Saw a car disk evenly in half

When rail cutting is needed

During maintenance of the railroad bed, it is carried out when it is necessary to urgently restore the geometry of the track in order to have time to run a train (or other important transport) on it and prevent delays or shifts in the timetable. In such circumstances, standard dismantling would take too long, especially if several adjacent I-beams are worn out at once. it is easier to cut them out as a whole section than to remove one at a time.

Or the opposite example: the metal structures are stacked in the railway line, and as it turns out, exceed the required track length. What to do, leave them as they are? This is not possible if some other element must be installed at the point where they are supposed to end. Therefore, the extra part should simply be cut off.

The household also has its own cases, let’s say:

  • You build a house using I-beams as support structures, and you see that they are too large and extend into the adjacent room, protruding a meter or two, due to the difference in floor level. Do they have to be shortened?? Yes, of course. for safety, reliability and aesthetics, it is important that they go flush with the wall.
  • You have planned to erect a garage, a bathhouse or other outbuildings on the plot, or to organize the water supply of a greenhouse. You start digging and find a 25-meter I-beam made of metal, buried earlier. What to do with it? It is too heavy and bulky to haul it out as a whole, it should be divided into several parts.

Other, similar cases are also possible, and you should be able to find the best solution for each of them. To do this, you need to know what methods there are in general, which of them are quite handy in domestic conditions, and in the maintenance of the driveway of the plant, and on conventional railway lines. We are just now moving on to consider the actual options.

How to cut a tire

1 Topic by Brick 2012-12-11 04:07:22

Hello people!Advice on how to cut automobile rubber! I tried to cut the tire with a disk on a metal cutting machine, so the disk burned out very quickly, along with part of the rubber.

And how do you make holes in the tires?

2 Replies from Kinky Hands 2012-12-11 04:07:50

Tires are cut depending on the type of tire. Radial tires with textile cord can be cut with a knife, diagonal tires with metal cord with a metal hacksaw. The tool should be wet, and the tire should be treated with a soapy solution.And the tool for cutting holes depends on the required diameter and the available tool. For example, the tire can be cut through with a sharpened pipe of the desired diameter. It all depends on the size and respectively the thickness of the tire, as well as the place where the hole is made.

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3 Reply from Andkorn 2012-12-11 04:08:43

Hi! There is a way of cutting tires, tested in practice: take a regular electric jigsaw with a saw for wood the coarsest, with a wetting machine oil. It is better to work in pairs, pulling away the cut off part, otherwise it will strongly interfere with the work. Tire cuts in about five to ten minutes. The hole is also so easy to make, the main thing is to make the initial hole for the “entrance” of the saw.

4 Response from Ya_123 2012-12-11 04:09:29

There are special wavy blades for jigsaws, just for rubber and other similar materials.

5 Response from Nafania 2012-12-11 04:10:05

And it is possible to glow a sharp knife and cut, and so glow and cut as many times as necessary.

6 Replies from Kinky Hands 2012-12-11 04:10:37

Well, what people are going to write. What a red-hot knife. All the heat of the knife will be used to melt the rubber, and this melted rubber will stick to the knife, preventing it from moving, so this cutting will be much more labor intensive. It’s better to just cut with a cold knife. Although this question will not bother the cutter a few seconds after he starts, because he will be poisoned by poisonous vapors released when heating the rubber and he will lose consciousness.

To get perfectly flat pieces, we advise: electric jigsaw; repeated use of the cutter until it goes deep into the layers of the disk, and then neatly break off along the cutting line; light heating of the disk (under hot water or at minimum temperature in the oven) before cutting with scissors.

Break the discs. Wrap the disc in a towel and then break or crack it with a hard blow or a heavy hammer. A towel will protect you, as CDs tend to break into pieces.

Which way to choose

There are a number of factors to consider in order to make your decision. Among them. the cost of the work (finances and time), noise, duration of the process, the need for outside help. From the point of view of safety, cutting with a sabre saw looks attractive. In terms of speed. an angle grinder or rail cutter.

The latter tool is expensive for most craftsmen, so it is recommended to adopt two methods. with a sabre saw (metal hacksaw) or an angle grinder with cutting discs. By being knowledgeable about how to quickly saw a rail, the user will be able to quickly achieve the desired result.

I usually use a chainsaw for this, and a STIHL MS 180 will do the job. Sawing is pretty easy, despite the fact that the sleeper turns out to be even from larch. But! There is one enormous problem. you have to sharpen the chain quite often, because the sleeper is used and it is full of pebbles and dirt, and they dull the chain very quickly. So, prepare a file, and preferably more than one, and saw a sleeper as you need.

Of course you can saw one sleeper with a two-handed saw, but only if it’s just one. As for the rest, it would be reasonable to use a hand-held gasoline-powered saw. Also, if you do not feel sorry for the woodworking machine, you can saw with it too. It will be even faster and easier, but the saws are even more expensive. As for household needs, when it comes to the construction of outbuildings, of course a good and reliable chainsaw is indispensable.

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Volvo Cut in Half. Volvo Caster Car Build [Pt. 2] //DT246

Break in two with a sledgehammer

Of course it’s easier to cut such thicknesses with a chainsaw. If there is no such tool, the extreme option is a saw-druzhba. It would be extremely difficult and time-consuming to cut sleepers with a one-handed saw. I’m sure after the first sleeper your hand will be completely hammered. So my advice is definitely a chainsaw.

In the section on how to cut the concrete sleeper? I want to make a foundation, but the sleepers are long and need to make a tie, how to break them? Asked by the author of Troublemaking, the best answer is with a diamond disc you can cut without a problem. The idea is mazovaya, for the sole is the best, BUT. There are a number of nuances. Ж. б. sleepers have prestressed rebar, 3mm diameter about 40 bars. If the sleeper will work in the gurunt, then this armature can davolno quickly rot and the sleeper will lose its properties, concrete without reinforcement in the bend does not work. Sleepers work on sand and gravel preparation, t. е. on g. д. Embankments, where there is no exposure to groundwater, so they live a long time on the iron. In general, if you use sleepers, it is necessary to create comfortable conditions for them, for example, to provide drainage and good waterproofing, preferably with liner, to eliminate the capillary movement of moisture. According to the rules, foundations should not be reinforced with rebar less than 12mm. in diameter.

Hi! Here’s a selection of topics with answers to your question: how to cut a reinforced concrete sleeper? I want to make a foundation, but the sleepers are long and need to make a tie, how do I break them??

Answer from European [newbie]sit on it

Answer from Vprosonki [guru] They break with a sledgehammer. with two blows. You can saw off the iron with an angle grinder

Answer from Alexander schefer [guru] Take a saw ISC 633 with a diamond chain and sawn off. The deal is.

Answer from the Uncle from the future. [guru] If you use an angle grinder, you should use a diamond on reinforced concrete. checked. There is no burning in the concrete on the rebar


Answer from Yotary Plinth [guru]With a powerful angle grinder and an abrasive concrete cutting wheel. It burns along with the rebar.

Your band saw is installed and all the necessary settings are made? So it’s time to get down to the sawing process. In order to get a really high quality material, you need to properly install the log and fix it with special clamps.

How to saw rails easily without forgetting about SAFETY TECHNICAL SAFETY

The quality also depends on the correct calculation of the quantity and type of material you want to get from that log.

After gaining experience later on, one look at the log is enough, and you already know how much and what kind of material can be obtained from it. Learn to unmistakably determine where the top and the butt end of a log are. The butt end is usually larger in diameter than the top. And that has a big part of the difference in the thickness of the slab.

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Using rail cutters

Another method of quickly dividing the rails into fractions, which is not quite suitable for home conditions, but deserves consideration. Rail cutter is professional equipment used for different types of products. Commonly used on railroad tracks to quickly rebuild tracks to avoid train delays. For example, below two devices are considered.

Cutting machine Husqvarna K 1260 (Partner K-1250 Rail)

  • power of almost 6 kW (higher than that of the PM5GM);
  • Working body. cutting disc with diameter of 350 or 400 mm (the working principle is the same as that of an angle grinder)
  • weight without additional equipment. 20 kg.

The device is 5 times faster to cut the same P65 than the machine considered earlier. Compact size, relative lightness, efficiency make it possible to use it for cutting at home. The only disadvantage of equipment. high).

Using an angle grinder

Professional tool will save time on sawing the rail. Experienced people say that two discs with a diameter of 150 mm is enough to saw a classical rail (P65, P75).

READ The cutter is not holding the auger the reason

the work is performed similarly. the base is sawed from both sides, then the hammer blow follows. The operation takes 5-10 minutes.

  • rapidity;
  • efficiency;
  • minimum of consumables.
  • Danger of injury (disc can bite and break, flying sparks in the eyes, etc.).д.);
  • noise when working;
  • high pointless);
  • the method is bad for home conditions because of the dust, dirt, metal chips.

Cutting rail with a hacksaw

popular method, though energy-consuming. It is important to know a few requirements to the saw blade:

  • the handle is comfortable, is not horizontal, but vertical, with a slight tilt to the side of the stroke “from itself”;
  • the teeth of the blade are sprayed;
  • the tines are in the “away from you” direction;
  • When working, move the blade so that the contact area of the teeth with the cutting surface is maximum;
  • Blade should be chosen based on the density and hardness of the rail material.

How to cut rail with a hacksaw? The sequence is as follows:

  • the rail is placed on a horizontal surface;
  • If you want to make a precise cut, it is worth using a chisel to make notches on the base;
  • cut through the base on both sides up to the rail neck;
  • put a stopper under the place of the notch;
  • to do a spot blow with a sledgehammer.

There are other ways to split a notched rail into two parts. For example, to drop it from a height if you have a forklift handy.

  • this way is safe;
  • sawing goes without too much noise;
  • inexpensive equipment for the job.
  • the process can take over an hour (depending on your professionalism);
  • You will need several saw blades (3-7 depending on their quality).
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