STIHL 180 chain saw does not start when cold

STIHL 180 chain saw repair: malfunctions and troubleshooting

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Types of chainsaw malfunctions

Virtually every hand-held gasoline-powered tool has a two-stroke engine as the power unit. These engines have advantages over four-stroke engines. They weigh less with the same power. But along with that they got disadvantages in the form of adding oil to gasoline and lower fuel economy. It is possible to identify several basic faults in the operation of the saw:

  • The engine does not start. Cold engine start and hot engine start are different. To start a cold engine includes a suction pump, which reduces the air intake and increases the percentage of gasoline in the fuel-air mixture.
  • A chainsaw starts and stops before it reaches revolutions. You have to use the throttle all the time to keep the engine at high rpm.
  • The engine stops when working under load, does not develop optimum power.

Malfunctions can be caused by mechanical reasons, as well as problems associated with electrical equipment.

What to do if the spark plug is wet?

If you suspect a primed spark plug, it is necessary to inspect it. Using a spark plug wrench, it is unscrewed and carefully examined. If the spark plug is wet, but the spark is still there, it was definitely doused.

Many experienced owners are able to identify the current condition of the spark plug by its color with a high degree of probability. It is recommended that this procedure be repeated at regular intervals.

  • Light brown soot is exactly what all owners want to see. In such a case, the chainsaw does not malfunction.
  • Black soot signals an unbalanced mixture, namely a lack of oxygen in the fuel chamber. If the situation is not corrected, there is a good chance that the chainsaw spark plug will fill up again.
  • If you find corrosion on the plug or too much distance between the electrodes, it is likely that a lean fuel mixture is being used.

What to do

In case the chainsaw engine does not start and there are traces of fuel and oil on the spark plug electrodes, it is necessary to determine the reason for their appearance. This will determine what needs to be done to correct it. If fuel starvation occurs when starting the machine, it is necessary to remove the fuel mixture that has accumulated in the engine crankcase. To do that turn out the spark plug, turn the chainsaw upside down and turn the crankshaft with the recoil starter. Such manipulations should be done no less than 25-30 times.

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After that, the removed part is installed in its place and the engine is started in accordance with the instruction manual. If the unit does not run smoothly, the spark plug is defective. Over time, the electrodes of the sparking device are burned, resulting in an increased gap between them. This results in a weak spark that cannot ignite the fuel.

Unburned fuel settles on the electrodes and the spark formation stops.

Adjust the gap with a feeler gauge. For two-stroke engines, the distance between the electrodes should be 0.7 to 0.9 mm. Spark plugging can occur due to over-enriched mixture. The air filter may be blocked or the carburetor may not be adjusted properly.

Adjustment is performed with the engine warmed up. Turn the screws to get the most stable rpm possible. If the carburetor has not been adjusted by the machine’s owner, it is worth consulting a specialist.

What to do

Use your power tool according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Only after checking the chain tension the machine is started. At the same time control the filling of the tanks with combustible mixture and oil, the unit is firmly fixed in the hands. If the machine still fails to operate when you follow the instructions, STIHL chain saws can be repaired.

stihl, chain, does, start, cold

How to start your STIHL chain saw: Instruction manual

The tool manufacturer has taken all measures and developed a manual that makes the mechanism easy to start. The user will protect himself from injury if he performs the suggested intervals:

  • The ignition is turned on and the engine crank is placed in the down position. The air inlet from the air filter is shut off by the carburettor choke. To start the chainsaw correctly the throttle plate must be open to enrich the mixture.
  • The lever is set in the throttle position. Pull the starter motor several times until the first spark is felt. If there is a flash, the machine is ready to be started. Mechanism operates at high rpm because of closed throttle. To change to no-load regulation, the throttle trigger must be pulled and immediately released. The idle speed quickly returns to normal.
  • STIHL MC units are not equipped as standard with any additional devices to start the chainsaw in lightweight version.

Idle stroke adjustment

The tool is serviced before adjustment. To adjust the idle speed efficiently, a preventive maintenance procedure should be carried out:

To get the idle speed mechanism to work properly, the appropriate adjusting screw is used. Its rotation depends on the desired setting:

stihl, chain, does, start, cold
  • With standard tightening procedure turn propeller against the needle of the clock until it is stiff. After that make two circles in the direction of the arrow.
  • If the saw is running at low rpm, the screw is turned clockwise until the chain starts to move. Then turn it half way round in the anticlockwise direction.
  • At high RPM turn the knob against the hand of the clock until the chain stops. After that, continue turning for another half turn in the same direction.

It is not possible to adjust the idle running if there is air leakage into the engine through the gasket, acceleration pump, seals, or other reason.

Adjustment of ignition

Gasoline engines are equipped with an ignition system that ignites the fuel. The timing of the flash affects the operation of the motor. No adjustment is made to the chainsaw ignition at mass production in the factory. Marks are aligned on the respective rotating elements. Incorrect adjustment leads to the fact that the machine starts and stops.

stihl, chain, does, start, cold

Before adjustment, check that the spark plug is dry and that the ignition circuit is working. The voltage cable to the spark plug is brought to the cylinder with a short gap and the starter is started. If there is no flash, test the cable with a probe. Then check if the wire to the disconnecting button is in good condition.

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If the cables are undamaged, check the ignition coil. This is done with a special tester to test the device. In this case, the indicators on the device must match the coil specifications, which are prescribed in the instruction manual. If any irregularities are detected, the ignition unit is replaced with a functioning device.

The coil may be rendered unusable by vibration from dropping the tool or from knocks, so work with care.

Crankshaft bearings replacement

First they measure the compression, if there is no compression, the reason is in the piston group breakage.

Required pressure in cylinder should be 8 atm, if it is lower. cylinder and piston, rings, crankshaft bearings could be worn out.

To find out the state of the piston system, you need to completely disassemble the saw and remove all the main nodes of the mechanism:

  • dismantle the headset, remove the cover on the tire;
  • remove the tire guide and the tool chain using the wrench from the kit;
  • remove the air filter, remove the spark plug;
  • in place of the candle mount the piston stop to fix the crankshaft;
  • remove the clutch, then access the clutch system.

Rings with bearings inspected, identify defects. Replacement can be done by yourself, which will require repair skills, or take the tool to a specialized shop. Reassemble in reverse order.

Now the manufacturer of STIHL takes a leading place among other companies that produce equipment designed for agricultural and construction work. The products of this manufacturer are not only famous for their high quality level, but also for their good price policy and the power of their models.

Who wouldn’t dream, it’s not possible to meet a person who wouldn’t have a STIHL chainsaw.It is one of the world’s most recognizable brands. But the fact that out of 10 likely 6 people definitely have them. All this is understandable, because STIHL chainsaws are the power to match the elegance of design. Unfortunately, however, such giants of machinery fall into disrepair from time to time and require some kind of repair. We’ll now take a look at one of the brands, the STIHL ms 180. Read about the STIHL ms 660 chainsaw here. What’s needed, let’s go.

Why does the spark plug fill up in the chainsaw.

A short video-instruction on substitution of membranes in the carburetor chainsaw.

Why the spark plug fills up on a STIHL chainsaw?? The answer is simple: it’s the inexperienced user who starts the machine.

, the phenomenon that the spark has no right to ignite a lot of fuel. called priming spark plugs. The cause of the problem is in the carburetor, or in the wrong way to start a cool engine. If a fault is detected you should first of all carry out a motor purge.

Holding the tool

To start the chainsaw correctly hold it the right way when you start it

Here the positioning of the saw is very important. The hold at the start can be done in two ways

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To start on level ground, hold the saw straight with your left hand on the top handle and with your right hand put your other hand on the safety support and the saw pressed to the ground. It is easier to start in this position because your right hand is free and the tool is held securely in place.

Regardless of what position you would like to start the saw, be sure to engage the brake on the saw.

In the second option, you need to take a standing position and hold the upper handle of the tool with your left hand, and the back handle clasped between your legs. This position makes it easy to start the low-powered tool and secures it, thus protecting you from accidents.

What to do if your chain saw revs up and shuts down?

This situation is very similar to the previous one, the only difference is that there the chainsaw doesn’t show high revolutions at all, and here it initially gives them but doesn’t hold them. often the chainsaw stops when it heats up because the fuel pump is broken or the filtration parts are clogged.

The air filter should be rinsed and dried periodically before re-installing it, and the fuel hoses should be checked for leaks at all times and replaced with new ones if necessary. Each part has an expiration date, so do not be surprised that the gasoline pump will stop holding the fuel and start to leak, which is also worth considering when troubleshooting such equipment.

Review: does not start, starts and stops: how to fix?

“My Chinese saw does not start well, in general you can say that it does not start, because it immediately stops. I start it by quite complex manipulation, at full throttle it works and saw for a while. But after a short time, it starts sneezing and shuts down. no way to work. I spent a long time fiddling with it, then took it to a mechanic. Turns out the magneto came off. I never would have thought, all on the carburetor blamed.”

Ivan Vesnin, 33 years old, Solnechnogorsky area

“After winter I decided to walk my chainsaw in the garden. At first it was going well, fairly quickly managed to start, after warming up, even one apple tree trimmed, and then began to stall. Will work for 8-10 minutes and then stalls. And not only under load, but also at idle. I already scared. I thought it was time to change the piston.

Yakov Baulov, 59, Siberian Federal District

“After sitting idle for a long time (I hadn’t used it all winter) the chain saw cuts out at high rpm and on hard starts. It seems to be starting to pick up, but when you add gas at a certain point, it turns off. It didn’t start well to begin with, but I adjusted the carburetor and it seemed to work fine. Anyway, I was looking for fault for a very long time, until I got into the gas tank and found that my chain saw is not equipped with a fuel filter. it’s just the edge of the fuel line sticking out.

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