Shelves for tools in the garage with their own hands

Options for making shelves in the garage with their own hands: how to make everything convenient and beautiful

For true motorists garage is a second home. And not just for the car. Of course, first of all, there “rests” the car, there it is serviced, carry out a technical inspection before each trip, perform minor repairs with their own hands. In the garage the owner will definitely carve out a place for a working table (workbench) with a vice and emery, and sometimes a drill press will manage to install, and if you are really lucky, and a small lathe attached. There spend a seasonal “vacation” alternately winter and summer wheels. In addition, in the garage there are many different “useful” things that you do not know why they are stored, and it is a pity to throw away: there are various chemicals and various metals. It is very important that every thing and every device can be easily accessed and used, otherwise all this wealth will be useless. But for this you need to properly perform the arrangement of the available space, optimally distribute the free space really necessary equipment and tools, provide yourself with at least a minimum comfort. It is good if the interior-design of the garage will turn out modern. And it is possible to achieve this by competently making different variants of shelves with your own hands in the garage.

How to design garage shelves

Do not neglect the project. You can, of course, do everything on the knee, but also with the proportions can be wrong, and miss something very important. So first determine the purpose of the shelves in the garage. For example, you need a place for seasonal storage of tires. Since you change them once every six months, you can think of placing them somewhere not too accessible, such as under the ceiling of the garage.

In general, the garage is a significant solution to the problem of storing tires, so it would be foolish to just kick them when there is room and opportunity to arrange them neatly and nicely.

The second thing you might be interested in is storing hand tools. On the horizontal shelves to store tools is easy, but not very convenient. In search of the right key you’ll dig through the whole shelf and it just happens to be at the bottom. The most convenient way to store hand tools is with peorized panels. On these shelves you can put fasteners in any order you like, arrange them by size, purpose and priority need.

When designing garage shelves, think about what part of them you will fill with such panels. Since these panels are flat and need the simplest frame-frame to install them, you can allocate for them those parts of the wall where there is little room to turn around. These can be walls along the side of the machine or part of the general shelving, for example directly in front of the workbench. That way you have all the tools you need on hand at all times.

But it’s not just the placement of tools that’s important. The garage should always be used to store some small things and oversized parts, too. And for this you will need at least trays or drawers. Large parts and tools like a chainsaw or a kerger, engine and cleaning supplies will also need shelves as close to the ground as possible, and quite high.

What else you need to consider in the drawing? You must have shelves that can be closed, or even concealed. There are always things of special value that are better hidden from the eyes of inadvertent visitors. Not quite a safe, but at least a safe hiding place for stash or valuable tools. If you are making a metal shelving unit, then the locker-deposit box can also be made with metal walls and doors.

Among other things, in the garage rack, you can provide not only a built-in workspace, but also various additional features. For example, a retractable tabletop in case you have little space on the workbench and need additional space to use tools or organize a feast.

It would be nice to have a rack for outerwear and work overalls or jackets.

Making shelves in the garage with their own hands: practical tips, recommendations

The main purpose of the garage is to store cars. However, this does not prevent car owners from using it for other purposes: storage of preservation, tools, household appliances, unnecessary things, car parts. Over time, piles of various household items accumulate in the room. The garage is slowly turning into a chaotic dump, the space is becoming less and less. This is a sign. it’s time to wisely organize the space, by installing shelves in the garage. They will allow you to rationally place things, save usable space, improve the interior of the room.

Garage with a convenient storage system, when everything in its place

Racks in the garage with their own hands to make quite simple. You need to prepare tools, buy some materials, free up a few hours of work. In this article we will look at the detailed instructions, some tips, recommendations for the arrangement of such a design.


Thinking about buying or making racks for the garage, it is worth to decide on the materials of which they should be made. There are two options, it is metal and wood. The choice of one or the other type is dictated by the purposes for which it is purchased and financial capabilities.

If the garage shelves are made of wood, you can put unnecessary things from home, small inventory, but nothing too heavy. The advantage of this type is that you can make it with your own hands without much difficulty.

If we talk about metal shelving, it is made of profiles and has a much more reliable design, so you can put tires, heavy tools, and do not fear for their integrity. Metal open cabinet can also be made by hand, but this process is much more labor-intensive than working with wood, and requires special tools.

If the shelves are made of wood, it is important to buy high-quality material, so that it does not have knots, which will ensure the strength of the construction. The shelves can be made of particle board, and the wooden frame from boards of high quality. The resulting construction can be left untreated or varnished, which will prolong its service life.

If there is no desire to buy a metal shelf, or there is no possibility to find the right size, you can make it with your own hands, finding the material for the frame, which can serve: angles, pipes, profiles and metal sheets for shelves. It is important to treat all surfaces so that they are not sharp, otherwise it will not be safe to be in the garage.

The height of the racks depends on the height of the ceilings, and the number of shelves. depending on the need and tasks of the new storage system. Stationary structures can be both metal and wood, prefabricated more often made of metal, mobile can be both metal and small wooden, although the first option is more popular. Rotating structures are made of metal, they are very difficult to make out of wood.

It is important to use hinged shelves in the garage as well, in order to remove all excess from the floor and conveniently place at a suitable height. Such shelves can be made of metal, wood and combined.

shelves, tools, garage, their, hands

For Russians, the garage has long been a multifunctional room. It is no longer just a place to store and service the car, but also a workshop and a warehouse of all sorts of things, among them:

  • machine parts;
  • wheels;
  • Electric and pneumatic tools;
  • Oil and gasoline;
  • fishing rods and other fishing, hunting and camping equipment;
  • Wearables and other items;
  • foodstuffs;
  • detergents to maintain cleanliness.

All of this needs to be organized, kept dry and in good working order. There are only two designs for this purpose: racks and shelves. The former differ from the latter in that they can be mobile. Shelves, on the other hand, are always stationary and fixed to the wall or partition.

For different geometric parameters of things need storage space of appropriate size. In this regard, there are several types of shelves:

  • for tools, with crossbars to prevent this expensive equipment from falling;
  • for storing long items: construction material such as boards and metal corners, as well as fishing rods, shovels, spare parts;
  • for large products: machine tools, heat guns, auto parts;
  • For small hand tools, keys, insulation material and other materials.

Consequently, the design of shelves should be chosen based on several parameters:

By the same criteria determine the location of the shelf and choose the material for its manufacture.

Shelves for industrial tools

Industry today offers a wide variety of shelving and shelving for tools and other everyday needs. You can find compact suspended structures, although sometimes there are samples quite voluminous, tiered, rather reminiscent of open cabinets.

If you have a fairly large professional workshop, you need something roomier, although the line of business needs to be taken into account in any case. Т.е., Choose your shelf according to what kind of work you are going to do in your workshop.

shelves, tools, garage, their, hands

In this article we will not look at all the variety of shelves and racks as such, but focus on tool shelves. When selecting a design, consider the type of tool, its size, quantity, weight.

The material from which the shelf will be made, should be strong enough. For example, for the garage, steel designs are the most practical, and in workshops where household appliances are repaired, durability is not a primary requirement, since lighter and more compact tools are used.

All of these are just the most general points to consider when selecting a commercially available tool shelf. In order to fully meet all of your needs, i.e.е., If you want to arrange the tool exactly as it will be convenient for you, the best design is a shelf for tools made by your own hands.

If you don’t know what a storage system for the garage should look like. you can get ideas for organization below.


The simplest system for storing most tools. Tool board is a wooden or metal sheet with holes and pins. They are used to hold the tools, which is very convenient.

How to use it? Note the handles of your adjustable wrenches, hammers, angle bars or brushes. They have a hole through which you can hang your equipment. For hammers, two pins are placed next to each other, and it is hooked with the “head”. Pliers, combination pliers and other similar tools are hooked by the place of the handles’ arches.

80 Tool Storage Ideas

To store drills, screwdrivers and other small things put shelves. Many commercially available panels have stands “out of the box”. If you make it yourself, you can screw it on with self-tapping screws.

The panel for tools is made simple: take plywood, mark and screw in self-tapping screws. The only thing left is to hang it on the wall or make a frame.

This is what a homemade tool rack looks like.

Plastic containers

Storage system for metalware should be at hand, which means it needs to be compact. Stores sell containers like these made of plastic. They can be easily placed on the workplace in the garage and do not interfere.

If you constantly have to work with a lot of different fasteners, use these plastic containers. Such an organizer for screws is suitable as temporary storage.

By the way, in the sale there are such stands for tools, where there are mounts for such containers.

You can save a lot of money and make an organizer for drills and hardware with their own hands. To do this, cut the plastic canisters, as in the photo.

Organizational drawers

Organizers for storing tools are handy if you need somewhere to keep a bunch of supplies and small items. On sale there are the following varieties:

  • Wrench box for wrenches. Often they are sold in a cloth package, which is not convenient for storage. In this case, it would be better to buy a rack that is screwed to the wall.
  • . You can order such plastic holders from China. They are handy, but they do not last long. All parts are made of plastic, so the tool storage system will not live long.

If you need a multifunctional tool organizer on the wall, buy this shelf. It is multifunctional and can be used to store pliers, screwdrivers, and drills.

Many people have old toolboxes that have nowhere to put them. To them you can make a tray with your own hands, so that nothing will fall out. In this video you will find the inst

Garden tool rack

Not only working tools take up space in the garage. Don’t forget about garden tools, which always take up a lot of space and you can’t put them in a storage box.

However, it’s easy to solve this. allocate one wall for garden and vegetable garden tools. And here are ideas on how they can be placed:

  • A purchased rack. They are not very expensive and are sold in all construction stores. They are convenient because you can place the tool nicely. The drawback of the stand is its inflexibility. You won’t be able to add more tool compartments and will have to buy another wall mount.
  • Home-made rack from PVC pipes. Cheap and “cordial”. To make it, you must install a bar near the floor. At a certain height to the wall to screw PVC pipe clippings. The handle will rest on the bar, and the cuttings will not let it fall.
  • Hooks. Regular furniture hooks will help you place your tools on the wall nicely. Can be installed at any height. Hooks can be added as needed and do not take up much space.

Magnetic tape

If you want to always have the tool for the garage at hand. buy magnetic tape. It is cheap and can be purchased at all stores. Belts are available in various lengths.

Pay attention to the strength of the magnet. Some tapes are only good for screwdrivers and other small things. Relatively expensive can hold hammers over a kilogram, wrenches, and more.

Construction variants

In order to properly organize the space, you need to choose the right shelves. When choosing one or another option, it is recommended to follow the following recommendations: the depth and width of the shelves should be convenient for use, they can be arbitrary; the distance between the shelves should not be less than a meter; you should not hang them too low. Now let’s look at the main varieties.

Aluminum does not handle weights as well as steel, but it is fireproof and not afraid of moisture.


This option is best suited for storing things with little weight. In order to make the construction more stable it must be fixed to the wall with bolts and angle bars. The advantage is that you can easily and quickly move the shelf.

The main trump card of this shelf. mobility. All parts are fastened to each other with bolts and, if necessary, can be easily dismantled.


A significant disadvantage is that it can not be disassembled if necessary. But the shelf welded from metal is very reliable and durable, can withstand almost any load. For its manufacture, metal pipes are used, which are connected by welding machine.

Used to create large metal shelving. Has impeccable reliability and can withstand even the toughest loads.


Can be used for the method. For example, originally the shelf is constructed with bolts, and then some more part was welded to it. Great for a large garage.

Usually found in large garages and technical rooms for car repairs.

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