STIHL 180 does not run at idle speed

Why the STIHL chain saw won’t start

For preliminary diagnosis of the causes check the work of the gasoline pump, the appearance of the spark plug, the flow of fuel, the functionality of the carburetor and the state of the filter. Pay attention to the performance of the cylinders, pistons, muffler, crankshaft bearings. After preventive measures try to start the chainsaw. Insufficient lubrication of friction parts is also a factor for poor performance.

Lack of spark

Check spark plugs. Various factors influence the functioning of the element. When testing the mechanism, the causes are identified:

The spark plugs accumulate on the contacts due to working in such conditions. Corrosion of the conductors causes no spark in half of all faults. This is because the gap between the modular contacts changes. To check the spark, do the following:

  • the tip of the high-voltage cable is removed;
  • the spark plug is unscrewed;
  • the tip is put back in place;
  • the candle is leaning with the wide end against the cylinder;
  • the starter motor is started.

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If a bright, bolt-like spark appears between the electrodes when the ignition is started, the ignition assembly is serviceable. If there is no flash, the entire element is cleaned and the gap between the conductors is adjusted. Sometimes there is no gap between the flywheel and the ignition coil. When the flywheel is rubbing, scratches are visible on its exterior.

Ignition coil failure

Module or coil is not disassembled, its suitability is difficult to identify without testing devices. Modern ignition systems are robust, lightweight and small in size. They are characterized by their almost failsafe operation. Problems with chainsaw malfunction due to ignition coil can be repaired by yourself.

Test the lead wires for damage (t. ч. Internal), which are caused by vibration resulting in friction. If no cracks are found, the ignition coil needs to be replaced. Sometimes a weak, barely perceptible flash when the saw heats up indicates a module malfunction. This is caused by an increase in coil temperature, which leads to an increase in transistor resistance.

A peculiarity is that the spark may appear at the beginning of operation, but after prolonged use it becomes dim and disappears. Modern ignition coils are not repairable in the home repair shop, so replace them with suitable elements.

Fuel delivery

After unscrewing the plug on its surface is found a wet deposit. That is an indication that there is too much fuel in the combustion chamber. This is why the machine does not work or cuts out, i.e. к. The fuel does not ignite.

Another retarding factor is a clogged breather. a small hole in the cover of the gasoline tank. Clean it with a needle. otherwise the STIHL MS 180 chain saw will not start. To determine improper fuel supply carry out the following steps:

  • remove the spark plug;
  • In the hole of the spark plug pour a syringe 2 cc of gasoline;
  • put the ignition device in place and put on the cap of the high-voltage wire;
  • the lever is moved to the hot start position;
  • pull the starter grip a couple of times.

If the instrument starts and immediately stops, the fuel line is tested further. Check the gasoline filter, the splash from the engine crankcase, the integrity of the septum in the pump when unscrewing the cover.

Crankshaft bearings breakage

If the bearings are defective, a slight backlash can be felt. The handwheel of the STIHL MS 180 is wobbled from side to side to detect it. The movement indicates that the flywheel is shifted towards the electrodes by its own magnets, resulting in no spark. To remove the mechanism remove the cutting element, remove the filter and clutch cover. To stop the crankshaft remove the manual starter cover and tighten the two bolts.

Unscrew clutch with wrench in clockwise direction. Remove the drum and sprocket, replace the old clutch and screw it in all the way. The crankshaft is stopped so as not to break the starter. Assemble the mechanism in the reverse order. To tighten, the brake handle is tilted forward, the tool is started, then the brake is released.

Bearing defects (holes in the cage are enlarged) are detected less frequently. To find out, take apart and measure with a micrometer. Broken bearings are evidenced by regular knocking. In this case an urgent repair is required. к. If the integrity of the crankshaft is compromised, the piston group and cylinder will fail.

Fills the spark plug

In this case, the spark is unable to ignite the fuel, which in large quantities goes into the furnace to burn the combustible mixture. If the spark plug is primed, the carburetor is defective or the cold engine starts incorrectly. Blowdown of the engine is performed with the ignition off and away from the open flame. To ensure ignition of the fuel at the time of starting, clean the mechanism:

  • unscrew the spark plug, wipe it dry, dry it for half an hour;
  • Remove a big layer of soot with a file;
  • adjust the gap between the contacts;
  • the tool is turned upside down and drained of gasoline;
  • in this position jerk the starter several times (to remove fuel residue);
  • Reassemble in the reverse order.

Chain spins at idle speed

If the chainsaw chain spins when idling, it may be due to the following factors:

  • The clutch spring has popped. Visual signs: the chain rotates almost always, even if the engine fails to start.
  • A piece of the clutch broke off, the spring came off. Signs: chainsaw springs back on itself, noises are heard.
  • Wear on clutch. Signs: The chain mechanism slips frequently.

Saw chain spins at idle speed due to clutch problem.

Adjusting the carburetor of the STIHL MS 250 chain saw (with RPM meter):

Before adjusting the carburetor of a STIHL chainsaw, you need to perform maintenance on the chainsaw (clean the carburetor of the chainsaw, wash the engine of the chainsaw, change the spark plug, clean the air filter, check the chain tension, adjust the idle speed, warm up the engine). See. Also: The banks of Kremenchug. Let’s continue with the adjustment:

Screw in the screws H and L (on the chain saw when it is switched off) and then turn them both out one turn. 3.5. Start the saw and let it warm up. Full throttle and adjust the H screw so that the highest engine rpm is 14000 rpm. According to tachometer (engine speed counter). Hold the maximum rpm for no more than 10 seconds for the adjustment!

STIHL mc 180 idle speed adjustment.

Use the LA bolt of the idle speed stop to make the chain start moving and then turn this bolt ¼ of a turn counter-clockwise. 4. If, after this adjustment of the chainsaw carburetor, the idle speed is not stable and the chainsaw accelerates poorly, then the L screw should be turned slightly counterclockwise until the chainsaw will rapidly gain speed and work perfectly at idle speed. Then adjust the screw LA (adjustment of idling speed on the tachometer must be 2800 rpm).

Note: You can not adjust the carburetor chainsaw if there is air leakage in the engine is not familiar (through the gasket under the carburetor through the gas pedal pump carburetor through the crankshaft oil seals chainsaw on the other somewhere else).

STIHL 180 chain saw Starts up and shuts down Why?

Chainsaw has long been a luxury and a necessary tool for those who have a cottage or house ownership. However, just like no other technique, this tool tends to fail, in spite of the uncomplicated device.

Systemization of the main defects means:

stihl, does, idle, speed
  • complete absence of motor winding
  • The engine starts and stalls
  • unbalanced operation of the tool
  • Stoppage of work under load
  • loss of power.

If the chainsaw does not start at all, the reason you more like the following:

  • manufacturing defect
  • No fuel
  • Trouble with starting the ignition system
  • No spark from spark plugs
  • bad fuel mixture
  • Clogged carburetor
  • Trouble with the high-voltage wire
  • No compression.

Why a chain saw starts up and shuts down, what to do under such circumstances? The prerequisites for this need to be carefully considered.

Chainsaw starts and stops: why, how?

If your chainsaw does not start right away, there is a problem with some part of the machine.

Why a chainsaw does not start well and stalls

When equipment starts poorly “cold” the problem may be a lack of compression, t.е. The rings are worn out due to being in use for a long time, they need to be replaced. If the spark plug has a problem with the muffler, or if there is poor contact between the spark plug and the wire, it may be the reason why the engine does not start when not warmed up.

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Also reasons for poor starting may be a worn or damaged gasket, rubber sleeve in the carburetor booster pump, which causes additional air flow, resulting in high RPM of the saw.


The equipment must be used properly, with periodic inspection of the component parts to prevent breakage. To correct problems you should check all the components of the machine for proper functioning.

If the chainsaw starts and stalls, the cause can be corrected by your own efforts. If it is a shortage or improperly prepared fuel mixture, you need to fix it. To be on the safe side, always drain off the fuel when the chain saw is not in use.

The spark plugs should be checked periodically. This should remove the fouling that clogs the joint gap as well as check the tips for fuel. Another cause of malfunctioning spark plugs can be soaked in gasoline. To do this, take them off, wipe them with a cloth and leave them to dry. Replace defective spark plugs.

stihl, does, idle, speed

STIHL chain saw starts and stops with cause.

If there is no spark between the spark plug and the ignition lead but they are well connected, the ignition unit must be replaced.

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Muffler clogging is a common cause of failure, with chainsaw

starts and immediately shuts down. To fix the problem, you need to dismantle the muffler, clean it from soot with sandpaper or a special chemical solution. If the model of the chainsaw is not disassembled, the system is filled with chemicals and remains there for several hours, then it is blown out.

The carburetor needs adjustment if your chain saw

Stop for a moment when idling. Fine tuning is a rather labor-intensive process, so it is usually performed in service centers. But, on some models there are elements for its adjustment, it is enough to turn the bolt by half-turn to increase the revolutions of the chainsaw, the problems will be solved. If the jets, nozzles, passages and filters are clogged, it is necessary to disassemble and clean the entire carburetor. When the seals, gaskets and the lip seals are worn out they must be replaced to prevent air drainage.

If there are problems with the fuel or air filter, the fuel pump should be replaced or the air filter should be cleaned.

If the breather plug is clogged you need to clean it with a regular needle.


If the chain saw starts and shuts down right away, the chain may be malfunctioning. Check the chain oil reservoir and oil drain tube for lacerations or blockages to remedy the problem.

STIHL 180 starts up and then shuts down.

Inspect the piston group and look at the cylinder and replace it or the piston if necessary. You can rebore the cylinder for a new piston. If the piston and cylinder are normal, look for piston ring defects and the need for replacement.

Among other things, check the service life of the parts listed in the product data sheet, which include the drive sprocket, tire, chain, part of the anti-vibration system, and replace them in time.

If the tool is idle for a long time, it is worth checking the condition of the fuel pipe. If the tube is cracked, you have to replace it with a new one.

How to start a Ural chainsaw without a starter motor

To start the chainsaw, you must give the handwheel some torque. There are several successful ways to do this.

  • Unscrew the ratchet from the flywheel and screw in its place. Nuts are used to fasten the pulley. A cord is wound around the pulley and the cord is pulled to start the engine, just as in a tractor engine from Soviet times.
  • A bolt screwed into the flywheel is turned by a socket head fixed in an electric drill.

Element of this heavy and gasoline-hungry saw was an industrial sawmill. In the home, it is good for sawing thick trunks into tree stumps. The opinion that it is reliable and unpretentious is a myth. Every 50 hours it requires deep service, every 100 hours it requires even deeper service. You can learn about this in detail from the Instruction Manual of the chainsaw Ural 2T Electron (link leads to the catalog with instructions).

Ural” chain saws have been known for more than half a century: their production began in 1955 at the Perm factory, which for many years worked for the military-industrial complex of the country. Up to now their popularity has not died out: the demand is still high, despite the abundance of new foreign brands. Some do not want to overpay: buying a chainsaw “Ural” is more budget-friendly than similar devices from leading European manufacturers. The same applies to their maintenance and repair, which allows saving the family budget.

But most of the users of these chainsaws appreciate the traditional quality that has been proven by decades of service of more than one generation of people.

With the features of the legendary saws of this manufacturer, their structure and functionality, as well as the nuances of maintenance and repair, we will get acquainted in this article.

How the STIHL 180 works: Theory and principle of operation

The major components of the STIHL 180 chain saw carburetor include the following:

  • fuel pump (with internal diaphragm);
  • main (diaphragm) chamber;
  • diffuser;
  • throttle and air chambers;
  • needle valve;
  • fuel jets;
  • nozzle with valve;
  • No-load speed adjustment screw.
stihl, does, idle, speed

Operating principle is as follows. The chainsaw crankcase is connected to the fuel pump in the carburetor by a special channel. Intermittent piston stroke creates vacuum in the engine crankcase. That lifts the diaphragm in the fuel pump and opens the valve to let the fuel flow into the carburetor.

Fuel then passes through the filter element (grid) and through a special channel into the main chamber. In this chamber is a control diaphragm, which regulates the flow of fuel by pressing the rocker arm, which in turn lowers the needle valve.

For raising the control membrane is responsible rarefaction arising in the carburetor diffuser by turning the air, throttle valves. As soon as the engine is running, the mixture must be lean. Lower the choke, the pressure in the bellows is minimal and the diaphragm gets in its place.

Fuel flows from the main chamber to the diffuser through the nozzle with check valve or through the nozzles at idle (when the throttle is closed). there it mixes with the intake air and the ready mixture enters the engine cylinder. Check valve keeps air from the diffuser to the main chamber.

At the first signs of power loss (low RPM) with the STIHL MC 180 chain saw do not continue under any circumstances and seek specialist advice immediately or carry out a diagnosis and repair the fault yourself. There are not many reasons for the loss of power and you can cope with them even without certain skills.

A chainsaw in the country, in a private home. not an uncommon occurrence. It can be amateur, semi-professional and professional. The choice depends on the frequency and difficulty of the activity. It greatly simplifies the work of preparing firewood, helps quickly put the log. When broken in most cases, it is possible to repair the chainsaw with their own hands. Equipment failure can be associated with idling problems, the mechanism does not start or trots.

The principle of repair is about the same with all chainsaws. Be sure to read the instruction manual before working. This type of equipment has a great difficulty is not the repair itself, but the search for the source of failure.

Synopsis at!

STIHL chain saw carburetors need adjustment depending on fuel quality, altitude (air pressure), ambient air pressure, temperature and humidity. Tuning the chainsaw carburetor can achieve a good performance chainsaw, while worsening the external operating criteria. Also the adjustment of the carburetor of a chainsaw allows to prevent oil starvation and engine failure due to insufficient lubrication entering the cylinder with depleted fuel consistency.

STIHL chain saw idle speed adjustment video.

Tip: To check the tightness of the motor, it is excellent to use a special device, ie.е. a special pump with a manometer. At first you need to remove the carburetor on the chainsaw and install a sealed plate plug on the cylinder inlet window with a flange to connect the hose from the pump. There is also an option of sealing the spark plug for tightness. You also need to remove the muffler, and install a sealed plate with a rubber gasket on the cylinder outlet window. then you need to put the piston in the top dead center and connect the hose from the pump to the flange. Next, you have to pump the air into the engine to 0,9 bar. and look at the arrow on the manometer. if it stands on one place, it means that the piston of the engine is tight. Then we let the air out, switch the device (pump) and start pumping air out of the cylinder, creating a vacuum in the engine with a pressure gauge reading in.0,5 atm. Looking at the arrow on the hand gauge. if it is in the working place, it means the seals in the engine no air drainage (which aggravates the work of the chain saw does not allow to properly perform the adjustment of the carburetor chainsaw). Thus, we check the engine for leakage and compression.

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Idle speed adjustment on the STIHL chain saw

The STIHL MS-180 chainsaw is a product of the famous German brand STIHL, founded back in 1921 by Andreas Stihl. Company’s original business was washing machines and steam boilers. The first STIHL chainsaw (Germany) was launched in 1929 and weighed 48 kg. at the power plant in 6 liters. с.

The machines were improved, new design elements were added: saw chain with cutting and scraper teeth, automatic chain lubrication, centrifugal clutch, membrane carburetor, anti-vibration handles, chain brake, etc. д. With each new invention the weight of the saw decreased, the functionality increased. STIHL is also known as the quietest chainsaw maker in the world.

than 160 countries have opened their markets for the manufacturer’s products. there are representatives. Statistically, STIHL saws are best-sellers compared to competitors’ products.

Site visitor often wonder how much a STIHL chainsaw MS-180 costs? A genuine STIHL chainsaw MS-180 costs in the range of 12,000. 13,000. Future machine owners may also be wondering where the STIHL MS-180 chain saws are built. It could be the USA, Germany or even China. Chinese knockoffs are fairly common, but priced lower.

We suggest you watch a video that tells how to distinguish the fake from the original:

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