Salut single-axle tractor with PTO

What is a PTO on a power tiller. description and functions

PTO is called an element that is necessary for installing various types of attachments on a single-axle tractor. PTO enables the use of attachments such as mulchers, seeders, harrows, stump grinders, push mowers, as well as attachments mounted directly to the trailers used for work.

The PTO’s primary function is to receive and transmit rotational forces from the engine to the attachment. In most cases, this important element is located in the back of the power tiller, which allows you to connect to it almost all known types of attachments.

Among the main advantages of the PTO are its versatility, high durability and reliability. In addition to the advantages, the PTO has several significant disadvantages, which are the high weight of the element and the need to use an additional gear box with it.

The Salyut 100 single-axle tractor is widespread in Russia and has received a lot of positive feedback.

Compact size allows transporting the machine in the trunk of an ordinary car. This noticeably reduces transportation costs. Storage of the tractor will not cause any problems. You don’t need much space for it.

Owners of the Salut 100 model emphasize its high productivity. The single-axle tractor can cultivate up to 3 hectares of land per hour. The speed of cultivation of virgin land is slightly less. over, the cutters that come with the technique, in some cases, are powerless. For virgin soil, a plow is better suited, but it will have to be bought additionally.

Salyut 100 perfectly combines quality and considerable cost. A handy manual describes the main aspects of the power tiller in detail. At the same time, the special equipment feels itself confidently as a trailer, cultivator, and pump.

The owners of the model Salyut 100 praise its versatility. It proves to be very decent in all directions. The gearbox of this model is made professionally and is famous for its reliability, and gaskets are protected by metal rings. In addition, the single-axle tractor is very economical and pays for itself in a short time.

Working with the Salut 100 is quite easy. The single-axle tractor drives itself, and the operator only has to correct its movement, sometimes by pulling or pushing the equipment into the ground.

However, the Salyut 100 model also has disadvantages. So, at high revs, a strong vibration is felt. The single-axle tractor rather strong “thumps”, which is felt in the hands, increasing fatigue. Vibration creates additional problems for the “iron”. Owners explain it by the weak balance of the engine, which is inherent in all Chinese power units. This problem is “cured” rather difficult, so you have to put up with it. However, vibration is the only problem of the Lifan.

You have to change oil in your power tiller quite often, because it starts to leak after the first season of work. At the same time it is impossible to see the oil level, because in order to do it, one has to pour out the whole volume of oil.

Additional weights sometimes have to be installed for particularly heavy tillage.

Salyut single-axle tractor with PTO

Salute. multi-functional integral single axle tractor (handles rotate by 180 deg.). Cutter bar 80 and 105 cm, solid rubber wheels, 2 idler belts, (21) (21) gears, toothed reduction gear, 2 PTO shafts, weight 80 kg. Salut is available with gasoline 4-stroke engines from various manufacturers.

Attention! Since the spring of 2014 all Salyut power tillers production has been transferred from Russia to China. Considering this circumstance, we offer our customers to use the American company Patriot instead of Chinese Salutes, which, as well as Salutes, are made in China.

Salyut- multi-purpose integral single axle tractor (handles can be turned by 180 grad.). Cutter grip 80 and 105 cm, solid rubber wheels, 2 tensioner drive belts, (21) (21) gears, timing gear, 2 PTO pulleys, weight 80 kg. Salyut is equipped with several gasoline 4-stroke engines from different producers. The price of the single-axle tractor will differ accordingly.

Two modifications have American BriggsStrstton engines. This is Salut-5BS1. Briggs Straton (USA) engine. 6,0 л.с., and Salyut-5BS-6,5. Briggs Straton (USA) engine. 6,5 liters.с. (This photo shows Salut-5BS-6,5) with Intek Pro engine).

In Ukraine, including Kyiv, you can buy a model Salyut-5L-6,5 with a Chinese engine LianLing-6,5 liters.с. (later it was replaced by the Lifang, also Chinese) and Salut-5DK with the Russian engine. 6,0 l.с. We have tried all the engines. Very comfortable to work with American and Japanese engines. About them and the Russian engine below. And we will not talk about Salyut with Chinese engines. Maybe in itself they are good, but in comparison with others do not hold out against the competition so far.

This is how Salyut looks with Japanese engine Robin-Subaru (Japan). 6,0 l.с. (Model Salut 5P-6).

The SALUT, as well as many tillers and power tillers, has a belt transmission from the engine to the gearbox (the photo shows a black side cover that protects the belt transmission). But at the same time Salut has its own advantage.

To see this plus, let’s take off the protective cover, under which we will find not only one but two belts. Hence we have: a) less slipping of belts; b) possibility of transmitting more torque to the working shaft of the power tiller; c) longer service life of belt transmission.

Gearbox of a toothed motorblock Salyut. This is a serious and distinct advantage over chain-driven gearboxes. We personally convinced ourselves of the reliability of the Salut gearbox over several years.

This is one of the PTO pulleys. Such pulleys make the machine versatile, because they significantly increase the types of work performed by the SALUT.

CONCLUSION: Thus, a single-axle tractor Salyut is a serious machine. And it weighs 80 kg, not 10, not 20 and not even 30! That is why we did not play with it too much. First of all, we decided to try it on the hardest work. plowing.

To improve the traction of the wheels with the soil, “shoe” on the Salut heaviest wheels, what is in Kiev in the Technical Center “Lawn and Garden Technology” (our advertising gimmicks about the wonders of sverhgligkeh motokultivatorom not unreasonable). As a result the single-axle tractor became 30 kg heavier. The plough was installed on universal hitch that enables to regulate plough tilt angles in three mutually perpendicular planes and to achieve the steady position during the plough operation.

The first field we entered was fairly clean, the soil was not heavy, with sand, but there was not much moisture. But it will do for tests. There was no need to make any adjustments to the plough. after about 15 minutes of ploughing, we were already plowing without stopping. The plow easily cut the soil, which crumbled and fell into the furrow. The single-axle tractor followed the furrow cleanly and steadily.

It was easy to operate, sometimes even one hand was enough to hold the machine. This is due to the successful layout of the tractor, namely: the engine is shifted forward and balances the plow attached to the rear. In addition, the engine is located much lower to the ground than, for example, in the NEVA or OKI, which lowers the center of gravity of motor-block and easy handling Salut. This is exactly how the leaders of modern motorized gardening equipment compose their motor blocks. Italians.

For the sake of objectivity it is necessary to tell that the ground on which we have tried the Salyut is average in gravity. To check the possibilities of the power tiller, we went to look for real chernozem. We found it, and even with stubble. Here we tried it. And to avoid any doubts, we took the Salyut, not with an American engine, but with a Russian one. After we started the engine, we felt immediately the difference with the “American”: it roars and shakes. But it works!

We drove the plough into the field. We made the first furrow. As always, not deep. The main thing is that it should be straight. Behind it we made the second furrow, also not deep. Again, the main thing is to be straightforward. And on the third furrow we tried to run the plow deeper. And then it started: the wheels slip. Lowered the heel of plough lower, plough is ploughed out. lowered the toe of ploughshare, wheel goes out of furrow. We turned the ridge to the left and tп. We have made two passes, while setting up the machine.

But once it’s set up Here we go. We’ve caught it, as they say. Once again we are convinced that a plough needs to be adjusted properly. If you spare no time, it’ll pay off in no time: it’s not ploughing, it’s a real pleasure. Easy, fast and of high quality. For heavy chernozem and even in stubble, we get almost full turnover of the seam and 100% incorporation of stubble residue. Not every tractor plow can handle such a task, and here is some single-axle tractor.

Oh, it’s beautiful! Who still doubts that you can plow with a power tiller??

In order to assess the quality of ploughing, during the test drive we measure the depth of the ploughing, how solid the soil is, the degree of loosening and the degree of incorporation of the harvest residues.

After one hour of work with the Russian engine, we hurt our palms so badly that they didn’t wear out for a week. And there was a lot of noise from it (in the photo the noise level in the operator’s head zone is measured). But this defect has been already eliminated by our company by discontinuing the production of SALUT with the Russian engine.

The successful weighting of the SALUT also affects when working with a milling machine: if the HEVA must be kept from tipping, the Salut seems to float above the ground. It doesn’t take long to get used to it. After 50 meters I’m already confident and easy to get used to the tiller. The soil clodding, as well as in case of NEVA, is regulated by the tiller turns, but the soil is cut more evenly. This is easy to see with the naked eye and no measuring was necessary. Apparently, it affects the fact that the knives of neighboring cutters overlap in working width and the NEVA knives of neighboring cutters do not reach each other about 8 cm.

And, of course, we tried the two-row header with the SALUT. The fact is that no matter how many times we tried to work with the 2-row planter, we never liked it. Maybe it would be better with a SALUTE? No, that’s where it went wrong too. The single-axle tractor turns to the side so much that it is impossible to hold it straight. The reason is that if one of the riders digs a little deeper into the soil, the soil slows it down immediately. And besides, soil is heterogeneous. So, the single-axle tractor rotates from side to side. In Ukraine you can easily buy a 2-row tine bar. But you’ll probably have problems later on in the garden. However, who does not agree with us, you can buy it even in Kiev, in the Technical Center “Garden and garden equipment”.

In any case, we don’t like the 2-row packer. Maybe because we worked with the disk hoe and see the difference?

We are much quicker to ridge with a single-row disc coulter than with a 2-row one. And most importantly, we don’t get tired! Because it’s easy! And to be effective, we put a single-axle tractor on high wheels. In this case, the gearbox of the power tiller will not hit the soil ridge in the rows.

Well, how does the Salyut work with a root ball digger?? Pretty confident. This single-axle tractor pulls the digger like a needle on a thread.

We’ve often heard from motor-block owners who’ve tried digging potatoes: “I’ll never take a shovel in my hands again!”. And we saw for ourselves: compared with a shovel, digging potatoes with the SALUT is not a big deal. In addition, there are far fewer lost and cut tubers.

Even in such neglected potato plots the SALUT manages to get the potatoes.

Another inconvenience we experienced was the turning of the power tool. The wheels do not turn relative to each other, and the Salut does not have a differential like the NEVA. Factory folks say they don’t want to loosen the differential. Maybe they know better.

But there is a way out of this situation, and it is quite successful. It is a differential hub

which is mounted on the half-axle of the tiller and to which the wheel is fastened.

on which the wheel is attached. Differential half axle is fixed on the power tiller shaft in the same way as a conventional one. Now to turn the single-axle tractor, all you have to do is to engage the rear gear, press the clutch lever and the Salut will start turning itself.

NOTE: Both hubs and half-axles are developed in our Technical Center, and the idea was borrowed from the Italian manufacturers. You can also buy them in our store at Techcenter “Lawn and Garden Equipment” in Kiev. For buyers of power tillers their will be 15% lower.

Earlier in Ukraine, including Kyiv, you could buy only Russian haymakers for Salyut power tillers. The owners of these mowers had serious complaints about the complete absence of spare parts, especially cutting elements. segments. Manufacturing plants did not indulge their dealers in Ukraine with spare parts. Now the problem is completely solved: the haymowers for SALUT are already being produced in Ukraine. Any spare part for these haymowers without problems you can buy in the Kiev store Techcenter “Lawn and Garden Technology”.

TIP to owners of SALUT and NEVA: Salut. not the first single-axle tractor, which we have to hold in our hands. So it is not difficult for us to adjust the plough to qualitative and easy work. Those who will do it for the first time will have to make some fuss. So do not neglect the instruction manual, which we give every buyer. Not only do you gain in time, but also in effort. Owners of the NEVA, which has an increased and displaced back center of gravity, will also need to balance the single-axle tractor by hanging forward some load. For example, a rail, as a farmer from Chernigov region has done (see “How to use the rail” on our website). photo). Only then can you work without strain on your arms and back.

Let’s say: with a Salyut power tiller you can confidently “plow” through the expanse of your vegetable garden.

Kiev, Private enterprise “Technical Center “Gardening and Gardening Equipment”. This article was written in 2006., supplemented and redesigned in 2010.


Comparing the products imported from developed industrial countries with similar Russian-made power tillers, you can see that their cost in most cases does not justify the increased reliability and ease of use. In addition, these models require skilled maintenance and branded consumables, which is not always possible to provide.

Russian manufacturers focus on the buyer who wants to get ease of use, the possibility of repair and improvement of the product with their own hands, an acceptable price.

In order to have an idea about domestic power tillers, it is worth considering the characteristics and applications of some models of the middle class. Belarusian models are also included in the review.

Neva MB-2B-6.5 Pro

This single-axle tractor is distinguished by its massive frame, which is a feature of professional equipment, and versatility. It has a variety of PTO-driven active attachments and simple tractor attachments. It can be used to mow grass, make hay, plant and dig potatoes, and till the soil with a tiller or plow. In winter, the single-axle tractor can be used as a snowplow, equipped with a blade or rotary snow blower.

  • middle class single-axle tractor;
  • gasoline 4-stroke Briggs and Stratton engine, working volume. 205 cm³, power. 6,53 l.с.;
  • working width. 86-127 cm;
  • transmission manual, 4 forward speeds, 2 reverse;
  • weight. 98 kg;
  • reverse;
  • pneumatic wheels.

Salut 100 X-M2

Reliable single-axle tractor Salut 100 X-M2 with the petrol engine Honda can be used for intensive work on large summer plots or in a small farm. The capability of this machine replaces a small fleet of farm equipment. High weight and rugged construction is well suited to work on heavy soils. The single-axle tractor Salut 100 X-M2 is completed with durable and reliable engine of Japanese manufacturer. Honda power plant has a service life of 1000 hours, an acceptable level of vibration and noise, as well as moderate fuel consumption.

Environmental performance meets European emission standards. The belt clutch is smooth and the transmission is adapted to long hours of work and has a high efficiency. The single-axle tractor has excellent controllability, and large-diameter pneumatic wheels are good for working on rough terrain.

  • middle class single-axle tractor;
  • engine gasoline 4-stroke Honda GC-190, 205 cm³, power. 6.53 liters.с.;
  • working width. 30-90 cm;
  • Number of speeds. 4/2;
  • weight of 78 kg;
  • reverser;
  • pneumatic wheels.

Belarus 09H-01

It is a multifunctional machine designed to work on different types of soil up to 5 hectares. the single-axle tractor can do many jobs: plowing, harrowing, cultivating, and inter-row planting of root crops. Notable for high reliability and undemanding operation conditions. Reliable traction, good steering and many other advantages provide comfortable control of the tractor.

  • Heavy class single-axle tractor;
  • Honda GX270 4-stroke gasoline engine, 270 cm³, 9.38 l.с.;
  • Working width. 45-70 cm;
  • number of speeds. 4/2;
  • weight. 176 kg;
  • reverser;
  • pneumatic wheels;
  • max. Speed. 11 km/h forward, 5 km/h backward;
  • disc clutch;
  • gear drive (reducer).

PTO shafts for power tillers and tractors

PTO serves as a mechanism which transmits engine torque to the working elements of attached implements used. All PTO shafts can be classified according to their operating principle.

With this factor in mind, a distinction is made between such mechanisms:

  • Dependent PTO. the feature of these PTO shafts initially consists in their simultaneous rotation with the clutch provided by the power harvester. If the clutch is disengaged, the PTO used also stops;
  • Independent PTO. the drive of power tillers with such mechanisms lends itself to a more uniform load, which allows the owner of the unit to use various auxiliary mechanisms of the power tiller even when the engine is off;
  • Synchronous PTO. stable work of such PTO shafts is ensured only at uninterrupted rotation speed of the unit’s wheels;
  • asynchronous PTO. the principle of operation of these mechanisms is completely opposite to the shafts of the previous type. These PTOs are actively used for the purpose of installing and using a sprayer, planter and other attachments on a power tiller, which are operated at low speeds and with frequent stops.

This classification allows every farmer to choose the right universal joint shaft type for his or her needs. If necessary, a different universal joint shaft is also available for retrofitting with an existing single-axle tractor.

2021 Peterbilt 367. Single Axle Tractor

Salut 100 BS-6,5

Maximum speed Country: Russia (made in China) Average Rating (2019): 4.2

With its BS Intek I/C engine, the model achieves an impressive 12 km/h. It has, one might say, diminutive dimensions for a mid-class power tiller, but it is equipped with a belt power take-off shaft on a par with its big brothers in the line. As a result, a single-axle tractor is capable of carrying the entire outboard range. snowplow, mower, potato planter, etc. д.

Among other advantages, the reviews mention the undemanding octane rating (the device easily works with 92 gasoline), low power consumption and unusually soft clutch action. On the downside: some owners encountered excessive wear of the shaft and the need to replace the half-axle, but they admitted that they used their power tillers as industrial ones and tried to work more than the recommended 80-100 hundred acres per season.

PTO shaft pulley Salyut 5 / Agat / Salyut 100 (650000002)

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