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small, corner, grinder, disk, diameter

Marking of the cutting disk under the corner grinder learn to read the designations

You can buy cutting circles for metal at any construction market or online store, for example, a cylinder. However, before choosing the appropriate models, you need to take into account their technical parameters. These parameters are indicated in the marking, so you need to start a choice with decryption of marking. The marking of the cutting circle in the corner grinder has the following view:

  • The manufacturer of the nozzle is indicated on top. These can be devices from well.Known companies, like a bison, Bosch, Intertool, Typhoon, and little.Known, for example, Falc and Granite
  • The nozzle also indicates one of the most important information. This is the outer diameter, thickness and size of the landing hole. The thickness of the disk is not indicated by all manufacturers, but the external and internal diameters are necessarily indicated. Marking of this information can be presented in such types. 230×2.5×22 or 150×22. In the first case, the outer diameter, thickness and size of the landing hole are indicated, and in the second only the external and internal size. It is important to note that some manufacturers indicate the dimensions of the cut.Off circles not only in the metric measurement system, that is, in mm, but also in inches, for example, 5´´h1,12´h7.8´
  • For what material is the nozzle intended. It can be metal, and in this case there is an inscription “Metal” or concrete. “Concrete” on the front part. Some manufacturers specify metal materials for which the nozzle is intended. It can be steel (steel), stainless steel (Inox), cast iron or cast metal (Castiron), as well as non.Ferrous metals (aluminium). Additionally, the circle has a color marking, according to which you can also understand for which materials the nozzle is applicable. If green, then for concrete and stone, and blue for metal
  • The type of circle is indicated by numbers 41. Flat, and 42. With a displaced center
  • The material from which the connecting equipment is made. Circles of cuts for angular grinder are made using volcanic and bakelite strengthening materials. Bakelite ones are more popular, and they can be double.Strengthening and without double. The type of strengthening elements is represented by a layer of fiberglass or fiberglass. For working with metal, it is precisely reinforced with bakelite material circles. Belonging to bakelite is indicated by such letters as BF or BF
small, corner, grinder, disk, diameter

These are the main parameters that are indicated in the marking of the nozzles in question. There are other designations that allow the buyer or the operator to understand how strong the circle is, what is the service life of it and for what speeds of work it is calculated.

small, corner, grinder, disk, diameter

It is interesting! Inexperienced operators strive to use abrasive circles for cutting metal with diamond spraying. The diamond disk is not designed to work with metal, and is used to process materials such as stone, granite, marble, concrete, etc.P.

Popular brands and models

To make the right choice when buying a corner grinder, you need to familiarize yourself with the most popular brands and models in advance. The following tools can be attributed to the highest quality models:

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  • Metabo 850. This is a budget model that is suitable for beginners. The device works from the network and therefore it is better to use it indoors. However, if there is an extension cord, it will be possible to use the corner grinder and on the street.
  • Bosch 660. A rather compact tool that weighs only one and a half kilograms. Despite your small size, Bosch can be used to perform any metal operations. The power of the motor mounted in the angular grinder is 0.660 kW.
  • Interskol 125. When modeling this corner grinder, the creators made sure that it was convenient to use. It is equipped with an additional handle so that you can hold a corner grinder with two hands. The model can withstand serious loads and does not overheat with prolonged use.
  • AEG WS 12-125 XE. Compact multifunctional model that works with concrete, metal and wood. A high.Quality gearbox is built into the corner grinder, which allows you to use the device for a long time without interruptions.
small, corner, grinder, disk, diameter

Mini angular grinding grinder is a device that can be needed at any time. Before you purchase such a tool, you need to deal with its features and the main varieties.

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