STIHL ms 180 c be starting up

STIHL chain saw construction

All STIHL chainsaws are similar in design but with different engines. This allows us to divide them into performance and household tools. To understand the STIHL STIHL chainsaw in detail, it is essential to read the STIHL instruction manual. It specifies the features of the components and prescribes the rules of operation.

Saws consist of the following components:

  • guide bar;
  • saw chain;
  • pump for supplying oil fluid
  • carburetor;
  • motor;
  • air filter;
  • Control lever and starter lever;
  • Oil and fuel tanks;
  • handle.

How to start a chainsaw after a long downtime

All STIHL chain saws are equipped with a two-stroke engine that follows a similar cold start pattern. But there are models that have additional equipment that allows you to start the saw without too much effort. For this reason, the algorithm of their start, may be slightly different.

Let’s take a look at how to start a normal saw and how the process differs from starting a modified model.

Reasons why the chainsaw does not start

Carry out the start of the tool strictly according to the instructions. But if you have followed all the listed points, and the saw still does not start, it means that there is something wrong with it. There are several reasons why it may not start:

So, what do you need to do to identify the real reason why the tool doesn’t work?

First of all, it is necessary to say, if the tool does not start, the screws on the carburetor must not be twisted in any way. And if you are not a professional in this field, then do not even try with your own hands to tune anything or try to start the tool.

The actions listed below, necessary for the tool to start, should be performed in a strictly specified sequence. Start the next step only when the previous one did not work. The actions are as follows:

  • First you can try just doing nothing with the tool for at least 5-10 minutes. There is a chance that while starting it, the spark plug is primed, which is sometimes the case. Wait, then try again according to the instructions;
  • Try removing the housing cover, then remove the air filter and try to start the saw without the air filter. If the filter is dirty, wash it in soapy water, then dry it or replace it with another one;
  • Unscrew the spark plug and check to see if the spark is there. If it is missing, you can try to put another. If there is no spark in the end, this indicates that the ignition unit is damaged, and the instrument needs to be repaired. If the spark is still there and the chainsaw still fails to start, proceed as follows;
  • If the spark is present and the spark plug is wet, then the chainsaw needs to be turned over. That will get rid of any extra gasoline from the cylinder, if it was there. You need to jerk the starter without a candle about 10-15 times, this will air out the combustion chamber. Light the spark plug and then screw it back on. If possible, change it for another, try again to start the tool;
  • If the spark plug is dry, take a syringe and put one or two cc’s of petrol mixture in it, then pour it into the cylinder. Try again to put the tool into action. There is a chance that a small particle got into the carburetor and is preventing the fuel from getting into the combustion chamber. Such a lump can be pulled out with the flow that is formed after starting the car by adding fuel directly into the cylinder itself;
  • Unscrew and remove the muffler. But try not to damage the gasket between the engine and the muffler. Again we try to start the chainsaw without the air filter and muffler. When it’s not there, you can examine the piston from the inside. If there are scratches or burrs on the piston or cylinder walls, or a piston ring is jammed by burrs, it means the piston is worn or broken. This often happens if you don’t put enough oil in the fuel system. In this case, the only solution is to give the tool in a service center or buy a new one, because to replace the piston is much more expensive.
stihl, starting

This article has shown you how to start your chain saw using a STIHL example, as well as what to do if you can’t start the tool for the first time. If you’re new to this or have a problem with it, it might be helpful to have this information in the future.

Starting according to instructions

STIHL chain saws have different starting mechanisms and different triggers. Let’s take the popular STIHL M chain saw as an example to show how to start the machine. S. 180.

Before starting the start process, it should be noted that in the instructions to some models of chain saws, it is written that before starting the tool, the emergency stop brake should be activated for additional safety. But it is harder to start with the brake fixed.

Accordingly, it would be better to unlock it.

If you do it right, it won’t be a problem. If you are worried that the chainsaw will hurt you when it is not fixed, it would be better not to risk it and not to start it at all. Here is how to start the STIHL power tool:

  • Before starting the machine, move the choke control lever to the down position. Remember that it only moves to the bottom on the saw when the throttle button is pressed. Press the throttle button and move the lever down. This closes the carburettor choke and locks the throttle in the pressed position;
  • Next, jerk the starter with vigorous movements until you hear the characteristic sound of trying to start the engine. It should immediately stall. Then the choke position adjustment lever is moved up one step;
  • In this position, pull the starter grip again until the saw starts. And if it starts up, then because the throttle knob is fixed pressed, the work will be at high revolutions;
  • Then press and release the throttle trigger once to return the choke control lever to the operating position automatically and reduce engine rpm;
  • If it is necessary to put a warmed up chainsaw into operation, it is necessary to put the lever in the working position and then start it;
  • To stop the machine’s engine, move the choke control lever to the up position.

How to start a STIHL chain saw (STIHL MS-180). first start and non-starter

20.12.2019 In cottage plots, in private homes when working in gardens and homestead areas, you often have to use special equipment, which requires the application of appropriate knowledge and skills on the part of the user.

STIHL chain saws are garden tools with engines for a wide range of applications: cutting firewood, sawing down old trees, seasonal pruning, etc.д. The equipment of the German company STIHL is known for such technical characteristics as:

This machine is classified as a hazardous piece of equipment. Please read the operating manual before operating the machine and observe all safety precautions. An important and important step is to start the machine correctly.

How to start a STIHL chain saw (STIHL MS-180) first start and start without a starter

Chainsaws have slightly different constructional features, but in most cases the principle of assembly follows two standard schemes. Many units have information in the manual about the need to activate the emergency brake before starting the. You should first master the plant and learn basic troubleshooting, then the person will be able to fully operate the machine. This article is about how to start the chain saw.

stihl, starting

There is another type of chain saw by this manufacturer. STIHL MS 180-16. It is equipped with a tire that measures 16 inches. For this reason, when assembled, the tool has more impressive dimensions, and it can be used to cut down trees, the size of which reaches 30 centimeters in diameter.

Before buying, you should ask what is the quality of the carburetor of the chain saw “STIHL-180″, as this largely depends on the performance of the tool. Only in this way you can be sure of buying a quality tool that will last a long time, and it will perform all the tasks correctly.

How to start chainsaws with a decompression valve

Before you start your STIHL chain saw with a decompression valve, you need to turn it on. It should be noted that there is no decompression valve on the STIHL 250.

After the first flare passes, the valve is set to normal operation, respectively after the engine control lever is set to the open air damper position and the start-up continues, the decompression valve must be pressed again.

Schematically the work of the valve is shown in the figure below.

In fact, the valve does not make the start faster, it just simplifies the process and makes it more comfortable, i.e.к. for during starting, a person would have to apply considerably less force.

A saw with a decompression valve, regardless of whether the engine is cold or hot, should be started using the valve to ease the effort of turning the engine. This will greatly increase the life of the starter and reduce the number of broken cords, t. к. it is installed on chain saws with a larger cylinder volume and corresponding compression.

Starting the MS Two hundred and eleven C-BE brand chain saw

If you also find yourself as a result of those consumers who have wondered what, how start STIHL chain saw, you have the option to consider the additional model mentioned above as an example. There, the feed system is equipped with a manual pump, making it easier to start the saw when it’s cold.

The manual contains an additional paragraph which indicates that before starting the pump you must pump fuel into the carburetor. The next step is to follow the principle described for the model 180.

Review of Stihl MS 180 C with EASY 2 START System

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