning off immediately), the third time RPM settled down to the right

650 and I’m somewhere along the line that some people don’t like the idea of the engine. faithful serviceman bluntly unplugged the idle valve cap, decided to do the same thing temporarily, t.к. We should have gone tomorrow. Disconnected it, nothing changed, shut it off. I crank it up and check, rpm drops about 650, just like the doc ordered))), but! When I turn on the load (light, air conditioner, etc.), the revolutions kept dropping.т.п.) RPMs would drop sharply and almost kill me. Turned everything off, took the key out, waited a half a minute for the car to “go to sleep”, put the circuit on the TCC back on, started, grabbed it and immediately stalled, hmm. (already something new)) Started again, started like nothing happened, RPM jumped a little over 1000 and then stood on its lawful 650! The air conditioner, headlights, RPMs go up, it means that the CC is working fine. Ignited, shut off, restarted a few more times, everything like in the book! That’s how I won)

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The strength of protection of amulets, icons and talismans can be significantly increased by wearing seat belts and respecting the speed limit.

Nissan Almera N15, Almera N16, Almera Tino, Maxima, Patrol Y60, Y61, Primera P11, Primera P12, Qashqai, X-Trail

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Breakage Recommended repair Cost of assembly Repair cost Note
Nissan Almera N15
1. Corrosion of air conditioner radiator under the metal shells А. Argon welding 140 bel.
Б. Change 50 bel. Before installing, be sure to paint under the metal clamps.
2. Leaks at joints on air conditioner receiver Cleaning, O-ring replacement 60 Bel. Screws often break. Must be heated. Be sure to unscrew the sensor and the brass screw. Receiver must be removed for quality cleaning.
3. Leak on receiver pipe connections Weld in new ones 40 Bel. 100 bel. You need to remove the radiator. In order not to bother with the removal of pipes, it is better to bite off the fittings on the car.
4. Corrosion. Compressor tubes under the clamps Cut out damaged area and insert a new one 80 Bel. Screws on the compressor carefully. Screw breakage may require replacement of compressor.
5. Damage of the long tube to the evaporator same 80 Bel.
6. Leaky receiver Replacement 20-80 bel. 50 BD. Heat screws with removed sensor and brass screw.
7. Valve stuck in TRV (no circulation of refrigerant) Replace with a delay of 1-2 weeks 140 Bel. In 80% of cases the valve “wakes up” within a week after refueling without any repair. Sometimes special measures have to be taken.
8. Compressor bearing wear Replacement 30-50 Bel. 80-100 bel. Pressure plate can not be removed very easily. The valve is stuck to the compressor shaft because of corrosion. Sometimes you need to remove the compressor and build special pullers. Repair cost can increase up to 80 BD.
Nissan Almera N16, Almera Tino
9. Lower radiator connection leaking Radiator removal/re-welding 30 Bel. 120 BD. Flawed metal is supplied by manufacturer and as a result the joint breaks down by itself.
10. Thin radiator to passenger compartment pipe connection leaking Weld a new one 30 Bel. 80 bel.
11. Tight compressed air reservoir connections. Cleaning, O-ring replacement 100 Bel. Poor design. Repair only helps for a year or two. Then history repeats. The radiator needs to be removed and the screw needs to be warmed up sometimes. Do not mix up the connections on the air tank during installation.
12. Low pressure inlet line of air conditioner see. п. 7
Nissan Patrol Y60, Y61
13. Leaking connections on the receiver. Cleaning, O-rings replacement 50 bel. Heat the screws.
14. Radiator joints are leaking same 70 Bel. the same
15. Corrosion on receiver pressure tube. Salon. Cut and insert new piece of pipe 100 bel. same
Nissan Primera P11
see. Nissan Almera N15
Nissan Primera P12
see. п. Nissan Almera N16, Almera Tino
Nissan Qashqai
16. Leak on radiator connections Cleaning, replacement of rubber seals 60 bele.
Nissan X-Trail
17. Overheating of the air conditioning system. fans work Removing and thoroughly rinsing the radiators 120-180 bel. Price depends on the type of engine and joints ((screws)
18. Leakage at radiator connections see. п. 15
19. Lack of normal system circulation. Low pressure tends to vacuum see. п. 7

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Air Conditioner Bearing Replacement. Nissan Almera Car Service Forum. AutoPeople

So, here we go, if you do not have a garage with a pit, you have to crawl under the car, as well as.

Nissan Avenir A/C Compressor Repair Part 1 (Removal of pulley)

We remove the two locks, inner and outer, then screw the bolt into place and with light strokes, holding the pulley from the weight remove the pulley from the shaft. Here you can see the bearing and the diameter notches.

Nissan Almera rsaquo; rsaquo; Air conditioner bearing. This bearing only buzzed when the clutch was open?

We wrench 10, unscrew the central bolt, it is not tightened too much, pull out the upper part, it sits on the splines, but it does not require a lot of effort.

This significantly increases the load on the weaker compressor shaft ball bearing and quickly leads to its destruction, which in turn breaks the seal of the packing and contributes to an emergency loss of refrigerant from the system.

Here’s a picture of the clutch from the opposite side. Here you can clearly see the slits on which it sits, the holes with thread M5, and washers.

These washers are a very important point. They set the clearance between the clutch and the pulley while the el. As soon as it turns on, the clutch, because of its design features, bends its edge and presses against the pulley, starting to rotate with it.

We have what is called an electro-mechanical clutch: In the photo below the pulley clutch removed: Next is a very interesting moment. It so happened that the plate I used for the first puller also fit perfectly for the second one.

Fault Diagnostics

So, here we go, if you do not have a garage with a pit, you will have to crawl under the car, like me. To begin with, jack up the right side, unscrew the wheel and remove the fender and engine protection. We take a ring spanner 14, take the idler to the side of the steering wheel and remove the poly-V belt from the pulley of the compressor. Further, with the head on 12 unscrew pipes from the compressor and the radiator, at me has not been filled condenser, therefore to take down freon it is not necessary.

We pull out tubes from their seats.

Air conditioner compressor bearing noise Almera N16

Reassembly in reverse order. To remove the clutch from the pulleys you will need a puller. Without it, it’s very difficult, and you’re likely to bend or break something.

Structurally, it looks like this: These are the special technological holes for the puller. Under number 1 is screwed screw in place of unscrewed original screw.

The original one held this clutch. It sits on the splines pretty tight.

Detecting Bearing Defects on Almera

The bearing in the air conditioner is subject to high temperature and considerable rotational speed.

Sometimes the same bearing can fit into different kinds of air conditioners.

The bearing can seal tightly during assembly. That is why it is very important not to let moisture and dust in it. It has to work in tough conditions. When installed correctly, it will last a very long time. It is only necessary to react on time on any sign of a breakage.

To determine the signs of bearing failure do the following:

turn on air conditioner while the engine is working. Wait a little while for the system to start working and for the car interior to start cooling;

Listen attentively to air conditioner’s work. The sound it makes is loud or unusual;

sometimes it is a rustling noise around the air conditioner clutch. It may not be constant;

there is a loud noise under the hood. Suddenly the part jams, you will feel a bump, or as if something has snapped. You’ll hear it right away;

It is possible that electromagnetic clutch is broken. It can occur if you thought for a long time to change the bearing of air conditioner and did not do it. The entire assembly may fail. It will cost you even more in terms of money. The compressor will need to be repaired. Or replace a part.

You have determined that the bearing needs to be replaced. For this you need to buy it.

Air conditioner compressor bearing replacement

At the auto center “Corvira” you can quickly and efficiently repair the air conditioning system of your car (replace the bearing of the air conditioning and any other repairs) for a pleasant price.

Compressor of air conditioner is as you may say the heart of all air conditioning system of your car and its price is respectively much higher than any other spare part of auto air conditioner. In this regard, you should periodically pay attention to the behavior of the air conditioner compressor, the extraneous sounds made, the appearance, etc.д. Can save you dozens or even hundreds of dollars!

To extend the life of your car air conditioning system, reduce maintenance and repair costs, you need to clean it regularly and make periodic diagnoses, keeping the elements of the system in good condition.

If you have noticed that your car began to warm up in traffic, the fuel consumption increased, it is probably the result of improper operation of air conditioner (to be more exact. the condenser). It is located in front of the radiator, so it gets clogged with down, dirt and dust, which inevitably accumulate between these two heat exchangers. The deteriorating airflow can cause the condenser to overheat, the solenoid clutch to shut down, distort gauge readings, and eventually cause a refrigerant emergency dump. Increased pressure in the cooling system forces the compressor to take more power from the engine. It is necessary to clean radiator, condenser and space between them regularly with compressed air or water under pressure no more than 3-4 atm. Sometimes with this purpose we make partial dismantle of a body trim (a bumper, a radiator grill), sometimes it is necessary to dismantle a radiator of engine cooling system.

The most frequent problem is a bearing of air conditioner compressor.

Although in most cases it is enough to take off a drive belt of an air conditioner compressor and twist a pulley of the compressor with a hand and the picture becomes clear. In this case, if it is impossible to replace the bearing of the air conditioner compressor directly on the car without depressurizing the air conditioning system, we pump out the coolant, disconnect high and low pressure tubes on the air conditioner compressor and remove the compressor. It is necessary to say that removing of a compressor and replacement of a bearing of an air conditioner compressor is not difficult in principle, but there are cases when it may cause some surprises, for example: taking off additional car units, boring of cracked bolts, lifting of an engine, removal of a subframe, etc.д. In these cases we tell you right away or we call you and tell you. In addition, in such situations we always keep a photo fixation of the work done.

Causes of air conditioner compressor bearing failure

All car owners have ever been in a situation where it was necessary to replace the bearing in the compressor clutch.

There are several reasons for its failure:

First of all. is bad working conditions; Second, a very serious cause can be water infiltration; There is also another reason for the breakdown. Poorly developed system in the design. The thing is that some models of compressors are fitted with so-called single-row bearings, which is very good (Toyota, Fiat.). Let us assume that you have detected a malfunction of the compressor bearing and it is necessary to replace it. How to replace the bearing with a minimum of costs, and also qualitatively?

Of course, for the most part. These are common cases, depending on the make of the car, but we can give some recommendations:

  • Do not allow the bearing to fall apart, because a very high percentage of the cases where additional costs are needed are related to this. When the bearing breaks down, it comes into contact with the underside of the coupling, with very serious consequences, namely: burnout of the rubber part and the winding of the coupling, the formation of deep grooves. When the temperature causes the packing to fail and the gland packing breaks, it is more reasonable to replace the entire compressor from the cavity.
  • It is highly recommended to install original bearings.
  • do not try to replace the bearing by yourself. A seemingly simple operation requires a high degree of professionalism and you are unlikely to be able to perform a quality replacement. Special tools (pullers) are often needed. Subtle details such as the distance between the pulley and the clamping plate, the particulars of the punching, and the necessary support points require a high degree of skill. Often, if you do not replace the bearing professionally, bend the pulley or a pressure plate. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary costs, it is better to contact an expert or contact us in advance for advice!

Air Conditioner Bearing Wear and Consequences

A bearing of compressor’s pulley is one of the weakest places of automobile conditioner. This bearing works constantly with a started engine, even if the conditioner is not switched on. It is successfully worn out even in winter, when one does not recollect about an air conditioner seldom.

As a rule, all begins with noise in underhood space. This noise can show itself in different ways. In the early stages of wearing of a pulley bearing, an imperceptible rumble can be heard from under the hood. It can appear only when the engine is warmed up, or on the contrary, only “when cold. As a rule, the sound changes or disappears when the air conditioner is on.

The remains of a 2-day old noisy bearing, when the bearing has worn down sufficiently. the sound becomes annoying and no longer stops. If the bearing rattles and howls, it is not hours that count, but minutes. It is better not to lead to such condition. But if it happens. or pull the car on a rope, or if the belt on the compressor is separate. cut the belt and drive to specialized service as soon as possible. Practice shows that the longer the noise of the bearing, the more money can be spent for repair.

Compressor pulley bearings are usually double-row, sealed, that is, maintenance-free. “They die for several reasons. Either the belt is stretched too much or it is of too old age. the grease in the bearing gets thicker with time and stops to lubricate the balls that in their turn get hot, destroying the cage and finally getting knocked together, after which the bearing just clinks.

This is how the coil of electromagnetic clutch of the compressor looks melted. The reason. Noisy compressor pulley bearing. If the bearing is noisy. it inevitably begins to heat up. Often, bearings removed from the compressor are blue from overheating. While heating, the bearing can destroy the compressor packing, often burns out the insulating varnish in the coil of the electromagnetic clutch that leads to a short circuit and output of the clutch out of operation.

The most unpleasant thing is if the bearing jams. In this case, it twists in its seat and shears it off, its wear sometimes reaching several millimeters. As a result it is necessary to change all compressor or its front half.

When the bearing jams and eats away at the front of the compressor, it’s the belt’s turn. The belt tears, causing a variety of injuries to the car. I’ve seen broken impellers, torn wires, “humps” on a hood. It happens that the same belt drives the pump, the alternator, as well as all the attachments of the engine. God forbid, it happens out of town.

If you care about your automobile, we advise you to change noisy bearings without waiting for peritonitis.

We recommend to buy the roller from Gates manufacturer, article number T39178.

Loosen the tensioning bolt with a thumbwheel and a 8 mm head.

Loosen the roller nut with a ring spanner, size seventeen.

After unscrewing the nut remove the small washer, then the big one, it works as a dust cover.

Remove the pulley and a thick washer behind it.

Clean all the washers of dirt and start assembling. Install the washer, pulley, dust washer, small washer and tighten the nut. For ease of installation of the pulley, it is better to remove the belt from the pulley of the generator.

Screw the nut fixing the pulley, but do not tighten up to the stop.

Put the belt on if it was taken off and tighten the belt by tightening the bolt.

Check tension by pressing the belt with your thumb and check its deflection.

After tensioning it correctly, the deflection should be 6 mm when pressing the belt. This is assuming that the distance between the centers of the pulleys is between 170 and 280 mm. If the distance is between 300 and 400 mm, the deflection should be 13 mm.

How to remove the air conditioner compressor of a Nissan Almera

The compressor shaft is mounted in an aluminum housing front cover on bearings and sealed at the drive sheave side with an oil seal.

A compressor drive pulley is installed on two-row ball bearing and constantly rotates while the engine is running.

When the air conditioner is running, torque is transmitted from the pulley to the compressor shaft through a solenoid friction clutch.

When the system is operating properly, when the air conditioner is turned on, a click is heard. the clutch pressure plate under the action of an electromagnet engages with the drive pulley, and the compressor rotor starts to rotate.

But during the operation of the air conditioner, the following malfunctions of the compressor can occur.

If the clutch makes a noise when it rotates with the air conditioner off, or if it heats up or smells burning, it is likely that the bearing has begun to rotate.

In this case it is necessary to replace bearing. In some neglected cases, it may be necessary to replace the compressor clutch as a whole or its constituent parts.

If after switching on air conditioner no sound is heard, then following troubles are possible:

If a muff rotates easily and freely, but at switching on air conditioner extraneous noises are distinctly heard or even the engine malfunctions, most likely the compressor is jammed.

replacing, conditioner, compressor, bearing

Internal pump part of the compressor cannot be repaired. If this occurs, the compressor will need to be replaced.

If a click can be heard, the muff turns the compressor shaft easily, but there is no coolness in the passenger compartment. In this case, only, it seems that the compressor works, but in reality it does not pump anything.

Only an experienced technician with special control and diagnostic equipment can determine the truth.

You can most precisely define the cause of malfunction after comprehensive diagnostics in the specialized service center for repair of automobile conditioners.

Nissan Primera 3 (P12) air conditioner

This pulley rotates constantly when the engine is running, and the compressor is connected as needed by a solenoid clutch. This is the case with most cars which have Delphi Harrison Thermal System compressors. After some time, in some 80-thousand or so kilometers, the bearing dies, what is accompanied by the increased belt tension of the Nissan p12 air conditioner compressor, metallic clattering from the side of the compressor and the final accord. the smoke from under the hood in especially critical cases, when the bearing is jammed.

How to know when it needs replacing

As in any other situation, the more you procrastinate with the repair, the more complicated and expensive it can be. Parts that are closely interconnected can lead to failure of the entire mechanism, as well as the failure of other related components, when they break.

When the first signs appear, it is necessary to examine the air conditioner more attentively, and better to diagnose it in a workshop. That way it will be clear exactly whether the Nissan Almera air conditioner compressor bearing needs to be replaced, and maybe the true cause of it will be revealed.

If not checked in time, the entire unit may need repair, up to and including complete failure, needing to be replaced with a new. It is very unpleasant when such a situation occurs, but it was only worth noticing the breakage in time and making repairs.

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