Rotary mower which one to choose. The appointment of mowers for MTZ

Overview of the best rotary braids on MTZ. Characteristics, manufacturers and price analysis

Mitch for MTZ is produced by the Belarusian Tractor Plant, as well as imported and domestic companies. Among various models, the easiest in operation and maintenance is the rotary. In this article we will discuss the most interesting models, we will consider how the rotary mowing for MTZ, the positive and negative reviews of the owners about the KRN models and the KRR are arranged. Video and photo will help the reader to understand the models more.

The rotary mower allows you to perform a number of work to the owners of the MTZ tractor: to prepare hay for animals food, remove the grass before soil processing or planting, maintain order along the highway and forest belts. You can meet a mower in a communal, forestry. But the main use is on agricultural complexes and private possessions.

By the method of aggregation from the MTZ tractor, several types of rotary braids are distinguished:

According to the method of mowing, rotary braids can crush grass, mow and lay in even shafts, cut into a mowing (leave evenly throughout the field). For farmers who need hay harvesting for livestock, it is more profitable to choose a model with laying grass in shafts. So it will be easier to subsequently collect it with a pitchfork and put it in a stack.

If a mower for MTZ is necessary for begging grass along roads or on the fields before they are dressed, then mulching models will be optimal. The crushed grass does not need to be removed, it will be an additional source of top dressing to cultivated plants and will make the soil easier.

Rotor disk braids for MTZ 80/82 tractors have high performance and are suitable for farmers with large lands. Grass cutting is carried out by discs on which knives are located. During movement, the discs begin to spin and knives on moving hinges are straightened. The discs move in different direction and the grass is cut evenly.

The disk rotary model is convenient for processing meadows with an uneven surface, as well as for swampy and clogged areas. On top of the sides, the mower is protected by a metal casing, which makes it safe in work.

Types of mowers for a mini.Tractor and the principle of their work

Based on the design, there are two fundamentally different types: segment and rotary.


The segment mower works on the principle of scissors. It consists of a supporting beam and cutting knives operating from the engine through a cardan gear.

Knives or fingers, devices, by means of reciprocating movement cut off the grass that falls between them. The resulting green mass is divided into two parts from the central axis and is neatly folded on the ground. Such a mower is in demand in agriculture for hay harvesting or in utilities for processing roadsides of roads. She can also calmly mow rude grass.

As a drawback, you can specify a relatively low speed and the need to adjust when changing the type of surface.

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The rotary mower has become more widespread, it is much easier to maintain and works faster. Functionality is also higher: in addition to cutting, it is possible to lay grass or agricultural crops, adjust more accurately the height of the cut and work on a crossed area with a changing landscape.

The principle of action is this: one or two working platforms with knives are fixed on the frame, which when the mini.Tractor engine is turned on, extending, and cut off the grass. The centrifugal force provides smooth and continuous movement, and the convenient design allows you to easily bypass obstacles in the form of trees.

Which mower is better. Rotary or segment? What are their differences in the objects of use and use, maintenance?

Mitch for MTZ tractors, LTZ is a modern and effective way to care for its farm plot, mowing cereals or wild plants. Technologic models are used in the warm season and allow you to quickly put in order the agricultural territory. Haircut of vegetation, hay harvesting and maintaining order take a short time. Using hinging equipment for a tractor or its mini-option is much more convenient than outdated tools.

When choosing a mower for a tractor, manufacturers recommend paying attention to the following points:

  • Whether the attachment of the engine of the tractor engine corresponds to;
  • Whether the speed of rotation of the removable device and shaft of the selection of power of the motor.Tractor coincides;
  • Does the weight of the equipment exceed the permissible norms, that is, 30% of the mass of the tractor;
  • What type of fastening has agricultural rustication, and whether it is compatible with agricultural structures.

Before you purchase a hinged tool for a tractor, it is important to study the main parameters, dimensions of the equipment and operational and technical characteristics of the unit itself. And if they are compatible, then it remains only. Select the appropriate model at the most suitable cost.

Any type of mowl-cultivators is a significant relief of labor in agricultural work. To select a particular device, you need to familiarize yourself with the description of the models that indicate the list of used types of special equipment and power. Factors that will affect the acquisition: type of mowing vegetation, area and relief of the site, the purpose of the mowing and the cost of equipment.

Modern hayfields are represented by several types, each of which has its own pros and cons of. The choice between the rotary and segmented mitch-aggregate depends on the features of agricultural vehicles and the goals. Both that, and another device in high.Quality performance are productively, efficiently and firmly, and also affects the reliability of all equipment.

One. Compare constructive differences and area of ​​use

The rotary mower is a support frame on which several cutting discs are installed, usually 2 or 4. On the sides are sliding for sliding the device on the ground. The cutting of grass is carried out with discs with knives that spin while moving. They rotate in different directions so that the vegetation is cut evenly. In the mower you can change the angle of inclination. Rotary cultivators are convenient for processing swampy, clogged and uneven areas.

On the tractor, the braid is attached to the front, from the side or behind the frame. The unit also consists of a subframe, counterweight, drive, hydraulic system. The cutting system of the mower is based on the use of several rotors, depending on what equipment the mower is installed on. The hinged structure, which is located behind, does not have its own chassis, but it can have one or more wheels. A trailer device located in front of a walk.Behind tractor or tractor has its own frame, to which cutting parts and control elements are attached.

The segment mower is suitable for both the mini-tractor, and its more powerful option. The design of such a mower resembles many scissors that cut the grass. The use of hinged or trailer equipment several times accelerates hay harvesting.

rotary, mower, which, choose

The main nodes of the segment unit include: the frame base on the wheeled base, the cutting apparatus consisting of many knives, a drive and a bar. Height tuning occurs using lateral slopes. The executive body of the apparatus is of two types: segmented-fracture and two-legged nonsense.

We compare the principle of operation and technology of application

Rotor braids grind plants, mowing and laid in even shafts or evenly across the field, which significantly facilitates the transportation of hay. In many models there is a fuse that removes knives in a collision with any obstacle. Also, in some versions of mowers, knives can deviate to 45 °, which provides better cleanliness of the cut.

Modifications of this device differ among themselves by the number of cutting parts, the method of fastening and the processing area. Many models can be used to harvest feed, as weeds are equipped with a chopper. The work of the device occurs using the chipping shaft using conical, cardan or other transmission. Rotor.Type mowing devices are great for:

The rotary unit has sufficient maneuverability and ease of operation. Its width must be selected taking into account the volume of work and the size of the processed area.

Cutting canvas in a segment-paltate mowing consists of two metal parts: moving and motionless. According to the principle of operation, the mechanism of the device resembles scissors. The cutting details have the appearance of triangles with sharp edges, which are called segments or fingers. The grass is cut off, getting between the edges of the knives, laid in rows and is easy to collect it. The two.Legged Bespaltsevo mower is distinguished by two mobile parts that move mutually opposite. Such a device cuts it cleaner, does not clog with garbage. The main application for segmented mowers:

During the operation of segment units, protection measures must be observed. The segment mower easily copes with plants 10 mm thick and 3 mm wire.

Compare the features of service

The need for frequent maintenance of a segmented mower depends on its model. Hanging devices for large equipment may need this for each shift and at the end of the season of work. The mower for any tractor is cleaned of dirt, grass, the reliability of attaching the knives of the cutting plate is checked. Periodically, the sharpening of the elements or their replacement is required, the lubrication is also necessary. The segment mower is more difficult to maintain, since it has a more complex structure and a time.Consuming process of hanging.

rotary, mower, which, choose

We compare the advantages and disadvantages in general

The device of the braid

According to the principle of operation, the mowing mechanism resembles ordinary scissors. Cutting tools in it are triangles with sharp edges of rather large sizes (the so.Called segments or fingers). By the name of the knives, the segment mower itself was called the name.

The device of the segment mowing

On one of the two metal bars, which consists of cutting canvas are stationary segments. The second, mobile bar, connecting with the motionless, presses and cuts the grass that has fallen between them.

In the cutting canvas are the heads of a knife, shoes, friction plate and clipping.

The canvas moves above the ground, capturing the plants at the same time by the width of more than two meters. The grass lies in a dump. The performance of the segment mowing is very high.

The cutting mechanism by means of a traction rod is associated with a frame, which is attached to the canal of the tractor. By the method of fastening to the tractor, devices are distinguished:


The feeding is in full swing. Review of mowers

The main task, on the solution of which livestock breeders are racking their heads, how to prepare food in a short time with minimal losses. There is a solution! To do this, you will need high.Quality technique suitable for the type of herbs grown, field area, tractor power, and most importantly, the budget.

Spinning. The first stage of obtaining high.Quality green food. The spinning time is limited by the period of plant growing up, so the reliability and performance of the equipment in the midst of feeding are of great importance. It is with the choice of the right mowinglet that the process of feeding the feed begins.

What mowing is needed for a modern livestock breeder?

Today, the market offers a huge selection of units from different manufacturers, imported and domestic origin, hinged and trailed. But what are the points when choosing the most important? First, as few losses as possible during work, a complete collection of feed mass. Secondly, the speed of the machines is every minute in the account, especially for herbs that quickly lose nutritional value. Thirdly, the technical characteristics suitable for the conditions of a particular economy: field yields, climate of the region, type of land, number of heads of livestock. And, of course, all this should be affordable in price.

Make a mowing of grass on time is, of course, an important stage in obtaining high.Quality feed, but only part of the success. To get a truly nutritious food, it is necessary to guarantee the performance of the following functions: high speed of the mowing, the ability to work in fields with irregularities, the function of plumming, swelling, balanced weight of the machine, etc.

Mostly tractor mowers are divided by type of drive into rotary and belt. Belt use the power of rotation of the traction wheels, easily aggregated with the tractor, do not require configuration and are quite unpretentious. Rotary mowers operate directly from the engine and are characterized by increased performance. Installation of a rotary mower, like its operation, requires compliance with safety measures so as not to damage the machine and not disable the main mechanisms. Rotary mowers are considered more reliable, easy to operate and are easily repaired. The disk rotary model is convenient for processing meadows with an uneven surface, as well as for swampy and clogged areas.

Depending on the type of hitch, the mowing is. Hinged and trailed, posterior and frontal.

Also, the width of the capture has an important role in choosing a mowing room, especially when the farm already has a rake, peppers and other feeding equipment for feeding. It is important that the roll or wiped with a mower does not interfere and does not slow down the work of the rest of the technique. The width of the capture of mowers varies from 1.3 to 3.2 meters.

Richer mowers and additional options. For example, laying in a wax or roll, pluming and swelling. Combining the necessary options and technical features, you can get the perfect machine for a particular farm.

Rotor KRN-2,1B Rotor Production “Bezhetskselmash” have a capture width of 2.1 meters and 4 working rotors, on each of which 2 mowing knife. The model of the mowing is developed in compliance with norms and traditions, but at the same time new technologies and an improved design are used in production.

Modern protective device when meeting an obstacle. The fuse allows you to save the blades when meeting with obstacles arising in the way. When the mechanism of protection of the knives is triggered, the braids evade to the side of the angle up to 45 degrees.

The gearbox body is reinforced, and the working bodies are sealed.

Smarted grass is laid in an even roll, which facilitates the further work of the press recoil or transportation of hay.

KRN mower is aggregated with tractors of the traction class 0.9 and 1.4, for example, MTZ Belarus 82. Equipped with a three.Point system of hitch, which have at least 540 rpm with a rotation frequency, and at least 600 kg lifting. Stitching mowers can also work with such tractors as the T-40, MTZ-422, Belarus-622, HTZ-3512, LTZ-60AB, Agromash 50TK, YUMZ-6AKM40.2.

Rotor type haying

Consider the models of the hayfield for a mini.Tractor depending on the features of its use.

Snow.Bearing rotary equipment

Snow.Bearing mowers consist of a frame, on which working discs are fixed, as in the video. The structure on the wheel rests, with which the discs slide evenly along the surface of the field. The main weight of the structure is on a longitudinal beam with a pneumatic wheel and a trailed bracket. Starts and works under the influence of the selection of the power of the shaft of the mini.Vector. During transportation, the braid rises with hydraulic cylinders.

rotary, mower, which, choose


A mower with a three.Point element of aggregation is carried out in the Czech Republic. Suitable for the models of the mini-vector: MT8-132, Uralets, TK-12. Mobile and productive model allows you to remove vegetation in the most inaccessible places. It has a protective system from clashes with solid objects (stones, sticks, garbage) in the form of a rack with spring fuses.

Read more Technical characteristics of the SB-1200 mower:

TX Indicators
Width of the capture of the working bodies 1.2 m
The minimum bevel height 400 mm
Working discs 2 pcs.
The maximum speed of movement 4 km/h
Performance at minimum speed 0.7-1 ha/hour
The weight 110 kg
Price 110 000

You can buy a rotary SB-1200 in Russia only in specialized stores. The manufacturer sells products only wholesale and delivery will not be cheap.

Rotor attaching equipment

Hinged braids are considered the most popular among farmers. They are simply aggregated frontal with equipment, conveniently in settings and maintenance. Than 100 different models are represented on the market, which are designed for a mini.Vector with a capacity of 12 to 20 liters.With.

Hinged models for ministers of the working bodies can have from 1 to 5. Disks move towards each other and knives easily cope with the thick and hard vegetation.

Among the models for mini.Tractors Uralets, MTZ and Scout according to reviews are the most practical and inexpensive model DM 135, which can be considered on the video.

Rotor braid DM 135

They produce a mow in America, it is specially released for the Dong Feng mini.Tractor, but approaches Uralets and Scout. Cuts the grass evenly and puts it in a mowing. Suitable for owners of a small livestock complex.

The cutting tool is made of hardened steel, so it easily copes with vegetation up to 10 mm in thickness.

TX Indicators
The width of the processed area 1.5 m
Discs and knives 2/8 pcs.
The speed of movement in working condition/transportation 5/7 km/h
Performance 1-1.2 ha/hour
The weight of technology 310 kg
Price from the manufacturer 75,000

You can buy a used model cheaper. The price of a mower not older than 10 years starts from 45,000 r. We do not recommend buying equipment over 10 years old, since the manufacturer modernized the mower and find spare parts for outdated equipment will be difficult. You will have to buy another old as a donor, but it will be more expensive than buying our new equipment.

Domestic KP-2.1M, KRR-1,9, KR-2,4

Rotor KP, KRR and Kyrgyz braids are produced by the domestic manufacturer of agricultural technology “Agromak” from g. Moscow. Manufacturer coordinates: ul. Ivan Franco d.32 bldg.One

Tel.: 7 (495) 416-3038, 416-3038, 416-3040. There are representatives of the company in the Ryazan region, Rostov and Kirovskaya. Designed mowers for mini.Tractors Uralets, Scout, MTZ.

A feature of the models in the Voroshille device, which after the bevel makes the grass more blown. Reviews from farmers about the technique are positive, since there is no need to separately buy rake-worship. A protective traction fuse protects the mower from stones and hard objects.

TX Indicators
KP-2.1m KRR-1,9 KR-2.4
The width of the grade of grass, m 2.1 1.9 2.4
Maximum mowing height, mm 700 700 700
The number of disks and knives on it, pcs. 5/2 6/3 4/2
Productivity, ha/hour 2.85 2.5 3.54
Weight of technology, kg 390 320 440
Price from the manufacturer, 165,000 125,000 180 000

You can buy used ones by ads. But before buying, inspect the equipment well well. It is more profitable to buy a new mower, since warranty service from the manufacturer is 3 years old. Large service centers are located throughout Russia.

Rotor.Type trailer

The trailed models are convenient because they are safe and require less power from the mini.Tractor. Work is mainly carried out from the thrust of the wheels. Are attached to the rear technique or from the front with the help of special VOM. The grass is cut as low as possible and mulches it. This is suitable for processing large fields and lawns in front of the house. The trailed mowing of pebbles and other dense objects is not afraid of. Around the working body is a metal casing that protects the equipment and operator.

Good reviews from users were received by a trailed rotor mower of an Italian manufacturer for mini.Tractors J 23 HST / J 27 HST, but is suitable for a Urals or Scout.

Technical characteristics of the model in the table:

TH mowers Indicators
The width of the processed area 1.2 m
Discs and knives 3/4 pcs.
The speed of movement in working condition/transportation 4/6 km/hour
Performance 0.7-1 ha/hour
The weight of technology 110 kg
Price from the manufacturer 110 000

You can pay attention to

You check the appearance and performance

Free assembly and pre.Sale preparation

The driver delivers her at the address without prepayment

We will publish it after checking during the day.

We will publish it after checking during the day.

Work of mowers for motor blocks

A detailed description of the work of each haymaking is easier to see with specific examples.

Mower to the motor.Cultivator “Neva”

Rotor mower for the walk-behind motorist “Ugra”, NMB-1

Segment mower for cultivators “Oka”, “Neva”, “Cascade”

All hayfields are provided with detailed instructions. As a rule, users do not have problems with assembly, installation and operation. These technical devices are quite simple, so they are in constant demand. One of the arguments is an affordable price.

The price of a mower in various regions

The price of the model may differ in the regions, but slightly. The price starts from 11,000 r. The current price depends on the configuration, the power of the model, the materials from which it is made. You can buy cheaper used mowers on the Internet ads. But if the equipment is needed for your farm, we recommend that you choose the new model. It will be under warranty and maintenance 3 g. For free.

The average price and where it is more profitable to buy a mower in various regions of Russia, you can see in the table:

Cities Suppliers Price, thousand. R.
Km 0.5 Dawn Dawn 1
Moscow LLC “MOTOM”. Victory Boulevard 32, Tel.: 8 432 567 876-12 From 13.9 From 12.5 From 16.5
SPb LLC “Tractor”, ul. Nikolaev 12 B-23, tel.: 8-800-312-345 From 14 From 12.7 From 16.45
Kazan Kazan Machine.Building Plant LLC, ul. Kurtukhina, d 42 a, tel: 8 834 900 989 From 14.2 From 13 From 16.3
Ufa LLC “Agrotekhkomplekt”, tel.: 7 (987) 610-11-73, 7 (987) 094-76-17 From 13.7 From 12.9 From 16.9
Simferopol LLC “Agrokom”, ul. Communists 43, Tel: 7 (929) 817-20-66 From 14.3 From 12.7 From 16.8

You can buy a rotary mower for a walk.Behind tractor cheaper in winter, when not a season for mowing. And if material opportunities do not allow you to spend such an amount, try collecting the structure with your own hands.

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