STIHL ms 180 how to spot a fake

How to spot a STIHL chain saw counterfeit

STIHL MS-660: How to spot a fake

Petrol chain saws come in large quantities from China in Russia and the CIS countries. What’s more, counterfeits disguised as well-known brands are being used. Starting a STIHL chainsaw. How to start a STIHL chain saw, that the first start of the STIHL saw should. Accordingly, the price of cheap tools in fact increases by a factor of two. How to spot a fake STIHL chainsaw? How to start a STIHL chain saw? In the Ukrainian market are often sold tools, imitated the popular brand name STIHL, but in fact made by the. How to find an unusual STIHL MS-660 chain saw? How to spot a fake? Here we should focus on certain positions, through which it is completely realistic to find a copy or a really German saw.


If you need a chainsaw that is not frequently used and is not purchased for industrial scale, the copied STIHL MS-660 chainsaw is quite suitable. Although the Chinese copy is inferior in quality to the original, but it fully copes with the processing of domestic wood.

the tool is not sorry to exploit the wear and tear, to saw problematic places, etc., you can use different types of gasoline as fuel, and after the unit breakdown, it can be thrown into the closet without pity and buy a similar cheap model.

Disappointing in this situation is the fact that the fake “STIHL MS-660″ is often passed off as the original at inflated costs. The considered saw is very comfortable to copy, as it has a corresponding color scheme and authority among the users.

Characteristics of the original modification

STIHL MS660: how to spot a fake? This is the question many consumers are asking. In fact, the considered tool is a powerful unit, which is very resistant to significant loads.

The full program can be used to test the saw during logging operations with thick and strong wood. Designed for extreme conditions and professional use. Good for working in high-density forests for effective processing and harvesting of thick and tough wood.

Как отличить копию STIHL MS 180 от оригинала. Смотрите оригинальные видео и советы на канале TECHSAD

Technical properties of the licensed chainsaw:

  • There is an anti-vibration unit.
  • Chain tensioning. lateral type.
  • Equipped with expansion joint, backflow preventer for decompression.
  • Controller. one-handed version.
  • Preheating of carburetor.
  • Oil pump. adjustable type.
  • Ematic chain lubrication system, unique fuel tank lid.
  • ElastoStart rubber-coated handle.
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Other features

If you want to know how to distinguish a fake STIHL chainsaw, you should familiarize yourself with the usual features of the model MS-660. The following are the features of the tool made in Germany:

  • Top-class chainsaw for the toughest jobs.
  • Effective capacity of the power unit (cc. cm). 91,6.
  • Power rating (kW). 5.2.
  • Engine power (ltr. с.). 7,1.
  • Weight (kg). 7.3.
  • Weight to power ratio (kg/kW). 1.4.
  • Working chain type. Oilomatic Rapid Micro in 3/8 pitch.
  • Tire size (mm). 500.

How to tell the difference between a STIHL replica 180 and an ORIGINAL

I made this video for people who are going to buy their first chainsaw

How to tell a fake STIHL from the original! Let’s take the STIHL ms 180 chain saw as an example. How to distinguish STIHL chain saws due to their high quality and durability. Please note, for the model.

How to tell a real STIHL chainsaw from a fake one. My personal experience.

and original STIHL chainsaws. How to tell a STIHL chain saw is a fake. forum. How to tell a fake STIHL saw. YouTube. If this video was helpful to you, check it out.

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If you have decided to buy a STIHL MS 660 how do you know for sure if it is a knockoff and its price is sometimes comparable to the original?? First of all, it is a heavy tool in every sense weighing more than 7 kilograms and with more than seven horsepower. The saw can be used in an industrial workshop and operated continuously for long periods.

This machine costs at least 45 thousand in retail sales. The fake copy has similar dimensions and weight, but the output is only half as much and the continuous operating time is considerably shorter, plus the lack of durability of the body and working parts.

STIHL MS-660: How to Tell the Fake from the Original?

Only authorized dealers are authorized to sell STIHL products in this country. This means that you cannot buy a genuine STIHL chainsaw at flea markets or from shady dealers. Officials have a gray-colored certificate that must be presented at the customer’s first request.

There is a serial number sticker on the machine and the serial number is duplicated on the plastic cover under the muffler. This index is also marked on the packaging box. It is customary to counterfeit and branded cylinder for STIHL ms 180 chain saw, how to distinguish the counterfeit. All three numbers must match.

There is one large hole on the bar. Counterfeiters often have an additional small socket provided for lubrication. However, this is a deception. the manufacturers of the original modification have provided a lubrication unit with a reserve of oil, which is quite enough for the entire period of use.

In addition, the standard chain has the letter S on each link, unlike fake copies. The original model uses a minimum of stickers (there is one on the handle, where the safety rules are spelled out). The basic STIHL logo cannot be glued on.

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Interesting facts

The above mentioned distinctions between a counterfeit and an original STIHL saw will allow you to choose the right tool without overpaying for a “fake” copy. However, there is another subjective aspect by which you can further verify that you are purchasing a German-made original.

This factor is connected with the fact that the German manufacturers use a peculiar marketing policy. For example, if a product is sold at a fixed price in a particular city or country, its price should be identical in other places where original products of this brand are sold. The same applies to promotional offers and discounts that apply to a particular model, regardless of where it is sold (at official dealers).

The original STIHL MS chainsaw, and how to tell it apart. a few more replicas

There’s a wide range of tools on the market to help you get the job done. If you want to know how to recognize a counterfeit STIHL chainsaw, how to tell a. Among the proposals is a popular brand of chain saw STIHL MS 660. How to distinguish a fake, we reviewed above, but about whether it is worth buying, it is necessary to argue separately.

The plus side of a counterfeit chainsaw with a well-known brand label is only a lower price compared to the original. Otherwise, the fake is inferior in strength, power and other technical characteristics.

On the other hand, a low-budget tool of poor quality, bearing the logo of a popular brand, will cost much more than similar models of little-known manufacturers. How to tell the difference between a genuine STIHL and a fake. STIHL ms 180 chainsaws as andreas STIHL“. How to distinguish a fake. They all have very similar lifespans and specifications, so you should consider your own requirements and intended use of the machine.

How to protect yourself from buying fakes

Original STIHL chain saws for professional or semi-professional chainsaws cost a lot of money. Therefore, you should buy the necessary tool with maximum care and responsibility. A fake can be made with varying degrees of accuracy, but it is almost always produced in a hurry on low-quality equipment, which should not go unnoticed by an experienced craftsman. The following tips will help you to distinguish counterfeit from high-quality products.

  • Beware of buying chainsaws from dubious sellers. STIHL has a Russian dealer network with standard commerce rules and a single pricing policy. The official sales representative will definitely show a certificate, confirming the right to sell products of this reputable firm. If you are offered a new STIHL chainsaw on the market for a reduced price, you are definitely dealing with a crook.
  • Pay attention to the marking on the product. The serial number should be embossed on the body under the muffler and duplicated by stickers on the saw and the packing box.
  • The company logo is on every model, but not in the form of an easily removable sticker, but in embossed or well-painted lettering. The logos are original

STIHL chain saw: How to tell the difference between a genuine and a fake

The packaging is difficult to distinguish because of the high level of printing. Counterfeit saws are packaged in exact replicas of the original boxes. Distinguished by the affixed information label. If you have several saws in front of you, compare the labels and numbers on them. At a minimum, they should be different. Each number is unique.

Note the unique serial number on the box. All saws are made in China.

“Made by STIHL in China” is not an indication that it is a fake. The machines are built in China, under the direction and supervision of the Germans.

There is one visual difference between a fake STIHL saw box and an original: The fakes do not have a distinctive white stripe around the logo and along the length of the box.

Weaknesses of the counterfeit

If you use it a lot, the Chinese STIHL will wear out over time. To get the longest possible life out of it, it is important to know and replace the parts that fail first. For example, these are:

  • clutch mechanism;
  • The air filter housing (can be made of plastic or aluminum alloy);
  • the chain sprocket;
  • Starter return spring.

It is best to replace the tire on your Chinese chain saw as soon as you buy it, because. к. it is made of poor quality metal and will break almost as soon as the chain saw is put into service.

Technical Data

Improved technical features attract attention when choosing a saw.

Engine displacement 2-MIX 59 cm³. What sets it apart is that it allows for more economical fuel consumption. This is achieved by modifying the combustion chamber purging process. Combustion of the fuel mixture is carried out entirely through a swirling process.

MIX-2 engine

With 0.6 liter fuel tank, oil tank capacity for chain lubrication has been reduced to 0.325. Reduced dimensions allowed to increase the strength of mechanisms of the whole engine, which had a positive impact on the durability of the saw.

Substantial changes in anti-vibration system. Installation of metal springs and rubber dampers significantly reduced the vibration of the engine and operating handles.

Improved air filter design for longer engine life. The air is sucked into the filter after pre-separation, which removes any coarse particles (dust, sawdust). By the way, this also increases the service life of the filter itself.

The engine carburetor is fitted with a special compensator that maintains all engine performance regardless of how dirty the air filter is.

Chain brake works in manual and automatic mode. This creates more convenience for the person working and increases safety at the same time.

The starter is equipped with a damper that smoothes kickback jerks when starting the engine, making the start smooth and soft.

STIHL MS 362 chain saw with fuel additives weighs 5.9 kg.

The STIHL 362

Where counterfeit STIHL chain saws are sold??

You may be sold a copy of the STIHL MS 660 chainsaw at shopping malls, cottages and even in your backyard. Price starts at 100 and depending on your ability to haggle, can drop to 50.

It’s usually the same story that scammers use:

  • Chainsaw payday at a construction site or a factory.
  • Bought a stolen batch on the cheap.
  • Already had one, but friends or mother-in-law gave me five more.
  • Need a drink or urgently need money.
  • A lot of fakes on message boards.

If you just need a chain saw for a couple of days without cutting timber on an industrial scale, then the fake STIHL MS 660 is the way to go. It will be very good for you. Although the Chinese fake is of worse quality than the original, but it is quite capable of “sawing” wood, in ancient times people were able to cope with more scarce tools. It is not a shame to drop, throw, catch nails, etc., you can pour anything into the tank, as long as it would burn, and after its failure, throw the chainsaw in the attic, and forget it as a bad dream.

If you see it working, you think it’s a good chain saw. The illusion is that the sellers put pure gas in the tank. STIHL understeel reduces the life span of the understeel by 50% after the show. If you buy it, it’s a good idea to use it as it is, with the fuel that the mechanic has bought.

There is no China either

That’s true. This is certainly not the case with the STIHL 180.

STIHL is headquartered in Germany. But don’t count on buying a saw that was built in Germany. Even on the originals it is written that the product is made in China.

Yes, sometimes there are chainsaws with the inscription made in USA. But this is an older model range. Now STIHL is not assembled in the States.

Most imitations of the original also come from China. Clandestine Russian manufacturers are less common. But the name on the product does not mean it is true.

The real STIHL 180 saws are made in China and have excellent quality and features. That’s something to keep in mind.

STIHL original or Chinese-made chainsaws. how not to be fooled?

High-quality products from the German company STIHL have long since won over the customers. So it’s no wonder that STIHL has been the brand’s benchmark for quality and reliability since 1971. But the popularity of the brand, as practice shows, instantly attracts the attention of unscrupulous businessmen who make money on counterfeits of popular brands.

The problem is with cheap Chinese knockoffs which flood the world markets under the guise of original STIHL products. Buyers of such products have, and they basically understand that they are saving on quality.

But often fakes are sold for the price of the original. In this case the price is no guarantee that a fake is hiding behind it. Thus, a consumer who decides to buy a STIHL chainsaw will be cheated twice, because he will buy something he doesn’t need for the price of the original. However, the buyer can avoid such a fraud if he knows how to distinguish the original from the fake.

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