Reverse hammer for removing diesel injectors

How to Make a Reverse Hammer to Remove Injectors With Your Hands

Before designing decide on the dimensions. usually a length of 50 cm is enough to crawl under the hood and remove a burned nozzle. You can find and download the drawing on the Internet.

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Diesel injectors need to be replaced and repaired. Repair parts is not difficult, the question may arise with how to dismantle them. The car repair shops use special tools, the price of which starts from 30 ths. Therefore, to remove nozzles with their own hands, drivers often make a reverse hammer. You need a locksmith’s and lathe’s skills, experience with welding machines, cutting tools.

Pneumatic nozzle remover SMC-140

A considerable amount of force is required to dismantle heavily adhered to the cylinder head of the fuel injection injectors. Doing it manually is difficult, inconvenient and often impossible. However, the pneumatic nozzle hammer provides efficient self-disassembly from the diesel engine for maintenance and repair. Limited space in the engine compartment is no obstacle for the pneumatic extractor.

Pneumatic nozzle remover SMC-140

Small size allows easy access and quick removal. Due to the high frequency of ejection impact, it takes a few minutes to remove the entire set of diesel injectors. To start the compressed air is used, fed through the line at a pressure of 7.5-8.5 atmospheres. Low weight of the device (a little more than 1 kg) and its compact design facilitate easy access to the nozzles, which can be removed from the engine.

Reverse hammers

No vehicle in the world is immune to damage caused by accidents, except for those that are exhibits in a museum. Some defects can be corrected, but this requires additional knowledge and experience, so you can’t do without professional help. Looping recesses on the body of the car by professionals in car repair shops is performed quite often, so the presence of such a device as a reverse hammer is mandatory in every workshop of “iron horses”.

Bodywork restoration is one of the types of repair work that car enthusiasts are treated to. With significant damage to the body of the vehicle is usually used set for straightening, but if the damage appeared before the workers auto salon in the form of a dent, then use a reverse hammer. In most cases, this tool is needed to level the body surface and restore the smoothness of the body. It is important to know that this tool is not recommended for repairing large body areas such as the roof, hood, trunk lid, etc.к. it can pull the metal out.

The principle of operation of this technique consists in drilling a small hole, into which the tool is lowered with a specially selected nozzle. The end of the reverse hammer is attached to the body part of the vehicle, after which it is pulled towards itself, in which process the dented section of the car body is straightened. After that they start to tidy up the damaged area of the metal. The damage is cleaned and degreased, then comes the process of priming, and then painting. In most cases, it is necessary to resort to the help of reverse hammers, even if after their use it is necessary to touch up some parts of the body, but they are the only option to repair the body of the car.

After reviewing our product catalog, you can also pick up a tool for various types of repair work associated with the restoration of the appearance of the body. The equipment offered on our website is used by repair shops, which are distinguished by a high level of professionalism. Therefore, you should have no doubts about the quality and reliability of the equipment to eliminate any problems with your car. For example, if your car needs a brake system repair and you are confident in your abilities, you can buy brake fluid tools in our online catalog.

Reverse hammer to remove the nozzles with their own hands drawing, list of materials, instructions for manufacturing

Having the necessary components and knowing the principle of action you can independently make a drawing for your exclusive reverse hammer and make the removal of nozzles without dismantling the cylinder head.

Nozzles of diesel engines need to be replaced and repaired. To restore the parts is not difficult, the question may arise with how to dismantle them. In car repair shops use a special tool, the price of which starts from 30 thousand rubles. Therefore, to remove nozzles with their own hands, drivers often make a reverse hammer. To do this you need to have a fitter and lathe skills, experience with welding machine, cutting tools.

Improvised dismantling methods

Dismantling with your own hands, it is important to remember about the risk of damaging the cylinder head. If excessive force is applied, part of the seating can come off along with the nozzle. Without a costly repair afterwards can not do, so it is forbidden to squeeze out the nozzle with improvised means, such as a peorator or a jackhammer.

Self-made nozzle remover allows you to remove the nozzle without using a Vibropac. In doing so, the chance of damaging the cylinder head and the duration of extraction increases. The life of a homemade device is short, so torn threads during disassembly is not uncommon.

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Pneumatic injector remover ODA Service ODA-3203

Pneumatic diesel nozzle remover uses reverse hammer principle. Nozzle remover is very handy when working in the limited space under the hood. Suitable for a large number of injectors Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens.

Examples of injector connections with nozzle remover:

The device has been successfully tested in diesel services and has positive feedback from mechanics. Tested on vehicles such as ssang yong, mercedes benz, BMW and many others.

Thanks to the power of the pneumatic hammer blow, in 90% of cases it is possible to dismantle severely hardened, wedged and rusted diesel injectors without opening the cylinder head which in its turn saves much time, energy, nerves and money during repair.

Set of pneumatic pullers includes adapters for basic injectors:

Additionally, it is possible to purchase adapters for injectors that are not included in the basic package (note, the photos show the adapters without finishing, on sale will be presented adapters after processing and painting):

About delivery times and of additional adapters you can learn from the manager by calling the store.

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Diesel Injector Air Hammer Removal Tool Test

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