Replacing the springs of the Champion chainsaw starter. The device of the chainsaw starter

How to wind a spring on a starter of the GAMPION Lawn Mushrooms

In the rarest situations, the starter mechanism is broken with inaccurate operation of the tool. The consequences can be nasty: deformed cord

wound on a flywheel of a working motor, tears the pulley, and the spring bursts. But these are isolated cases, a complete replacement of the starter is required very occasionally.

Replacement of the cord

In order to change the element, in the coil it is necessary to find a hole for it, through which to skip the cord, and later tie the knot. Then you will need to take a coil with a spring, having completed several revolutions.

For example, if the cord turns around the circumference 6 times, then in order to pull the spring, you need to turn the coil on the clock 6 times. After which it remains only to pass the rope through the hole and fix the handle on the cord.

Removal and analysis of the node

The procedure for disassembling the starter is to perform a certain sequence of actions:

At first, you need to find the screw connecting the starter cover with the pulley, and turn it out; Later it is necessary to pull out a spring, antennae and washers; Then you should carefully remove the pulley, holding the structure away from the face, so that the bounced spring does not injure the user; Then you need to look around the spring: if it is damaged, then it is necessary to put the latest (the price of such details is low), and if it jumped out of the hook, you need to return it to the initial place, having previously made an excess if they broke off.

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Collection and installation to the starter place

  • Turn the pulley with the spring down and place the body inside so that the spring wrist will get exactly into the groove of the case;
  • install the puck, then the spring, on top of it. the second washer;
  • On top of the washer, place a cup of antennae and screw the screw.

When assembling, both goals should certainly be put, in an unpleasant case, a plastic cup after some time will be damaged by a spring, and when tightening the cord, the user will see that it was jammed. It will look as if a spring has flown. To eliminate such a breakdown, you will need to install a larger screw or another goal. If you find the required details it does not seem likely, it is quite slightly loosen the screw, after which the starter will not jam. But it is necessary to realize that these are temporary measures, and the malfunction should be fixed as soon as possible.

Sprinking spring

Spring winding is a complex procedure. Not everyone goes out to install the part to the place the first time, so you should not be upset with trouble. You need to repeat the samples until the acts are not crowned by the farr. If desired, you can look at the web network, where the craftsmen carefully speak and demonstrate how simple and rapidly perform this operation.

In order to wind the spring, you need to place an iris in the groove, and then, turning the coil, carefully lay the part along the inner diameter of the bobbin. With all this, the spring must be held every time with your hands. if you do not fix it, the part slips and jumps out, then the winding has to be done. When everything is made correctly, the spring holds tightly in its own place of landing.

How to change the starter cord?

It happens that in the impossibility of starting a starter is not a spring to blame, but the cord itself. He can seize or completely break. Dismantling the starter of the lawn mower or trimmer for grass is universal in its steps.

  • Remove the starter block from a trimmer for grass or lawn mower.
  • Unscrew the main bolt holding the handbrake.
  • Pull the coil and melt the remains of a worn cord from it.
  • Unscrew the knot on the handle of the cord and pull its end from it.
  • Untie the knot at the other end (at the beginning of the coil) and remove the old cord. The nodes that have become tight are unleashed with pliers or ticks.
  • Tie a knot on one of the ends of the new cord, prone it through the hole at the beginning of the coil (closer to its axis).
  • Shin a few turns of a new cord to the coil. If it is long, then cut the excess.
  • Season and soak the spring tensioner (if it starred) and spring.loaded elements in the correct sequence.
  • Put the coil in place and take the free end of the cord to the outlet of the starter and in the handle.
  • Install the starter block in place.

Twist the starter by the cord, start the engine of the lawn mower or a trimmer for grass. The larger and more powerful the engine, the more cord jerks will be required when starting, the norm is no more than 7 times. The result is a quick and smooth launch of the motor, the readiness of the unit for work.

Repair of the starter of the gas trimmer for grass may be needed at the most inopportune time. At the same time, there are two ways to solve the problem: replace a broken part or replace the entire assembly. The last option will cost more. In most cases, only a screwdriver with a tip is required to repair the device with your own hands. Repair does not take much time and does not require special knowledge. To achieve the desired positive result, it is enough to know the device, the principle of operation, the nuances of the assembly-disassembly of the starter for the trimmer for the grass.

The device and principle of the starter on the trimmer

Gas engine. This is mainly the main part of the brush. Its power lies in the range of 0.5-2.5 liters.With. Movement from it is transmitted to the shaft located inside the hollow rod, and then through the gearbox, consisting of gears, already stabbed or knife (working body).

Bigorezes also have the following elements:

  • Corrugated board;
  • lever arm;
  • belt designed for simplicity of use;
  • Starter used to launch an internal combustion gasoline engine.

The starter of the trimmer for grass is an integral part of the engine start. This is shown separately in two photos below.

Starting mechanisms for different models of gasoline braids work according to the same principle: when starting an internal combustion engine, the tongues indicated by the number 1 in the photo above are hooked by dogs 3. When the engine is launched, they return to the previous position due to centrifugal force. A similar role is played by wires 2.

replacing, springs, champion, chainsaw, starter, device

The process of returning to the initial position of the elements of the mechanism is due to the presence of a spring wound around the axis. It turns around when the rope is pulled. After the release of the cord, it is pulled and wound with a spring assembly. When the internal combustion engine is launched, the trigger rotates its shaft until it starts to work.

Today, gasoline scooters are equipped with two types of starter mechanisms:

The first option is much more common.

The trimmer starter for grass can work without breakdowns for a long time. It is impossible to clearly indicate a continuous period of time. Everything is determined by the initial quality of the device and compliance with the rules of its operation.

replacing, springs, champion, chainsaw, starter, device

The main malfunctions of the trimmer for the grass of the starter

It is easy to determine the reason for the refusal of the starting device. There are several main options:

Perhaps the starter mechanism is accidentally broken. The consequences will be deplorable if the wrapped cable is wrapped around the flywheel of the internal combustion engine: then the spring will burst and the pulley will break. But such cases when a complete replacement of the starter is required are extremely rare. In most cases, it is enough to fix a new spring or replace the cord to fix the mechanism.

Replacement of the cord

When stretching, the cable constantly rubs into the starter case. To replace, the unit node is disassembled, and the rattling drum carefully rises so that the spring does not jump out of its nests. It is better to do this work together: the assistant fixes the spring, and the cable is replaced. After fixing the cable in the handle and in the grooves of the drum, the cable is wound on the video, and the case is assembled.

Spring repair

If the spring material is bad, the spring bursts (usually at the mounting point to the drum, where it forms a loop). In this case, you do not need to replace the spring. It is enough to carefully clean its surface from dirt and traces of lubrication, thoroughly grind the destruction place, and then release the spring at a temperature of 600. 650 ° C (spring steel should become raspberry). The spring should be slowly cooled, but at 100. 150 ° C can already gently wrap its end in the form of a limiting protrusion on the inner surface of the drum (steel will acquire the necessary plasticity) and put it on the spot. The elastic properties of the spring will not change.

How to put a spring on a starter chainsaw?

It is not easy to insert a starter‘s spring spring in the right groove for an experienced user. First, the spring should be twisted to the previous diameter and installed in the cavity of the drum hub. The outer end of the spring is fixed by a restrictive protrusion, and the external should be located opposite the hole in the lock using a screwdriver. The loop on the inner end of the spring is connected to the hole using a screwdriver, after which the disk is lowered. Rotating the disk, it is checked whether the ratchet mechanism is installed. Then the snoring itself is coming.

After installing the spring, it is necessary to adjust its tension. To do this, a cable is inserted into the groove in a circle, and a return spring is spinning around it. After removing the square, it is better to wind several more turns of the spring to ensure the necessary tightness of the part.

How to assemble a champion chainsaw starter

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Chainsaw is inconspicuous inventory not only for the summer resident, and during the system of work. If you need to stock up on firewood for the winter, then going to the forest without a chainsaw does not make sense at all. With the proper operation of the tool, it can last a long time, but in any case, at some point different types of defects will appear. One of these defects is a breakdown of the starter, as a result of which the engine is difficult to start. In this situation, it is targeted to carry out the repair of the starter of the chainsaw with your own hands. How to do this, we will find out in the material.

Fuel system

Fuel system malfunctions also quite often become the main reason that does not allow a chainsaw to work as efficiently as possible. First of all, it is necessary to check the quality of the fuel mixture.

Gasoline from chainsaw flows

If gasoline drops periodically appear on the chainsaw housing, then it is necessary to check the tightness of the fuel tank. Over time, it can dry out. Or the gasket “strangled” and it can no longer fulfill its direct function.

If full.fledged gasoline streams appear, it is likely that you have to change the bursting hose connecting the carburetor and fuel tank.

Gasoline does not enter the chainsaw cylinder

The reasons why the fuel mixture stopped entering the cylinder several:

  • The air filter was clogged.
  • Carburetor work settings flew off.
  • The carburetor membrane ceased to be holistic.
  • Channels through which gasoline is transported are clogged.

Repair of the starter of the chainsaw

With frequent launches of the chainsaws, some starter details are constantly subjected to dynamic loads. As a result, a cable may burst, several teeth of the ratchet chill, and the shaft will turn out at a much lower speed. Therefore, the audit and even the repair of the starter. operations, sometimes carried out several times per season.

Replacement of the cord

When it is pulled, there is a constant friction of the cable about the starter case. For replacement, disassemble the hull of the node, and carefully lift the rattles in such a way as not to allow jumping from their nests of the return spring. It is better to do such work together: the assistant fixes the spring, while the cable is replaced. After fixing the cable in the handle and in the grooves of the drum, the cable is wound on the roller, and the case is assembled.

Spring repair

If the material of the starter spring is poor.quality, the spring bursts (usually at the place of its connection to the drum, where it forms a loop). Replace the spring in this case is not worth. Carefully clean its surface from dirt and traces of lubrication, gently polish the destruction place, and then release the spring at 600 650 ° C (the spring steel should purchase raspberry color). It is necessary to cool the spring slowly, and at 100 150ºС you can already carefully wrap its end in the shape of a restrictive protrusion on the inner surface of the drum (steel will acquire the necessary plasticity) and insert into place. The elastic properties of the spring will not change.

How to put a spring on a chainsaw starter?

Placing a starter spring in the desired groove is not easy to do with an experienced user. First, the spring should be twisted to the previous diameter and installed in the cavity of the hub of the drum. The outer end of the spring is fixed for the restrictive ledge, and the external using the screwdriver should be placed opposite the holes in the lock. The loop at the inner end of the spring with a screwdriver is combined with the hole, after which the disk is lowered. The disk is checked whether the dog of the ratchet has become in place. Next is the assembly of the ratchet itself.

After installing the spring, it is necessary to adjust its tension. To do this, a cable is inserted into the groove on a circle, and a return spring is twisted around it. After eliminating the slack, it is better to wind the spring at an additional several revolutions to guarantee the required part of the part.

Springs of the starter of the chainsaw

Starter Spring Husqvarna 137/142/235e/236e/240e

Hand.based Hyundai X460 chain starter

Starter Spring Husqvarna 137/142/235e/236e/240e

How To Quickly Fix Your Recoil Pull Starter On Your Chainsaw, Blower Or WeedEater

Starter spring for Carver RSG-45-18K/RSG-52-20K (light.

Starter for the chainsaw Husgvarna 137/142

Hand starter for one.handed chainsaw 26ss and analogues

Starter in the collection of a gypsy chainsaw 65.72 QU.

Light start of the starter of the lawn mower

Chain gasoline saw Craternum GCS-1200/350h

Starter coil spring Khrpovik Husqvarna Art. 586659.

Starter for the Forward FGS 4504/5204 chainsaw

Spring of a template starter for a chainsaw 45/52 Narrow ki.

Starter in the collection of the Gypsy chainsaw 25 (Forza.

Starter Spring for Chainsaw Carver RSG-45-18K/RSG-52-.

Starter spring 137 240 = Husqvarna Art. 5300211-80

Ergostart starter spring in the stih chainsaw building.

Starter for the Forward FGS 4504/5204 chainsaw

The starter pulley for the chainsaw Husqvarna 137, 142 from the springs.

Chain gasoline saw Hammer BPL 4116 A

A hand starter is suitable for a chainsaw type P350.

Starter spring overtaking with a pulley 128/323/325 = Husqva.

TOHATSU manual starter spring 350-05124-0

Starter spring 340e Husqvarna (5374234-01)

Spring for a starter for a chainsaw STIHL MS 170/180

Partner 350, 351, 352, 370, 352, 370.

The starter of the starter for the chainsaw is 45/52 wide.

Ergostart starter spring in the stih chainsaw building.

Starter for a chainsaw with an engine volume 38ss. (two pr.

Partner P350S chain starter (regular start)

A hand starter is suitable for chainsaws with a volume of 38cm3 light.

Starter in the collection of the Gypsy chainsaw 45.52 QU.

Starter spring for the chainsaw Husqvarna 545, 555, 560x.

Spring for a starter for a chainsaw STIHL MS 170/180

Starter spring for the chainsaw Partner P351

Starter for chainsaws: Husgvarna 5200 (Gypsies), Stihl M.

Starter spring for the chainsaw Husqvarna 268, 272xp

Starter assembly for Partner P350S, P360S

Starter spring for Husqvarna 365, 371, 372k (5037872-.

Starter spring (see the kit) = Husqvarna Art. 53742.

Starter assembly for Partner P350S, P360S

Starter Spring for Chainsaw Carver RSG-45-18K/RSG-52-.

Manual starter spring Polaris SM-11025D

Return Starter Spring MS-180/170/210/270/360/440

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How to repair a chainsaw starter

Today we consider problems with the faults of the starter of the chainsaw and we will eliminate them. This type of breakdown is not rare with intensive operation of a gasoline saw. And in our case, in logging, this happens systematically. How to repair a chainsaw starter.

So, the starter of the chainsaw is designed to start the tool. On damn piles, it is located in the side cover from the side of the flywheel (left side side of the instrument). This is a purely mechanical principle of action. But in order to competently and efficiently carry out the repair of the starter, it is necessary to understand the principle of its functionality (work). I propose to carefully consider this issue.

On top of the cover (body) of the starter is the handle in a special seating place of the cover. The handle is connected to the cord, which in turn is wound on the pulley and the end of the cord is fixed with the pulley. When the operator (the user of the chainsaw) jerks the hilt up, the cord is unwound along the pulley (coil), bringing it to the “centrifugal” state. The pulley has in its design (on the back) of a ratchet. this is a gear with teeth rounded in one direction. The teeth of the gear (template) are adherent to the “dogs”, which are located on the drum (flywheel) of the crankshaft. The crankshaft rotates, the fuel under pressure of the piston and the head of the “engine” is compressed. The operator, meanwhile, lowers the handle, the return spring, which is fastened with the coil (pulley), turns the cord into its original state (to the coil). The teeth of the ratchet, meanwhile, slip through the “dogs” of the flywheel, excluding contact with them, as they rotate in the opposite direction. I remind you that the teeth of the ratchet have a roundedness in one direction-it is this principle that allows you to engage with the slots-“dogs” of the crankshaft. Rotating in the opposite direction, the engagement with the “dogs” is excluded.

The appointment of Champion 137

The chainsaw is intended only for household use. She can work in the country, use for trimming branches or harvesting firewood for barbecue. Champion 137 is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, t. to. This is the easiest saw in the line of household chainships Champion.

The manufacturer’s recommendations on the use of this chainsaw in our country are rarely performed, and therefore Champion 137 can be found on sawmills, where it is cut by the horseman. Private offices that are engaged in harvesting and selling firewood to the population also often use this chainsaw.

137th model is popular T. to. It has a low cost. Another advantage is the cost of repairs and a large number of spare parts. Specialized stores have a large selection of both original and made under the original, handicraft spare parts.

Device and principle of operation of the starter of the chainsaw

All types of chainsaws, both Chinese and European production, are equipped with starters of the identical design and the principle of action. The universal design of starters allows you to use these devices on both brand chainsaws and on semi.official tools supplied from the Celestial Empire. It is only important to note that some distinguishing features are have instruments of domestic production.

A starter for a chainsaw is a simple mechanism consisting of:

Craftsman Chainsaw Starter Pulley Replacement #576744401

The principle of operation of such a device is also quite simple. When stretching the handle, which is connected by means of a cable with the drum of the ratchet, its movement occurs. The drum when moving is included in the hook with slots of another drum, which is located on the shaft. Thus, manually moves the cut of the saw, which makes several revolutions. As soon as the handle returns to its original position, which is facilitated by the return spring, the slotted connection is lost, which leads to the stop of the shaft. With each movement of the crankshaft in the cylinder, the amount of fuel-air mixture increases, which ultimately contributes to its ignition.

The greater the power of the tool, the more jerks should be made by the starter to start the motor. The return spring is responsible for accelerating the return of the drum to its original position, the manufacture of which is carried out using steel with a high degree of elasticity.

Over time, with the constant operation of the tool, problems are observed with the launch of the engine, or rather, with the functioning of the starter. If such problems arise, then the starter can always be repaired. If the principle and device of the starter is known, then it will not be difficult to repair it with your own hands.

Typical breakdowns and repair of the chainsaw starter

Before carrying out repairs, it is necessary to find out the reasons for the breakdown. Since the product is constantly subjected to dynamic and other types of loads, its failure is not excluded. Frequent causes of starter breakdowns are: rupture of the cable, abrasion or painting several shits of the rattle drum, damage to the spring, a crack of the pulley and others. To determine why the saw does not start, you will need to conduct an appropriate revision of the starting mechanism. Consider the main types of malfunctions, and also find out how to properly repair the product.

Replacement of the cord

The starter cord is a strong rope, which is strong enough to wear, but even its technical properties do not save it from damage. The rope, at each start of the tool, rubs against the starter cover case, which leads to gradual overwhelming and wear.

If the cord is grinding, then to replace it, you need to disassemble the case of this node. After removing the cover, it is necessary to raise the drum, but only so that it does not jump out of his seats. It is recommended to carry out such work together with a partner who will fix the spring, and you will do the replacement of the cable. The remnants of the old cable should be removed, then fixed the new product in the handle and in the frame of the drum. After that, the cable should be wound on the roller, and at the end, assemble the case.

It’s important to know! Before fixing the cable in the handle, you should pass it through the corresponding hole in the starter cover.

How to replace the chainsaw starter spring

If damage to the spring is observed, which is often on Chinese instruments, then the mechanism can only be repaired by replacing it. But if its damage occurred at the place of connection, that is, the ear burst, then it can be repaired.

The repair of the spring is a heating of the destruction site up to 600 degrees, after which it is slow to cool it up to 100 degrees, in which the end is wrapped in the shape of a fragment. Thus, it will be possible to avoid loss of elasticity of the product, which will extend its service life. Although most experts simply carry out the replacement of the product with a new.

The process of replacing the spring is carried out in the following sequence:

  • The clip or drum of the mechanism is originally extracted.
  • A spring is located inside the drum. To dismantle it, you will need to fix its upper part, and then pull the starter handle aside.
  • When the old spring is extracted, you need to install a new. In this case, it is imperative to clean the body.
  • When installing a new spring, you should insert it into the starter, and then get into the groove to the groove.
  • At the end of the work, you can put on the drum and install the starter cover in place.

The detailed process of replacing the spring is considered at

Replacing dogs of a flywheel

If you need to replace the dogs or the answer of the flywheel, then it is also not difficult to do it. This will need to dismantle the flywheel, and then remove the dogs. You should install new dogs exclusively those that were initially (plastic or metal). This is very important, since replacing plastic dogs with metal ones will lead to an accelerated wear of the flywheel. Details of replacing the dogs of the starter of the chainsaw are considered in the video below.

It is important to note that to repair the starter of the chainsaw, you do not need to have special skills or experience. All work can be performed independently if you treat the repair process with all responsibility. Timely conduct of the prophylactic work of the chainsaws will avoid the occurrence of breakdowns when performing work in the field.


Champion 142 16 characteristics. average in its class, and in some parameters, for example, weight, saw is the leader among classmates. Its weight is in a collected state, a little more than 4 kg, agree to such a chainsaw is convenient and not hard to work, some models weigh both 7, and 8.

Power almost 2.5 liters.With. This is enough to be able to install a tire of 16 inches long, which is translated into our measurement system. 40 cm. This is not much, but not a few, for example, the main competitor of the STIHL 180, the length of the tire is only 14 inches (35 cm).

The maximum engine speed, about 12500, which, together with power, gives good performance. Within an hour, with a saw Champion 142 you can prepare a little more than one cube of firewood chocks, while spending less than one liter of gasoline, t. to. fuel consumption in the 142nd model of a small.

Next, we suggest watching a video review in which a sales specialist talks about the technical characteristics and the purpose of the Champion 142 chainsaw.

Repair of the starter of the chainsaw: instructions for each detail (photo and video)

Conduct diagnostics or repair the tool is much easier and more effective, if there is an understanding of the principle of its action. To facilitate and accelerate the process of restoring the starter, it is recommended to know what it consists of and how it works. The overall picture, in the maximum visual and brief presentation, is presented further. Let’s start with the main components of the mechanism:

  • Starter cover. the basis of mounting parts and their protection. It is necessary for internal circulation of air, pumped up by rotation of the flywheel, which ensures engine cooling.
  • Pen. an external element with the fixed end of the cable wound on the drum and unwound it when stretching from the body.
  • Ribbon spring. performs the return of the drum to its original position, winding the cable back.
  • Spring body. ensures the isolation of the tape spring and fixes its end to avoid scrolling during tension.
  • Starter drum. the central element of the mechanism interacting with all details. Has a hole for fixing and a groove for wrapping a cable.
  • Rhound spring. performs an auxiliary role, adding several revolutions after a complete stretch of the cable. Not all models of chainsaws are present and can have a strip or screw shape.
  • Khrapovik is the outer part of the drum, with the hook ledges resting on the dog’s dog when pulling out the lever.
  • Dogs. spring.loaded stubborn elements conveying rotation from a drum to a flywheel and a crankshaft. The exact shape and location, provide a confident hook of the teeth of the ratchet when stretching the cable, and free move in the opposite direction, when wrapping.

Having examined the main components and their functional purposes, you can shed light on a more urgent topic and disassemble the principle of action of the starter of the chainsaw on the chain of interactions of the details of the mechanism. The launch process begins with pulling the handle, which stretches the cable, thereby promoting the drum with a ratchet. The teeth of the ratchet rest against the dog.fixed on the flywheel, and convey rotation to the crankshaft.

In one second jerk of the handle, the flywheel and the shaft make about 4 revolutions, driveing ​​the entire saw system. During this moment, the fuel-air mixture is supplied to the combustion chamber, and the spark formed in the coil ignites it, pushing the piston, which begins to rotate the crankshaft from the inside of the engine. In most cases, good, cold saw is started from 3-4 jerks, and with a lightweight launch even faster.

Repair procedure

Features of the operation of the starter imply a sharp and gross effect, which sooner or later affects the form of breakdowns. Fortunately, in this mechanism, there is nothing particularly to break and the instructions described further affect all possible causes of malfunctions. Starting with how to restore or how to insert a spring into a chainsaw starter, and ending with the installation of dogs with a flywheel film. guides, sequentially, for each problem.

Restoration of the spring

The most popular case of breakdown is associated with the riding of the mounting ear of the main strip spring that reinss the cable. It is not necessary to search and buy a new spare part, since the procedure requires a minimum of time and tools. Only 2 things will be needed: source of fire (a gas burner or stove) and pliers.

Gently take out the spring from the body. You can put a slotted screwdriver.

At the site of a broken ear, you should make a new one by performing an ordinary bend of the tape. So that the metal does not burst, before the bend it must be heated and bend it to cool (it is better to do this directly above the fire).

The shape and size of the bended part should be identical to the original in order to tightly fit the restraint to the protrusion. How to tuck a spring into a chainsaw starter and save your nerves, is described below. Before starting installation, wait for complete cooling.

How to install a chainsaw starter spring

The basic dexterity and standard dexterity of the hands, combined with simple technology, will reduce time costs, allowing the operation to quickly and almost naturally. The installation of a return spring begins with a fixing of the ear on the recess, in the direction counterclockwise (if you look at the inside of the spring body).

The tape is invested gradually, layer by layer. The already placed part of the spring adheres to the thumb of the right hand, while the finger of the left laid a new segment. Having put about 1/3 of the circle in the case, the tape is pressed with the thumb of the left hand, the right one is brought to it and the cycle is repeated. The entire installation process takes no more than a minute.

Even easier to insert a new spring purchased as a spare part for the starter. It can be in a fixing winding that is gradually removed when installing. The already twisted element is simply inserted into the case. The easiest option is a ready.made kit with a strip spring in the case, which are put in place of old elements in one motion.

Replacement of the cord

Cases of a cut of the handle cable are quite common and characteristic, both Chinese models and branded manufacturers. Since this connecting element is subjected to serious loads and periodically breaks, the process of cornering is extremely simplified. First of all, it should be determined how long the cord should be on the chainsaw. Depending on the size of the drum and the diameter of the cable, the value is located in the region of 120. 140 cm (necessarily with a small margin). Having prepared a suitable segment, you can take a cross screwdriver and proceed to the replacement.

Remove the starter from the chainsaw and unscrew the central screw on the ratchet.

We take out the drum and remove the old cord.

We spread a new cord through the hole from the inside of the drum groove (for convenience, the ends can be melted with a lighter).

We pull the end from the hole ≈ by 10 cm and tie it into the knot so that the cable does not fly.

Into a special recess under the drum, lay the knot and the remaining part of the cable. In order not to rest against the spring body, it is advisable to leave about 1 cm.

We install the drum in its place, combining the spring with the ear, and press the puck with a puck (do not wind the cord).

We spread the opposite part of the cord through the starter case and the hole in the handle, after which we make a fixing node at the end.

The cord winding is carried out due to the spring. Just slightly pull the cable from the hole in the drum to its edge, and holding it at this point, rotate the drum clockwise. The spring is strained, and when released, the cable itself wraps up. Repeat the procedure until the handle is tightly pressed against the body.

Replacing the ratchet

The main element that transfers rotation to the flywheel is subjected to serious wear in places of contact. The teeth of a plastic ratchet (pulley) resting on dogs (especially iron) have the property of rolling or washing, seriously complicating the launch process. The second problem relates to a ratchet with a lightweight start, connecting to the drum through a spring, which can break off at the mounting site. The strip spring can be restored by following the above instructions, and with a screw chip, the structure will have to be replaced. How to remove and install a ratio of a chainsaw starter is shown further:

The main malfunctions of the trimmer for the grass of the starter

It is not difficult to determine the reason for the refusal of the starting device. There are several main options:

The specified information is given in the photo below.

It may happen that the starter mechanism will be accidentally broken. The consequences will be regrettable if the broken rope is wound around the engine flywheel: the spring bursts, the pulley will come off. But such cases when the starter’s node is required to completely replace the node is extremely rare. In most cases, to fix the mechanism, it is enough to put a new spring or replace the cord.

Starting assembly

The starter knot is assembled in several stages:

  • The coil is inverted by installing it so that the spring bend is accurately inserted into the groove of the casing, as in the photo below;
  • lay two washers between which a spring is installed;
  • put a cup of antennas in place;
  • screw the screw (photo further).

When performing the above manipulations, it is necessary Put two goals

If this is not done, the spring will ultimately damage the plastic cup, and when it is raised, it will begin to get stuck. Because of this, there is a feeling that spring flew. To eliminate this drawback, you need to install this part of a larger length or an additional goal.

When such spare parts are absent, you can slightly Unscrew the screw

, And the starting knot will begin to work without jamming. But this option is temporary. It is better to repair it with high quality as quickly as possible.

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