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STIHL MS 280 I chain saw

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The STIHL MS 280 I chain saw is an official retailer in Ukraine. Store Astrotech does not offer products of firms whose dealer or representative it would not be. This fact is very advantageous to the buyer of our product, because he gets the lowest price set in the Ukrainian market and the confidence that he was not sold counterfeit. You can always check the legitimacy of our dealer rights on the official Ukrainian sites.

Service and spare parts for STIHL MS 280 I are always available from us, as well as in any region where there is an official representative of the company. Our service center conducts a complete pre-sales preparation and inspection of the tool for malfunctions and presence of the complete set approved by the manufacturer.

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Buy chain saw STIHL MS 280 I in Krasnodon you can at 8/111 Artyoma str. Artyoma Street 8/111 Lugansk region. To clarify details of the purchase of the tool, as well as on any other issues, you can always contact us by phone: 38 050 627 8888; 38 (06435) 6-10-20.

Choice of a chainsaw depending on the class.

Before you find out which chainsaw is better, you should clearly define what you are going to use the tool for, because the value of the chainsaw is primarily determined by its power and its ability to work more or less continuously. that is, by the class of the chainsaw. Household chainsaws are the best chainsaw choice for country houses. This chainsaw is used occasionally and for short periods of time. You will find a minimum of functions in such a saw, but with such a saw you can cut enough firewood to cook kebabs or make a fire in the fireplace. A chainsaw is supposed to be used for no more than 40 minutes a day by its owner. Such chainsaw service life ranges from 400 to 1000 hours. But city dwellers, who are not used to loads will like their relative compact size and small weight. These qualities make up for the low power of the home chain saw. If you choose a household saw you will get a reliable helper for various simple household and garden works. The best models in this class are chain saws: STIHL MS 180; Husqvarna 235 X-TORQ; Echo CS 350WES

Semi-professional chainsaws. if you intend to do more demanding jobs or use your chainsaw in construction or home expansion, then when deciding which chainsaw to choose, opt for semi-professional chainsaws. These tools do not have to work all day long without stopping, but they can do much better than their domestic counterparts. They are capable of cutting wood in a single household. Sometimes these saws are also used by professionals, for example when trimming limbs at logging sites. Select a semi-professional chainsaw from the following models on our website: STIHL MS 250 ; STIHL MS 270 ; Echo CS-4200ES ; Echo CS-5100 ES

Professional chainsaws. the tool of loggers. They are powerful, rugged and can work for years without interruption 8 hours a day. In order to guarantee a long service life. 1300-2000 hours. the best chain saws are made of durable and wear-resistant materials that give them a longer “run” without overhaul.

Choice of chainsaw depending on service availability No matter how reliable your chainsaw is, you should remember that sooner or later any tool needs maintenance or repair. So if you’re looking for a chain saw, it’s important to know if there is a service center in your area of residence. The easiest way to choose a chainsaw is to check if the manual is in Russian or not. It guarantees that the tool delivery is “white”, and the purchased chainsaw is covered by the producer’s warranty, as well as there is an opportunity to use the service center. In addition to repair and maintenance, a chainsaw needs to be corrected from time to time. The chainsaw’s performance depends on the condition of the chain. Professional tools are often tuned every day.

Chinese fake chainsaw stihl ms280 disassembly diagnostics

Choice of chainsaw depending on power and weight. These two technical features of a chainsaw are closely linked. That means that more power goes hand in hand with more weight. it is necessary to understand that the big power is not the most important criterion for a chainsaw choice. Reliability and low weight are more important for the non-professional. You might not be able to work with a very powerful saw. For professional chainsaws the power range is rather large, because the choice of a chainsaw in this case depends on the type of work and even for the time of year. For example, there are chain saws whose design allows you to work with one hand.

Additional options when choosing a chainsaw. Nice little details like the anti-vibration system is important for chain saws that are held in the hand for extended periods of time. For chain saws to work reliably it is important that the chain saw has an air filter to protect it from dust and dirt. It is especially important that your chainsaw has a reliable brake, because it is one of the most dangerous tools in the world. The guide bar length must be matched to the chain saw’s power rating. installing a guide bar longer than the length indicated on the guide bar is not a good idea.

Testimonial: STIHL MS 280 chain saw. It is a good chainsaw, but I suspect it is a fake

The case made of high quality and more or less reliable components, and to distinguish the original brand from the fake we are not able to, as it was bought second-hand. However, in our stores may well sell fake, which is produced not clear where and it is clear from what materials.

The handle of the factory is small, not very convenient to “pull”, and the string is thinner than in children’s shoes, so there is some doubt about its durability, although if it is made of normal composite fiber, the thickness is not an indicator of strength. The declared indicator of 110 decibels is impossible to check, but in my ears it “shrieks” loud enough to arouse the interest of the neighbors. The manufacturer claims the country of production. Germany, but all the warning stickers in English. This, of course, is not a benchmark, can be at least in Vietnamese, then apparently it is important for what market the product was designed.

The plastic of the body is very dirty and absorbs different particles of the results of the “cut”. And it is not very comfortable to saw it. The vibrations are quite strong. Although if you drop it, the protection will work, because here it is implemented at a normal level.

The chain itself with its sawing teeth also raises some suspicions of its inauthenticity. After the first cut of logs the speed of the work significantly decreased, and the chain itself has lost a little tension. True, in the future, the saw proved to be quite decent. Started up many times without problems with a few months gaps.

From mechanical parts of the case periodically leaked gaskets, as well as visible not very well sealed seams. The rubberized handle is quite uncomfortable for a left-handed person, but if you are left-handed, go to work in an office, not a lumberjack)).

Even the crooked label itself “screams” I was molded crooked handles in the wrong factory))). The hot parts are embedded in the body, but the ventilation is good, so it’s all good as far as safety is concerned.

The paint on the metal parts is partially peeling, but the steel must be of good quality, even after storage in a poorly ventilated and damp room did not corrode much. Given the nature of the work and some other suspicions, can not recommend this model, although perhaps experts will be able to respond affirmatively to questions about the originality of this device. Maybe it’s not bad for the game Quake-3, but sawing monsters probably easier than the logs))).

Masters of repair and construction need powerful equipment that can work fast and withstand high loads. This category of professional gurus contains the best models of upright gurus for everyday use.

Bosch GBH 5-40 DCE

Topping the ranking is the German-made boring machine from Bosch. The motor has power of 1150 watts and supports impact frequency of 1500-3050 per minute. SDS-Max chuck rotates at 170-340 rpm. Impact force of 8.8 Joules. Chuck accepts 55mm diameter chuck for plunge cuts and 90mm diameter chuck for socket and channel cuts. Reverse rotation is not available in the vertical-motor model. The drill works in two modes. Second handle has a wide support ring that makes it easy to hold a heavy tool.

  • Metal part of the housing around the gearbox.
  • Easy to drive through concrete with a 30 mm bit.
  • Safety coupling really prevents twisting of the hands if the tool jams.
  • Vibration damping mechanism included.
  • Locking start button for long hours of drilling.
  • Sturdy carrying case included.
  • Soft-start motor for accurate, on-the-spot entry.
  • Long 60cm body is inconvenient for tight bathrooms.
  • Heats up quickly and needs breaks to cool down.
  • No reverse.
  • Not suitable for extensive demolition.
  • No drilling mode.

Output. A workhorse that survives the day-to-day use of installing air conditioners, windows and doors. If unexpectedly hard material is encountered, Turbo Power mode gives more power. The only condition for working with it is to let it cool down periodically, which is normal for installation.

Makita HR 4501 C

This is one of the most successful models with an upright motor from Makita. The tool has a power rating of 1350W and delivers 13 Joules of impact force. Blow frequency varies from 1250 to 2750 per minute. 5 m of cord allows the drill to be operated without an extension cord in a standard-sized apartment with power outlets in every corner. The machine has a variable speed of 130-280 rpm and two modes of operation. SDS-Max chuck accepts 45mm (drills) and 12mm bits.5 cm (teeth). Weighs 7.8 kg. Body is coated in most places with rubber to reduce vibration and protect against shock.

  • Three year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Depth stop.
  • You can quickly free your hands by putting the peorator on a vertical motor.
  • Quick-release slide switch for securing the start-up sequence when drilling for a long period.
  • Service lights tell me if the brushes need replacing, dusting, lubrication.
  • The rubberized casing withstands accidental bumps and drops well.
  • Speed adjustment depending on material density.
  • Drill block protection does not always work.
  • No reverse rotation start.
  • No vibration damping.
  • Weight of the torch is 7.8 kg.
  • You have to strain to switch modes.

Conclusion. We recommend to pay attention to this model to those who have to work with laying pipes through attics, basements and narrow toilets. Only 45 kg long rotary tool body.8 cm, which, with a powerful motor and impact force of 13 Joules, is not much at all. It is also the most reliable device from Makita, which, judging by reviews, works for some craftsmen for 7 years without failure.

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