Stalker anomaly tools for rough work

FAQ. Spatial Anomaly 4

In the cabin, where nearby rescued the Fox in the “Shadow of Chernobyl” boxes with the loot.

There are crates of loot in the Beginners Village.

In the camp on the hill opposite the neutral base, there is a box with the loot.

In the tunnel with the controller there are also boxes with the loot.

After jumping down from the concrete beam, there will be a crate of medical supplies.

Full video walkthrough of the modification of the Spatial Anomaly (Update 4) with a brief description of the series. Link

Stalker anomaly tools for roughage

In Call of Chernobyl mod, the appearance of tools in locations is random. Tools help you earn good money in the game and get better weapons and armor, making the walkthrough comfortable and painless. Modification as we move along the plot prompts us ways of the most probable tools finding. The following principles should be followed:

  • Side quests from key NPCs give you a better chance of finding your tools. After completing a quest the main character is usually rewarded with a monetary bonus or objects by marking geocaches on the map, which can contain tools, among others.
  • It is not always necessary to kill wounded enemies immediately, they can be interrogated and get information about the location of tool caches.
  • Read the information in the found PDA from the corpses of nepis, from them you can also get information about caches with tools. Talk to NPCs as often as possible, they can also help.

Below are the likely locations of the tools, but not the fact that they will be there. The spawning of tools depends on the faction chosen at the beginning of the game and many other random parameters.

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly. Где найти инструменты. Где найти набор для создание медикаментов.

  • On the ventilation equipment in Rostock, near the bar if you look from the arena.
  • If we play for a group of military, then performing their task, get a lead on the tools near the main entrance to the research institute.
  • Working as a guide in Yantar you can get tools for your services.
  • In one of the boxes at the bartender in the location Bar can also find the cherished kit.
  • In the green box in the military location Cordon, next to the tunnel through the railway embankment.
  • We can get the tools by doing the mission Battle Training.
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At the end of the video with tips for newcomers in the passing of Call of Chernobyl mod:

  • The first set of tools for Kardan can be found at Zaton, in the “Sawmill” location. When you get to the sawmill, examine the roof of the one-story structure. Next to the small cache you will find these very tools
  • The second set of these tools is in the lonely train at the “Janov” station. Be careful when exploring it: there is an electrical anomaly in the train!
  • The first set of tools is at Zaton, in the “Substation Workshops” location. A gang of mercenaries has settled here, and in order to get into the territory, you need to bring them some food (the PDA will note how much). You can always solve the problem in a different, tougher way.
  • Get to the “Janov” station and explore the “Surroundings of Jupiter” location. There is no need to go into the factory area. Follow the bridge in front of the “Concrete Bath” anomaly and turn right. Follow the fence all the way to the end. Here you will see another small area and a two-story building. Climb the stairs and search the attic. Be careful, as this area is filled with electrical anomalies that can kill with a single discharge!
  • The Second Roughneck Toolkit: The Neighborhood of Jupiter
  • Second Roughneck Toolkit: Near Jupiter
  • Second set of calibration tools: Pripyat.
  • Tools for rough work can be found at the Zaton sawmill. These are also hidden inside the train stuck in the Tesla anomaly around “Jupiter”
  • In the second place, in the vicinity of “Jupiter” there are almost no enemies, but you will have to show dexterity.
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Where to Find Tools in Stalker Call of Pripyat?

Stalker zov where to find tools. in stalker zov Pripyat tools for mechanics on zaton cardan and on the outskirts of Jupiter for Nitrogen scattered on all three locations, at the backwater, 2 pieces of the first box with Tools for rough work the tool can be found near the sawmill on the roof of the building where a horde of zombies and a bunch of mutants are waiting, so get plenty of ammo.

Tools for fine work the location of the items is easier to get, so take seven cans of cans or sausage, it doesn’t matter, as long as you have seven units of food with you substation shop There, mercenaries set up camp, take missions to bring food and then just give them the 7 units of food and then the squad leader will let you into the yard, and in the backyard where the mercenaries are sitting you will find tools for fine work of course you can just shoot everyone there but they may be needed to guard the scientists’ bunker. Now you can take 3 bottles of vodka, go to the mechanic that is Kardan with tools and improve your armor or weapon, because other tools for calibration can be found only in Pripyat.

In zov Pripyat the tools are located in the following locations: In the vicinity of Jupiter the tools for rough work can be found in the train where there is a live electrical anomaly for sure you will notice it, you need to jump off the bridge on the train then at the end of the train jump inside and then through the train go to the other end (be careful with the anomaly) and find there a box of tools further for rough work you will find in a cabinet in the attic of a two story building in the utility yard, is southwest of Jupiter factory there is a bridge nearby.

Tools for rough work zov Pripyatie At the Zaton area Sawmill. Find it in the attic of the one-story house, located below near the entrance. The vicinity of Jupiter. In the closet in the attic of the building with anomalies near the factory, a screenshot will help you it is below.

Tools for fine work zov Pripyati Zaton. Substation shops building, where the mercenary squad camped, demanding food. Jupiter. A railroad train with a live electrical anomaly.

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Tools for calibrating Zov Pripyat. In the basement of the department store. Pripyat. The second floor of the old BWC building.

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