Single axle tractor diesel or gasoline which is better

Gasoline or Diesel? Weigh the pros and cons

One of the key questions for any buyer of a car: what type of fuel to choose between gasoline or diesel?? Strangely enough, the answer depends on how long you are going to drive this car.

While Europe is going through a mild disappointment with diesel engines (thanks to the VW Group for that), they are selling very well here. Before we talk about the selection criteria, let’s remember the advantages and disadvantages of each type of motor.

A gasoline engine is the one that runs on gasoline, of course, and in which the fuel is ignited by spark plugs. A car with such an engine traditionally turns out dynamic, high-speed, low-noise and low-quality fuel. Also, a gasoline engine doesn’t have some very expensive components that a diesel engine has, such as a high pressure pump and nozzles.

The diesel engine, in its turn, has no ignition system. the fuel in it is ignited by compression. Many parts for diesels have to be made very strong, so they’re heavier and more expensive. This type of engine today is almost always equipped with a turbine. a very complex and quite vulnerable unit. At the same time, the diesel engine has a significant advantage. usually it is 20-30% more economical than a gasoline engine. And the second key advantage of diesel. high torque in the lower rpm range. In traffic it is expressed as a retention of tractive force at full load of the vehicle.

What kind of a single axle tractor is better. diesel or petrol?

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Which single axle tractor is better. diesel or gasoline??

Single axle tractors are nowadays one of the most universal and useful tools for both gardeners and landowners. Naturally, without them, it is quite difficult for a person to perform many important operations, so everyone who cares about themselves and their farm, get a good single-axle tractor.

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But the question immediately arises: “Which single-axle tractor is better: diesel or gasoline??”. In order to decide on the option, it is necessary to get acquainted with the features of both types.

Pros of gasoline-powered units

The key advantage of the petrol engine over a diesel engine is that it requires much less maintenance and repair costs. Other important advantages include:

  • Ease of starting: you can start the engine in any weather, without warming up the fuel.
  • Relatively low cost.
  • Light weight.
  • Excellent maneuverability.
  • Little operating noise.
  • No vibration of the steering wheel.

Thanks to the design features, gasoline models do not require an electric starter to start. In addition, it is much easier to start it in freezing weather than a diesel engine. Numerous test drives have proven that a gasoline single-axle tractor makes much less noise than a diesel tractor during operation. Because gasoline-powered machines vibrate less, its steering wheel is easier to hold, so your hands are less tired.

Which single-axle tractor is better, gear or belt-driven??

and more often on the streets you can see small tractors that consist of two parts: the front part with the motor and the rear part in the form of a trailer. Only the steering wheel in this equipment is more reminiscent of the steering wheel of a motorcycle, rather than a full-fledged tractor. Also, sometimes you can see such equipment without a trailer. If you see one on the street, it is a single axle tractor.

This is a fairly complex machine, which needs proper operation and timely maintenance. But, nevertheless, it has found great popularity among the inhabitants of rural areas. People who have not had much experience with this technique often do not understand how to choose it correctly and what you should pay attention to.

So one of the most frequent questions we are asked by customers is which single-axle tractor is better, the geared tractor or the belt tractor. Immediately see that the man was interested in this question, but could not find the correct answer.

To begin with, it is necessary to clarify what a reducer is. Gearbox is a mechanism that is responsible for the transfer of mechanical energy from the engine to the rotating elements of the motoblock. A single-axle tractor, depending on the type (diesel or gasoline) can have from 2200 to 3600 revolutions of the shaft per minute. This, just so you understand, is a very high speed. And since a single-axle tractor constantly works with high loads and at low speeds, it will not be able to function properly with such a high number of revolutions. The task of the reducer is to convert high RPM into low RPM and transfer the increased power to the rotating parts of the walking tractor.

Depending on the application gearboxes are divided into:

When people ask us which is better: a geared or belt-driven single-axle tractor, they most likely want to hear from us which PTO transmission is better: a geared or belt-driven one.

PTO enables the owner of a power takeoff shaft to connect dynamic attachments to the tractor. This includes potato planters, rotary mowers, street sweeping brushes and other types that have a rotating part.

Just a PTO can have a gear or belt drive. To find out which one is better, you need to list their advantages and disadvantages.

If you bought a single-axle tractor without a gearbox, you can either buy one separately or make one yourself. The second option will suit those who have the necessary locksmith equipment at home and have the necessary skills. To do this, you will need:

All this can be taken from old chainsaws or motorcycles. When assembling, you need to ensure that there is no backlash between the components and they are not skewed. In order for the gearbox to meet the requirements entrusted to it, the gears must be chosen correctly, not at random. The number of teeth on them will determine the number of revolutions that the reducer will deliver. If the gears are selected incorrectly, a single-axle tractor may not develop enough power. The silt, on the other hand, will have a very high number of revolutions, which is not suitable for heavy-duty work.

Maintenance of the motoblock gearbox

The gearbox on your power tiller is one of the main components. To avoid spending a lot of money for its repair or replacement, it needs to be monitored and maintained. The gearbox should always have the necessary oil level. Make sure all gears are well lubricated. If the gearbox is run dry, it will quickly wear out and will require repair or even replacement.

What’s the best single axle tractor to buy? Owners’ reviews suggest that you should give preference to well-known brands that have been on the market for a long time. It is better to avoid very cheap models, they may be made of very poor quality materials.

If you bought a single-axle tractor with a gear or belt drive, be careful when choosing attachments. It must have a connection type similar to that of a crawler.

Also the feedback on the motor blocks may be negative, not because of the bad block, but because of his wrong choice. Consult a specialist before buying. And when you have already bought it, keep an eye on it and take care of it, and it will serve you for a very long time.

Single axle day cabs pros and cons


Chinese power tillers are best suited to our climate and soil conditions. What sets them apart from the outside is their compactness, economy and neat appearance.

The technique has 4 gears: two front and two rear. It has a steering wheel that rotates in different directions. There are two types of power tillers on the market. The first type is gasoline-powered motoblocs. The second type. units on diesel. The latter offer many advantages, such as high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

The technique has the following equipment:

  • fuel tank capacity of 4 to 6 liters;
  • gearbox;
  • disc clutch
  • cooling system;
  • high-speed shifter;
  • pneumatic wheels.

Some power tillers have a tiller. Their width can be up to 100 mm.

Weighing 200 kg. Working life up to 3 thousand hours. Another advantage of Chinese power tillers is their ease of use and maneuverability. Easy to move on any soil. The wheels are stable. Comfortable operation, low vibration and noise level.

Can handle up to 3 hectares of land.

Working functions of the power tiller:

  • hoeing;
  • digging;
  • planting;
  • harvesting;
  • shredding of branches;
  • mowing and collecting hay;
  • snow removal;
  • transportation of loads.

Plowshares, potato planters, ridgers, harrows, mouldboards, and other attachments expand the machine’s working functions. Engine blocks are a good alternative to a more expensive minitractor.

With all the advantages there are also disadvantages. The equipment has many plastic elements, which often break. The engines have a fast wear and tear.

Single axle tractor diesel or gasoline, which is better?

Our people have always liked to do earthworks in their garden or dacha. They used to use only hand tools for this purpose, which took a lot of effort and time. If you had to work a large enough piece of land, you had to rent a tractor, but at the current price of fuel and how much it consumes a large tractor, it is extremely unprofitable to do.

Relatively recently, such type of gardening equipment as a single-axle tractor has appeared on the market. It has a motor, steering system, steering wheel and two wheels. Various attachments or trailers can be connected to it. In this case it is possible not only to plow the land with a power tiller, but also to use it as a complete vehicle for cargo transportation.

Depending on the type of engine, power tillers are differentiated:

Each of these types has its own features that differentiate them from their competitor. Single axle tractor diesel or gasoline what is better? To answer this question, we need to consider each type separately.

Let’s start with the cheaper gasoline-powered tractors. As already written in the previous sentence, they have a more affordable price. The purchasing power of the population in rural areas leaves much to be desired. That is why people are more interested in cheaper equipment. They are small in size and weight and less quiet in operation. They are convenient to use on small plots. Repair of power tillers with gasoline engine is easier and cheaper. They start well in any weather and temperature.

Disadvantages of gasoline-powered motorblocks:

To conclude which single-axle tractor gasoline or diesel to buy, you should also familiarize yourself with the diesel model.

single, axle, tractor, diesel, gasoline, which

Advantages of power tillers with a diesel engine

As you can see, the list of benefits is quite impressive. But let’s look at the other side of the coin.


There is another type of equipment for the garden. People often confuse it with a power tiller, because they can perform similar functions. But these are two different things. This type of equipment is called a power tiller. We are often asked what is better, a single-axle tractor or a motocultivator. There is no direct comparison. The main thing here is to correctly determine the tasks you need to perform. The walking cultivator is ideal for small garden plots or to work in the garden. You can’t use it to cultivate large plots of land, you can’t transport loads, and you can’t plow deep into the ground. You can loosen the soil well for sowing grass or planting flowers. It’s small and light and easy to handle in tight spaces.

Whichever type of power tiller or cultivator you choose, it will 100% be a great help to you. You will save your strength and health and get real pleasure from working in the garden, instead of wasting your health.

Which is better a diesel tractor or a gasoline one-axle tractor. Which is better a diesel tractor or a gasoline one-axle tractor?? Pros and cons

The range of tillage implements is amazingly diverse. Modern power tillers long ago crossed the limits of the possible and in addition to tillage they are able to perform a number of other technological operations. cutting of fodder, transportation of bulky cargo, sowing and harvesting, functionally replacing a dozen of expensive devices on the farm. They are all built with petrol or diesel engines. Therefore, the first question with which to start their purchase, is what kind of motor. diesel or gasoline. is the best to give their preference. In this article we will talk about how not to make a wrong choice and justified investment of money.

Diesel single axle tractor: pros and cons of design

Until recently, a single-axle tractor or any other garden equipment, working on a diesel, was considered science fiction. In the last decade, with the advent of small diesel engines, this prospect has become a reality.

Advantages of diesel power tillers

  • Low specific power consumption. in comparison with similar in power gasoline engines, this indicator has a difference of 20%;
  • increased torque. it appears even at low speeds and makes the unit more enduring to increased loads;
  • Long service life. on average, all diesel engine blocks are designed for 3 thousand hours. The life expectancy of a diesel engine is 1 hour, which is twice as much as that of a gasoline engine;
  • significant structural weight is an important advantage for tilling any type of soil. Due to the improved traction with the underlying surface, they can easily plow even virgin and heavy soils and do not require the installation of weights. On light sandy and sandy loam substrates, diesel power tillers move without slippage on conventional pneumatic wheels, which avoids the additional cost of the soil traps;
  • high cost of all diesel equipment which results in high cost of its repair and routine maintenance
  • difficulties with starting diesel power units in winter. to eliminate this problem users will have to shell out on antifreeze additives to fuel or in the absence of the electric starter to install it additionally;
  • increased vibration noise effect;
  • poor maneuverability and the resulting high input power required by the operator.

Gasoline single axle tractor: important nuances of equipment

Gasoline motor blocks. 2 or 4-stroke carburetor units. Their main difference is that the process of combustion of gasoline begins with a spark of spark plugs, rather than from glow plugs, as with diesel.

“Pros” of gasoline power tillers:

  • Lightness and small size. provide ease of operation, which will be under the power of a person with average capabilities;
  • no matter what the season. gasoline-engine motor blocks start steadily both in heat and in frost even without electric ignition;
  • sound pressure is one-third less than that of diesel tillers
  • virtually imperceptible mechanical vibrations of the steering column to preserve health;
  • A wide range of models. gasoline motor blocks are produced by both domestic and imported manufacturers. Therefore, the user has a better chance to find the best value for money;
  • Lower cost of spare parts, which allows making repairs with minimal loss of the family budget.

“Minuses” of gasoline power tillers are considered:

  • High fuel consumption. they need to fill the fuel with an octane number not lower than 92 (and some. and 95), the price of which is steadily rising. And if we take into account that the average gasoline consumption is about 2 l/h, ensuring its viability becomes not a cheap pleasure at all;
  • a small power reserve;
  • Unsuitable for continuous loads without interruptions. because of the shortness of the cooling system gasoline power tillers need regular breaks.

Which single axle tractor is better. diesel or gasoline??

It is practically impossible to give an unambiguous answer to this question. And the reason for this is not even the differences in the price of diesel or gasoline at domestic gas stations, but a whole set of factors that every potential user should analyze before buying.

For land holdings ranging in size from 20-50 acres to 1 hectare, you can without hesitation choose a gasoline single-axle tractor from the line of medium-power (5-7 l.с.) devices. You can go for the Russian model “Neva” MB-2B-6.5 Pro or “Agat” XMD-6,5, and on German with Chinese assembling (type “Huter” GMC-7.5). Their advantage is to be equipped with PTO shaft for attaching not only passive but also active adapters (rotary snowplow, seeder, rake-rower) for year-round operation.

For large areas (over 1 hectare) you can buy both gasoline and diesel units. It all depends on whether you plan to use a power tiller in the winter. All depends on whether you plan to use your tractor in the winter months. If so, the ideal solution would be a professional single-axle gasoline tractor, such as the 10 litre Farmer or the Agat.с. or Dobrynya MT90 (9 hp.с.). If the purpose is to operate from spring to fall with many hours of daily loads, it is worth thinking about diesel units. single-axle tractor with more than 12 hp.с. can work in the field for up to 13 hours in a row, carry half-ton loads and use 0.5 l of diesel per hour.

According to owners who have already experienced the benefits of both groups, diesel power tillers have no equal in durability and performance. They fully justify their price and serve for decades.

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