Rotary harrow for power tiller with your own hands

Harrow for power tiller with its own hands: sizes, drawings, video

rotary, harrow, power, tiller, your, hands

Harrow for a power tiller is an attachment that is used for chopping the top layer of soil after plowing or at the same time. Such a device is used in the process of sowing seeds, as well as for leveling the land after rough treatment.

However, this unit is not often used. This is because most power tillers are of the cultivator type. This makes it unnecessary to harrow the soil after tillage. But when more oversized models are used, it is necessary to use harrows, in particular, after plowing of virgin plots or green manure. Harrowing with a power harrow speeds up drying as well as heating of topsoil. This improves the absorption of beneficial properties from the ground by the plants planted, which increases the absorption of fertilizers.

Designation and types of harrows for power tillers

While it used to look like tied spruce logs with long knots, it is now a whole upgraded design. And it is not surprising, because time does not stand still. Such equipment performs several functions:

  • Keeps soil from drying out.
  • Smoothes the soil surface.
  • Good for removing weeds from the site.
  • Breaks up the top layer of soil.

Tooth harrow for tiller

Harrowing with a power harrow with this design is used in the case when it is necessary to achieve an even and loose layer of soil. The teeth are evenly spaced and come in a variety of shapes and sizes: square, stabby, round, and more. The length of the tines directly depends on its weight, the greater the weight, the longer the tines. Usually their dimensions range from 25 to 45 mm.

Tooth harrows can be of several types of connection with the frame. In the first case, through the spring stand, and in the second. articulated. Also, sometimes you can meet designs with movable oscillating or rotating frames. And very actively used in the farm also rotary harrows. This type of harrow is divided into:

Rotary harrow for tiller

The main advantage of this type of equipment is that it perfectly removes the top layer of soil. Even though it is good for elementary levelling of the ground. Its depth can be adjusted depending on the purpose and specifics of the tasks, and usually consists of 4. 8 cm.

the harrow width should not only be limited by the dimensions of the walking tractor but also by the size of the area to be covered. Usually the width of the construction is in the range of 800. 1400 mm.

It is important when buying such a harrow to look at the position of tines. They need to be angled and the blades need to be oblique. Such features indicate that this equipment will not only be effective, but also will last for many years.


The essence and function of such a harrow is basically no different from the previous types. The only difference is the harrow design itself, where each disc is located on a separate axle. Most often such equipment is used on dry land. But it should be noted that, according to reviews, such a canopy often breaks.

Rotary harrow

The rotary harrow for a power tiller is used for removing the topsoil layer. There is no need to pre-mow the layer of grass before cultivating the ground.

  • consists of pairs of discs placed horizontally on the axles. Discs with wedge-shaped teeth with beveled cuts;
  • Working depth in the range of 5-7 cm;
  • Working width is fixed 140 cm;
  • Suitable for incorporation of fertilizers, crop residues.

Harrow for Neva power tiller

Neva motoblocs are among the best quality and most demanded on the domestic market. For them, there is a wide range of attachments, which can be purchased from the manufacturer or make their own hands. The universal H-type coupling makes it easy to hitch up the machine.

Any type of harrow can be suitable for the Neva power tiller, depending on the purpose of the equipment and the resources required. Any of these kinds can be made with improvised means. To couple the homemade harrow with the tiller you need a quality hitch, which you can also make with your own hands.

It is much more pleasant if the harrow on a single-axle tractor is made by your own hands. So, today we will tell you how to make a harrow yourself.

Such types of harrows are used for power harrows:

The rotary harrow lets you effectively remove the topsoil. The working depth can be adjusted from 4 to 8 cm. The harrow width is a very important factor that affects the land cultivation speed in the garden. Obviously, the bigger the harrow, the bigger the power of the power harrow. Rotary harrows have drums with sharp metal strips (see. video), which are installed at an angle. Not only that, this harrow allows you to remove plant residues from the soil.

Harrow for a power harrow with their own hands: drawings

Drawing of a homemade design

The disc harrow does the same job, but its design is different. Here the working tool is the discs, which are attached separately on special stands. The toothed harrow has tines that are equally spaced on the same structure. Usually the tines are up to 30 centimeters long.

So, before you make your own harrow, you need to decide on the design features, as well as study the drawings.

The harrow design is very simple. This is a metal frame that has an attachment for a power harrow. To make repairs easy, the tines should not be welded, but bolted together.

Homemade tooth harrow for power tiller

It is the easiest to make with your own hands. It will be enough to have materials, an angle grinder and a welding inverter. Allows topsoil loosening and the incorporation of small seeds. It is not an active harrow and is suitable for operation with a tractor-type power harrow.


The harrow has a grid, to which the tines are rigidly welded or bolted. At the front of the harrow there is a hitch. usually a hole in the hitch, which is inserted into the tow bar pipe of the power harrow and then secured with a pin. A chain must be welded between the harrow and the coupling bar. without this the ploughman would have great difficulty in working.

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The harrow must be sufficiently strong. It can be made of square or water pipes and angles. The thickness of the metal must be at least 3-4 mm, otherwise the tines, welded to a thin-walled tube, will tear out during work together with the metal of the tube.

The design of the harrow can be in the form of a cage consisting of longitudinal and transverse elements. But a grate, in which the “bars” are welded at an angle of 45 degrees to the direction of motion of the motobloc. such a grate will be less exposed to bending loads.

The mesh size should be adjusted to the position of the tines. The best thing to do is to figure out in advance how your tines will be positioned, and sketch it in the drawing, and then over them draw the grid to which they are attached. The size of the frame should be so that it does not interfere with your power tiller.

The frame of the harrow must not extend beyond the handles of the walking tractor.

Observe the dimensions of the hitch. Do not make the bar too wide. a single-axle tractor will not pull more than 1 meter.

The teeth are best made of riffled reinforcing steel of 10 to 18 mm in diameter. The length of each tooth. 10 to 20 cm. The coupling height of the power tiller does not influence the tine height. the harrow is attached by the chain. The longer the tooth, the thicker it should be. It is desirable to sharpen the teeth before mounting, and be sure to harden them.к. Unhardened tines will bend during operation. On light soils, you can use a harrow with unsharpened tines.

The frequency of their placement should be not less than every 10 cm. if you do less, harrowing will be ineffective. The tines can be set a little off in every row so that they can be welded comfortably and will produce the desired degree of work. At the same time it is necessary to calculate that their resistance is directed symmetrically to the traction axis, otherwise the single-axle tractor will “wag” and it will be impossible to harrow with it.


Assembly is carried out after a preliminary drawing and preparation of all parts. First the harrow is assembled and welded together. After that the tines are welded to it. It is important to do this at right angles. As a rule, hardened teeth are not annealed after welding, and their strength does not change.

After that determine approximately where the center of force application will be and weld the chain to this place. They take the first link of the chain and overlap it on the grate. After that, the second end of the chain is welded or bolted to the hitch. After the harrow is attached, its performance is checked. If necessary, the chain is re-welded to the left or right if the harrow goes to one side or the other, and then finally welded on.

Look at other homemade tools for the tiller.

Rotary harrow for power tiller with my own hands

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Tags: Rotary harrow for power tiller with his own hands

Homemade harrow for power harrow blueprints

A harrow for a power tiller is an implement attached to a power tiller or mini-tractor.

  • loosening, mixing and levelling the soil without turning it;
  • weed removal;
  • thinning of overgrown crops;
  • Destruction of dry crust on the ground;
  • placement of seed and fertilizer in the ground
  • Increasing the aeration of the soil.

The impact on the soil is carried out by the tools attached to the common frame, such as:

Harrowing with a power harrow is an important agro-technical process of land treatment for increasing crop yield, quality of grain and technical products.

Types of harrows

Agricultural harrows are divided into types:

Tooth harrow. a simple mechanism, which is a frame made of metal with attached to it teeth of the required length. The power of a power tiller affects their number and frame size. The tines are arranged in a zigzag or rectangular shape and connected to the frame rigidly, articulated or on a spring leg.

Depending on how the tines are set. When they are installed with the sharp edge facing forward in the direction of travel, the loosening depth increases, when installed to the rear, it decreases.

The disc harrow differs from the toothed harrow in its working tool. Instead of tines, spherical-shaped discs with a smooth or notched cutting edge are attached to the frame and placed at an angle called the angle of attack. It varies and is 10-25°. During cultivation each disc cuts surface layer of soil, intensively breaks roots of weeds, mixes them with soil and compacts the soil. Agronomists recommend the use of a needle harrow for harrowing. The needles plunge into the ground and loosen it.

Disc harrows are attached to a power tiller via front or rear suspension.

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The rotary harrow is best suited for initial cultivation. The plunge cut penetration depth is 7 cm, but this factor does not prevent its use for loosening virgin soil. It is similar in appearance to a cultivator and a disc harrow.

The rotary tool for the power tiller consists of 6 edges, a disc and a sleeve. Its working elements are sharpened plates, which are arranged at different angles.

The active rotary harrow is mounted on shafts instead of wheels or a soil tiller, which greatly increases its performance, especially on virgin and heavy soils. For high-quality work it is better to combine it with high-powered power tillers with gearboxes.

Tooth harrow with its own hands

Self-made tooth harrow for a tiller differs from the factory one in the quality of material used to make it. The factory model is made of structural steel that can withstand heavy and intensive use. Consider how to make your own harrow with the same properties.

Tooth harrow for power harrow with your own hands can be made by any craftsman. The process is simple. The design is simple and has no complicated connections.

First it is necessary to design a harrow on a single-axle tractor with your own hands with drawings, giving an idea of the dimensions, knots of connection and the general scheme.

The implement is made of steel strip, square tube or angle.

The algorithm for making a tine device is as follows:

  • Metal strips at an angle of 30° to each other are welded to the pipe from the underside. The edges must protrude evenly on both sides.
  • In the middle, a sleeve is installed by welding. The harrow is attached to the tiller with a pin through the bushing. Lifting height should be adjusted by the support for loosening depth.
  • At each edge of the steel band with bolts or welding set the teeth.
  • Fit the drawbar to the hub.
  • To adjust the tine position a screw is attached to the drawbar. The front and rear tines must engage equally in the soil.

Specialists recommend to make the working elements of the harrow from hardened steel. The tines should be made of ribbed reinforcing steel 10-14 mm in diameter and 10-20 cm long. The longer the tines, the thicker they should be. Before attaching them to the frame, they must be sharpened and hardened, otherwise they will bend.

Tooth harrow for a power tiller with their own hands. an excellent helper for small farmers and dacha owners who work their plots.

The disk harrow with their own hands

Disc tool. a more advanced model, which performs more functions for processing the land. The construction is more complicated, so it is better to buy a ready made device on the industrial market. But for those who are not afraid of work, you can make a disc harrow yourself.

The work on the manufacture comes down to the following:

  • You need discs and 2 pipes, which must be securely fastened to the power tiller’s shaft. The total length of the pipes must not exceed 1 m. Choose discs with a diameter of up to 20 cm.
  • On the discs with an angle grinder make cuts at a distance of 10 cm from each other around the circumference, in the center. the landing holes for further installation on the shaft.
  • Ready-made discs are installed on the shaft every 5-8 cm, with an inclination to the axis of the shaft: on the left side. to one side, on the right. to the other side.

It is not difficult to make a harrow for a motor-block with your own hands, but it requires correctly constructed according to the dimensions of the drawings, diagrams, tools and materials. The choice of device depends on the capabilities of the craftsman and the purpose of using the mechanism.

Active rotors for a power tiller with your own hands

The rotary harrow is a more complex design than a tooth harrow or disc harrow. Such a device is used for aeration and loosening the soil after harvesting, as well as for removing weeds and plowing to a depth of 10 cm.

Active rotors can be created from improvised means, and the first thing to do is to find drawings and dimensions. The length of the rotor can be from 70 to 100 cm, the diameter can be anything, the main thing is to match the dimensions of your power tiller.

In general terms, the design of a rotary harrow is several discs with blades on an axle or a tube with blades that should not be positioned perpendicularly, but at a slight angle to the surface. The simplest version is shown on the

Active rotors are installed instead of wheels or grousers, but depending on the design of the power unit, the equipment can be attached to the front as an attachment. That’s why it’s important to consider the design of the power harrow itself.

Harrow for the Neva power tiller

Neva motoblocs are among the highest quality and most demanded in the domestic market. There is a wide range of attachments for them, which can be purchased from the manufacturer or made by your own hands. Thanks to the universal H-coupling it is easy to hitch the machine to the implement.

Any type of harrow can be suitable for the Neva power tiller, it all depends on the purpose of the equipment, as well as the resources involved. Any of the types can be made using improvised means. Aggregate a self-made harrow with a power tiller with a quality hitch, which can also be made by hand.

Harrow for MTZ power harrow

Any harrow type is suitable for the MTZ power harrow, however it is important to take into account that their mounting types are different, for example, a rotary harrow is mounted instead of the wheels, a disc harrow is mounted as an attachment, but belongs to the active type, so its design must have an additional shaft for power take-off.

The simplest type of harrow in the performance is a tooth harrow, as no additional mechanisms are needed for its aggregation with a power harrow. Creating such a harrow with your own hands, you must first create drawings, think about the dimensions (working width), the type of mounting. MTZ power tillers are equipped with a universal H-type coupling, so the mounting bracket for the harrow must match it. It is possible to make a rigid mounting, consisting of a bracket with a handle, but a more affordable option would be mounting with a chain. For this purpose it is necessary to create a bracket with a frame, corresponding to the width of the harrow, on which the chains will be attached (they can be welded or mounted on hooks).

What kind of harrow for power tillers have you used??

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