STIHL 180 saw does not run at idle

stihl ms180c that wont idle and runs rough watch this

What to do if a chainsaw stalls at idle ( )

stihl, does, idle

The chainsaw stalls at idle speed: this is the problem faced by many owners of this tool. By its own construction, the saw is a fairly light instrument. But there are times when it fails. The main problem in troubleshooting is determining the correct cause of the malfunction. After determining the cause, fixing the defect is usually quite simple.

The chain rotates at idle on the chain saw

If you have trouble starting a chain saw, many people immediately blame the carburetor. In fact, there are several options and the cause of failure may be no matter what:

  • Clogged air and/or fuel filter. The problem can be solved by filter cleaning.
  • No gasoline in the tank. Yes, there is a reason. some owners forget about such a minor detail, like refueling gasoline saws and think that a couple of liters of fuel in the tank of a chain saw. Only have enough gasoline for about six months. fuel in the tank should not be stored for more than 14 days, i.e.к. Gasoline evaporates and the octane rating goes out.
  • Check the hose from the fuel tank to the carburetor: it might be clogged or cut and no gasoline is getting into the tank.
  • No spark on the spark plug. Why there is no spark. the circumstances may be many: no contact, it is necessary to change the spark plug or it is flooded. Why the spark plug fills up on a chainsaw is another matter. But if it is out, you need to dry and re-install, then check for spark. If the spark plug has a heavy fouling, it is recommended to replace it.
  • Check the muffler for carbon deposits. If there is soot. laboriously clean the muffler, but still recommended to take the chainsaw in a service center to check the cylinder and piston, t.к. Fouling is a sure sign that parts of the cylinder and piston group are not working properly.
  • The carburetor is clogged. How to properly adjust the chain saw, so that the carburetor worked perfectly, discussed in a separate article.
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If none of the above methods have not helped, it means that the cause is more serious. damage 1 of the nodes of the connecting rod and piston group. In that case, we recommend that you take your chainsaw to a service center.

stihl, does, idle

The chain saw stops when idling? There is a way out

If the saw starts to cut out at idle, there are several reasons, and they are not difficult to find out, even for a beginner owner, if you follow the recommendations of our experts, check everything properly and delicately. So, the reasons why the chainsaw stalls at idle may be the following:

  • reduced capacity of gasoline and air filters;
  • Failures in the ignition system, also referred to as its abnormal operation;
  • spontaneous change of carb settings;
  • elements of the gasoline system are defective;
  • the muffler or the exhaust ducts are clogged;
  • appearance of defects on the piston, cylinder or other elements of the cylinder head, defects on the valve;

Before you check the inside of the saw to find out why the tool stalls at idle, you should inspect all of its external components for abnormalities, which may include possible deformations, as well as check for fuel in the tank. Let’s consider each of these situations:

  • Checking and repairing the filters. If the fuel or air filter is clogged, the engine receives insufficient amount of air or fuel, or does not receive one of the elements, respectively, it can not fully operate. Take out the hose from the carburettor nozzle and put it into the working tank. Press the button a few times and see the result. If the fuel filter is clean the gasoline is even and steady, not jerky and vice versa. Remove the air filter to check the air filter should be delicately, so that sawdust, dirt does not get into the carb. after its flushing, rinsing or change for a new one we analyze the results if the problem lies in two or one of the filters.
  • Check the ignition system and the spark plug itself. Its bad condition may cause the failure of the saw at idle, if it stops when you give gas or at all at one moment does not start. So, the plug could flood with fuel; the spark does not occur due to a huge amount of carbon deposits or burned out element of the plug; the spark does not occur in violation of the gap between the electrodes (too large or small); dry plug will indicate a lack of gasoline in the cylinder piston; improper carburetor adjustment and clogged air filter can be determined by the presence of black carbon deposits on the plug, soot on its electrodes.
  • Why on checking the ignition system and filters the saw further stalls at idle. only the carburetor can be the cause. You need to find the three adjustment screws, among which one is responsible for the maximum speed, the second for the minimum and idling (the screw is called T). Adjust it according to the recommendations, strictly according to the instructions of each individual device. If even the adjustment of the idle stroke did not help, and the saw at the same RPM further stops. proceed to disassemble and inspect the whole crab. How to do it. we describe in our articles.
  • Malfunctions, breakdowns, chainsaw muffler clogging. The last option that provokes situations when the saw stalls at idle. A sawdust and dirt contaminated muffler with oil and exhaust gases loses its flow capacity. If it is not cleaned and changed in time, the engine will start to choke. All elements related to the muffler need to be delicately soaked, gently cleaned and blown with compressed air, and reinstalled. At this point, cover the motor with a rag to prevent dust from entering.

If your Husqvarna saw or STIHL-brand power tool is stalling at idle speed, we’ve presented you with all the options available to check. It is also important to correctly assemble all the parts when disassembling in their former place, drain the gasoline, if any, replace it with a clean mixture and try to start the saw. Parts for chainsaws are always available at KosiKosa service.

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