Snow clearing attachment on a single axle tractor

How to install?

The method of mounting the Neva snow clearing attachment is quite simple.

To hitch a snow shovel to a power tiller requires a number of sequential operations:

  • Remove the coupling flange on the snow shovel equipment;
  • By means of two bolts to perform the coupling of the snowplow attachment and the machine;
  • After that, it is necessary to connect the coupling in the clamp, located on the snowblower equipment, and fix it by means of two bolts;
  • Remove the side guards on the PTO and make the installation of the drive belt
  • Put the protection in place;
  • Correct the tensioning by means of the crank handle;
  • start to use the equipment.

This simple procedure takes comparatively little time.

Snowplow for the Neva power tiller

Snowplow for a motor-block with their own hands The Neva is probably one of the most popular options today. Such a design will be quite easy to assemble, and most importantly. very effective in operation. It is sufficient to select and install the snowplow attachment on the Neva single-axle tractor.

Snowplow on a single-axle tractor Neva can be made by yourself or buy ready-made

However, it is the price of the snowplow attachment on the Neva single axle tractor that often becomes a stumbling block. Depending on the model, its For this reason, a fairly common phenomenon. homemade models. Consider the three most popular options:

  • Bulldozer nozzle for the snow blower on the Neva power tiller. The price of such a variant in ready-made form will be quite high, while to make everything with your own hands is simple enough, and the result will not be inferior to the factory device. Using a special adapter, an attachment is attached to the tiller like a bulldozer. In this case, a metal sheet with a sharpened end, which is also called a knife, is used to break the snow cover. The snow cover is literally cut by the device, after which it is simply taken aside;

The simplest option is to use a blade on a single-axle tractor to clear snow

  • The second option is more difficult to implement, and will require drawings. However, if you pick up a suitable scheme, and have at your disposal a welding machine, it is possible to make a very convenient and productive snowplow. The principle of operation of such a snowthrower for a motorblock Neva with their own hands is as follows: as in the ready-made rotary nozzle, there is a box, an auger and a pipe, which is responsible for the ejection of snow. Such a two-stage system allows you to maximize the efficiency of the device, but its manufacture will require a little more time and effort;
  • The third option. fan snow thrower. The mechanism of such a device is similar to the principle of operation of an ordinary fan. Special blades rake up the snow, which is immediately thrown to a certain distance through the pipe. Despite the apparent simplicity, this option is quite complicated for independent implementation and requires certain skills. But if you have enough free time and desire. it is quite possible to give preference to this method.
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Drawing of the snow blower for the Neva motor block

What is better, to buy a snowplow for the motor-block Neva or to make it yourself?

To give a definite answer to the question what is better, to buy a ready-made snow blower or make your own. it is difficult. On the one hand, buying a factory model is not cheap, and often not affordable for the average user. But on the other hand, making such a device is not always easy for those who have not previously encountered such a task. It requires certain skills and efforts. So before you decide in favor of one or another option, it is better to evaluate your capabilities.

Such a device as a mounted snow blower for the motor-block Neva requires maintenance. Otherwise, its service life will be short regardless of whether you bought it or made it yourself. First and foremost, conduct regular inspections of all fasteners, and tighten them if necessary. In addition, it does not hurt to regularly check the condition of the bolts and belts to avoid breakage during operation.

Ready-mounted snow blower for the Neva power tiller


How to use a snow blower in winter

If you consider that a single axle tractor is mainly designed for warm weather operation, it would be wise to keep the tractor warm in winter. This will not waste time warming up the engine, and immediately begin clearing snow.

It is a good idea to change the type of gearbox oil you use. Oil tends to thicken at low temperatures. That’s why it’s recommended to switch to more liquid brands or immediately buy synthetic oils designed specifically for extreme conditions.

How to use a snowplow with a snow plow attachment

Regardless of whether you have chosen to buy a snow blower for a power tiller, or use a homemade device, there is a set of rules that are recommended for working with equipment of this type. Adhering to them, you can not only extend the life of the device, but also avoid many dangerous situations:

  • Before you start work, be sure to thoroughly inspect the surface where you are going to clear the snow. Otherwise, together with the snow, foreign objects can get into the mechanism, which will lead to a breakdown. In addition, by throwing such an object a decent distance, the snow blower can cause damage to someone’s property or health;
  • be sure to take care of your own safety: clothes should be comfortable, in season, with no long parts that can get into the moving mechanism. choose your shoes responsibly. they should not slip. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to use the snow blower without first wearing protective glasses;
  • In the event of any unforeseen situation, first turn off the machine completely. Only start troubleshooting if you are sure the snow blower is off;
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Observe safety precautions and techniques when using the snow blower

  • The snow blower head on the power tiller is designed to work on relatively flat surfaces. You should not use it on climbs or slopes that are too steep;
  • The safety regulations require a distance of 10 meters on the discharge side of the machine. Make sure there are no people, cars, etc. in the area while clearing the snow.д;
  • When working with wet, slightly melted snow, be sure to take breaks to make sure no part of the snow blower is clogged with snow.

If you follow all these rules, a rotary snow blower for a power tiller may well be considered a safe device. The main thing to remember is that such devices do not tolerate haste and fuss. If you decide to shovel snow, take the time to do so, and approach the task as responsibly as possible.

As you can see, the annual need to do snow clearing can become less tedious at quite an affordable cost. Depending on your desires and abilities, you can buy a snow blower from the manufacturer, or make it yourself. In any case, it will greatly facilitate your work and allow you to spend much less time on snow removal than it would take for manual work.

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Principle of operation

The design of the snow blower for power tiller is a huge shovel-bucket, which, moving in a given direction, captures the snow mass and transmits it in a thin stream to the screw conveyor (auger). This mechanism is a pair of screws made of short strips with lots of sharp teeth on the edges.

This design makes it possible to connect sections of the auger, and therefore significantly increase the width of the capture.

The screw pair rotates to the center, where the snow enters. Powerful blades rotate so hard that they can shred even big lumps of compacted snow into tiny pieces. the screws work in such a way that the snow moves along the mechanism very slowly.

This is necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the throwing channel.

snow, clearing, attachment, single, axle, tractor

Snow blower for power tiller: principle of operation and self-assembly basics

Along with the onset of cold weather, owners of country houses are forced to take up snow removal again and again. The article will tell you how to make your own hands a snowplow for power tiller, the principle of operation, characteristics and features. And also advice and recommendations on choosing the best option among the models offered on the market.

single axle tractor is often equipped with a special snow clearing attachment

different types of nozzles for clearing snow

All commercially available attachments for power tillers can be divided roughly according to the method of attachment, shape, principle of action. Depending on the design of the power tiller, the ways of attachment of the attachment can be as follows:

  • Through the power take-off shaft (PTO);
  • by means of a homemade or industrially made hitch;
  • belt drive;
  • using an adapter and hitch;
  • using a track attachment.
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According to the principle of action nozzles are subdivided into such forms:

  • Blade-shovels (snowplow). for clearing snow drifts. The design is a bucket-scraper, which has a sharpened bottom edge. A knife (pointed bottom) is angled and lowered. When moving, the snow mass is directed into the bucket, and some of the snow is shifted to the curb, which does not interfere with the movement of machinery.
  • Municipal brushes. for clearing fresh snow, picking up dust, sand and leaves. Blades are made of polypropylene or metal. Adjusts brush angle and pressure before starting work. Rotating the bucket shovels the snow, gently sweeping the surface of the road.
  • Screw rotor attachment (snow blower). copes with packed or fresh snow, ice, ice. The rotor rotates, the blades grab the snow cover and transfer it to the impeller. The high-speed rotation of the impeller shreds snow, ice and lumps, after which it is thrown out in a certain direction through a special pipe.

By design type, a single-axle tractor for snow removal is:

How to make a snowplow from a power tiller with your own hands. instructions with assembly drawings

In order to significantly reduce the time for resetting the motor, you should install the self-made transport quick-removing mounts.

You can create a sweeper unit on the TV-6 axle. To make a snowplow for a power tiller with your own hands, it is recommended to adhere to the drawings.

  • The box is made of iron sheets, the ends of which are bent into a kind of skis.
  • A shaft with a thickness of at least 5 cm is made from a pipe.
  • In the box is welded grab, made of two welded bent plates U-shaped way. Both plates should be rotated not 180 degrees with respect to each other.
  • A self-made auger is made of conveyor belt (1.5 m long and 10 mm thick). Use the jigsaw to cut out 4 rings from the strip (28 cm in diameter). If you have no jigsaw, it can be replaced with a special board with two screws sunk into it.
  • Such a board is used on the type of a circular board. by rotating in a circle. This method of manufacturing produces high quality rings.
  • In the casing, made of galvanized iron, make a hole in front of the spreader and install the pipe in it. This tube will serve as the snow spreader.Holders are welded to the tube on both sides of the spreader.

From the drawings below you can assemble, as an independent machine-snow blower, and attachment to a single-axle tractor.

snow, clearing, attachment, single, axle, tractor

Working machines “Neva” are often found in the national economy.

Drawing of the creation of a snow thrower with their own hands on a single-axle tractor “Neva”, looks as follows:

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