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Review of the best according to the editors of About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a sales pitch. You should consult with an expert before purchase.

Wide scope of application in the home and in production are found in angle grinder with adjustable speed. Angle grinders (angle grinder) allow you to perform a variety of operations, from cutting to grinding. Suitable for many materials, whether soft plastic or hard concrete. Today the domestic market presents a rich range of grinders with adjustable speed. They differ both in cost and technical parameters. Our expert advice will help you choose the most suitable model.


Make a compact angle grinder is not like everyone else? It’s not that easy, but DeWALT has got the job done. DWE4150 is not just a powerful (900 W), but also all-rounder due to the low-profile gearbox with offset to the body of the lock button angle grinder. The balance of the rotor is good, and the brush holder has the ability to automatically shut off the brushes at critical wear, so there is no risk that the brush debris when working will be caught by the rotor, plowing the lamellae of the collector. The cable is long enough and has good cold resistance, it does not freeze badly.

The only thing we did not like was bright yellow body, which gets dirty during work and looks, to put it mildly, not very presentable: the corporate black-and-yellow color could be played better for such a tool, which by definition works in the conditions of strong dusting. Well, a bit strange looks favorite DeWALT tightening of the spindle nut not with a special key, but with a hexagonal key. However, the hex holes are located on it so that even a regular wrench can be used.

Makita GA4530

Our rating of the best Makita GA4530 angle grinder continues. This popular budget angle grinder (which has, by the way, an undocumented possibility to turn into a 125mm one by simply replacing the cover with the cover of the GA5030 with which the GA4530 is extremely unified, it will not run into anything) came out from Makita quite good, which is not to say that the author knows by hearsay, having replaced a stolen (but never broken for 7 years of life in the garage) grinder!) Hitachi. 720-watt motor with a good balancing of the rotor, gearbox on bearings, from the factory does not require immediately fill it with grease, which is more than enough, comfortable enough to grab the body is, in principle, and should be a compact angle grinder without frills. Though, the back cover of almost all grinders of this model is secured with a backlash (which only spoils the impression, but does not affect the quality of work), and gearbox is too warm, but these are only faults, but not serious drawbacks by the standards of a budget line from the producer with the name.

It is curious that Makita has not transferred the manufacture of this angle grinder to China, although it sins in this case and more expensive models: most likely you will see in the store GA4530 Romanian assembly. The angle grinder weighs less than two kilograms, its ribbed body sits comfortably even in not the largest brush, and a long cable does not suffer from oakiness: in general, for their money it will be very interesting purchase.

Hitachi G12SR4

A good inexpensive angle grinder, compact, but not at the expense of economy on the metal it weighs under 1.8 kg without a wheel. Motor power 730 W, and it is more than enough for any work with 115 mm discs: you can cut, deburr, grind without overloading the motor.

The possibility of quick replacement of brushes is not provided, but this is not attributed to an unambiguous disadvantage: they live very long at Hitachi. It is confirmed both by reviews of owners and own experience of the author. claims to the dust protection, but it is necessary to take into account that it is not a professional model, designed for continuous work in conditions of high dusting, and the house-garage angle grinder. In such conditions, for which it is designed, only the person with clinical rectal disposition of the upper extremities can kill the G12SR4.

the engine is well-balanced the tool can be used for a long time without the risk to get acquainted with the vibration disease concept. Moderate noise level. Handle can be changed to left or right side of gearbox, vertical threaded hole is not provided: a pity, sometimes it is useful.

What is the adjustment for??

The quality of cutting and grinding material is directly related to the set RPM of the angle grinder. Since hard and thick workpieces lend themselves well to cutting at maximum speed, and aluminum, on the contrary, can melt when heated, you should adjust the speed of the disc when working with them. Operation is only possible with models that are equipped with a special regulator. This feature is useful and is used in several cases.

small, angle, grinder, speed
  • When processing stone. This material is good for cutting and grinding at low speed and a different rpm is selected for each kind of stone.
  • For finishing delicate surfaces that must be handled with care. Such products can be spoiled at high RPM.
  • When changing from one wheel size to another. In this case, you need a speed adjuster.
  • When using diamond-coated bits and discs in operation. To avoid their overheating and breakage, processing of workpieces should be carried out at low revolutions.

If you plan to use the tool only for rifling operations, there is no need for a speed regulator. In the case of universal use of angle grinder, it is indispensable. The speed control system in the angle grinder is represented by integrated circuits. They are reliable in use, operate with soft start system and tuned module.

How to choose

In this case, the choice of angle grinder is initially determined by the diameter of the cutting disc. Further, in order not to overpay for an extra price, it is necessary to select according to the following determinants.

  • the maximum power of the tool, which characterizes its performance and service life, in this class is up to 1900 watts.
  • The highest speed of the spindle depends on the previous indicator and can reach up to 12000 rpm, and in some cases even more.
  • disc diameter. angle grinder with adjustable speed are usually available only with a small disk diameter of 115,125 (the most common) and 150 mm, for larger diameters such a function is not provided.

Choosing a angle grinder with soft start: highlights

Before buying a power tool, it is recommended to clearly determine what amount of work will be carried out with its help:

How to control cutter speed at home | angle grinder speed control free | grinder hack by Jaatgroup.

In the first case, you should pay attention to models for professional use: these are powerful (more than 2-2.5 kW) and ergonomic angle grinder with a soft start, speed regulator. But the cost of such grinders will be high.

For occasional work it is enough to buy a machine of medium power. about 2 kW. If work is to be performed on thin or soft metals and alloys, 1.5 kW is sufficient.

For use at home, in a garage or in a cottage, it is better to get a small angle grinder 900-1000 W. That’s enough for most jobs: repairing a car or creating small metal structures.

  • Cord length. too short power cables will make the work uncomfortable. Even if you have a portable extension cord handy.
  • Handle. for prolonged work it is better to choose an angle grinder with a vibration-absorbing handle. This will reduce fatigue during work.
  • Model type (for right-handers or left-handers). a number of manufacturers produce angle grinders that may be convenient for left-handers. with non-standard position of handles.
  • Fastening of the protection. the hood is attached either to the housing with bolts or on latches, which allows you to quickly change its position. Rigid mounting will force you to unscrew and tighten screws every time.
  • Type of brushes. the carbon elements can pass through the body, then they can be changed without removing the plastic parts of the angle grinder, in 2 minutes. If the brushes are inside the angle grinder, you have to disassemble the tool.
  • Clamping nut. there are the usual ones that are screwed in with a pin wrench, and there are some with quick-clamping nuts. they are screwed in by hand.

The simple way to control the speed An Angle Grinder

You should also pay attention to whether there is a manufacturer’s service center near your place of residence. This is important if you buy a professional tool, it may require replacement parts over time.

Possible term of occurrence

With proper maintenance and careful handling, the angle grinder will last much longer. The table shows statistical data of service centers

How to choose a good angle grinder 125 mm?

Before buying a power tool, it is important to understand what models differ from each other and what benefits certain options bring. We will pay attention not only to the technical characteristics of the equipment, but also to the features that should be equipped with the best 125 mm angle grinder.

  • Motor power. The parameter is a key for many aspects of the power tool: it affects the size and weight, power consumption, speed of rotation, resistance to overheating. It is worth bearing in mind that it is relevant only for chain saws; its counterpart for cordless models is the battery voltage. Angle grinders with low capacity will cut wood and plastic, sanding; more powerful ones can use a cutting wheel for concrete or metal. A good power rating for devices with a blade diameter of 125 mm is between 600 and 1550 watts.
  • Battery capacity. Characteristic that is important for cordless models. It is a good decision to pay attention to this parameter if you want to get the most out of your cordless tool away from power sources. The higher the capacity, the longer the angle grinder will last. At the same time, the weight of the equipment will also increase. it will become noticeably less comfortable to work with.
  • Number of revolutions per minute. Each work piece of equipment is designed for a specific speed range. The compact 125 mm wheels are designed for high RPM, where larger grinders rotate much slower. The best speed range, judging by the rating. 8500-11500 rpm. The most “slow” angle grinder in our rating are cordless.
  • Electronic speed control. The regulator is a good feature if you plan to work with all kinds of accessories and materials of different densities. Note that metal and brick are sawn at high RPM while wood and ceramic are sawn at low RPM, otherwise there is a chance of damaging the workpiece. We understand the importance of RPM control, so we’ve highlighted it as a separate criterion in our angle grinder ranking.
  • Electrodynamic disc brake for angle grinders. The function facilitates an instant stopping of the wheel after releasing the start key. Helps to control work more precisely, avoiding injury or damage to the workpiece.
  • Quick disc change for angle grinder. This is useful if you frequently change tooling, e.g. between grinding and cutting discs, brushes, etc.д. Thanks to the quick-clamping nut you do not have to use additional tools to change the disc.
  • Soft start function. Essential criterion for choosing a professional power tool. First, it protects the motor from power surges when you press the start button; second, the function helps you to avoid jerking, which will increase the quality of machining and safety. As our rating of inexpensive 125 mm bolsters shows, the feature is not found in the budget price segment. For your convenience, the aspect is given a separate column in the comparison table.
  • Possibility to change the handle position of the angle grinder. All models in the ranking have a side handle. It’s essential for a secure hold, allowing you to grind and cut with precision. Some angle grinders have several threads for the handle: on the left, right and on top of the base. This allows you to work comfortably in different positions.
  • Angle grinder overheat prevention. Holes in the body of the angle grinder allow hot air to escape from the motor. This system of natural cooling prevents the breakdown of the device as a result of excessive use. Also take a closer look at the rated models equipped with an electronic overheat protection. They automatically shut off power if the temperature exceeds an acceptable limit. Overheating is rarely a problem with the 125 mm angle grinder. it is much more common for larger angle grinders.
  • Disc socket diameter angle grinder. In order to determine whether the disc is compatible with the accessories, it is important to consider not only the outer diameter, but also the dimensions of the hole in the center. In most of the models in our rating, they are 22.2 mm. This is the size most work tools are designed for.
  • Can block the start button. Choosing which 125 mm angle grinder to choose for continuous continuous work, pay attention to this criterion: instead of constantly holding the trigger, it allows you to set it once in the active position and start grinding.
  • Dust protection for angle grinder motor. The working environment of an angle grinder is filled with dust, shavings, concrete chips and other fine particles. Clogging in the holes for air exhaust, they can damage internal components. To avoid this, the models included in the rating of machine tools 125 in terms of reliability and price, are equipped with a labyrinth design: it protects the motor from clogging.
  • Brushless angle grinder motor. Most of the angle grinder in the ranking refers to brush grinders: this ensures their cheapness and ease of maintenance, but leads to the need to regularly replace carbon brushes. Professional power tools are increasingly equipped with brushless motors, characterized by increased performance and price, resistance to overheating.
  • Disc anti-jamming protection. If the disc jams in the material, motion will no longer be transmitted from the motor to the shaft. the user will thus prevent damage to the power tool and protect themselves from injury.
  • Vibration damping. Prolonged use of vibration equipment leads to health problems. Good professional grade tools have vibration damping systems that minimize harm from working with the angle grinder.
  • Comfortable holding the angle grinder. When choosing in a retail store, which angle grinder 125 to buy for home, hold it in your hands. Make sure the handles are comfortable to the touch and are the right thickness for your palms.
  • Automatic brush cut-off for angle grinder. The feature ensures that in the event of a sudden power outage during operation, the drive will stop and will not resume spinning until the unit is restarted.
  • Maintains stable cutting speed. Speed is often unstable in heavy-duty applications. the RPM will drop below the expected value, negatively impacting the quality of the finished work. Speed stabilizer reduces speed in hard cutting conditions, but keeps it constant. Several models in the rating of professional models are available with a stable speed retention.
  • Turning the hood without tools. The guard is an element that prevents the user from being hit by sparks and small debris that fly off at high speed. Some models allow you to rotate it only with accessories, and that’s good enough for most users. If you often have to change working position, an angle grinder with a light pivoting hood is a good choice.
  • Material of the protective hood. Make sure that the best 125 mm angle grinder has a good spark shield. Give preference to a heavy metal cover.
  • Weight of angle grinder. Weight is a parameter that depends mainly on the power of the power tool. The more productive the angle grinder, the heavier it is. The weight of the 125 mm models varies little: a good choice would be to opt for a device from 1.7 to 2.5 kg.
  • Accessories. Most network models only come with a side handle, a protective cover and the keys needed to service the angle grinder. If you decide to give preference to cordless analogues, a good solution would be to choose a device that comes with batteries and a charger. In compiling the rating, we found the following items.

The torture of choosing a 125 mm angle grinder (or angle grinder)

As long as you are young and bold, you don’t need an angle grinder at all. Strong teeth are enough, and what you can’t chew, you can chop up with a penknife and a hammer.When your puberty period is over, along with the era of grinding the cylinder head on the curb in front of the driveway, it is a period of personality formation. It is expressed in buying cheap tools, filtering the price “in ascending order”.The next stage is when you finally say to yourself the phrase, carved in granite, “I know that I know nothing” and start to adopt the experience of others.

I’ve been holding an angle grinder in my hands for 25 years. Or rather, in one, if we are talking about 125 mm.To my shame, I always bought recklessly and only now, after watching a lot of clips and reading all sorts of technical “literature”, I realized how many problems I was creating with such an irresponsible approach.

I remember the endless agony of “it won’t go through” And it doesn’t go through because you, Misha, bought a piece of shit with a high gear.And the noise and clanking, which makes your ears ring like after a grenade explosion? It’s simple. It’s the spur gears.And so on.

I always thought you had to be a craftsman first and foremost and not give a damn what you work with. I can’t catch up to a master swimmer in flippers and a snorkel, that’s right?

About three months ago I stopped buying that Black Decker crap and bought a gray Interskol. It’s an ugly name. It’s like chipping half a tooth.Such a little machine. About 650 watts.Well, you didn’t have the money for something more interesting.

Only now, after reading and watching for the past 24 hours, I can say that this is just crazy.This thing can only cut a piece of paper, and I tried to clean welds with it.But I’m grateful to her. It is because of it that I got the idea that the power is indicated on the side of it for a reason and probably the power is somehow related to the price :)))

It turned out that the more powerful angle grinder, the less likely to kill her, because if it does not cut the metal, then you start to press on it more instinctively and then it comes. It comes with.

In one publication about the tools, there were even calculations: 1 km of welds the dead Bosch will cut in 63 days.And the Bosch 1900 watt in 14 days. Well, there’s a break and a rest, but you can see the difference without a magnifying glass.

Having seen enough, having read enough, I went to the store.

Was looking for something with 1400 watts or so.

AEG Well beautiful all such, with a smooth start, not heavy.I don’t know. Very gray machine. Something stopped me.

Checked out the Bosch. The blue series, professional type. 1.4 kW. Just an angle grinder, like it’s from the ’80s Light, but thick. No regulator, no other niceties.I’d understand if they were offering a simple heavy duty angle grinder with a hell of a life for 8000. Its simplicity and inconvenience could be forgiven.But it breaks just like the rest of them, bitch.

Metabo. Checked out their top-of-the-line model. Thick as a beer can. And the weight is just unreal.And there is no soft start.With a power of more than 1.5 kW, it’s out of your hand. Especially one that thick.

Looked at two models of the 9565 series.One for almost 10k, the other for almost 8k.Quiet, with sliding bevel gears, low gearbox forehead, climb just to clean the welds.The body is thin. It’s my kind of thing.But the switch is tight. There is no anti-vibration handle.

The thing is, I’m always cutting overhead. I don’t understand those who clamp the iron in a vise, put it under their feet, goggle, grind their teeth, blush as if in a cloaca.

I do not need a handle at all on the angle grinder, and the weight is relevant. But even more relevant is the vibration loading.A 10,000 Makita is subjectively heavy. The only thing heavier is Metaba’s log pile.

10 times around all the angle grinder. Driving the salesmen by clicking the switches. I need an angle grinder, which I can turn on with one hand without holding it with the second.Yes, it is not a thin Interskol to include. Powerful angle grinders are thicker and tear out of hand like the neighbor’s cat at the sight of a dog.

In short, I got tired of it all, and I chose a Makita with a soft starter.

अब अपने Grinder की Speed control करो || 100% workjng�� || #ms_projects

Guys, the soft start is convenient and somewhat safe.

Angle grinder for 10 thousand. this is not your iPhone, about half of the functions of which you do not know or have forgotten.

It’s got everything I need. And prevention of furbearer when the disc bites, and speed stabilization regardless of load, and the speed regulator, and all sorts of other gimmicks.I need all that.

25 mm angle grinder with adjustable speed and soft start: rating of the best models. Which one should I choose??

Angle grinder or simply “angle grinder“. one of the most popular and indispensable tools in the home. It can be used to cut or work on the surfaces of different materials: bricks or ceramic tiles, concrete products, stone and even iron. Plotting a home repair, it is advisable to stock up on this tool in advance.

There are more and more manufacturers of such machines in the world. And each brand strives to make its models as convenient and functional for users. Therefore, it is often very difficult to stop choosing on a particular model. Consider the best, according to buyers, angle grinder 125 with adjustable speed and soft start.

Selection criteria 125 angle grinder

The main parameters. the speed of rotation of the circle, motor power, decent ergonomics, the presence of basic and additional functions and devices. Wraps up all the features the price of the machine.

Reasonable price

Low price is not an indicator of poor quality, as they say in the ratings of bolsters. For a sufficiently small cost, you can pick up the model angle grinder in which will be:

  • good equipment;
  • speed regulator;
  • spindle stop device;
  • Different mounting positions for additional handle and protective shield.

It all depends on the required characteristics and planned conditions of work.

A review of the offerings shows a wide spread of “price. quality. parameters” relationships. Less expensive brands Zubr, Hammer or Military, and although Makita has a slightly higher price, but the quality will be excellent.


Power and the rotational speed of the wheel are directly related, so you should not set the diameter of the wheel more than specified. Just for him (usually. from 125 to 230 mm) is made the design, selected materials of manufacture.

A specific speed value is required for a particular task or material. they are the basis for power selection. For most applications, an angle grinder with a power output in the range of 0.5-3.0 kW will be sufficient.

It is the type of wheel that matters. If you take abrasive wheels for cutting, the power is not very high. higher power requirement for grinding wheels, larger contact area or larger diameter.


The speed of the working body, measured in revolutions per minute, is the main parameter for selecting the angle grinder. The ability to regulate the speed makes the unit versatile. it becomes possible with one tool to grind, cut, turn and even polish.

Typical gradation of revolutions depending on the operations performed is as follows:

  • Up to 3000. surface grinding;
  • 3. 4 thousand. woodworking;
  • 4. 5 thousand. work with metal, without cutting;
  • Speed up to 3000. slicing and sharpening, even polishing;
  • 7. 10 thousand. metal cutting.
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