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For what are needed grousers for power tillers (metal wheels)?

Everyone knows that the main wealth of Ukraine is the world’s largest reserves of black earth, the most fertile. But, while having high natural fertility, these lands are very difficult to cultivate. Any owner of a land plot with such soils, having such a primary helper for soil treatment as a single-axle tractor, must buy grousers to ensure the normal operation of the power tiller, because the rubber pneumatic wheels mounted on the block do not provide sufficient traction with the soil when performing heavy works like plowing, planting, harvesting potatoes, etc. Soil hooks, in simple terms, are special metal wheels with grousers installed on a single-axle tractor to increase traction and improve the traction of the unit with the soil. Currently on sale in Ukraine there is a large number of different grottozatsepy differing by the scope of application, purpose and dimensions.

At present time universal power tillers are well-known and demanded by customers. They are mounted on power tillers KENTAVR, ZIRKA, FORTE, ZUBR, ZARYA and others with air-cooled engine. These power tillers are made entirely of rolled metal. The upper working part of the wheels is made of three strips of metal width of 30 mm. The wheels are evenly welded along the diameter of the grouser, and in the middle of the wheel, in the center, a square of sheet metal is welded to fix the hubs. These metal wheels (grousers) are universal, as they are not divided into left and right, and can be installed on different models of power tillers with hexagonal shaft size of 32 or 23 mm. Basically, there are two sizes of such hooks: 450 mm in diameter and 450 mm in diameter. and 530 mm. The first smaller wheels are used when it is necessary to reduce the speed of the walking tractor and increase traction, i.e. when carrying out heavy-duty work. Larger wheels are mainly used for the second and third dip of potato rows to protect plants from damage by the gearbox of the moving motor-block. For quick and easy removal and installation of these metal wheels, as well as to facilitate turning and turning on the power tiller, it is desirable to buy these wheels with hexagonal hubs with a differential.Universal metal wheels with grousers are a must to buy in the set before the power tiller, because almost all kinds of works on land cultivation, planting, caring for plants and harvesting the grown crops are done with the use of these wheels.

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It is always possible to buy inexpensive universal grousers for crawlers, as well as other attachments for crawlers at the warehouses of the company AgroSad in Moscow. In Kiev or in the Internet-shop of the company.

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Such wheels have a certain weighting, so they are distinguished by additional power. Teeth made of steel “push” the unit forward and do not allow it to boot even in the most clay soil.

Particular attention should be paid to the front support wheel, which has a considerable load. It contributes to the optimization of land works and increased endurance of the power tiller.

Trailer wheels have a similar classification and are selected according to the same principles. Do not forget that during the transportation of heavy loads the low pressure is on the wheels of the tractor and the high pressure is on the wheels of the cart (trailer). That’s why in this case you need to choose the strongest option.

What is a single-axle tractor?

In terms of their functions, the motorized unit. The trailer is the same tractor but less powerful, simpler and cheaper. The structure of a power tiller consists of an engine, gearbox, driving wheels, a mechanism for attaching implements. And the lack of a frame, front wheels and driver’s seat make the unit lighter and more maneuverable.

Handles are operated by means of handles, the same shape and size as those of a garden wheelbarrow. They can be turned on the spot by applying force. This feature gives the motorized units fantastic maneuverability, which is necessary on objects of complex shape or small size. Handlebars conveniently hold basic engine controls. High-tread pneumatic wheels or cleated toe metal wheels are used to move this equipment. Metal wheels are used to reduce slippage in heavy-duty applications, such as plowing dense soils. Useful operations can be performed with auxiliary equipment: plows, harrows, planters, tedders, mowers. Also, it is easy to turn the single-axle tractor into a vehicle by attaching a special cargo trailer.

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There is one special type of tool that is installed instead of driving wheels. These rotary multi-segment tillers, also called cultivator tillers. These cutters consist of multiple individual blades in sections. They also cultivate, such machines are called motocultivators or cultivators.

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