STIHL 180 chain oil does not flow

stihl, chain, does, flow

STIHL chain saw: problems and causes

The STIHL chain saw is a device from one of the well-known German developers, STIHL, which guarantees quality, ergonomics, maneuverability and operator comfort in working with the tool, as well as excellent performance, despite its compact size. The STIHL chain saw range of features is designed for both professional and domestic use. The advantages of this brand of saws are more than enough, but, like all complex equipment, there are some disadvantages.

When starting a STIHL chainsaw, the operator must follow a certain pattern. This not only protects the chain saw owner from accidental damage but also extends the life of the most important working parts of the chain saw.

During the starting procedure the saw should be as follows

  • Before you start, make sure that the mechanical overrun brake is working properly. To engage it it is necessary to move the lever to the extreme front position;
  • Then the protective plastic cover must be removed;
  • Next, the operator will need to press intensively several times on the manual fuel pump button located directly at the back of the body of the saw being used;
  • After that, it is necessary to set the inline choke position adjustment lever to the cold start mode. To do this, the throttle lever lock must be engaged, and the combination plastic switch must be pushed to its lowest position;
  • Then it is necessary to set up the chainsaw so that its cutting head is directed to the side opposite to the operator. The chain and guide bar must not touch the ground or other foreign objects;
  • Next you need to grasp the saw with both hands. Put your left hand on the handle and your right hand on the starter rope. The toe of your right foot should be on the rear handle to prevent the saw from tipping;
  • Then pull the starter rope out slowly. The operator should feel a slight resistance;
  • Next, it is necessary to pull the rope strongly several times towards yourself. as a result, the engine should start and stop on its own;
  • Then it is necessary to move the combination switch to the middle position, to the half throttle mode;
  • After that, the operator should start the power unit again. as a result, it will start working steadily;
  • At the next stage it is required to press the throttle lever with a short movement. As a result, the choke position switch should automatically engage the engine at idle speed;
  • At the end, the operator must turn off the built-in inertia brake by keeping his left hand on the regular handle.
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Check the system for oil output and performance

Contamination of the oil filter is manifested by a significant decrease in pump performance. It’s not hard to check this parameter. For this purpose it is necessary to hold the headset of the saw working at operating speed over a clean sheet of paper.

The density and size of the oil strip is a good indicator of the condition of the system and the difficulty of the upcoming repair.

There is no definite answer to the question of why a repaired lubrication system works, but there is no oil flow to the chain in the right quantity. Failure can be caused by assembly errors, failure of standard adjustments, mismatch between density and viscosity of the selected composition and the declared characteristics.

Oil starvation of headsets is possible if a domestic saw with a non-adjustable pump is equipped with a longer high-performance bar, which is included in professional-class chainsaws.

Checking the system for oil output and performance

If the oil filter gets dirty, it can result in a considerable drop in the pump’s performance. It is not difficult to check this parameter. To do this, hold the headset of the chain saw running at operating speed over a clean piece of paper.

Stihl Chainsaw Chain Oiler Not Working? Check This First To Fix Oiling Problems!. Video

By the density and size of the oil strip you can confidently judge the condition of the system and the complexity of the upcoming repair.

The question as to why the repaired lubrication system works, but does not supply the chain with the right amount of oil. there is no definite answer. The reason of failure may be made mistakes during assembly, malfunction of standard adjustments, discrepancy of density and viscosity of the selected composition to the declared characteristics.

Oil starvation of headsets is possible if a domestic saw with a non-adjustable pump is installed with a longer productive bar, which is equipped with chainsaws of professional class.

Causes of reduced system performance and efficiency

There are several reasons why the chainsaw chain does not receive the right amount of oil. Of the most characteristic failures, we can name:

  • clogging of the filter located in the oil tank;
  • mechanical failure of one of the elements of the worm pump drive;
  • In winter the output of the blower decreases because the system is filled with too thick oil.

In the latter case, the drives and all parts of the pump work under increased loads, initiating serious mechanical damage.

Specifics of Chinese chainsaws repair

A large proportion of the imported chainsaw range is made up of chainsaws made in China. Many models are copied from the best European designs with more or less success.

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When the chainsaw chain moves in the bar groove a lot of heat is released as a result of friction. If there is no oil flow to the chainsaw chain, it is necessary to stop work and take all measures to correct the faulty lubrication system. The combination of high loads and overheating results in accelerated wear and early failure of the guide bar.

stihl, chain, does, flow
  • All chainsaws and their electric counterparts without exception have the same functional systems that lubricate the bar, the chain and the chain drive.
  • This device includes, as standard, a reservoir from which the chain oil is pumped to the inlet of a fixed or adjustable capacity pump.
  • The dosed amount of operating fluid then enters the bar groove, in which the saw chain shanks distribute it evenly over the whole headset and the running surface of the drive sprocket rim.

The tires with a length of 400 mm and more are fitted with a sprocket wheel. Periodic lubrication of the bearing is done individually after 6 to 8 hours of operation.

The proper selection of lubricant consumables and flawless system operation, promotes proper lubrication, efficient cooling of the saw equipment and a full service life.

There are several outward signs that the chain on the chainsaw does not lubricate. First of all, these are:

  • Constant oil level in the oil tank;
  • Increased load on the engine;
  • Rapidly worn cutting edges of the saw links;
  • noticeable smell of overheated wood.

At its simplest, oil starvation can be caused by clogging of the oil ducts with sawdust. This defect is typical for budget headsets that do not have easy access to the problem areas.

The main reasons why the STIHL 180 does not deliver oil

Self-repair STIHL ms 180 chainsaw. Chainsaw chain does not lubricate. Finding and fixing the cause of the self.

The first thing to do after suspecting that the chain lubrication oil is not coming in is to check the oil supply. STIHL chain lubrication system diagnosis STIHL mc 180 chain saw repair frequent. There are two ways to do this. The first is described in detail in the instruction to the tool and consists in starting up the chainsaw, gas up to the maximum and direct it towards some obstacle.

Which oil to choose for your STIHL chain saw: Top tips

If the lubrication system is good, oil will fly off the tip of the bar and a streak of oil droplets will appear on the surface towards which the bar is pointing. If there are still irregularities in the system, the surface will remain clean.

The second way is to remove the bar from the chainsaw and start it. As the engine speed increases, oil will flow from the oil channel at the place where the tire shank is installed, if this does not happen, you need to look for the cause of the malfunction.

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Products from world-leading manufacturers

Many owners wonder what is the best chain oil for a chainsaw chain? Of course, about the chemical characteristics and specific properties and features of different types of oil, you can talk a lot, but these selection criteria are not available to the average consumer. for this reason, the choice of a suitable oil can be based on the proposals of the world’s leading companies, which monitor the quality and do not allow low-quality products to enter the market.

So, this paragraph will answer your question and here you have a couple of the most popular manufacturers, whose products are of high quality and reasonable price. So:

How to use STIHL chain oil from the German manufacturer (STIHL)

Today oils of this brand are very popular among Russian manufacturers (see. STIHL chain saw oil). Most of our stores carry the products of this company in 0.1 or 1 liter sizes. This oil is excellent for both regular and professional chainsaws.

This chainsaw chain oil. The bigger one, the 300, is of high quality and reliable performance, because it fully protects the mechanism of your machine. Read about STIHL chain saws.

Viscosity of Hooksvarna chain oil

There’s no real difference between this maker and the previous one. Naturally, going to a specialized store you will be advised to use exclusively the oil of that manufacturer from under which your chainsaw was made, but, unfortunately, it is not always possible to buy exactly “native” oil, then in this case another oil will do just fine, the main thing that it should be of high quality and from a well-known manufacturer (see: “Oil for a chain saw. Hooksvarna chainsaws).

  • You can’t use oil if it’s too thin or too thick (only products of the right consistency will give the right result);
  • choose your oil according to your chainsaw’s engine type;
  • For a two-stroke engine, an oil that burns off completely during operation and creates soot;
  • For a four-roller motor, an oil with no specific combustion requirements is fine. but as for ash content, it should be 2% or more.

But if you want your chainsaw to last you a long time, you don’t want to use machine oil, or any other oil, because you will make it worse. Ecological oils are also excellent, which will literally prolong the life of your tool.

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