STIHL 361 chain oil leakage

The STIHL 361 professional chainsaw offers a number of advantages which make it easy and safe to use. In terms of its technical features, it fully complies with its class. Durable and high quality at the same time has a good repairability. Easy to service. Used in a wide range of applications in all areas of forestry.

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Why is chain saw oil leaking

Construction and Dacha in Plain Language

STIHL Gasoline Saw 180 Oil Repair

The STIHL MS 180 chain saw is an indispensable tool for wood harvesting and other building tasks. This is one of the most widely recognized garden devices, which is armed with functionality.

The weight of the tool is about 4 kg. The power is up to 1.5 kW, and the bar length is 35 cm.

Note that the semi-professional device for this saw model inherited electric ignition and fairly sharp chain tension. saw chain from a chainsaw. You will understand why it leaks: Why does oil leak from underneath? The STIHL MS 180 has two tanks for petrol and one for oil.

One of the main features is the reduced vibration.

Such a result is achieved thanks to the 4 shock absorbers. It’s no mystery that high shock absorption has a harmful effect on health, and in Europe it has long been opposed.

It is necessary to underline that without the help of others to disassemble this saw without special instruction is not better, in this case it is better to entrust the device to masters.

STIHL MS 180 oil supply repair

Owners of this model of tool should be prepared for the fact that they may encounter such a nasty moment, as a leak of oil for chain lubrication. Sure it’s not the chain, it’s the liners. Oil has been leaking from the beginning. I don’t know. Oil can leak while you are working with the tool or even when it is lying idle.

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What’s the cause?? The point is that the oil is leaking due to tightness issues in the area where the hose from the oil tank and the pump connects.

In order to solve the STIHL MS 180 oil drainage problem it is necessary to disassemble the unit.

  • Check the hose, if it is damaged, change it for another. Or try to degrease and wash the hose and put it on a sealant, it should work.
  • Check the oil filter for breakage, clean it (if you’ve been pouring used oil)
  • It can also be caused by a clogged pipe, which creates a vacuum in the fuel tank and affects the fuel supply. The problem may be in the carburetor adjustment and may be clogged ducts, or air filter, you need to thoroughly clean the filter and carburetor ducts.

Fix 90% Of Stihl Chainsaw Bar Oil Leaks With This Simple Repair!

tweaks in a chinese chain saw / oil leaks. how to fix it.Little tricks Chinese chainsaw

The video covers disassembly and proper assembly of the oil pump and sealing the oil supply pipe

If there is no oil in the chain saw chain, Exactly because of this Why is the oil leaking. If there is no oil flow to the chainsaw chain during operation, the chain oil fails Why oil. How to.

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How to fix chain saw oil leakage.

One case of spontaneous lubricating oil leakage

for the chain of a chain saw. Repair.

Basically the problem is because of bad oil.

It is not advised to put oil in a chainsaw that is not intended for!

What chain oil for STIHL 180 chain saw

  • Don’t spare the money for the original STIHL HP 2-stroke oil is a little more expensive, but the cleaning costs even more.
  • In the fuel to pour high-quality can and Mobil 1, and for lubrication will suit three-phase, in any case do not fill the waste.
  • Inexpensive choices are mineral oil 15-40, in winter 10-30. M8 or M10, for example.

Be aware of your personal safety when operating a chainsaw.

Remember that the chainsaw is affected by the quality of the oil you fill. Benefits of Husqvarna chainsaw 240, Why gasoline leaks from a Husqvarna 240 chainsaw? Low-quality oil can make a tool inefficient and have a negative impact on parts.

Check and clean the STIHL MS 180 oil pump periodically to ensure that it runs smoothly. TYPE OF OIL Leaks in a Chainsaw. Here’s a quick look at why chain saw oil leaks. That keeps the oil flowing smoothly.

STIHL MS-180 carburettor

The STIHL MS 180 carburetor has only one no-load adjustment screw. The full-load nozzle is not adjustable and cannot be changed.

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It is necessary to know the basic rules of setting the idle speed:

1) Check the air filter, change it if necessary;

2) Check the spark sensor and change or clean it if necessary. Then you can turn on the engine, and then warm it up.

stihl, chain, leakage

Repairing the STIHL MS 180 carburetor

Repairing your STIHL MS 180 carburetor is a tough business. Note that there is practically no risk of sudden changes in the cylinder-piston group during the repair.

If the chainsaw will not start, then proceed as follows:

1) Open and close the gas tank cap;

2) Remove the spark plug and then dry it;

If there are no positive results after that, it is better to check the condition of the air filter, the process of petrol feeding and the functioning of the spark plug.

This problem is caused by a valve (trapdoor) which is blocked and causes a vacuum. All about repairing your chainsaw with your own hands I’m not leaking oil from why in a chainsaw. To eliminate this inconvenience, you need to clean the valve (blind) with a needle.

Systematically check the filter, if the muffler is clogged, then the device will not be able to give the power that it is built into it.

If the chainsaw was purchased with a warranty (as a rule, there can be no other option) immediately turn it in to the service.

The STIHL MS 180 chain saw is very easy to operate, has good ergonomics and offers a number of important advantages.

Parts STIHL ms 361 Gasoline Saw Crankcase Replacement, Disassembly and Reassembly.

As it has been already told before, inspection of faulty saw instrument is necessary to begin with establishment of petrol presence in a fuel reservoir, as well as with finding out technical condition of a breather.

STIHL chain saw repair when the fuel system malfunctions.

To check the fuel level, always open the filler cap. This should be done even if the tool owner is confident that gasoline is in the tank.

It is not uncommon for a chain saw not to start because of a lack of fuel flow into the combustion chamber. The cause of this is most often a common clogging of the breather. a special bypass valve, which serves to equalize the pressure in the tank at a gradual flow of gasoline. In such a case, the chainsaw repair is reduced to a careful cleaning of the breather with an ordinary sewing needle.

Why isn’t the chainmachine getting oil??

If you don’t get oil to the chainsaw chain while working, you need to find the cause of the problem. In fact, there are a lot of reasons that affect the misfiring process. You should disassemble the chainsaw and identify the main problem. The likely causes of this process will be described below.

Several reasons for a lack of oil flow into the chain while the chain saw is in operation You need to disassemble the chain saw to identify these reasons.

In what cases do adjustments need to be made

In general, the need to adjust the carburetor chain saw STIHL, or any other brand appears quite occasionally. Signs of a disturbed carburetor are indicated:

  • Engine starts and stops or fails to start. in this case the premise may be a poor fuel mixture;
  • Fuel consumption has increased significantly and the amount of exhaust gases has increased (fuel does not burn completely). this may be caused by oversaturation of the mixture.

Lubrication system features and oil selection

The fuel tanks should be chosen according to the exact volume. At maximum depletion it is acceptable to choose components with a small amount of oil.

Fuel system of chainsaw: 1. fuel filter, 2. carburetor, 3. manual booster pump.

If the carburetor is properly adjusted, fuel will be used in the allowable amount. Otherwise it runs out too quickly.

A slow decline in fuel consumption during sawing is normal. If there is no obstacle, the chain will not be properly lubricated and you should be very careful how you use your chainsaw. Know how to troubleshoot, but also how to find it yourself.

Change the oil flow manually. The correct operation of the lubrication system is determined by bringing up the bar. If oil splashes can be seen, it means that everything has been set up correctly.

It is advisable to saw with plenty of lubricant. When working with soft wood, only a small amount of fuel is used.

The chain should always be well lubricated. This will avoid smoke and further damage to the entire chainsaw. If oil leaks or does not flow at all, the cause of the problem must be found. Do not operate the tool until it has been repaired.

When selecting fuel it is essential to do so correctly. The desire to save money leads to rapid chain failure. To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is undesirable to choose oil, the manufacturer of which is China. It is worth giving preference to original firms. They are much higher in their price range, but they are also of better quality.

spark plug

It may simply be old and therefore give off a spark “once in a while”. Therefore, it is better to put a known new part. Another reason related to the spark plug is bad contact between its center electrode and the high-voltage wire. Clean the spark plug and put the cap on tightly (it should go on the electrode with force).

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Chainsaw chain lubrication system

To supply oil for chain lubrication chainsaw, the tool uses a special pump, which doses, depending on the number of revolutions of the motor, feeds the lubricant to the saw bar.

The system uses oil for chain lubrication chainsaw has high adhesive characteristics, it is necessary for the even distribution of oil around the bar and keeping it on, even at high revolutions of the chain. Oil flows, chainsaw output is in a place where there is a bolt tensioning the chain here from. Let’s have a closer look at modern chainsaws oil delivery system.

Fixing an oil leak on a Chinese chainsaw (photo report)

Any chainsaw, regardless of its class, power and other technical characteristics has a lubrication system in addition to other main functional units. It contains oil pump responsible for pumping of consumable to the saw headset for its lubrication and reduction of wear of cutting element (wear is inevitable due to friction force).

This important node can break down, due to which the operators of the power unit have to diagnose the breakdown accurately, and then, to repair the oil pump of the chainsaw. The latter can be done by yourself without the need to go to a service center.

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