Replacing the STIHL 180 chain saw starter cord

Replacing the starter cord and return spring

The STIHL MS 180 is one of the most reliable chainsaws in its class. But machinery meets machinery, and from time to time malfunctions occur which may require repairs to the STIHL ms 180.

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You will be interested to know more about the repair of nodes, read the article.

Is it possible to repair the saw with your own hands?

That is the first question you should ask yourself if you have a STIHL chain saw 180 and for some reason it does not operate normally. It is absolutely impossible to answer which one. The right thing to say is: of course, but is it necessary? Creating a chainsaw repair in the service center is more expensive than trying to fix the problems with their own hands, but using the services of professionals, you get a guarantee and confidence in the fact that the chainsaw will be correctly adjusted and tuned. That, it is up to you to make a choice.

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The next aspect of the choice between repair without assistance or not, is that for the diagnosis of chain saw and its future disassembly and repair, you need to have some special tools and some knowledge of the construction of the saw. Otherwise you can’t even unscrew and remove the handwheel without damaging it.

Doing repairs on your own saw, it’s quite common to break the dural fan blades located on the flywheel. This occurs because during disassembly do not use a special crankshaft stopper, and try to fix the method of installation screwdriver between the body of the saw and the flywheel blades, which leads to sad consequences. Flywheel nut has a tightening torque, and the blades are brittle can not withstand such an effort.

Tools for repairing the STIHL 180

To make a relatively high-quality repair of a STIHL chainsaw

ms 180 without the help of others, will need to have:

  • Air compressor (for chainsaw cleaning and purging the main assemblies and units);
  • Vacuum gauge, needed to check the tightness of the crankcase and carburetor, and also to identify defective seals;
  • Piston stop to limit the stroke of the crankshaft;
  • Electronic tachometer, in order to properly adjust the carburetor of a chainsaw;
  • STIHL Torx 27 t-wrench or equivalent;
  • crankshaft bearing puller.

Only with these tools can the STIHL 180 chain saw be repaired with your own hands.

Common breakdowns on the STIHL 180

Common faults on STIHL chain saws include:

  • Breakage of the starter cord;
  • Worn drive sprocket;
  • Leaks in the oil system for chain lubrication;
  • Worn worm gear of oil pump;
  • Air intake through the oil seals into the engine crankcase;
  • No spark on spark plug;
  • Lack of fuel supply with malfunctions in the carburetor (we will not dwell on them, as the repair and adjustment of the chainsaw carburetor, the issue is wide enough and will be considered in a separate article);
  • Breakage of the lug on the engine control lever.

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Now let’s take a closer look at the malfunctions and start with the repair of the oil pump.

Repair the oil supply system

If you can’t get oil to the chain, you need to diagnose the whole system and find the reason. There may be several main causes:

  • Clogged oil filter or oil system;
  • Lack of threads in oil pump worm gear;
  • A clogged or defective pump itself;
  • The oil system is leaking (there will be oil leaks on the bottom of the chainsaw).

To check the threads on the oil pump worm drive, you will need to remove the chain saw’s drive sprocket and unscrew the clutch. To do this, unscrew the spark plug and install a piston stopper in its place, thereby ensuring that the crankshaft of the tool is reliably secured against turning.

Next, remove the cover on the bar side of the STIHL 180, use a screwdriver to remove the retaining ring that holds the drive sprocket, and then remove the sprocket itself.

If necessary, the chain saw STIHL 180 chainwheel sprocket can be replaced in the same way.

Unscrew the clutch with a 19 mm bit and a screwdriver. Unscrew the clutch in clockwise direction, i.e. к. left-hand thread. There is a deflector plate behind the clutch and it too must be removed. Next part is the oil pump worm drive. Having inspected and found the absence of plastic thread, you can safely throw out the part and install a new one instead. к. its restoration is impossible. Reassemble the STIHL 180 in the reverse order.

Replacing the starter rope on the STIHL MS 180 chain saw

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MS 180 STIHL Replacement of the starter rope!

Tips for chain saw repair and service

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If the gear is in normal condition, continue disassembling the saw, for this purpose remove the corkscrews from the shock absorbers, unscrew the rear handle and disconnect the throttle control rod, then the handle assembly is removed from the shock absorbers with a powerful slotted screwdriver.

How to Replace a Starter Rope on a Stihl ChainsawThe Easy Way by Bobby

It is necessary to remove the handles in order to provide access to the bottom where the oil pump is installed

In the next step the oil hose from the oil tank is removed from its seat on the housing and the line is checked for blockages by blowing air through the oil hose into the oil tank housing. If it is found clogged it must be cleaned. If this is not possible the hose must be replaced.

Then the oil pump is removed from the STIHL 180 chain saw and rinsed in petrol.

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How to Replace Chainsaw Pull Cord. Stihl MS180C

STIHL oil pumps are generally rare to fail and need to be replaced. Usually the reason for a clogged oil supply is blockage, so if you wash and check the pump gear for spinning you can be sure that after reassembly of the STIHL 180 chain saw your oil supply problems will disappear.

After repairing the STIHL 180 chain saw, it is reassembled in the reverse order

The STIHL 180 STIHL is designed to keep the oil hose from leaking out of the oil sump. It is necessary to wash the hose and the hole for its installation with gasoline, then blow it with compressed air until it dries completely, and coat it with oil-resistant sealant, then install it in place.

The STIHL 180 chain saw control button is broken. how to fix it

, If it is the operator’s fault, it is a fault in the engine control mechanism. precisely, when the landing place for the control lever breaks due to its design features, to solve this problem it will be necessary to replace the saw housing, which is quite difficult to do on your own. Let’s consider the algorithm of repair with their own hands, which is the replacement of the chainsaw body:

  • The housing is released from the handle assembly;
  • The starter is removed, for this purpose from the fuel and oil tank remove the covers and unscrew the starter mounting screws;
  • Next, the piston stopper is installed through the spark plug hole in the cylinder, the flywheel is unscrewed and removed from the engine shaft;
  • The drive sprocket is removed and the clutch is unscrewed;
  • Unscrew the two 8 mm nuts holding the air filter housing and carburettor and remove the modules from their seats;
  • Next, the 4 screws that hold the engine to the housing are loosened. The STIHL180 has special bushings in the engine housing where the screws hold the engine, which can fall out on their own and be lost.
  • The last moment, is the removal of the oil pump, carburetor rubber elbow and fuel and oil tanks.

Parts must be installed in the new housing in reverse order. In parallel with the elimination of the main fault, you can check the rubber elbow of the carburetor, the part, which has exhausted its resource and has lost elasticity, is to be replaced.

Replacing oil seals

How to repair a STIHL 180 chain saw if the oil seals need replacing? It is necessary to disassemble the engine, which first requires removing it from the chainsaw. To remove it, follow the procedure described under: “The STIHL 180 chain saw control key is broken. how to fix it”.

After the engine is removed, 4 screws are loosened fixing the tray and the engine tray is removed. Removing the oil pan gives you access to the oil seals and bearings of the crankshaft.

An important element in replacing the oil seals is to reassemble the oil pan and seal it.

Stihl MS180c Chainsaw Pull Cord Repair With “Easy2Start” Feature

To do it properly you need to clean and degrease the oil pan and the place where it is installed on the cylinder, and then put sealing compound on it, and tighten it crosswise until it reaches the desired tension.

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At the time of installation of the pallet, it is important not to mix up the location and install so that the casting to hold the oil pump housing, was located in the opposite direction from the flywheel, otherwise put the engine back into the saw housing, will be impossible.

Reassembly of the chainsaw after repair is carried out in the reverse order.

How to replace a starter cord

It is quite common for a starter cord to need to be replaced because it has been broken. Let’s see how it can be replaced without going to the service center.

To remove the starter from a STIHL 180 chain saw is fairly easy, even without removing the handle assembly, to do this you need to loosen the mounting screws and remove the oil and fuel tank covers. Then lift and twist the starter grip a little and take it out of its seat.

The starter rope is wound onto a special reel, which is installed in the housing of the part. You do not need to remove the reel to change the cord.

To replace the starter rope, use original STIHL rope with a suitable diameter. If the cord is thicker, the number of coils of cord wound on the drum will be reduced, which will reduce the working stroke of the starter.

After the cord is wound on the drum, you must put it through the body of the starter and set the handle to fix it with a few knots made one after another. Next, the working stroke of the starter is checked, and if everything is in order, the part is installed in its place.

Starter malfunctions and troubleshooting

What other problems can occur with the starter motor?? One of them, it is a failure of the return spring, which can not be repaired and the part must be replaced.

This should only be done by a STIHL service center, because.к. the process is quite complex and requires some practice.

Another possible way to fix a starter motor defect is to replace the whole starter with a new one. As a rule, the starter assembly can be easily purchased at a specialized store, and its replacement in the assembly, can be carried out without some experience.

replacing, stihl, chain, starter

Adjusting the STIHL 180 ignition

STIHL MS 180 chain saws have an electronic ignition system which can be adjusted by adjusting the gap between the handwheel and the ignition coil of the STIHL 180 saw. For adjustment you need to remove the starter, loosen the two screws holding the ignition coil and putting a strip cut out of a plastic bottle between the flywheel and coil contacts, tighten the mounting screws.

To check the clearance, turn the flywheel and check the coil contacts are not rubbing against it.

No petrol. remedy the problem yourself

The reason for this lies in the carburetor malfunction. STIHL ms 180 chain saw assembly and parts overview STIHL ms 180 chain saw disassembly. To repair the node, it will need to be dismantled. Quality chainsaw starter repair as cord fixation replacement in. However, before disassembling the carburetor on the STIHL 180 chain saw, don’t forget to disconnect the throttle link and the ignition wire from it. How to rebuild your chain saw starter with your hands. Chainsaw starter cord replacement. duration. Further actions are as follows:

  • The carburetor assembly is attached to the saw structure with 4 screws. Unscrew them and remove the assembly from the chain saw. Before removing the carburetor, be sure to wear gloves so you don’t get your hands dirty with oil;
  • Before you clean the carburetor, you will need to apply household degreaser to its walls. Wait 5 minutes and start wiping the walls of the assembly;

Changing the starter cord on the BENZOPILA starter!

After cleaning the carburetor, you need to readjust the chainsaw’s ignition. To find out how to set the ignition, see your chain saw instruction manual. If you have lost the manual and do not know how to adjust the ignition, then proceed in this order:

  • Remove the starter cover and remove the four screws;
  • Inspect the spark plugs. This article takes an in-depth look at adjusting a chainsaw carburetor with three adjusting screws, as well as adjusting a STIHL 180 chainsaw carburetor with one screw. If they are clean, make sure the clearance between the magnets and the flywheel is correct. The optimum gap is 0.4 mm.
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To avoid having to regularly repair the carburetor, try to use quality fuel and oil from trusted manufacturers.

How to repair the starter on a chainsaw

The cause of malfunction of the chainsaw’s starting system may be:

  • The drive pulley. This part is subjected to high axial and radial loads, so it is recommended to inspect the pulley for damage and cracks on the back of the housing before starting work. If necessary, repair or replace with a new part.
  • The spring mechanism. If it has lost its properties or there are cracks or breaks in it, it is necessary to replace this element. It is also advisable to inspect the fastening points for defects.
  • Rope starter system. Inspect the rope for wear and damage. If necessary, replace the part and install it on the pulley.


Diagnose the starting system of the tool as follows:

  • Unscrew the fixing screws and remove the cover.
  • Unscrew the screw that secures the mechanism to the protective cover.
  • Smoothly start the starter by removing the spring and clips.
  • To inspect for wear and tear and for defects, dismantle the coil with the cable.
  • Check the fuel system for water. If there is water inside the system, the fuel fluid must be replaced.
  • Inspect the power unit for overfilling with fuel fluid. In this case it is necessary to unscrew and dry the spark plug, pull the starter by removing the air damper.
  • Check the spark plug for spark.

Changing the cord

The following tools will be required to make a cord replacement:

To replace the starter cord, proceed as follows

  • Unscrew the fastening screws that hold the side cover in place with a screwdriver.
  • Then remove the starter from the tool body.
  • Then rotate the cover and inspect.
  • Then dismantle the clamp and the spring.
  • Untie the knot in the rope.
  • Must pull out the pulley, on which the cord is wound. Remove the cord and replace it with a new one.
  • Then put the pulley back in place and tie the rope to the knot. Install the clamp and the spring.
  • Then screw the cover back on by means of the fixing screws.
  • Finally, reassemble the starter motor and fasten the lacing screws.

Repair the spring

Procedure for repairing the starter system spring:

  • Remove the starter from the tool body.
  • Remove protective cap.
  • Wrap the cord from the end of the pulley to avoid cranking the mechanism.
  • Insert the other end of the cord through the opening of the cover.
  • Pull the cord out to 17-20 cm to check the pulley rotation of the spring mechanism.
  • Check the spring after pulling and releasing the mechanism.
  • Unscrew the pulley circle from the side of the alternator by removing the 3 mounting bolts.
  • Remove the pulley and the cord.
  • Check the condition of parts for wear and tear and check for damage and breaks. If the spring break is small, it can be repaired by welding.

How to install the spring

In order to install a new spring, proceed as follows:

  • Carefully remove the cage.
  • Inspect the inside of the cage that houses the spring mechanism near the C-piece.
  • Secure and tighten the upper part of the spring with a finger and pull aside the crank of the starter mechanism.
  • Remove the worn out mechanism and coil up a new spring. You should avoid kinking and twisting the element.
  • Assemble the new spring mechanism. It is recommended to do this slowly so that the mechanism does not unwind.
  • Fill the spring and insert it into the starter mechanism.
  • Carefully fix the cage.

STIHL chain saws with basic repair instructions for your own hands

STIHL chain saw is a tool that is designed for cutting wood, working plants, landscaping and other household purposes. STIHL chain saw repair is necessary if any part is broken or fails.

The main reason that a STIHL MS 180 chain saw will not start is a potential problem with the spark plug. Signs of this fault are detected by unscrewing the spark plug and inspecting. If you find that the spark plug is wet, you need to look for the cause of the lack of spark on the spark plug.

Spark plug malfunction

The first thing to do is check if the spark plug is working.

This can be fixed quite easily. The spark plug is inserted into the cap of the high-voltage wire and pressed to the engine cylinder, then the starter is moved several times, if no spark is observed between the electrodes of the spark plug, then it is faulty or the ignition module is defective.

Checking spark plugs for the formation of sparks is carried out with the ignition on.

In order to know for sure that the problem is in the spark plug, it is necessary to check a known faulty spark plug in the same way. If the test results in the spark appeared, then the problem is found and to fix the problem we replace the spark plug with a new one.

Problems with the ignition coil

The ignition coil, also called the module, is not dismantled, so it is very difficult to determine its performance without a special tool. If the spark on the working spark plug has not appeared, suspicion arises that the coil is to blame. But do not immediately remove the old coil and run to the store, the problems may be of a slightly different nature.

No gap between flywheel and ignition module

In some cases, the lack of spark on the spark plug, is explained by the wrong gap between the contacts of the ignition module or flywheel. It may be larger, or it may not be there at all, and then there are scratches on the flywheel surface formed by contact with the contacts of the coil.

It is possible to check and set the gap without having a special tool. To do this you will need to remove the starter, loosen the two screws that secure the coil and put a plate cut out of a plastic bottle between the handwheel pins and the ignition module, then tighten the module mounting screws.

If after such a clearance adjustment the spark appeared, all is well, you can continue to work with the STIHL 180 chainsaw, if not, you must re-inspect and check whether the flywheel is not rubbing on the coil contacts again. Let’s assume that as a result of the check it was found out that after adjusting the backlash, there is no backlash again. Then the cause is most likely in the crankshaft bearings.

Defective crankshaft bearings

If the bearings of the crankshaft are defective, there is a slight play on the crankshaft. Check for play by rocking the STIHL 180 chain saw flywheel from side to side. If there is play, it means that under the action of its magnets, the flywheel is attracted to the contacts of the ignition coil, t. к. the backlash on the bearings allows it to do this and the spark is lost as a result.

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STIHL MS 180 has this problem too, it feels like the engine speed is stuttering or just not reaching its maximum values.

Crankshaft bearing replacement

Have the bearings on the crankshaft replaced by a STIHL servicing workshop. к. Replacing it involves completely dismantling the STIHL 180 chain saw and removing all its major components.

Without prior experience or at least similar chainsaw repair skills it is not possible to change the crankshaft bearings in a quality manner.

So we’ve got the problem with the lack of spark, but what do we do if there is a spark, but the answer to why the STIHL 180 chain saw won’t start? The cause can be in the fuel system.

The 180 model is the most popular, but there are also a number of other interesting STIHL chainsaws, for example: MS 170, MS 210, MS 230, MS 250, MS 270, MS 280.

By the way, many buyers wonder whether to take the 170 model, it is very similar to the 180, in more detail, read the comparative article here.

Disassembling the clutch and oil pump drive

Before you can disassemble the clutch, you must first remove the drive sprocket. To do this, carefully remove the lock washer from the grooves on the shaft and remove the sprocket and needle bearing.

High head on 19, it is necessary to unscrew clutch. It has a left-hand thread, so it unscrews toward the guide bar and not toward the rear of the STIHL 180.

Having unscrewed and removed the clutch, you must immediately remove the deflector plate and the oil pump drive, it is easy to do this, t. к. they are put on the shaft without any fastening.

How to repair the chain saw starter: Instructions for every part (photos and video)

Carry out diagnostics or repair tools, much easier and more effective, if you have an understanding of the principle of its operation. To facilitate and accelerate the process of restoring the starter, it is recommended to know what it consists of and how it works. The overall picture, in a very clear and concise way, is presented below. Let’s start with the main components of the mechanism:

  • The starter cover is the basis for securing parts and protecting them. Necessary for internal circulation of air blown by the flywheel rotation to provide engine cooling.
  • Handle. an external element with a fixed end of the rope wrapped around the drum and unwinding it when it is pulled out of the body.
  • Ribbon spring. performs the return of the drum to its original position, winding the cable back.
  • Spring housing. provides insulation to the ribbon spring and secures its end to prevent it from twisting under tension.
  • Starter drum. the central element of the mechanism that interacts with all components. Has a hole for fixation and a rope winding groove.
  • Ratchet spring. performs an auxiliary role, adding a few turns after the cable is fully pulled. Not found on all chainsaw models and can be band or screw shaped.
  • Ratchet. the outer part of the drum, with catching protrusions that rest in the handwheel dogs when pulling the lever.
  • The dogs are spring-loaded stops that transmit the rotation from the drum to the flywheel and crankshaft. Precise shape and positioning ensure confident engagement of the ratchet teeth when pulling out the wire, and free rotation in the opposite direction when unwinding.

Having considered the main components and their functional purpose, it is possible to shed light on a more pressing topic and disassemble the principle of action of the chainsaw starter by the chain of interaction of the mechanism parts. The starting process begins by pulling the handle, which pulls the cable, thus unscrewing the ratchet drum. The ratchet teeth rest on the doggies attached to the handwheel and transfer the rotation to the crankshaft.

In one second jerk of the handle, the handwheel and shaft make about 4 revolutions, powering the entire saw system. During this moment, the fuel-air mixture is fed into the combustion chamber, and the spark formed in the coil ignites it, pushing the piston, which begins to rotate the crankshaft already from inside the engine. In most cases, a serviceable, cold saw starts with 3 or 4 strokes, and with a relieved starter even faster.

The starter for a chainsaw: the device, breakdowns and repair with their own hands

Presented with chainsaw starter repair after a broken starter cord. Without a starter cord, the chainsaw becomes completely inoperable, there is no other way to start the tool. Repair is examined using a chainsaw Partner P350S, clever reliable start this saw requires a minimum of 4-5 times to pull the starter cord to make the saw work, so I guess the first problem was a broken cord. The cord does not break right away, first the protective cord is torn and prevents you from starting the saw. It is better not to wait for all the strings to break and to repair the cord beforehand. It is not necessary to invent anything, the repair should not cause difficulties, but the exact observance of the conditions of assembly is mandatory. The step by step instruction with a scheme of actions with photos and video is given below.

Remove the three screws that secure the starter motor cover. The spark plug wrench and straight screwdriver that is included will work for this process, but it is better to use a normal tool for quicker operation.

Removing the starter. The chainsaw is equipped with a soft starter mechanism, which is located above the cord reel.

Remove the screws for the soft starter mechanism and the starter coil. Take care not to lose the washer!

The chainsaw is an indispensable tool not only for the outdoorsman, but also in construction. If you need to save up some firewood for the winter, there’s no sense at all going to the woods without a chain saw. With proper use of the tool it can serve for a long time, but in any case, sooner or later different types of faults will arise. One of such malfunctions is the breakage of the starter motor, as a result of which it is difficult to start the engine. In this situation it is advisable to perform the repair of a chainsaw starter with your own hands. How to do this, we will learn in the material.

What other types of starters are suitable for power tillers??

Every owner of power tillers should understand that at first absolutely all starters work perfectly and can please their owners with such state of affairs for about a year. But this kind of joy doesn’t last long without periodic lubrication, inspection of parts and a commensurate amount of jerking force. Take good care of your starter, and it will return the favor with great performance and long life.

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