STIHL or Husqvarna grass trimmers which is better

stihl, husqvarna, grass, trimmers, which, better

Stihl vs ECHO vs Husqvarna 2020! Best Trimmer?

Husqvarna grass trimmers or STIHL grass trimmers which is better

Husqvarna 524R Grass Trimmer Reviews

Sergey P. Advantages: Much quieter than a two-stroke, stable operation, no need to mix oil with gasoline. Disadvantages: Subjectively: vibration is still palpable, heavy.The commentary: In general, it is a good product, as far as one could understand after a month of use.

Andrey Ch. Advantages: It’s a professional tool. No vibration, if you keep an eye on the line and wind it up correctly. Runs quietly, especially at idle. Gearbox doesn’t get warm. No need to dilute the gasoline. The power is enough. Eats gasoline very little after the test run. I don’t have to mow with a disc. It cuts everything at once, even small bushes. The disk can be easily corrected with a file in 5 minutes. One can see the special. alloy, and it took me 15 minutes to sharpen it. Only with a file or something else. One-bolt protection. Runs smoothly at any rpm, even at the lowest. That’s handy when mowing the yard, there’s less wear on the line. There is almost no exhaust. that’s cool. All is well made and well thought out.Disadvantages: What disadvantages can there be, the mower is really super.You can write that the price, but it is not correct. Similar ones are a little cheaper, but they don’t come close. And because I was sent along with a set of additional belt equipment, which costs 6500. The question of price fell away at once. Yes, as with all mowers, when the grass is high and there is a spool, can wind the grass. I have to mow in two steps, on the tops and then on the bottoms. But this is a problem on all mowers, no matter what power they have. Do not run your area and you will mow it very quickly the line, if you run will have to mow around and then collect the grass. Since the coil will mow everything perfectly and turn the grass into dust. When you write for 6 hours hectare ploughed 25 hectare, where the wood is 2 meters, it’s even funny to read.comment: The mower passed the test run and pleased with its power. Before I had a STIHL 130 mower, also four-stroke, but I had to stir the gasoline. I will compare it with this one. So the power on the Stihl was twice as much and the result is the same. By the way the Husqvarna has a Honda engine and is made in Sweden. So the quality is there. The mower is even quieter than the Stihl, at least my ears are not ringing. I was particularly pleased with the easy start, there is almost no compression, just pull it and start. Runs right away if everything is done correctly. The starter button is also very cool. Oil change and gasoline drain very convenient, no need to turn the mower, just tilt it a little on the side and drain everything.It’s not recommended to turn it upside down. convenient smooth throttle, like a car, no need to frantically catch the speed. I mow roses and currant bushes with it. The weight is even lighter and so as a toy. I have 25 acres, so I took this mower, and decided not to ruin my nerves, and when you mow, enjoy. I am fully satisfied.

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Husqvarna 535RX grass trimmer reviews

Dima Ilyichev Advantages: 1) powerful, 2) lightweight, 3) easy to use, 4) very handy tool belt!Disadvantages: The price (but it’s worth it) others have not foundComment: Last summer I bought an electric trimmer STIHL 1000W, had to run a little area (15 hundred square meters) as he already failed and then only manual scythe, it took almost a day! And you constantly have to watch the wire, pull it from place to place! So I started the site nettles and so this summer I decided to buy something powerful, gasoline. I chose either trimmer or lawnmower, since I come on weekends, and sometimes through the weekend lawnmower fell away tk bad they mow overgrown grass, and she is huge (no shed, and carry home and place and dirt) after long and painful thoughts and comparing those. Chor-k chose this one, what makes it different from the others, I wrote in the BENEFITS. mowing time is now 1.5 hours with a break for refueling)))

Wladyslaw K. Advantages: The handlebar is conveniently adjusted, it is easy to start Disadvantages: Price, weight is more than stated, very heavy, noisy, the line is consumed quickly because of the weak spring, very big and inconvenient protection, some parts are badly fixed, I had to make and install the gasket, that the protection would not hang out, the gearbox is made so that the dirt gets in it.comment: I bought the grass trimmer as a replacement for the old Komatsu zenoah. I was fooled by the advertising, the claimed power and the presence of 2 reviews on the Market. Used for 3 years (8 acres of land) in the end broke the gearbox, a new gearbox costs half the price of grass trimmer for grass. The old trimmer for grass Komatsu zenoah works 10 years without failure.

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Husqvarna 545RX grass trimmer reviews

Ruslan B. Advantages: Sturdy construction, 32 mm boom.Tough, no bending, 9mm shaft. The engine is started very easily, the starter is light by force, it is easy to start in the hanging position, the unloading is super. separately costs 6 t.р.- abroad they buy it for other brushcutters (shtilis and so on). Clean air filter with centrifugal pre-cleaner in all conditions filter is almost clean. The sound is low, but the mower is fast, i.e. all lawn grass and debris do not reach the mower, only fine dust, like in Husskowsk chain saws. Paper air filter in dusty conditions is better than foam filter. but the ground digs and the dust and fog from the juice 545 lifts a lot:) The sound from the muffler is normal. the sound is not too loud, but it’s better to work with headphones on for a long time, it works on all my scythes.Catch up good from down low. Easy to remove covers from grass trimmer individually for cleaning. air intake part (where the starter) and the flywheel blades are cleaned at least once a week, depending on dirt.All hexagonal bolts on the inside. reliable.High maneuverability for grass thanks to Husky ergonomics short relative boom. The high handle stand, the gearbox at an angle of 35 degrees, the tank for better weight distribution on the bar in front of the engine to fill the gasoline by the way very convenient. Other brands do not have the same ergonomics.The set is complete, unlike other brands of brushcutters that usually have only blade.Disadvantages: It shakes and gives resonance vibration of the shaft at low rpm. All is excellent at high vibration. Disassembled the gap in the long bushes is quite large. Other brands also suffer from this Comment: Short super grass mower. thanks to the x-torq engine there is no gasoline in the exhaust, it does not irritate the throat, nasopharynx, and no headache.Gasoline branded Lukoil mostly 95. comes and ecto. oil fuchs titan 100 s. 1:50.Ps- oil Fuchs 100s gone 2 liters for half the summer marked a tendency to deposit on the piston skirt and exhaust window,on a rich mixture. Switched all equipment to Texaco Havolin 2t sx (synthetic), 1:50. Seems to be great all around cleanliness.

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Alexander Zh. Advantages: Power, easy to use. Economy. Great for production work. There is almost nothing to break.Disadvantages: Weight. But you get used to it fast.comment: I advise everyone. The Grasshopper is worth it for the grass.

stihl, husqvarna, grass, trimmers, which, better

Husqvarna 122C grass trimmer reviews

Advantages: None. to put it mildly Disadvantages: Worked two refills does not hold idle speed after 6 refills. the same thingCommentary: Either a bad copy or the Chinese rule

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