Setting up a Chinese mower for a mini -vector. What devices can be done with your own hands?

Rotor mower for a mini.vector: specifics of work, best models

The Soviet Union recalls everything in different ways: someone with undisguised nostalgia, someone with undisguised irritation. But one cannot deny the fact that in those days citizens stand out, and completely free, some forms of ownership, whether it be apartments or suburban areas. We will not talk about the quality of them, but the fact itself took place to be.

setting, chinese, mower, mini, vector

Many could count on the standard six acres that the state allocated for possession, and there already do with them that you want. Break the beds and greenhouses, or just rest there on weekends.

But over time, not only the state system has changed, but also the need of people. it steadily grew up. And we can already observe how people are not in such a suburban area in the ownership of people, the area of ​​some of them exceeds several tens and hundreds of hectares. On such a scale, you can organize a business and put up at home, there would be funds.

But the owners of such possessions will inevitably faced the question. but how to process and how to care for such huge areas? If the notorious six acres could be mastered by an ordinary walk.behind tract, then the area requires more other costs and technology. The best solution to this issue will be the purchase of tractor equipment, or a mini.vector.

The package of the mini.tractor includes many different nozzles and devices responsible for a separate front of the work. In the winter season, nozzles for snow cleaning will be indispensable, in the spring plows and cultivators will be needed, and in the fall, nozzles for harvesting potatoes and grain will be useful. In the summer, the same efficiency in cleaning and everyday life and lawns shows a rotary mower for a mini.vector.

Principle of operation

The rotary mower for a mini.tractor is the best solution for caring for a large territory, which is confirmed by years of practice and comparison with other similar designs. It is very easy to operate, does not require special efforts to care and maintenance, which is due to a fairly simple design of the unit.

The main principle of the rotor mowing is based on a design, which contains a disk with knives rotating and cutting off the grass surface. As we see, the design is extremely simple, which significantly facilitates the repair of the failed spare parts.

In addition, with a serious approach and the necessary knowledge, you can make a home.made rotary mower for a mini.tractor, without spending a lot of money and effort on it.

Introduction This operating instructions contain the basic rules of operation, safety measures, information on adjustment and maintenance, ways to eliminate possible malfunctions of the CS: GO-F-2,1B mower mechanisms. one.2. The instruction is intended for tractor drivers, mechanics and other persons whose work is connected with this machine. one.3. Reductions:

  • VOM. a shaft of selection of tractor power
  • VGGM. a shaft of reception of a mowing power
  • This is the daily maintenance
  • TO-1 (2)-maintenance first (second)
  • TO-S-seasonal maintenance
  • ZIP. a single set of spare parts, tools and accessories
  • RVD. high pressure sleeve

What material should be used when installing a home.made mowing?

The main material intended for the manufacture of home.made mowels is scrap. Here you can use absolutely everything. It can be frames from old bicycles or unnecessary spare parts from the car. Rusty frames that can be found on an abandoned farm are ideal for the foundation of the future device.

In addition, you can inspect objects in your yard, where an old metal barrel or battery can also be useful for the manufacture of equipment, such as a home mower for a mini-tractor. The most important point in this work is the presence of qualified specialists, some knowledge of the technical part of this issue and good knowledge of the welding machine.

General description and technical characteristics

Technical characteristic is presented in table 1.

Name The value of the brand of the product CS: GO-F-2,1B
Type of car Hinged
Mass mass, kg 215 ± 7
The width of the capture is working 2.1-0.2
Calculated performance at the hour of the main time, ha/hour 2.3
Working speed, km/h 6.7: 12
Transport speed, km/h thirty
Road clearance, mm, no less 400
Type of cutting apparatus Separate-fan
The overall dimensions with the T-25A tractor, mm, no more:
– length 4310
– Lady 3940
– height 2520
The overall dimensions in the transport position:
– length 4310 mm
– width 2220 mm
– height 2620 mm
Natural grass cut height 60 ± 10 mm
Cutting height height 80 ± 10 mm
The frequency of rotation of the shaft of an eccentric (at a speed of rotation of VOM 520-562 rpm) 932-1007
Step of placing fingers, mm 76.2
Knife move, mm 76.0
The power consumption on the drive is no more than 3.68 kW
Service staff Tractorist
The average service life 6 years
The appointed service life 6 years
Aggregation T-25A, T-30, T-40, MTZ of all modifications, YUMZ-6

After the assigned service life or storage period, the braid should be removed, investigated by a qualified specialist or in a repair workshop and a decision should be made to send it for repair, or for disposal, or for verification. to establish new assigned deadlines. Silents are designed to mow natural and seeded herbs in all climatic regions of the country with laying beveled masses in the worship. CS: GO-F-2,1B mitch is recommended for work in plain areas. 2.2. CS: GO-F-2,1B mower consists of:

  • cutter;
  • connecting rod;
  • traction bar;
  • drive frames;
  • hydraulic cylinder;
  • balancing mechanism;
  • cardan gear;
  • Sprengel. The cutting device will be cut to cut the grass. The main parts of the cutting apparatus:

  • Kzzn knife.08.040
  • Finger timing KNB-722V
  • Knm shoes.08.020; KNNM.08.030
  • Fingers of KNMM.08.010
  • KNOM friction plates.08.405; KNNM.08.402
  • Clutch KNNM.08.401; KNNM.08.403
  • Knem knife head cover. 08.406
  • KGN-503A knife guide
  • soles K-5014g; K5-2
  • K-60343 fuse
  • The contradictory plate n.066.56; N.066.52

During the operation of the mower, the cutting device glides on the ground on the inner and outer shoes (3), under which steel soles are located (9); employees for installing the cutting apparatus to a different cut height.

The front (8) and rear (7) guides of the knife heads, as well as a detachment of the rod (10) are strengthened on the inner shoe. The field board is mounted to the outer shoe. 27 fingers (4) with contradictory plates (9) are attached to the finger beam (2) with a hidden head (9).

The knife consists of segments (1), backs (2) and a knife head (3), which serves to join the knife to the connecting rod, and moves in the grooves of the fingers. The back of the cooking and segments it lies on the friction plates (5), the front part on the contradictory plate (11)

During operation, the knife goes back to the finger beam and the back is pressed against the friction plates. For a tight fit of the segments of the knife to the contradictory plates of the fingers to the finger beam, presses are attached (6). 2.2.2. The traction rod (2) serves to connect the cutting device with the mowing frame. With the help of a bracket (1) it is fixed jointly on an axis pressed into a frame. At the second end of the rod, a hinge (3), mounted on it with a nut with a corrugated washer and a corrugated sector, is mounted on it through the bracket welded to the bar.

The corrugated sector is hooked by the side protrudes by the bracket, and the puck with its reefs is included in the reefs of the sector.

Bracket and corrugated sector have oblong holes. An eccentric sleeve is inserted into the hole of the hinged hinge in front (4), fastened with a bolt hinge.

The hinge (3) connects to the internal shoe of the cutting apparatus with pins. The adapter of the hinge (5) serves to connect the traction bar with the hydraulic cylinder of the lifting of the cutting apparatus. 2.2.3. The connecting rod connecting the knife of the cutting apparatus with an eccentric drive, is a rod with a rolled connecting rod head on one side and on the other hand welded to the rod head with a self.supporting bearing N 1680205. In order to avoid friction of this head and the end of the rod on the eccentric drive, a distance washer is installed on the finger of the eccentric, 10 or 5 mm thick, depending on the length of the finger.

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The nut serves to prevent the head of self.response. 2.2.four. The drive frame is designed to join the braid to the hinged device of the tractor and convert the rotational movement of the VPM into the reciprocating movement of the connecting rod. All mowing mechanisms are mounted on the welded frame. Using the axis, it joins the longitudinal rods of the tractor’s hinged device and with the help of the finger. to the central traction of the tractor.

The axis for the bracket of the traction rod and the axis for the Sprengel are welded into the frame, and the rod is attached to the transport.

On the bracket of the leading pulley (1). The connected axis with the frame, the VPM (2) with the leading pulley (3) (333 2 threads 2) is installed on two bearings. The drive box consists of a case (1) and a shaft (2) mounted on two bearings, a pulley (3) and an eccentric (4) with a finger pressed into it. The eccentric serves to convert the rotational movement of the shaft into the reciprocating movement of the connecting rod and balance that arise from the mass of the connecting rod and the knife of the inertial forces. The eccentric is protected by the pallet, and the cuneiform transmission with a protective casing. Used belts b (c) 1120.

The mechanism of lifting and balancing the cutting apparatus consists of a hydraulic cylinder, which is attached to the frame through the rotating bracket, and the other end to the adapter of the hinge connected to the traction rod, which ensures the lifting of the traction bar and the cutting apparatus, respectively.

Rotor mower for a mini.tractor: do it with our own hands

You can realize the dream of a rotary haying skeleton at home, spending a minimum of money and time.

setting, chinese, mower, mini, vector
  • From home scrap metal we make a support skeleton. it is best to make it from 4 mm corner, which gives a square shape with a side of 0.4 m;
  • We prepare knives that should be made of steel in an amount of at least 4 per rotary disk;
  • We make two rotors, for which we cut out of 4 mm sheet steel circles with a radius of 19.5 cm. In the absence of stainless steel, you can use the bottom with an unnecessary iron barrel;
  • We weld to the middle of the rotors of the legs, due to which they will rotate;
  • We hang knives, providing them with a movable connection with rotors. To do this, we need old discs from a lushchik with a section of 450 mm;
  • As an axis, we use a rounded pipe with a diameter of 3 cm. In its lower part, we drill a hole for the lower bearing 80, and we put a welded bearing on the pulley;
  • We fasten the disk with knives on the shaft, and aggregate the pulley with the pipe. In this case, the rotational process will be carried out 2 bearings.

This is where the process of constructing a home.made haying for a mini.tractor is completed. For life safety, this homemade can be supplemented with a protective casing. At a shaft speed of 1.4 thousand./Min Siletes for grass captures a strip of 1.1 m wide.


Custores is an equipment, the purpose of which is to clean a certain area from small.column or shrubs. Often such machines are made on the basis of a bulldozer or tractor. As for the design and the principle of operation, the main working body is the dump. The cut of shrubs is carried out using knives that are at the bottom of the dump. Knives can be under the guise of disks, mills, as well as sometimes knives of the mowing type.

By the way, many craftsmen can use the schemes we have provided and make homemade mowers for the tractor. Armed with the necessary tools, drawings and materials, you can create an excellent garden inventory, which will not give in to the quality of such factory equipment. A little less often, but still there are mowers with a grass collector.

Safety safety precautions for a homemade rotary mowing

In the market of agricultural equipment, you can find mowers and foreign production. Let’s start our review with the domestic manufacturer.


This company produces rotary braids KP-2.1m, KRR-1.9, KR-2.four. These products are distinguished by width processing, performance and price.

From the general technical characteristics, the adjustable height of the cut can be distinguished. This indicator can vary between 4-7 centimeters. It is worth noting that only high.strength steel is used for the manufacture of cutting elements. This increases the wear resistance of knives.

A fuse is provided that will help protect the working mechanisms from damage. Of the interesting features, tilting and flushing rollers can be distinguished, which make the bevel more light and ensure the blowing of the cleaned grass.

J 23 hst

This rotary mower from Italian manufacturers. The device was originally developed to work with the same mini-tractor, but in conditions of reality it is aggregated on any appropriate traction technique.

Thanks to constructive features, attaching equipment can be used not only in agriculture, but also in forestry. The mower easily copes with the undergrowth, without damaging the cutting elements.

AGROSERVIS SB-1200 mitch


Rotor mower. This equipment is produced in the Czech Republic and is fully adapted to work in working with a mowing. You need a mini-tractor with a three-point suspended system. The braid shows good performance, but costs noticeably higher than previous models.

Of the interesting technical features, you can distinguish a fuse made in the form of a spring unit. This scheme will avoid mechanical damage to the cutting elements in a collision with a stone or other garbage.

A simple human task that’s insanely hard for a robot

Review of popular models

There are many braids from different manufacturers in the modern market of agricultural equipment. The most popular are rotary. We’ll talk about them further.

Considering options for acquisition, buyers always pay attention to two indicators: parameters and prices. Their optimal compliance provides one or another product with demand. Today, popular are considered to be popular:

  • AGROMAK braids. They are presented in several modifications: KP-2.1m, KRR-1.9, KR-2,4. Good that you can adjust the height of the cut from 4 to 7 cm. The steel from which the cutting elements are made is very durable and durable. There is a fuse that protects against mechanical damage. The main feature is the presence of ivy-rolled rollers, which make the mowing light and blow out cut grass.
  • “Scouts”. The produced mowers of this company are the most popular in them inexpensive, easy to maintain and management. They cope with their tasks perfectly. The arsenal has high.quality segment equipment and a device for mounting on walk.behind tracts.
  • Italian j 23 hst. Initially created to work with a certain tractor of the brand of the same name, but is perfectly attached to any technique corresponding to the traction class. Has high performance, three cutting elements, low weight. Copes well with the undergrowth, which makes the model suitable for forestry.
  • Italian Koala (1000, 1200, 1600). A multifunctional mower that will become an excellent assistant in farming. It processes the surfaces qualitatively, carefully mows the grass, performs the function of aeration of the Trin, collects mowed vegetation, compacts the soil. The technique is very maneuverable and simple in management. Disadvantages: High price of spare parts and demand in maintenance.
  • Polish Wirax 1.35 m. Powerful trailer mower. Combined with mini-tractors having a traction class 0.4-0.6. Equipped with a three.point mount. Suitable for processing large areas, is not mounted on compact machines.

High.quality are high, but it justifies itself. In addition, you always have an alternative: you can make a mower with your own hands. If your fleet has a mini-tractor, then additional mechanisms to it will easily make life easier.

setting, chinese, mower, mini, vector

Collecting a mower in your yard is not as difficult as it seems. First you should figure out what type of fastening is suitable for your technique, calculate the optimal dimensions and decide on the purpose of the device itself. Then you need to collect materials. Among the scrap metal there will always be the remains of the frame, spare parts from old cars and so on. A welding machine will be required. Design occurs in several stages:

  • Cooking basics. A steel corner, strong profiles are suitable for the frame.
  • Drinking. We need a small circle of metal (hint: the bottom of the barrel is a great option). It should be strengthened around the perimeter and welded the cutting elements. It can be knives from the old mowing, which are previously cleaned and sharpened.
  • Installation of axial shafts. This node is responsible for scrolling the disks, which should occur freely and easy. To create a rotating mechanism, it is better to take simple bearings (they will have to spend money on them). They are attached to the pipe and on the pulley.
  • Final assembly. Having installed wheels with teeth and welding the pulleys to the pipe, the main part of the task you have already completed. It remains only to come up with how to more reliably form a protective casing in order to protect the work.

Attaching the structure to a mini-tractor, you can arrange the first test drive. During movement, the knives will begin to rotate, and the grass will be quarreled. Of course, such home.made equipment cannot be compared with mowers of eminent companies, but for hay harvesting in small territories this is a great option.

Segment mower for a mini.vector

Such a device is designed for mowing grass, both in small and large areas. Segmented mowers are secure and efficiency. The essence of the operation of such a device is the simultaneous use of moving knives and motionless fingers. One of the disadvantages of such a mowing is that it does not add vegetation in mowing after work.

In maintenance, segmented mowers are much more complicated than rotary, but their quality mowing is much higher. Among popular models of such equipment, it is worth noting TX 1.6.

Table of comparison of goods

Model Width of mowing (m) Mowing height (cm) Maximum performance (HA/hour)
Scout FRM-80 0.9 up to 7 1.7
TALEX Z083 “Mini” 1.35 4–7 2
DM 135 1.35 4–7 1.35
KRR-1,9 1.9 4–7 2.5
Z-178 Lisicki 1.35/1.65/1.85 3.2–4.2 0.65/1/1.4
Z-169 Wirax 1.35/1.65/1.85 up to 4.2 1.2/1.6/2
KR-2.1M 2.1 4–7 2.85
KP-2.4V 2.4 4–7 2.5

First you will need to get the right drawing and also materials. From the materials you will need:

  • 4 wheels with a diameter of 45 cm;
  • axes for installing wheels;
  • the bottom of the old metal barrel;
  • a metal sheet;
  • 4 knife;
  • welding machine;
  • fasteners (nuts, screws, etc.);
  • chainsaw;
  • handle for special control.

The design of such a braid will consist of a casing fixed on the discs of knives and frames. Thanks to the gross power of the mini.tractor, the mowing will be moved.

We make the frame as follows: connect the corners with dimensions of 40 cm. Knives can be borrowed from the old Rotorka tractor mower, but they will need to be shortened by 3 cm. The height of the beam should be 35 cm.

From a metal sheet, cut 2 disks with a 39 cm dimeter. Weld the knives to the discs, they must be installed so that their rotation is relaxed and easy.

Make axial shafts from an old metal pipe with a diameter of 30 mm. Take the bearings under the bottom in the pipe, and the upper in the pulley.

In order for you to succeed in such a home.made device, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with several drawings that can help you in your work.

Where to look for drawings, ideas and technical solutions?

The main sources of ideas, schemes and technical solutions are thematic forums in which users discuss their homemade products, share drawings with each other for the manufacture of rotary and other mowers with their own hands.

We have prepared links to the most interesting discussions:

In addition, you will find a lot of useful material in these articles:

Segment mowing

Segment-type mower for a mini-tractor

Segment type equipment, presented in the photo, is much more difficult to manufacture with your own hands than rotary, since the design of this equipment has a crooked-shaped mechanism. One of the curves performing the role of the rear wheels of the segmented mowing, connected to the crankshaft of the power unit. Knives are fixed on the other side of the crank. Thanks to this connection, when the mini-tractor moves, the crank mechanism and knives are activated.

The knives of a homemade mowing that you see in the photo are similar to two saws interconnected, which during operation on the principle of scissors cut off a vegetation cover. In order to make yourself a device for mowing the grass, you need to perform certain operations in some sequence:

  • The width of the segments can be selected at your discretion, but the value of 72 mm is considered optimal. First of all, you need to install a gearbox on a metal beam 15x50x120. The base has a shaft on which the hub is attached, and the displacement in this case will be about 320 mm.
  • The axis and shaft of the gearbox should be tied with each other;
  • On the shaft, install the pulley;
  • The cup from the cross with the needle bearing put on the main finger. Also on the very knife to make a slot under the bowl.
  • On the frame set the wheel from the old baby stroller. It will prevent the equipment of the equipment and configure the necessary mowing height.

The device is driven by a mini-tractor.

Safety precautions

Having decided to create attaching equipment with your own hands, it is necessary to ensure that it not only functions correctly, but it is also safe for both the operator and the surrounding people. Before starting a home.made rotor or segment mowing to work, it is necessary to check the reliability of all connections. At the first test launch, you need to make sure that there were no people or animals within 50 meters around.

Any person who has appropriate technology knowledge and knows how to use welding and locksmith tools can collect the current and effective mower. If you do not even have a minimum experience in creating such home.made equipment, then maybe you should regret yourself and buy a factory mower, thereby saving your time and nerves.

How to set up a mowing before work?

After buying rotary equipment, you must correctly configure and adjust the mower.

You can set up in several main stages:

  • All settings are carried out after aggregation of the mower to the walk.behind tractor.
  • Put a protective casing on the raised device and secure it with bolts.
  • Rotors should be strictly parallel to the surface of the field.
  • Adjust the height of the mowing. To do this, there are a special bolt on the salaes that will help to set the desired height. When adjusting the height, it is necessary to take into account the irregularities of the landscape, working discs should not capture the soil.
  • Check all the connections. The bolts should be tightly tightened. Knives move freely. If necessary, they need to be sharpened.
  • Run the mower and go through one row. If the height is suitable, then you can perform work.
  • People and animals should not be on the field. The operator needs to wear protective clothes and a mask. They will protect from branches and small pebbles.

European, American or Japanese technique is durable, but expensive. The spare parts for them are also not cheap, but strong and wear.resistant. Chinese models are more affordable, but can last much less than the declared deadline. Domestic mowers for price-quenches approximately in the middle between Western and Asian brands. Consumables for them can be bought for little money without long searches.

Scout FRM-80

A hinged rotary mower with compact dimensions (810 x 930 x 780 mm), weighing 42 kg and a front installation. She cuts thick grass, grain crops, meter dryness. FRM-80 will cope with overgrown shrubs if their base is not thicker than 1 cm in diameter. On two discs, 4 knives are fixed, which will be processed up to 1.7 hectares per hour. Mowing width. 90 cm, height. 7 cm. It is better to take a wedge belt to take the A-1800-the native B-1850 does not allow you to work at any lifting height.

FRM-80 is suitable for mini-cutters with a capacity of 15 liters. With. and above (0.2–0.6 traction classes), the speed of rotation of the power shaft (VOM) should be 540 rpm. In addition, this model can be connected to the walk.behind tractor. Hydraulic hoses, hydraulic cylinder and fasteners are included with it. The frame and the tensioner are made of soft metal. any tubercle can turn into a dent, so you need to work slowly.

  • High performance for a small mowing.
  • A simple reliable design.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • One of the lightest models among rotary equipment.

TALEX Z083 “Mini”

Polish hinged model that will burn up to 2 ha per hour. This technique is created for natural and seeded herbs, high.yielding and killed vegetation. Two disks with a pair of knives in each are laid cut into the wrap. Capture width. 1.35 m, height. from 4 to 7 cm, which is ideal for a garden or garden.

You can work with it in any area, except for mountains and rocky meadows. Nevertheless, the rotors are protected by a traction fuse. this will save if you face a solid obstacle. The model is made of durable metal, but thanks to small dimensions, it is still light.

  • High performance for the “mini” class.
  • Strong assembly, rotor protection.
  • Compact dimensions (d/sh/c. 2.66/1.92/1.06 m).
  • Small weight (270 kg).

DM 135

A Chinese hinged mowel for a mini.tractor was created for high.yielding varieties of grass (seeded, natural). It works only on flat ground without stones and hills, although it can be used in a wooded area or just in areas with bed of grass. The vegetation is laid in the wrap, thoroughly dried and suitable for livestock feed. The model is suitable for cleaning road sidelines from weeds.

Strong.barreled shrubs and shoots of young trees are contraindicated to her. Two cutting discs (with three knives on each), declared performance. up to 1.35 ha/hour. The model mows 1.35 m in width, and with partial mulching of the stems. Cut height. 4-7 cm. Weight DM 135. 340 kg. She needs a tractor for 20-30 liters. With. (VOM should rotate with a frequency of 450 rpm).


A hay.preparatory hinged mower from the domestic company “Agramak”. Capture width. 1.9 m, performance. up to 2.5 hectares per hour. The model cuts high.yielding erect and light grassy herbs. If the site is uneven, then the adjustment of the corner of the mowing will help out (from 50 to.25 degrees). To the area of ​​KRR-1,9 is unpretentious-it will even work on fields clogged with stones.

Rotation discs here are 4 (each in 3 knives), the height of the cut is 4–7 cm. The edge of the blades in the CRR models is hardened, so they slowly dull, do not break on solid obstacles and lend themselves to repeated sharpening. Belt drive. you will not have to spend on lubricant, plus the weight of the structure is reduced (the mass of the unit is 320 kg). For normal operation, the mower needs a mini.tractor with a capacity of 35 liters. With. and with the frequency of rotation of VOM by 540 rpm.

  • High performance.
  • Unpretentiousness to the type of vegetation, resistance to stones.
  • Adaptation to bumps on the site.
  • Durability, reliability.
  • Lightened weight.

Z-178 Lisicki

A hinged rotary mower for a mini.vector from Poland. Cuts agricultural and weeds, puts greens in the ridges. If the earth is uneven, then the angle of inclination can be changed to 12 degrees. The model has a traction fuse. He will throw the beam back when he arrived at something solid (stone, anthill, metal). Protective casing and telescopic shaft, which changes the working position of the equipment, are sold separately.

Z-178 was created in 3 versions with different widths of the mowing: 1.35 m (performance up to 0.65 ha per hour), 1.65 m (1 ha/h) and 1.85 m (1.4 ha/hour). Cutting rotors. 2, blades on each of them. 3 (at the option of 1.35 m. 2). Cut height. 3.2–4.2 cm. The mower is suitable for mini.tractors with a rotation of VOM from 540 rpm. The youngest version (330 kg) is designed for class 0.6 (20 liters. With.), medium (400 kg)-from 0.9 (30-80 liters. With.), the last (455 kg). from 1.4 (40 liters. With.).

  • Assortment of 3 versions with different widths of capture.
  • Productive work.
  • Tuning the angle under an uneven relief.
  • Protection from breakdowns when hitting something solid.
  • Wear resistance, strength.

Z-169 Wirax

Another Polish hinged mower for the cut of low.stained high.yielding herbs with laying in a roll. The model is suitable for plain and wavy fields, meadows, pastures (the angle of inclination in the Z-169 changes to 12 °). Solid debris, stones are better to avoid. On each of the two rotors, 3 knives are installed (only 2 blades on the younger version). Maximum cut height. up to 4.2 cm.

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