Single axle tractor with PTO agro

FORTE 1050 diesel single axle tractor, 10″ wheels, power tiller with PTO and attachments

Diesel single axle tractor Forte 1050 wheels 10″ will please you with its reliable and quality work, and most importantly. the ease of operation and long service life. Forte 1050 wheels 10″ has one PTO, which allows you to use it with a variety of additional equipment, expanding the possibilities and greatly facilitating your work on the garden plots. This model has a large working width and good working depth. In addition, the large wheels of the walking tractor are not afraid of terrain and make it easy to move on any road. Only high quality and durable materials are used in the production of the Forte 1050 wheels, and the presence of a filter for improved air purification reduces the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

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A mini tractor from a Kentavr motorblock

The most reliable and practical self-made tractors are designs based on professional or semi-professional power tillers. The products have a high cost, which is paid back by the resource and versatility.

The advantage of the tractor based on the Kentavra engine is a diesel engine with an output of up to 9 liters.с. The engine is installed in the front of the homemade frame. The frame is assembled from scraps of channel bars or angles. To transmit torque to the rear drive wheels, belt or gear transmission is used. Rotating elements of the kinematic chain should be closed with protective covers that prevent the operator’s clothes from getting caught in the process of operation.

single, axle, tractor, agro

Because the diesel engine has a lot of weight, you should pay attention to the weight distribution of the tractor. If it is necessary to tow trailers, it is recommended to increase the load on the rear drive wheels. Front axle is not equipped with suspension and is designed as a pivoting axle. Automotive gearboxes are used for the steering. axle must be in firm contact with the road surface when operating under full load, otherwise the tractor will be undriveable.

Mechanically actuated shoe or belt type brakes are located on the engine output shaft or on the drive axles. It is recommended to equip the working place of operator with soft seat with adjustable cushioning system (from tractors or trucks). This solution will improve the working conditions of the driver, because the homemade tractor has no suspension.

Rotary mower for pulling the WM1000N-6 (Power take-off shaft)

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Get this item for free with the purchase of the “WM1000N-6 Rotary PTO Mower (Power Take-off Shaft)”

Hanging rotary mower for WEIMA WM1000N-6 and similar models. For mowing herbs, dense grass (hay) and small bushes up to 10 mm in diameter. The rotary mower is aggregated with power tillers and operates with the help of PTO of power tiller (PTO is switched on and off, spline)

When attaching to the walking tractor the (walking tractor) wheel is turned through 180 degrees, the work is done at the back speed. When operating the rotary mower it is recommended to take apart the corner joints every 12 hours of work and lubricate the gears with grease (lithol, solidol). This will extend the life of your machine many times over.

The design of the mower is adjustable. You can set the height of cut the grass with special skids. During mowing you don’t need to hold the mower on its weight. Having set the desired height of cut, you just cloud it together with the entire mass of the power tiller on the ground.

The rotary mower has working edges. Two counter-rotating discs and 8 blades (4 each) on each side of the disc. on each disc) freely rotating and secured by cotter pin. By the centrifugal force of the rotation of the discs the blades are straightened and work as cutting bodies

To mount the mower on a power tiller you attach it to the power tiller, turn the handlebar 180 degrees. Then, always disengage the clutch (press the lower left handlebar of the power tiller) start the engine, engage the reverse gear and start mowing.

General characteristics of the rotary mower mounted on a power tiller Hinged type Cutting width 85 cm Construction width 100 cm Operating speed ≈2-4 km / h Cutting height, max 70 mm Aggregated power tillers. Power tillers with rear PTO Average output 0.15. 0,2 ha/hour Weight 23 kg. Mower dimensions 810930780 mm

The Agro allows you to perform a wide range of tasks thanks to its ability to be hitched to a wide range of attachments, which include:

  • hinged power tiller ANM-4;
  • segmental mower KN-1;
  • plough PN;
  • KM-0,5 mower;
  • grousers;
  • snow blower SM-2B;
  • riders;
  • potato planter;
  • potato digger;
  • snow blower SM-2B;
  • PTM-500 cart-trailer;
  • tillers;
  • road brush ShchP-09;
  • cart-trailer PTM-500;
  • tiller-blade.

Два украинца сломали беспилотный трактор. Raven Autonomy. Сеялка, опрыскиватель, разбрасыватель

The tractor comes with pneumatic wheels. In addition, the manufacturer offers a multifunctional hitch, through which the Agro can be used with attachments of other brands.

Originally manufacture of motor-blocks of Agro series was produced at Ufa Engine-Building Plant. The model was marketed under the Agros brand, but was soon renamed.

single-axle tractor is made according to the classical for this category single-axle scheme and is supplemented with a universal joint shaft. The special equipment has a reliable transmission, which includes a pinion gearbox, dry cone clutch and a positive differential lockup, providing excellent maneuverability. Agro has four reverse gears. The single-axle tractor withstands shock loads and heavy workloads.

Ease of operation is provided by the steering column, which can be set at multiple angles (30 degrees horizontally or vertically) or rotated 180 degrees. This allows the single-axle tractor to be controlled when working “backwards”.

Another feature of the single-axle tractor is the ability to install homemade devices, which the owners can build themselves. This makes the Agro even more popular.

Most farmers and owners of homestead land plots aspire to own multifunctional machines for soil treatment.

The alternative to a universal tractor on small private plots are compact and economical units with PTO, which are easy to operate and their purchase is affordable to most gardeners and countrymen.

PTO shaft is a mechanism that transmits energy produced by engine of the machine to the attached implements to provide its functioning.

This way, the PTO transfers the torque from the axle drive to the trailed implements.

The PTO option significantly extends the possibilities, making it possible to use the machine’s power productively to drive trailed components such as brushes, mowers, snow blowers, seeders or potato harvesters.

A diesel single-axle tractor equipped with a PTO is designed to perform complex farming tasks, while a gasoline tractor is recommended for small household plots maintenance.

Engine options

Heavy single-axle tractor Agro equipped with 8-horsepower gasoline engine. Number of cylinders. 1, stroke 4. In terms of technical indicators, the machine can be considered as a professional device. Its endurance and power allow the machine to be used on plots of up to several hectares. Engine cooling system: air blowing.

Engine model. gasoline UMZ-341. Parameters and the general scheme of motor construction are much like the Japanese engine “Honda” brand GX240, the same number of horses, power reserve, endurance and ability to work for many years without failures. The compression ratio is lowered, so the singleaxle tractor can easily operate even on inexpensive gasoline type AI-76.

The cylinder in the engine is located in an inclined position, the angle of inclination is 25 degrees. The motor is lubricated with oil in a defined manner, i.e. no oil splashing. Special pump supplies oil (under pressure, with pump) after filtration to all engine parts in contact. Engine capacity is 333 cubic meters.see.

PTO single axle tractor Motor Sich device photo.

PTO shaft single axle tractor Motor Sich device photo.

All heavy motor power tillers are equipped with PTO that increases power capacity of the power tiller.

Switching on the PTO on the Moto Sich power tillers is carried out by a lever located on the transmission body on the right side facing the way of the power tiller. On engaging and improving the mechanism of engaging the PTO on your power tiller, you can read the article on this site PTO engaging

In this article, I only want to show how the PTO drive is set up, its housing, the so-called PTO coupling.

Characteristics of PTO, aka PTO shaft single axle tractor Motor Sich

  • involute splined joint, centered on the side surfaces of the teeth 22X1,5X9H/9h
  • Speed, rpm n=1000
  • Number of splines Z=13

D = 22 mm, m = 1.5 mm involute spline connection centered on the sides of the teeth, with a fit on the sides of the teeth 9H/9g:

connection 22Х1,5 9Н/9g GOST 6033. 80

sleeve 22х1,5 9H GOST 6033. 80

shaft 22Х1,5 9g GOST 6033. 80

Just want to add that all active attachments from motobloks MTZ and AGRO, suitable for single axle tractor Motor Sich, the only thing you need an adapter, as motobloks Motor Sich external spline on the PTO, and MTZ and AGRO motor blocks internal.

This is not a big problem, a good example of the use of such an adapter to the power take-off shaft motoblok graveling potato harvester aggregated with MB Motor Sich.

If you have any questions or additions, please feel free to write in Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Types and differences of PTO shafts

Today agricultural equipment manufacturers equip power tillers of four basic types. These include:

  • Dependent PTO. mechanisms of this type rotate simultaneously with the clutch. PTO shaft stops simultaneously when the clutch is disengaged. To control this type of mechanisms on power tillers the levers are used, which are installed near the steering wheel of the machine. As soon as the lever is lowered by the operator, the shaft is engaged; when the lever is raised, the shaft is disengaged. If debris or soil gets inside the PTO, the single axle tractor must be stopped without disconnecting the preset PTO drive. Wait a few minutes for the machine to reach normal operating mode before operating it again;
  • Independent PTOs. to use this type of mechanisms it is not necessary to connect them to the clutch of the power tiller. This ensures an even load on the drive during operation, and the operator can use all the additional mechanisms of the power tiller without having to start its engine for this purpose;
  • synchronous PTO. these mechanisms start rotating together with the existing drive wheels of the used power tiller. In connection with this feature of such PTO properly operate only at a constantly maintained wheel speed;
  • Asynchronous PTO. the speed of mechanisms of this type does not depend on the rotation speed of the wheels on the power tiller. PTO shafts of this type have found application in connection and use of equipment that pumps water, cleans hay, sprays the garden from pests.

In connection with the individual characteristics, each of the listed types of PTO shafts found its application in one way or another. They are used for connection and stable operation of harrows, mowers, seeders and other useful at home implements.

Pulley on the power take-off shaft of a power tiller

All heavy motor blocks are equipped with PTO, which increases the power capacity of the engine block.

PTO shaft engagement on the engine block Motor Sich tractor is driven by the lever located on the right drive body along the engine block. Switching on and clarifying the PTO gearbox on the engine block can be found in an article on this site. PTO

In the same article I just want to show how the PTO drive is set up, its housing, the so-called PTO slave mechanism.

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