Snow clearing blade for single axle tractor

Buy snow blower for MTZ and other brands

Snow blower for power tiller Neva MB and other models perfectly replaces the large-sized equipment and copes well with a relatively small amount of work. On average, such a device is suitable for clearing snow up to 17-20 centimeters in height and has a number of advantages:

  • High maneuverability Compact single-axle tractor will go where a full snow blower won’t go;
  • You can adjust the speed and adjust the work of the device to the height of the snow cover;
  • Controlled ejection allows you to collect snow where it is easier to remove it.

The process of making and installing a snow blower on a single axle tractor

To assemble a homemade snowplow, it is worth preparing:

  • riveting machine;
  • an electric drill with drills;
  • welding machine;
  • metal shears;
  • Angular grinder;
  • scrapers;
  • tape measure;
  • the slipway.

Of materials we will need: sheet metal roof (preferably galvanized), steel sheet 2mm (for the rotor and auger blades), pipe for brackets (square cross section is better), metal circle Ø0,3 m, ready transmission or parts for its assembly, fasteners (bolts).

Then we make the following. Cut out parts of the auger housing from tin, take a cylinder of suitable diameter and bend them to it. Make a frame from a pipe and then weld the hull itself to this frame. The next step will be sawing out of steel pieces resembling a circle segment (when we bend them we will obtain the blade). Use a lathe or an electric drill to drill the surface of the auger shaft so we can locate the bearings and transmission in it. Weld paddles on the shaft to create a descending auger. Mount the bearing device and fully assemble the auger as shown in the photo.

Using the same tin, we prepare the body of the rotor and shape it by bending it on suitable surfaces. Then you have to cut the rotor blades. Let’s measure the shaft and cut it finally in order to install the transmission and bearings. Weld blades. Using a profiled tube we weld the frame of the rotor, mount the bearings and assemble the whole rotor. Now we prepare the base frame, on which we mount the rotor and the auger. Assemble transmission. Drill holes for brackets that will be used to mount the snow thrower for power tiller. After that you can carry out the final test and final fit all the parts. Finally, it’s important to remember that the rotary snow blower cannot work with frozen piles of ice and melted snow. In this case, it is better to clean the snow with the snow shovel.

Gas bottle dozer blade. how to make it yourself

The method of making snowplow from a barrel is known for a long time. It allows making an effective and shockproof snowplow, able to cope not only with freshly fallen snow, but also with snowdrifts up to 1 m high.

To assemble a rotary snowplow for a power tiller, you will need to prepare materials and equipment in advance.

  • An old iron barrel, about 200 liters in volume;
  • A steel strip, with dimensions of 85 x 10 cm and a thickness of at least 3 mm;
  • drills for working with metal;
  • pliers and wrenches;
  • A piece of thick steel plate;
  • Electric drill and welding machine;
  • A piece of thick rubber.

For the work you will also need a detailed chart. It should indicate the dimensions of the parts to be used and the sequence of their installation in the overall construction.

The further order of assembly is as follows:

  • Use an angle grinder to cut off the top cover and bottom from the barrel used. The resulting cylinder should be cut into 3 equal longitudinal pieces;
  • Two of the three pieces should be welded to each other along the existing contour. The remaining piece should be cut with an angle grinder into equal strips to be used later as stiffeners. Two such strips need to be welded to the sides of the made shovel, and all the rest are evenly distributed along its entire length;
  • Next, a snow blade should be installed at the bottom of the blade. It can be made from a steel strip, size 8510 cm. Drill three holes in the blade. Diameter of each of them should be about 6 mm, and the distance between them should be about 20 cm. The blade must be attached to the working edge of the blade by means of suitable bolts;
  • In the next step you need to assemble a mount for the made blade. To do this, a piece of pipe needs to be welded to the central part of the finished blade;
  • Then you need to make a holder, which should have an L-shape. The short part of this element is mounted in a swivel half-circle. The second side of the holder should be installed on the frame of the engine of the motoblock;
  • The height of the homemade mouldboard can always be adjusted by means of the two bolts used, screwed into the recess provided in the square tube. The tube itself should be welded to the coupling mechanism of the motoblock and put it on the L-shaped holder used. Making a snowplow out of an iron barrel clearly demonstrates the video.

With a handmade snowplow from a barrel, clearing snow will be much easier and faster. Homemade device easily cope with clearing frozen snow and drifts of wet and frozen masses.

How to make a snowplow from a power tiller with your own hands. instructions with assembly drawings

In order to significantly reduce the time for the reinstallation of the motor, you should install quick-release mounts on the homemade vehicle.

You can create a sweeper unit on the TV-6. To make a snowplow for a motorblock with your own hands, it is recommended to adhere to the drawings.

  • Making a box of iron sheets, the ends of which are bent into a kind of skis.
  • Use a pipe to make a shaft that is at least 5 cm thick.
  • A gripper made of two bent U-shaped plates welded to the box is welded. Both plates should be rotated not 180 degrees with respect to each other.
  • A screw is handmade from the conveyor belt (1.5 m long and 10 mm thick). With the electric jigsaw cut 4 rings from the strip (diameter = 28cm). If you do not have a jigsaw, it can be replaced by a special board with two screws screwed into it.
  • Such a board is used as a circular board. by rotating it in a circle. This construction method produces high quality rings.
  • Make an opening in the casing, made of galvanized sheet iron, in front of the spreader and insert the pipe. This pipe would serve as the snow thrower.Holders are welded to the pipe on both sides of the spreader.
  • Above the auger drive shaft, you must install a pinion or pulley (the choice depends on the drive).An auger is welded to the finished plates with two rings on each side).The rings on one side are cut and welded to the beginning of the other end.
  • One side of the workpiece is welded to the intake vane, and the other end, reinforced with a steel strip, is welded to the shaft at a distance of 5 to 10 cm from the free end.
  • Selecting the auger drive.
  • This can be either a chain or a belt. Use a belt drive if you have a pulley on the motor and if the screw jams during operation, the belt will safely slip.
  • The body of the gripper should be two to three centimeters larger than the pulley. In this case, the pulley will not catch on the housing, but there will be a small gap between them.
  • To protect the auger from breakage, it should be equipped with a spare pin to break off in case the auger jams.
  • A round hole is made behind the gripper, into which a bent tube of the put caliber is inserted and welded.
  • Check that the distance between the gripper blade and the rear wall of the box is as small as possible.
  • At the box on the sides fix the cups.
  • It is better to make the cups out of aluminum AMgb and fasten them to the machine with MB bolts. Be sure to tighten the bolts with the nuts.
  • The shaft rotates in bearings located in sleeves. It should protrude from the box at a distance of 5. 10 cm.
  • Turning chute can be made from a sewage pipe (160 mm in diameter). A chute is attached to this pipe, which gives the snow a direction. This chute is attached to the pipe body, located on the auger, with a similar size.
  • the diameter of the trough must be larger than the width of the auger plate, which is responsible for the ejection of the snow.
  • At the end of the shaft weld a sprocket for changing speeds.
  • The sprocket and the shaft are connected to the power tiller with a chain.
  • The rotor is attached to the front of the body with rivets, 4 mm in diameter. If you have installed skis on the unit, you can install wooden bars underneath them. Or screw in strips of plastic.
  • Make a frame out of steel angles (50 50 cm). Attach the 25 25 mm corners to the cross-mounted corners. This is where the power unit is attached.
  • The handle of the machine is bolted to the longitudinal corners.
  • Once the assembly is complete, the single axle snow plow tractor can be spray painted.

The design must balance

If such a proposal for assembling a homemade blade does not suit you, you can invent it in another way using a sheet of iron:

  • Clean and bend the iron (this can be done with any object with a suitable roundness, such as a gas canister).
  • Weld a strip of iron to the bottom of the sheet (this will make the snowblower heavier).
  • Turn the bucket to the other side and weld the fasteners, so that the product can be hung on the device.

If everything is done correctly according to the instructions, your homemade machine will balance perfectly on the power tiller, without squinting to the side and not scratching the asphalt. The handmade snow bucket clears the snow far enough for a free pass.

Principle of the rotary and auger snowplow for Agro and Cascade power harvesters

The snow thrower for Agro or Cascade power tillers looks like a huge bucket that rakes the snow inside the machine and moves it in a thin stream to a special screw conveyor. the auger.

Below is a video of an auger snow thrower for an Agro power tiller:

Mechanism is a pair of not cast screws made of strips with sparse teeth located on the outer edge of the strip. This design allows you to connect the halves of the bucket in such a way as to ensure the greatest width of the snow mass capture.

Below is a video of a snow blower for a Cascade power tiller:

Screws are twisted to the center of the shaft to where the snow falls. Its power is so strong that it can shred even hard snow to make small lumps.

To ensure that the throwing trunk is always free and not clogged with snow, the screws are connected overlapping. this makes it possible to maintain a constant slow motion of the snow flow.

Screw snowplows are called single-stage, because from the moment the snow mass enters the machine until it is thrown outside, it is required to pass through one stage of processing. the movement on the conveyor.

Another type of snow blowers are considered dual cascade, that is, such machines consist of two main working elements. an auger and a screw. Such models of snow throwers are installed on Agro and Ugra motor blocks, and the advantage of such a mechanism is considered a large range of throwing snow. up to 25 meters.

Below is a video of the snow blower to the power tiller Ugra:

Snowplow shovels for power tillers

Not everyone has a snowplow at hand when it falls a lot of snow, but there is always an alternative. Blade for power tiller. a type of attachment that will help to quickly and easily cope with a wide range of work in the home, agriculture and production. The main purpose of the shovel blade is to clear snow in winter. This machine is a great alternative to a snow blower. In other seasons the equipment will be no less useful. The mouldboard for a power tiller is not only suitable for clearing snow, it allows you to quickly clear large areas from debris, level the ground on the plots, improve the territory in time and after construction work.

Blade design is bucket-shaped and made of durable steel with a rubberized tape on the end to protect delicate surfaces and paving slabs. Attaches to the product with a hitch that allows the tiller handle to rotate 180 degrees and move backward. Based on the modification, the width of the blade varies from 80 to 150 cm. Tilt angle, as well as the angle of rotation can be adjusted by the handle in three positions: vertically, with a slope and to the right. When choosing the width of the blade you must consider the power and type of power tiller, for a power tiller with a small engine power perfectly suits the width of 1 meter.

snow, clearing, blade, single

Shovel blade for tiller. features:

  • simple design and fast attachment via a coupler;
  • The frame is made of durable metal and resistant to damage;
  • rubber-coated blade protects pavement from damage, especially paving stones;
  • tilt and swivel adjustment;
  • Shovel shovel with a working width of up to 150 cm will help you to quickly clean up a large territory in a short time;
  • versatile in application;
  • Unpretentious in service.

Recommendations for making a mouldboard for your power tiller with your own hands

In our country there are such winters that often owners of individual households face the difficulty of cleaning a huge amount of snow. Usually this task was solved by means of ordinary shovels and all kinds of homemade devices. At the moment, when most households have motocultivators, which can be equipped with a variety of types of attachments, snow clearing, trash removal and other work has become much easier. In this article we will consider how to make a mouldboard for a power tiller with your own hands.

Shovel blade. easy-to-use, affordable and popular tool for shoveling snow, works with all types of power tillers, takes the snow to the required side. to the right, to the left, in a straight line.

The dozer blade is installed in front of the motorblock, adjust the height and direction.

The frontal movement of the snowplow blade makes it easy to work at different speeds; moreover, if the center of gravity is shifted to the front, it makes it easier to work.

HOW TO add skid shoes to 3 point Back Blade

Linking knots of the mouldboard for a power tiller

The snow shovel is completed with a hitch for attaching to the power tiller.

Trailer units are available for heavy power tillers with water-cooled engine, medium ones with air cooling, power tillers Neva.

Moto-blocks, which do not have a suitable trailer unit, but the handles are rotated 180 degrees, are equipped with a universal attachment, which is installed through the front of the hitch on the back of the motor-block, the movement is in reverse.

You can find variants of snowplow attachments on the page with detailed description.

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