Sander with adjustable speed

Universal grinding angle grinders

Angle grinders with adjustable speed are considered universal. These machines are ideal for such works as cutting, grinding and polishing any materials.

sander, adjustable, speed

angle grinders with adjustable speed and soft start are mainly used when you need to polish stone or wooden surfaces. This is due to the peculiarities of the structure of these materials, processing of which at high speeds is undesirable, as it leads to destruction of the surface and rapid wear of the nozzles.

angle grinder or angle grinder?

Of course, diamond turtles can be used and on cut-off grinders with adjustable speed, but it is better to grind stone on specially designed for grinding equipment, as angle grinders are often not equipped with a water supply system, and the angle grinder for stone have a water supply system. Due to the fluid supply, the diamond tool, the stone and the angle grinder itself do not heat up as much, the equipment and the tool will have a much longer service life than the angle grinder, and the stone will not be blackened by overheating.

Orbital Sander Basics | Beginner Tool

Grinding machines

Grinder device designed for grinding and polishing surfaces of materials of different density: from wood and plastic to metal and stone. Grinders are divided into types depending on the principle of operation and features of the grinding process.

In the market of household and professional tools there are the following types of grinders:

  • Tape: suitable for processing large areas, the main function is performed by the sandpaper moving along a unidirectional vector;
  • Vibratory (surface sanding): suitable for the removal of fine layers of boards, metal coatings, plastic, etc. д., works thanks to reciprocating movements of the sole plate with stretched or glued polishing paper;
  • eccentric: the grinder on the Velcro rotates along the orbit of the chuck and around its own axis, ensuring uniform removal of ultrafine layers from the working surface;
  • angle grinder: not only outwardly resembles an angle grinder, but also performs the functions of this tool in the presence of special wheels for cutting the desired diameter.

For a proper choice of grinder decide what type of work for you a priority, with what materials will have to work more often and what shape the working surfaces.


Pay attention to the technical parameters of the grinder, which determine the price of the model:

DEWALT DISC SANDER. Faster Than An Orbital Sander (Review DWE6401DS)

  • power consumption: 1502400W;
  • number of revolutions at idle speed: 650012000 per minute;
  • maximum diameter of the wheel: 125230 mm (the area covered when polishing and the depth of cut when using the angle device as an angle grinder depends on this indicator);
  • oscillation frequency: 2200024000 per minute;
  • oscillation amplitude: 22.8 mm;
  • maximum belt speed: 200380 m/min;
  • belt or sheet length: 228533 mm;
  • the width of the sanding sheet or belt: 76115 mm;
  • weight: 1.25.8 kg.

DWE6423K 5″ Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander. This is the one!


The device is equipped with a speed regulator, overload and accidental start protection, and a soft-start motor function. Power tools of this type are powered by the mains. Noise level during operation, depending on the modification, ranges within 8290 dB. Buy a model of grinder for automatic grinding of various surfaces is a smart solution for both professionals and home craftsmen.

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Vibration grinding machine processes the surface, affecting it with abrasive material that is attached to the platform of the device. Abrasive sandpaper is a strip of paper with the graining composition applied to it. Depending on the degree of grit abrasive material suitable for a variety of works. The most popular sanding sheets with a grit size of 80-100, used for rough machining. For finer work, sheets with a grain size of 120-180 are used.

The principle of action of the vibratory sander is to make reciprocating movements at high speed.

The price of vibratory grinders pays off by the fact that they can easily cope with the grinding of different types of coatings: from lacquer to metal. With the right sanding paper, you can use the tool for processing plastic products, polishing stone, paint removal, rust removal.

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