Sidewinder from a hand held circular saw

How to make a crosscut saw from a handheld circular saw with your own hands?

The design of the trimmer is similar to a circular saw mounted above the work table. Its main advantages: compactness and low weight. Due to this, saws are used not only in workshops, but also on construction sites. Unfortunately, the tools made by their own hands are quite bulky and heavy. It is convenient to operate them in a stationary mode. Trimming saw is designed for the only task. to cut the ends of lumber at different angles. Because the workpiece is stationary on the table when it is cut, the cut is accurate and clean. Masters who work with wood give preference to this tool. And the saws, made by their own hands, have been successfully used for years.

The saw, even self-made, can cut such types of materials as:

The maximum weight of the product is 28 kg, which is due to its characteristics. This type makes it possible to perform joints in “whiskers”, they are common in baguette and furniture workshops.

The price of a tool that rotates 360 degrees is much higher. Its slope is easily adjusted. However, know that in order to figure out what angle is required, you need to decide what materials will be used.

Trim saw is created with their own hands on the basis of available equipment. hand circular saw, angle grinder (angle grinder). And when installing a particular type of discs self-made device can be used to cut profiles on a metal-plastic base, pipes, which will increase its range of use.

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Making a crosscutting machine

I used a 44 cm bar as the side stops, t.к. The maximum cutting depth of my saw is 4.3 cm. For the base I used furniture board. But it is better to use a sheet of plywood, because the screws should be flush.к. It is much stronger and it definitely will not warp over time.

I glued the bar to the base and screwed them together. I trimmed the excess part of the beam. I used aluminum nooks and crannies as guides. The thickness of the angle is 2 mm. It was sagging under the weight of the circular saw, so I decided to reinforce it with a second angle. We have a 4 mm thick stiffener.

To connect the 2 corners, I glued double sided tape, joined the corners together, and then made some through holes for the screws. The screw heads should be flush so that they don’t interfere with the saw’s sliding on the rails.

I fix the guides with self-tapping screws. At every operation we have to check the set angle of 90 degrees.

First we fix one of the rails. Then install the second guide, take the saw and set the distance between the guides to the width of the saw’s sole.

Fixing the second rail. The saw should slide freely on the guide, but have no lateral play. Making the first cut along the entire length of the guide.

To make the 45 degree stop, I took another aluminum angle and cut it to the right length.

Picked a spot to place it. Made a through hole in the base of the guide. From the back side of the board pressed a furniture nut.

From the kerf of the saw I set aside an angle of 45 degrees. Drilled another hole to hold it in place. (The number of corners can be arbitrary)

My edge router and circular saw have the same base width. So I can use the guide along with the router.

Professional equipment

Now let’s talk about professional equipment. Consider the circular saw Zubr ZPTP-255-1800. The tool is used for cutting wooden parts and thin-walled metal. Why combined? All because it can be used both to cut workpieces, and work as a circular saw.

This machine combines a trimmer and circular at the same time. Adjustable head positioning allows for high quality cuts. The machine can make longitudinal cuts at any given angle. The equipment has a locking mechanism to engage the drive and raise the guard. This model can be connected to an industrial vacuum cleaner to keep the workplace clean.

You can buy a cross-cutting circular saw in the area of 15. 20 thousand.

Another good option of all the gray mass of equipment can be selected as a table truncation saw Makita MLT100.

It is used both at home and in professional workshops, workshops. The design allows the machine to be moved on a special cart and is easily mounted in the space provided on the workbench. Sliding table allows you to work with large-sized workpieces. Table can be turned to the side or forward. Long life of this equipment is increased by high quality of parts and materials used during assembly.

Allows for both vertical and inclined cuts. High precision of cutting parts due to the presence of clamps, guides, scales with degrees and ruler. The equipment combines a trimmer and a circular saw at the same time.

hand, held, circular

A separate advantage is the presence of the engine speed stabilization system, which in turn plays an important role in the starting equipment.

Electric brake included. Connector for connection of a dust extraction device, useful at high volume of work.

hand, held, circular

Scope of homemade circular saw application

In the process of building a new house, when wood material is used in large quantities, a homemade circular saw will not be enough. Yes, and the functionality of such a device will need a wider. But when performing repairs home circular saw becomes an indispensable technical assistant.

Circular saw, made with their own hands, allows you to perform safe work and speed up the construction process

Quite often the dimensions of wooden elements are determined directly in the course of the work. The ability to independently provide the process with the necessary materials to a large extent saves money and time. And often the quality of wooden workpieces is also guaranteed to be higher.

On a homemade home circular saw it is possible to dissolve boards on bars, make slats, laths, peel off blanks, saw slabs of wood materials into fragments of the required size.

Using a homemade circular saw, you can make such types of furniture as a table, shelf, shelving unit. Such stationary home tool is applied at creation of wooden sports equipment, manufacturing of containers, etc. д.

If a disk with certain technical characteristics is installed on the sawmill, the mechanism can be used as a metal circular saw. It is allowed to saw soft aluminum and sheets of other kinds of metal with thickness not exceeding 2 mm. When working with thicker material, the mechanism will overheat, triggering the automatic shutdown.

For making firewood and simple sawing pieces of wood, a firmly fixed table with a slot for the saw is enough

How to make a circular saw with your own hands: the preparatory stages of work

Before you put an end to the question about the advisability of making a circular saw yourself, you need to get acquainted with several similar devices, watch videos on the Internet

During observations and viewings, special attention should be paid to the main elements, parts, mounting methods. To understand how to make a circular saw, you need at least a theoretical knowledge

The manufacturing process can be implemented in two ways:

In the case of the latter option, the task is somewhat complicated, since parts and mechanisms are bought most often in different places, but they must match the technical and functional characteristics.

Scheme of the circular saw making with their own hands

Without a blueprint, it is impossible to take into account the dimensions of the elements and select a complete set. Quite often this stage (drawing work) is omitted by home craftsmen because of the lack of skill to perform. It is not necessary to do this, as it is enough to draw the saw. At least this will allow to visualize the future machine

To imagine what the result will be. it is extremely important

Only after you have a drawing or sketch and all the necessary elements, you can proceed directly to the assembly process.

Advantages and disadvantages of homemade device

Like any other device, a homemade mitre saw, derived from a manual circular saw, has its own characteristics and peculiarities. Some of it is positive and some of it is colored negative. Either way, both features must be taken into account.

  • The first and most important advantage of a home-made mitre saw is a considerable financial saving. So, buying a ready-made tool will cost you quite a lot (average ), and making the tool with your own hands from the material point of view is available to almost everyone.
  • Another advantage of the device, made by oneself, is the fact that all the parameters of the saw (for example, cutting depth, rotational frequency, power, length and width of the base) are chosen individually. Thus, this device will prove to be more effective for personalized work than a purchased unit.
  • In addition, self-made saw, you will be familiar with all the components, and this, in turn, means that in the case of any failure and malfunction you can easily repair the tool.
  • Often, as the starting materials for the manufacture of trimming saw with their own hands use available in the household improvised means. It is worth noting that such materials are not always of high quality. That is why the service life and quality of a homemade device can be very short and low.
  • In order to make the unit, you need to have at least minimal technical knowledge and skills. A beginner will not be able to cope with a task of this kind.
  • Self-made trimmer is not suitable for works that require high-powered saw. If you need just such a unit, then in order to make it you will need professional parts, extensive knowledge and a sufficiently large amount of time. Thus, it is easier to buy a ready-made device.

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  • Trimmer, which you will make yourself from a circular saw, will not have the proper safety indicators and can be traumatic in operation.

To learn more about how to make a coping saw from a circular saw, see the video below.

Hello dear readers and subscribers of Andrey Noack’s blog. In this article I will tell you how to make a crosscut saw for your home purposes from a manual circular saw, while spending a minimum of money to make. A crosscutting saw from a manual circular saw. a good helper in your household, with the help of which you can do “very big things”!

To stress the term “circular saw” I think it is inexpedient, because everyone knows what this device is, and there are plenty of thematic materials in my blog. I will try to tell you what is trimming saw (trimming) and deliver as much useful information as possible for a visual representation.

The pendulum slicer represents the following design. The basis of any machine is the base frame. The table is also mounted on it, which, in turn, is made on the swivel mechanism with a ruler. This device permits the task of setting an adjustable cutting angle.

hand, held, circular

Cutting angle can be adjusted by repositioning the work table in relation to the base plane. The sawing element is supported by a lever and spring-loaded by a hinge. The pendulum is used to move the saw in the vertical direction.

As for the variant of combined model, the cutting angle can be changed in two directions, as required. Same structure as the pendulum saw, but with an additional pivot. As for changing the cutting angle in the horizontal plane, it can be changed in the horizontal direction, which in turn is opposite to the mounted drive.

Pendulum-action saw makes it possible to move cutting element both around pivot axis and straight along kerf. This is achieved thanks to the installed guides, (pictured below).

End-punching from a circular saw

When it is difficult to buy such a tool due to lack of finances, you can make it yourself.

The welder is used to cut a hole in the sheet of steel, and its ends are processed with a file.

Particularly powerful electric motor to use the tool is not required, 0.9 kW is enough. It is mounted on the base with an additional spring, which performs a stabilizing task. To rotate the unit it is necessary to attach a handle, resulting in a gradual movement of the saw. Features are as follows:

This makes it possible to easily process wood up to 0.07 m thick with a tool made by hand. Make sure you have adjustable props and supports. For pendulum risers take the channel, attached to the base made of metal. This makes our tool stronger and heavier, but it makes crosscutting work easy. You can take a three-phase electric motor (2.3 kW) and oscillating plate on hinges.

Put the belt on the pulley of the electric motor. The pendulum can be fixed to the base of the frame material. For convenient work with wood the diameter of the saw must be 0,42 m, and rotation speed. from 2800 rpm./min. Cut a slit for the disc.

As we can see, it is possible not only to buy a quality tool, but also to make their own hands. This is what we have got:

Wood trimmer

Trimmer for wood or trimming saw performs trimming of the ends of different materials to be processed. The tool is able to cut off unnecessary elements at a certain angle. The advantage of facing is that while working with it the workpiece does not move, and it allows you to make a clean and even cut.

Machine from an angle grinder

Many people prefer to make trimmers with their own hands. Self-made installation has undeniable advantages, which we will talk about later.

Trimmers can work on wood, metal, polymers and other materials. But the harder the material to be processed, the higher will be the power requirement of the device.

The most popular facing is based on the use of an angle grinder. Circular saw has almost every craftsman in the garage or at home, so with the search for the original tool for wood or metal will not have any problems.

If you manage to do everything right, then your machine with a broach, made from a manual angle grinder, will have the following features:

If necessary, the circular grinder is removed from the machine and used by your own hands as a regular hand tool. A huge plus is that the homemade facing machine of this type is versatile and easy to disassemble.

  • Set the swivel device of the angle grinder on the axis of rotation of the machine wheel. It is secured by a ball bearing. A size of 150 mm is preferable, but larger sizes are also suitable.
  • On the outside of the bearing, the ears are welded. They will serve to fix it to the base of the machine. Fix it with screws of type M6.
  • It is recommended to close the sleeve with a protective box, so that when you work angle grinder on wood or metal you do not interfere with the shavings.
  • The broaching issue is solved simply. To make it, use another element from the truck. shock absorbers. Even if they are broken, it is not terrible. Remove all oil from the shock absorbers, make ventilation holes and cover them with mesh to keep dust and shavings out.
  • Install the module for the soft starter. Due to it you will not feel a sharp jerk when you turn on the circular grinder.
  • Completes the assembly of the machine with a broach based on the angle grinder assembly of protection, which will be able to protect the saw blade.

Depending on the disc installed, the machine from the angle grinder is able to work on soft wood or metal, cut pipe ends. But be prepared for the fact that your circular sander may not have enough power to cut pipe. Focus on the technical parameters of your manual angle grinder to understand whether the machine will be able to cut elements of pipes, or the unit will be suitable only for woodworking.

This design has two major drawbacks:

  • To adjust the accuracy of wood sawing machine with a broach, you need to use scraps of wood. The pull rod can then be firmly fixed and work normally;
  • Such a home-made machine with a broach produces a lot of noise when sawing pipes and working on metal, which can have a negative impact at least on the mood of your neighbors.

Assembling a complex machine

There is an option with a more complex and heavier in weight. It is sure to cope with the sawing of pipes. In this homemade installation will not require the use of a circular saw as a component of the machine. But for certain phases of work it is better to have a circular saw at hand.

Depending on the components you choose, you can get a machine of higher power. To assemble the machine with your own hands you will need:

  • Electric motor with a capacity of about 900 watts. If you will be regularly sawing pipes, you can choose a more powerful electric motor;
  • Sheet metal;
  • Angles of metal;
  • Square bar;
  • Hinged groups;
  • angle grinder;
  • Welding device;
  • File;
  • The spring of impressive power.

When everything you need is assembled in the workplace, you can proceed to the assembly of the crosscutting machine with your own hands.

  • Self-made frame can be made with their own hands by using adjustable legs, metal corners and poles from the bed.
  • The work surface is a sheet of solid metal. In this table-sheet it is necessary to make holes and process them with a file.
  • To weld a pendulum stand for the future machine, use channels and a welder. The structure is installed on the metal sheet. The approximate height of the stand. 80 centimeters.
  • The stand for the electric motor is made of sheet metal in the form of a fixed plate. Be sure to mount the stand on hinges.
  • The stabilizer of the electric motor of a crosscut sander is a powerful spring. If you manage to find one, the belts and the pendulum can be dispensed with.
  • Using a hinged bolt, you will be able to do belt tensioning and adjustments. The pendulum can be made of metal to make the construction reliable, durable.
  • Select the disc of the required diameter with the executive tool. For domestic purposes, a saw blade with a diameter of 400-420 millimeters is usually sufficient.
  • Always provide protective guards, because the assembly of such a machine is accompanied by a certain degree of danger.

Choosing the option of assembling the machine with their own hands, rather than buying a factory facing machine, you need to understand that between them will be quite a serious difference in quality, accuracy and error processing wood, pipes, metal and other products.

Advantages and disadvantages

Homemade trimmers have both strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, before you start making a machine, we advise you to compare the list of advantages and disadvantages. This may cause you to abandon the idea of assembling the machine yourself, or vice versa, be sure to try to make a pipe end saw without assistance.

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