Setting up the laser on a Metabo mitre saw

Setting up the laser on a Metabo mitre saw. Pendulum

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– 2. Nafanya

Pros: The firm brand, backlight and laser
Cons: Made very poorly
My feedback: I have a tool Metabo Shurik great and reliable, angular grinder seems to be all ok, but this facing tool. I’m sorry it’s horrible, I’ve looked at other companies, everything is half or half the price damn I doubt they are. Shaft looseness or bearing dhz, but the play disk and it is on this model they all, I checked three in a store leroy, the cheap ones do not have it! The laser is not adjusted, at 45 one angle is normal, the other side clings to the body. This is not Metabo, this is the worst of all the artisanal China!! It’s all just not clear how or what it’s made of! I don’t know if it’s the same, I just don’t understand what’s in it, it’s not made out of anything! Better check in the store whether you need it or not, but of course the laser and backlight buy it, almost nowhere else saw it

– 2. Alex D.

Pros: Price. bought for 7500. mobile.
Cons: In the first minute of work the handle of the saw positioning clamp broke apart partially. Didn’t give it back, glued it myself. Tried to adjust the laser, it’s no use. it is not adjustable. It’s mowing really bad. Tried to adjust the angles to get at least some place to get a straight 90, but it failed. Even if I set it in one position, it is necessary to unlock the position changer, that’s it. no even angle in any of the planes. Assemble the frame evenly will not work, gentlemen.) It broke quickly, the hole where the clamp is inserted. The metal just snapped even though the force was minimal. I took it for the most part for crafts out of bars, and my requirements are not high. but damn it not so much. I use it very infrequently and even with this use it broke down little by little (as described). What happens to it with frequent use. In general, you should use a chisel only if you need to saw something off, don’t count on the accuracy and laser too)

– 2. Concrete Andrey

Pros: Terrible model
Cons: Poor quality
Review: I bought it for my home, was counting on the household help. I have to go far for repair, so I have to deal with it myself. Renegotiated the electrics, almost immediately failed laser ruler. Screwed it up, even wired it somewhere, now this will not be a problem. I bought this saw for home and house repairs. Found that the fasteners are loose, starts to break its own limiter. Tightened all bolts around, it is still holding on, but the material is a bit live. I am wondering how and what I will change in the future. In short, instead of help with repairs, it cost me a hole in my budget and more of a headache than fixing it.

– 2. Vasily Ryumin

Pros: No
Cons: The raw model is unfinished
Review: I bought this saw to fix the house in the country. Wasted money on a name I fell for. Took me half a day to set up the laser. The saw cut just didn’t align with the beam, and specifically. So I messed around and started cutting. 1.5 hours of work and the laser dies, all in all. Okay, it’s stupid to drive 100 km to take it to the service. Decided that this is the way to saw. Exactly 3 days. It worked for exactly three days before the kerf depth limiter crumbled. Naturally saws beautifully cut itself. Took it to service and waiting for verdict. UPD. I see I’m not the only one. Is it the batch, or is it the quality in general??

– 2. data is hidden

Pros: Cuts. The pre-installed blade makes a clean cut.
Cons: Almost immediately the laser failed. Backlight is starting to fail. Does not cut through the workpiece to the end (may need adjustment). No soft start. Sawdust flies to and fro, but not into the bag.
Review: While it works

– 2. The data is hidden

Cons: The platform is not rigid, it sags. The laser is not adjusted (sometimes two strips of laser appear on the part). Disc is slipping and the cut is misaligned

– 2. Alexander I.

Pros: Polite communication. delivery on time.
Cons: Brought it already opened. The whole thing is stained. On what, the courier said that it has been tested. Yeah, their hands must be so dirty after repairing the Kamaz. Wanted to return it but really needed it. Let’s see how it behaves further. But the residue is not pleasant.

– 1. vyacheslav baliskov

Pros: There are none of them just
Cons: broke on the first day of use, saws, if not controlled, its own bolts, nothing tightened in it, on the second day of use, after repair. laser died
Review: Purchased this creation for my needs. On the weekend trying to build a house, well, I think Metabo, a thing, will last a long time with infrequent use, and then it started. On the second kerf it began to smoke and would not spin the drive. I gave it to the service department under warranty. service normal, only one in peter, thought it happens, worked for half a day again, turned it off, turned it back on. The laser doesn’t work, I pick it up, the angle lock knob has fallen off. again need to go to the service at the other end of town. verdict. You don’t want problems and hassle, but normal work. wait, add and buy a Makita, because it is not worth a third of the amount, the Chinese nome would be more reliable, I do not recommend

How to choose a crosscut saw

Trimming saws are differentiated by technical features and can be of standard (conventional) or combined type, which somewhat expands their functionality.

The difference between the combined models from the ordinary ones is that their design involves the possibility of transforming the end saw into a circular saw by making light movements of the main parts of the saw.

Zubr ZPT-255-1800″ model with belt drive and broach

And in addition, the principal functional feature of the availability of broaching, also expanding the capabilities of the equipment used.

For stationary installation, it is better to use models that have a broaching function, which allows you to process wide wood workpieces.

Makita Lh1040 Multi-Purpose Circular Saw

Working with a crosscut saw

So, to begin working with the tool you must first find the right working position beside the table facing the direction of the cut. Stand clear of the saw blade so that the chips do not come in contact with you. Please remember not to cut too short workpieces, because it is difficult to hold them stationary for too long.

When sawing wide or long workpieces the support roller posts must be used. Before you start the cut-off saw make sure that the blade guard is in the right position and then press the switch on the inside of the handle and start your work. Do not start sawing the workpiece with the nonfunctioning blade down, when you turn the blade may tear off and throw it back to the user.

To face different in width blanks can be used sawing with or without the use of the head extension function. By the way, the design of the crosscut saw in this variant provides smooth installation of the saw head at an angle from. 460 to 460.

And here is the recommendation for compound sawing at an angle: Select the required position of the saw head and the workpiece stop for such an angle sawing;

If during the process it is necessary to change the saw blade, it should be done as follows. A normal saw blade must comply with the specified specifications, we recommend that you always check this carefully. Unplug the machine. Remove the blade guard by loosening the two screws that hold it in place and pulling the blade guard upward. Unlock the saw shaft with the keyhole switch on the saw shaft and loosen the clamping screw of the saw blade with a wrench.

Then remove the outer flange and replace the saw blade. But the flange must be cleaned before it can be installed. Then return it to its working position and tighten the clamping screw with the wrench. Reinstall the protective cover.

Location Name Cost
Top 10 best sliding compound mitre saws Metabo
1 Metabo KGS 315 Plus 57 000 ₽
2 Metabo KGSV 72 Xact 42 000 ₽
3 Metabo KGS 216 M 18 000 ₽
4 Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut 8 000 ₽
5 Metabo KGS 254 M 21 000 ₽
6 Metabo KGS 305 M 26 000 ₽
7 Metabo KS 305 M 23 000 ₽
8 Metabo KGSV 216 M 18 000 ₽
9 Metabo KGT 305 M 39 000 ₽
10 Metabo KGS 254 I Plus 55 000 ₽

Metabo KGSV 72 Xact

Manual mitre saw for working with wood and metal materials. A unique combination of a panel and propsaw.

That’s why the user has the possibility of using the pulling function and the symmetrically adjustable stop system.

The simple angle transfer from the small bevel to the stop system enables a clean cut without additional calculations.

Dual line laser, “multi cut” saw blade with flat trapezoidal teeth.

Sawdust is diverted through a built-in funnel, making the next cleaning job easy.

The support is easily adjustable, the safety guard prevents injuries to the operator, an eye-catching LED-light illuminates the working area, easy disc exchange by locking the spindle (no need to remove the guard).

These features have increased the functionality of such a small tool.

  • power. 1.8 kW;
  • cutting height. 7.2 Washing machine, width 30.5.5 mm machine;
  • disc diameter. 21.6 Washing machine, planting hole. 3 Washing machine;
  • tilt angle. 47°, rotation. 50°;
  • rotation speed. 6 300 rpm;
  • complete with disc, 2 table extensions, clamp, tool for changing the nozzle, cable holders.
  • sturdy motor;
  • smooth speed adjustment;
  • Possibility to connect a vacuum cleaner;
  • high build quality;
  • Perfect cuts in wood and metal;
  • double line laser;
  • safe operation.

Metabo KGS 216 M

Table saw with pulling function for working with wood and metal. Compact size and light weight, so it is easy to carry with one hand.

Perfectly withstands mechanical impact, intensive use due to the strong design of cast aluminum.

Precise angle setting is done quickly via clamping points.

Infinitely extending table extensions for mounting long panels, slats, etc.

Left-tilted saw head opens up additional angular range for trimming.

Comfortable operation with integrated laser and LED-light, sliding feet, workpiece retaining clamp, limit stop, intuitive controls, spindle lock for easy accessory change.

  • power. 1.5 kW;
  • cutting height. 6.5 kW; clean, smooth cut; 5 kW; width. 30.5 Washing machine;
  • wheel diameter. 21.6 Washing machine, the seating hole. 3 Washing machine;
  • tilt angle. 47°, swivel angle. 47°;
  • Speed of rotation. 5 000 rpm, at rated load. 3 750 rpm;
  • sawing speed. 57 m/sec;
  • cable length. 2 m;
  • complete set disk, clamp, stop for cutting, wrench, dust bag;
  • dimensions. 76x34x47.5.5 mower machine;
  • weight. 13.5 kg.
  • clean and smooth cut;
  • easy to handle design;
  • High quality build;
  • sufficient power;
  • dust collector;
  • good equipment.
  • slight deflection of laser, cut, bed;
  • no soft start function.

Tool setting and adjustment

The preparatory setup needs absolutely no matter what saw, regardless of the company’s model. This is as the 1st technical service. The main thing you need from the saw is accurate angling and turning. Every saw has the option to refine, improve and upgrade its class. Remove add-ons and extensions, such as clamps, from the tool. You need a scalpel or a small knife with a non-bending blade. Casting is accompanied by the formation of chips, which should be cut off if they interfere with maintenance.

  • Lift the saw unit. Remove side support.
  • On some saws it is not at right angles to the frame. The base must be in contact with the base in 2 points. The bases of these points should be vertical. If it is not square due to an uneven coat of paint or burr, grind back the baseplates. At first cut away chips, if there are any.

Testimonial: Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut mitre saw. Excellent tool in its class

I’ve always wanted a crosscut saw for my country house woodwork. My dream finally came true, and I got my hands on the Metabo KS 216 M. I originally wanted a prltazhka saw, but the were way over my budget, and I didn’t want to buy used. For its class the crosscut saw is well worth the price. great.

The saw’s native disk makes a clean cut without splitting the wood. The laser is powered and well visible even on a bright sunny day.

In addition the machine has a LED backlight. Laser and backlight can be switched on and off individually.

The factory preset laser was surprisingly good, so it did not require any additional manipulation of the saw. Very comfortable horizontal handle with a somewhat flimsy-looking power lock does not spoil the overall picture.Very nice and soft sound of the engine. The saw is not bulky and heavy, but very stable. It has been carefully thought out down to the last detail. There’s a scraper for clamping the wood and sturdy removable sliding work surface extensions.

The dust bag gets about 40% of the shavings, when used with a vacuum cleaner it removes almost 80% of the shavings. However, the capabilities of the saw are limited by the size of the wood, there is no soft start.But despite this, it is still a very good value.

Reviews on the Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut

True Metabo ks 216 m lasercut reviews from Sidex. All Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut

Pros: Great saw. Covers my needs well. Tested the straight and 45 degree cuts. 45 degrees needs a little adjustment.

Pros:. Sophisticated ergonomics in detail. Price. Availability of light and laser. Excellent dust extraction system in conjunction with the vacuum cleaner Minuses:. No soft start (especially after using a mitre cutter with soft start). Despite the good packaging, the body was in minor abrasions and chips, not critical, but unpleasant (for example, DeWALT’a was perfect out of the box, but the price difference is almost three times). Review: Bought in addition to the main, to carry on-site for sundries. For 7,500 I think it is perfect, considering that for this money you can buy only Russian unfinished models with a plastic frame or crooked castings. Of course it needs to be adjusted from the box, but it will take about 15 minutes.

Pros: Great saw! I am very glad to buy, and even on the stock) In work just a Cosmos! It is a pleasure to work with. The laser and the lighting. useful addition. Cons: I had a choice between the Zubr and the Interskol, but after reading the reviews, I decided on the Metabo. And I feel it was not in vain!

Pros: build quality, features, price! Disadvantages: They simply can not be Review: I’ve been looking for a long time this type of saw just blew away all the competition. I have sawed a variety of models, but this is just a pleasure! It was a great choice for a tool.

Pros: Great cutter If you remove the plastic protection and replace the clamping washers. You get a great machine for cutting pipes and fittings at any angle. The wheels on the metal 230mm Minus: none Review: ok

Pros: Saws accurately. It has a laser and lights. Cons: I had to readjust the angles and degrees. Seemed to be straight at the beginning. but had to tweak it a little

Cons: Powerful, easy to use, good results. Disadvantages: I have to calibrate the cutting angles

Pros: A good saw for the money. Well thought out construction with the exception of the following faults. Disadvantages: Despite the molded plate there is a slight play. How to eliminate it. not clear. The included clamp is only for small parts, when the thickness of the bar is up to 50mm. Review: There are a lot of videos on the internet (youtube) to set up this device, but it’s not hard to figure out for yourself. To set the right angle I use the body / cover from the CD drive, although there are a couple of corners, but I am more comfortable.

Pros: Price is cheaper than competitors, next day delivery. Quality of service. Cons: Payable in cash only, so no cashback.

Pros: Great trimming.All corners are aligned. Took it out of the box and into work! Lighted working area, laser, good saw blade. Cons: For this price they are not and can not be! I bought it at Beru in 2020 for 6800r. (7300-500 coupons). Review: As with any tool you need to love it, service it, oil it, put the soft start and then it will serve faithfully.

Pros: Price, quality Cons: No soft start Review: It’s a good trimmer, it cuts deep, smoothly. In use for 2 years now, works great!

Pros: Quality craftsmanship Cons: None Review: Great for the home repair shop. Who needs precision to a tenth of a millimeter. Buy equipment on a cast iron frame.

Pros: sharp sawing, even, smooth sawing. laser and backlight. it’s also a plus that it has different angles of cut. Disadvantages: Small blade, at 45 degrees will not saw a board wider than 90 mm. Very disappointing at this point

Pluses: Great trimmer for the money, the dust bag is nice, 40-tooth saw blade cuts like a 60-tooth saw blade. Separate buttons for backlight and laser. I just adjusted the cutting angle to 90. But I am very happy with the end trimmer. Cons: I have not found yet. Review: Great end trimmer.

Pros: Saws well, no belt!! Cons: The laser is there, but it gets on the plastic protection and troits it, you can not understand where the line for the trimmer cut, and of course you can without it!!

Pros: The saw is the bomb! Saws awesome and has a laser)))) Convenient: Sawing through just over 100mm. But 150 board does not take completely (((

Pros: Everything I expected from this tool. Cons: The platform sags a little when you set it at a 45 angle. But this is solvable and not critical. Review: Very easy to use. For household use, that’s what you need. Easily cut and installed doors and baseboards. The native drive cuts corners cleanly and crispy. I just bought this and the newer model has the laser on top to keep the dust out. Had a little trouble with the first door, t.к. It has a short wire, it showed not the place where it was cut, but it was 1mm farther, and then it went on like clockwork. I can safely advise those who are going to do repairs, you will not regret it.

Pros: Two years alive. Cons: The wire is a little short! Review: It works out of the box, I use it often, the angles are fine, cuts aren’t ripped, the original disk isn’t bad.The laser never fails, the backlight shines.The wire is short, the laser doesn’t show where it’s going to cut, 1mm further, but it went on like clockwork.

Pros: Great quality for the price, laser marking Disadvantages: No soft start Review: Built two interior doors with no experience, cuts at different angles are perfect! I like this saw very much!

Pros: Backlight and laser Cons: Can’t find the rock Review: The backlight is good but I don’t use the laser yet, it loops well and clearly, we’ll see how long it lasts

Pros: Price. Disadvantages: Not as a drawback as my fault with the choice of a saw without guides Review: Better to break even and buy a saw with guides to increase the width of the kerf, Dobory 200ku sawing is not very convenient, and I would like to, but my fault for saving money and dumb luck (and so the saw Agon

Pros: Bought the trimmer back when it cost 5600. Has been seven years. Works like a beast. There is no wear and tear. Only the discs change. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Pros: No experience with this kind of tool, so I have nothing to compare it with, but I, as a beginner, got the hang of it quickly and had no problem cutting aluminum baseboards (I bought the disk separately). included only on the wood). Assembled everything feels good, with the mind how it is. The angles are accurate. Cons: Well, I did not really like the implementation of the complete clamp. I had to constantly rearrange it because of the shape of the skirting boards. And constantly need to twist the thumbscrew on it, etc.д. Review: In terms of value for money I think the best




Power, W

Disc diameter, mm

Max. 90° cutting depth, mm

Max. Cutting width at 90° angle, mm

Max. Cutting depth at 45°, mm

Max. Cutting width at 45°, mm

Pull through

Tilt angle of disc, °

Engine type

Drive type

Fitting hole diameter, mm

Idle speed, rpm

Constant speed under load

Laser power supply


Soft start

Protection from accidental start

Connecting to vacuum cleaner

Speed control

Voltage, V

Weight, kg

Country of origin

Brand Country


The manufacturer reserves the right to change the characteristics, appearance, configuration and place of manufacture without notification of the dealer.

Repairing a Metabo mitre saw with your own hands

We will try to answer the question: repair Metabo mitre saw with your own hands according to the recommendations of the true master with the most detailed description.

Taking a few minutes to check and adjust your mitre saw can give your machine the accuracy you have always dreamed of. Considering that in the manufacture of a rectangular frame even the slightest deviation multiplies by a factor of eight, the importance of a proper setting becomes obvious. We show you how to ensure neatness.

If you are still using the standard saw blade that has been installed since the purchase, which is generally only suitable for cutting rough boards on construction sites, it is time to get a higher-quality blade that is suitable for joinery work. It is better to choose a disc with a negative rake angle, which eliminates the lifting of the workpiece during sawing. Look for a 250 mm disc with 60-80 teeth, but a 300 mm disc should have 80-100 teeth. Such saw blades leave almost no chips when making cross-cuts and bevels.

Check that your new disc is at a right angle to the machine table. Using a proven square, place it with the block on the table of the saw and move the ruler to the plane of the blade without touching the teeth (photo at the beginning). The machine manual explains how to adjust the stops. Make sure there is not even the slightest gap between the square and the blade. Then set the pointer to zero on the tilt scale. Repeat this procedure to fine tune the slope to a 45° angle (photo A).

After these adjustments are complete, go on to adjust swivel angles. First of all mount the platter at a 90° angle to the stop (photo B). The procedure for this operation depends on the type of stop you have installed on your machine.

If the stop consists of a single piece (photo C), loosen the adjusting bolts or screws on both sides and move the right or left end of the stop slightly closer to the disk. It is sufficient to move only one end, as the other end will automatically rotate.

The band clamp allows you to tighten all four corners of the frame easily. You don’t have one yet? Fasten the parts in the corners with painter’s tape.

If the machine stop has right and left parts, aligning each part at right angles to the disk may cause them to be out of alignment with each other. The correct method of adjustment is that only one part of the stop is perpendicular to the disc and this position is secured by tightening the screws or bolts. Then the second part of the stop is aligned with the first (photo D). Finally the scale pointer is set to 0°. Some saw models have non-adjustable stops (photo E), so it is necessary to install disk and sawblade at right angle to the stop. To do this, first turn the dial indicator to 0° and then loosen the screws that secure the dial. Turn the stage (and the scale with it) to achieve perpendicularity of the disk and the stop. Then tighten the screws to lock the settings. There is no need to adjust any other angles.

The surest way to check the accuracy of a coping saw is to make 45° bevels at each end of four pieces of equal section and length, and then assemble the square frame by tightening the ducks with a band clamp. A tight joint at any corner means you need to check every step of the setup again and readjust the machine if necessary. Remember that the connections on the whiskers attract attention. With neat settings, you can make others marvel at your work.

A. Angle adjustment. The plastic drawing square is excellent for 45° angle control. It has longer sides than the Combi Angle pad.

B. Check that the blade is at right angles to the guide bar. Press the angle block against the stop and make sure there is no gap between the angle block ruler and the disk plane.

C. Adjusting the solid stop. In this one-piece stop, the right and left sides are connected by an arch-shaped link. As one end rotates, the other end also rotates.

D. Adjusting the multi-piece stop. First adjust and lock the left side of the stop. Then press the long straight edge against it by laying it flat on the saw table and align the right side of the stop with it.

E. Adjusting the Fixed Mandrel. Loosen all screws that hold the scale in place and set the saw blade perpendicular to the stop.

It is often not possible to repair a Metabo mitre saw and sub-mountain saw without having to install replacement parts. But spare parts are usually unavailable in most service centers. With our service center, you’ll find that there’s no need to wait two weeks for parts at all. We always have the spare parts you need for professional repair. Our Service Department has a large spare parts stock. We make sure we don’t run out of spare parts, that’s why we order new parts in advance from trusted dealers. Our service is committed to guaranteeing all the parts that our mechanics replace in the course of the repair.

Repair of Metabo mitre saws is often delayed due to lack of spare parts. Our service center will never delay repair work because of this. Our spare parts stock offers us a considerable advantage when comparing with other service centers. The matter is that we always have all spare parts for repair in stock. We carry out repair work very quickly, waiting for the necessary part from 1 day to several weeks we consider unacceptable. That is why we are very careful to make sure that all necessary spare parts are always in stock at our service. You can rest assured that you will get quality parts for your machine.

Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut crosscut saw 619216000

The Metabo mitre saw KS 216 M is a tool for cutting wood, plastic materials and multi-layer panels. Made of durable aluminum to ensure reliability and durability. For fast and comfortable carrying, the saw has side pivoting handles.

  • Compact “lightweight” that can be carried with one hand;
  • Robust design with die-cast aluminum housing for the toughest conditions;
  • Easy transport thanks to ergonomic carrying handles and lockable saw head;
  • Effective sawdust extraction via integrated sawdust funnel
  • Quick and precise setting of the most common angles through the fixing points;
  • Laser for a precise indication of the cutting line (supplied from the mains, no batteries required);
  • Smoothly extending table extensions, removable, to fit under long panels, slats, etc.д.;
  • Bright working LED light to illuminate the cutting point (mains powered, no batteries required);
  • High stops, sliding to the sides, for safe sawing;
  • Material clamp to securely hold the workpiece at the top or front;
  • Saw head tilts to the left, with additional angular range for undercutting;
  • All scales and controls are visible from the working position, operation is intuitive;
  • Easy saw blade change thanks to spindle lock; no need to remove the sliding guard.
  • Carbide-tipped saw blade (40 teeth);
  • 2 built-in table extensions;
  • Trim stop;
  • Material clamp;
  • Tool for changing the saw blade;
  • Sawdust collection bag.

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Scope of delivery

The new Metabo mitre saw KS 216 M offers even more working comfort with a time-tested tool.

Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut crosscut saw 619216000

Trimming saw Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut Brand: Metabo Country of Origin: Germany Brand class: Professional. more Electric motor type : Synchronous Power, Watt: 1350 Diameter of the saw blade, mm: 216 The seating aperture, mm: 30 RPM, rpm No. of idle speed, r.p.m: 5000 Cutting capacity at 90, mm: 65×120 Cutting capacity at 45, mm: 45х80 broaching function: Without broaching With top table: Without top table Left/right rotary table adjustment: 0-47 Tilt angle adjustment: 0-47/0-2 Weight, kg: 9,4 Guarantee: 36 months.

Metabo KS 216 M Lazercut. crosscut saw for cutting wooden workpieces, which is perfect for working in the. still indoors, as it has a dust and chip collection system. Features of the saw KS 216 M Lazercut: light and compact tool with a convenient handle for portability and mobility; dust and chip removal system will help keep the workplace clean; built-in laser and LED illumination for clear and straight cutting of the workpiece; safe sawing, thanks to the high stops, which can be moved to the side; it is possible to adjust the table at the desired angle, as well as tilt the blade left by 47 °; equipped with a reliable clip that fixes the workpiece, which would

Owners reviews

Four years of operation with moderate loads on the characteristics of the German trimming saw Metabo showed almost no signs of wear. Either I was lucky, or the Chinese learned to tighten nuts and other threaded fasteners to the stop. The laser has to be cleaned after almost every cut. Andrei

The car is excellent, but it requires skilled care. The 2000 watt motor has a moderate amount of torque, so it doesn’t handle long hours under load. For cutting viscous plastic and aluminum it is better to use more powerful hardware. Vasily Romanovich

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