STIHL or Husqvarna which is better?

What is the difference between chainsaws?

STIHL and Husqvarna are without doubt the industry leaders in the production and sales of chain saws with petrol engines. Due to strong competition, each company annually develops a lot of new technical solutions, making their tools easier and more comfortable to use. For example, STIHL has technical innovations such as:

  • The STIHL M-Tronic chain saw makes it easier to start thanks to its fully electronic ignition system. The system automatically distinguishes between cold and hot starts. M-Tronic also precisely sets the ignition timing and regulates the fuel mixture when starting the chain saw;
    stihl, husqvarna, which, better
  • HD2 filter. This filter is made of polyethylene filter material that is up to 70 percent finer in pores than conventional filters. It repels oil and is easy to clean, adding to your chainsaw’s maintenance comfort;
  • compensator. This is a special attachment in the carburetor that allows the chainsaw to be operated even if the air filter is completely contaminated, and an important feature is that the saw has almost no loss of power in doing so;
  • Catalyst, which burns unburned fuel so that chainsaw’s exhaust contains fewer harmful impurities that are harmful to human health.

If you look at the technical innovations of Husqvarna, you can also highlight some interesting systems:

If you take two similarly sized chainsaws from STIHL and Husqvarna, they are only similar in that they have an internal combustion engine, a bar, and a saw chain. But all, even the typical elements of these chainsaws differ in size, shape and materials of which they are made. It is worth noting that thanks to the efforts of engineers, with the same cylinder volume STIHL chain saws have more power, which would be noticeable when comparing specific models of chain saws.

Choice of chainsaws

Podskite someone not difficult from personal experience, I want to buy a saw considering STIHL ms 211 but it does not have a quick tensioning the chain and easy start but it is American-made or else there is a ms 230 but China, maybe there is something from Husqvarna for 23t.Do you need fast tensioning and easy start or the easier the more reliable you are?Thanks for the advice

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If for domestic use (in the sense, not to felling taiga, and occasionally on a summer residence to saw wood). will suit almost any Chinese saw of the average price segment (here for Stihl it is not necessary to chase at all) As for fast chain tensioning. in general, the option is convenient, but not obligatory If all the same decide to buy the variant without fast tensioning, it is better to look for saw where tensioning screw is taken out to body side wall. it is much more convenient, than to twist it from the end Easy start system. yes, IMHO point is important. there is sense that saw has additional spring in starter and force is less at start because of it

STIHL VS Husqvarna (Штиль MS 180 против Хускварна 236) ТЕСТ-ДРАЙВ

STIHL 180 since about 2005, without any modifications, works fine. Service once a year (check the plugs, change or clean the air filter, replace the fuel filter if necessary). There is a cottage in the village (we do not live in winter), all about the improvement did her. We harvested firewood (mainly fir, pine, and some birch), there were no problems with felling.Lack of power may be felt when cutting thick trunks (the size of the bar length) of hard wood (birch, oak, apple, plum). If it is not necessary to fell a forest every other day, it is quite sufficient.Two tractor trailers for two-axle trailers for firewood cut it about 5 years ago last time, and then of course for logs at home. After that, only three times were taken out (t.к. was not necessary).STIHL oil in the fuel always, in the chain any but clean.Well, most importantly, never gave into someone else’s hands if necessary to help only cut themselves.

I use a Stihl with a quick hitch and easy start and an Echo without it, I don’t see much difference. I have come to the conclusion that these are useless features

the difference is 11.000. I don’t need it for my home, 180 is enough for the best chain for a difference, a good consumable is 80% of the success.

MS 181s had no problems for 4 years. I bought a Husqvarna Mark 2

I also looked at STIHL and Husqvarna, read reviews, reviews and tests. Ended up buying a have never regretted it. The only drawback is that the engine stalls on one side and runs fine on the other. It is because of the shape of the fuel intake tube.

I had a Chinese Husqvarna for 6 years, sawed three or four trailers in a season, bought for 9 at that price, then bought a Chinese Optima for five years, also saw 3.No problems with 4 trailers, the difference is in weight and gasoline consumption, and spare parts for Chinese saws are cheap, but the Husqvarna is more expensive. The choice is yours!

The assembly place, with today’s globalization, is not relevant. In Pindostan you can meet such handicraftsmen that even UAZ has a rest. Buy the one that fits in your hand. Ask your friends who have chain saws to see and try to saw. There you’ll find out.If you saw rarely (at the level of the needs of dachas and camping in the woods by the fire), and accurately, then the Chinese nonem will serve you long and faithfully.

I looked at the STIHL, but took the Oleo-Mac GSH 40, lightweight, powerful, suits me

ms180 has been in business since 2007. But it is original. The current ones, they say, not so.

General information about the manufacturers

STIHL was founded in Germany in 1926. and from the very first years of its existence has focused on the production of forestry equipment. Today the manufacturer has developed a wide range of chain saws, as well as a number of gardening equipment. Products of this brand are represented in Russia together with components, consumables and branded accessories.

As for Husqvarna, its history goes back about 400 years. The first mentions of it are connected with the weapon factory, established in 1620. by order of the Swedish king. In the XX century the manufacturer actively develops technologies of home appliances, but later he pays most attention to the engines and designs of gasoline saws.

What is better than STIHL or Husqvarna? As can be seen, both companies have considerable experience in creating chain technology, but the pluses of the second manufacturer is immediately attributed a number of unique developments. In particular, it is just gasoline saws Husqvarna first received anti-vibration system, automatic chain brake and advanced technologies of carburetor regulation. Another thing is that today such solutions are used by almost all representatives of the segment.

Pros and cons of Husqvarna

One of the pluses of chain saws Husqvarna is their cost, as a rule, it is somewhat lower than that of STIHL tools, although the difference in some cases is insignificant. I can also note the quality of tools and materials from which they are made.

Husqvarna chain saws are made in many countries, including the factory in the town of Khimki, Moscow Region.

The most popular model, for example, the Husqvarna 135 has a slightly lower price than the competitor STIHL MS 180. We will compare these models in more detail later on, but meantime I would like to note that in Husqvarna technical solutions the European environmental standard is clearly traced. This means that the company primarily cares about the quality of the tool exhaust, which in some cases forces it to sacrifice the maximum power of chain saws. A prime example of this company policy is the X-Torq system. к. our country is not subject to stringent exhaust emission regulations.

It’s worth noting that before 2020, Husqvarna 236 and 240 models, had a number of factory defects, which the company had to upgrade these chainsaws to fix. To be more specific, the chainsaws had defective carburetors and piston rings. After 2015, this fact was officially acknowledged by the company, they also provided a full list of defects that existed in the 236 and 240 models.

Husqvarna brand

In 1689, with the blessing of King Charles XI of Sweden, a company arose to produce weapons for the Swedish army. It takes its name from the town in which it was situated and the river flowing through it. Decline in military activity forced the company to look for alternatives to weapons production. Sewing machines, household appliances, bicycles, heating boilers. At the end of 1959 the first motorized chainsaws were launched. At first, they required the involvement of two operators. In 1975 Husqvarna produced the first million chainsaws.

Husqvarna makes electric, gasoline and cordless chainsaws. Chainsaws can be designed for home, semi-professional or professional use. Husqvarna chainsaws for home use are not meant for frequent and prolonged use. Such a saw can be used for limbing, thinning, or cutting firewood. A series of professional chainsaws is marked with the letters XP, as seen in the photo. The semi-professional models are listed as multi-purpose chainsaws. Domestic or household. usually easy to maintain and lightweight models for home, cottage, small garden work.

What chainsaw to buy

Give some advice if anyone has an active chain saw in operation.I want to buy a chain saw in the range of 20-22 thousand for the home is not for the woods, at the moment there is a partner but its chain tension is not convenient and began to choke when you press gas, will clean the carburetor, but now not about her.Only do not write about the saw, which you bought 10 years ago, now apparently different quality and is real to buy not Chinese

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I myself use two 180s (10 and 6 years) and have had a 361 for a year and have had a good run

And so, the factory semi-professional Huskvarna-450. 24t, p discount at dealers 2t, STIHL-250. 22t, p or home is enough to farm STIHL 180.Find a dealer in your city to get a normal saw.

A week ago, also faced with this problem, a long time to choose, look and read reviews, eventually took the DAEWOO 5218, semi-professional, powerful. First also wanted a STIHL or Husgvarna, but my budget they were only amateur.

I have STIHL ms 180, but I only use it for fishing for firewood. Makes life much easier, always a pleasure to use. I recommend.

Take whatever you like. I have Partner 350 for 15 years, works without problems, not one car sawed firewood.

I have a cheap one, it’s been 6 years, three chains have worked. Didn’t make any repairs, saws great. If memory serves Chinese Elektromir. I don’t use it that often now, but in the beginning I used to saw firewood with lawns.

STIHL or Husqvarna for best. If you want a quality tool. Everything else is a compromise

I use ECHO 353. No complaints.But take the one with the nearest service.

STIHL saws are good but their air filters are crap 180 and 265 or 261 (?I don’t know about the professional series, I’ve never worked with them I own a Husqvarna 141, made in America, the filter is fixed with 2 screws

It’s about 11 or 12 years ago I got a Stihl 180, and three months ago I got a 180 again. I’ve used them tooth and nail, no problems.

I’ve been using a Huskvarna 350 since 1999, waited 2 months for a parcel through the company, about five years ago I got another smaller one, but already. then. quality, so more than 50 saws only STIHL-180 from the store took, passed through my hands on the Russian Railways along the tracks clearing the vegetation on the Bama, I took everything there, junk, decent saws, and of all this scrap metal tenacious STIHL-180, the smallest for the economy who has a cottage, your home. But the alternative is a Makita 1.5 kw, or 2 kw 220v saw wood logs, build a house. Going to the woods to cut pines, (but not in China), there is a professional 180 does not survive 12 hours of work and 365 days a year. Minus it’s heavy, goodbye back.

And in general, the best saw, which only there is. this STIHL FS 361. But it’s expensive, it’s heavy. For a particular logging operation. But it’s indestructible.

I bought a 44k last year, it’s a beast! But I’ve had a couple of tough jerks

I bought myself a STIHL 250ms, and wood is not difficult and logs for the bath, and enough power. Easy to change the chain without a key, no tearing the lanyard.

I had to choose between two STIHL 180 and ECHO 350 in my opinion, I liked the ECHO, it costs 15, well, damn pity stifle, now I consider the firm Champion. Everything’s made in China now. I do not know about the quality, but the main thing is that spare parts are available, and the repair, as they say, the guys do in the woods without leaving the cash register. And repairable by yourself. For home you can take a medium-sized, the sense of taking such an expensive to f fuck in front of a neighbor.

Not the shrubbery, bad. I have 4 boxes of large saws before, I was tired of giving out this stuff, just in the taiga every master disassembled and x, I collected them and went to the base.

STIHL MS-180. The MS181 will be more interesting than the one hundred and eightieth., it is about “for home.If you want to buy for “at home” and to be able to install additional equipment for work, you can buy a medium-sized saw.the equipment for shrubbery is MS 260.benzopilatut.I’ve had a 310th for over ten years, it was a great professional saw, I’ve been in competitions with it.181 is my first saw, I had three years of continuous operation.Burnt 2000 thousand tanks of gasoline on it, then stopped counting sold in 11 years, still at an acquaintance works.Now I use the MS260, I have two of them, they work almost every day, I have no problems.The main thing quality gasoline and the official oil (in petrol), Alcoholic gasoline to use VERY STRONGLY FORBIDDEN!Follow this link, maybe you’ll find something

Word of mouth is a terrible thing. Back in the day they advertised the 180 Stihl and started selling them by the carload. It’s a good saw, no question, but there were so many of them sold that you could ask every other guy if he had a 180. That’s why, when I was thinking about buying one for myself, I categorically did not look at the 180. I got a 211. And I was right. power, mellower performance, same consumption.

And the price tag was higher, by half. I looked at it too.

I chose the STIHL 180. Bought a long time ago, for all the time there was only one problem, often clogged carburetor fine sawdust, solved the problem by replacing the filter on the cardboard, start in any temperature without problems, when stored oil does not leak, the bus to change the big is not worth it, will die engine, despite the fact that the bus short, do saw from two sides and perfectly sawed logs with a diameter of 50cm. I’ve worn out four tires and 10 chains in my time. I only use Stihl oil. Don’t even think about changing it. It’s a lightweight saw, easy to trim right out of the trees. The main thing is a well-sharpened chain.

I have a STIHL 361 and a STIHL 180 at home, at work I have a Husqvarna 365. I cut down trees. For home STIHL 180 is enough, but a little short bar. 361 and 365 are beasts, but expensive. Look at the Husqvarna. It has longer bars.

I have ECHO-353. Everything is fine, no problem. Worked in winter, no questions. The price tag three years ago was about 12500.

You don’t have to clean carburetor on your partner, you just have to blow out muffler with a light.

It’s the same on a Stihl, no need to go into the carburetor, nothing to do there.

STIHL 180 and higher within the price range (I’m using 180 myself, for home use, with plenty) I would buy a 300 or 400, but the price tag is a horse. Battery-powered are interesting, but what are the conditions??

Write to me in person tomorrow, in the morning I’ll ask what is in our area is not China, because I forget.

The machine factory founded by Andreas Stihl will be celebrating its centenary in six years’ time. The first product image of a small industrial company that later grew into a large company. a chainsaw with an electric motor. It weighed about 50 kg. From two employees when the company was founded, the staff grew to 20 and the range was expanded to include a chain saw with a gasoline-powered motor.

The second sample also weighed slightly less than half a centner. The company’s long history of constant product updates, patents for the latest technology.

Today there are four categories of products in the assortment for customers:

  • The machines are designed for the non-professional user who works on the plot of land or around the house;
  • semi-professional, used by farmers in large-scale farming for profit;
  • Professional, forestry trimmers;
  • special, four different categories.

STIHL and Husqvarna trimmers. a comparison of best-selling models

To choose a Swedish garden tool from Husqvarna or a grass trimmer from German manufacturer STIHL, you can compare the parameters of the models below.


easy start, low weight, high-quality construction. Quiet engine, low fuel consumption, minimal vibration. Brush cutter option, top mounted engine. Straight boom, bike handle. Fishing line, blade, shoulder strap.

type. portable grass trimmer;

cutting width. 55 cm;

Engine. gasoline, two-stroke;

power. 1L.с;

weight. 5 kg.


Lightweight, handy and tough tool. Ideal for cutting grass where other lawnmowers fail. Low noise level, easy to operate, curved boom. Fuel tank at 0.33 l, D-shaped handle. fishing line included.

type. portable grass trimmer;

cutting width. 38 cm;

engine. petrol, two-stroke;

power. 0.90 л.с;

weight. 4.1 kg.


Quality materials, spare parts available, power required for comfortable operation. Dual shoulder strap, no vibration. High performance, top mounted engine, V-shaped handle. Straight boom, top mounted engine.

Type. portable grass trimmer;

mowing width. 25.5 cm;

Engine. petrol, two-stroke;

power. 2.20 л.с;

weight. 6.3 kg.


Electric garden trimmer for grass. Attractive appearance, fully assembled. Russified assembly instructions, power cord holder that prevents pulling out of plug. Adjustable handle, eye protection goggles. line trimmer.

type. portable grass trimmer;

cutting width. 36 cm;

The motor is electric;

power. 540 W;

weight. 3.9 kg.


Low noise level, easy to operate. suitable for home use, with safety cover. Built-in mechanical and thermal overload protection, top mounted motor. Curved boom. safety clutch, D-shaped handle.

type. portable grass trimmer;

cutting width. 38 cm;

motor. electric;

Power. 540 W;

weight. 4 kg.

Husqvarna 128R

Easy to replace spool and filament, soft and durable starter. Easy to use, high quality construction, detailed instructions. Plastic deck and body, height-adjustable handle, straight boom. Standard belt tooling, trimmer head, Grass 255-4 4-blade disc for grass.

type. portable grass trimmer;

cutting width. 45 cm;

engine. gasoline, two-stroke;

power. 1.10 л.с;

weight. 5 kg.

Husqvarna 143R-II

Powerful, low-noise garden trimmer. Handlebar mounting bracket, discharge system included, long service life. There is a possibility of installation of lopper, straight non-dismountable boom, fuel tank on 0.94 л. Shoulder strap, knife, fishing line, adjustable handle.

type. portable trimmer for the grass;

cutting width. 48 cm

engine. petrol, two-stroke;

power. 2 l.с;

weight. 8 kg.

What chainsaw to buy? Stihl MS 311 vs Husqvarna 460 Rancher: Honest Overview and Comparison

Husqvarna 545RX

Robust design, rigid straight boom, air filtration with centrifugal, pre-cleaner. High maneuverability, fuel efficient, low noise level of 101 dB. T-handle (bicycle handle). fishing line, knife included.

Type. portable grass trimmer;

mowing width. 50 cm;

engine. gasoline, two-stroke;

power. 2.80 л.с;

weight. 8.4 kg.

Husqvarna 115iL (967 09 88-01)

No flexible shaft, straight telescopic boom. Height-adjustable folding handle, top-mounted motor. D-shaped handle, deck and body in plastic. Li-ion battery.

Type. portable grass trimmer;

cutting width. 33 cm

engine. electric;

battery voltage. 36.5 В;

weight. 3.45 kg.

Husqvarna 325R

Comfortable, rugged construction. Easy line change, top-mounted engine, 0 fuel tank.34 л. T-handle (bike handle), straight boom.

type. portable trimmer for grass;

Husqvarna Versus STIHLmight be surprisedyou decide!!

cutting width. 48 cm;

engine. petrol, two-stroke;

power. 1.13 л.с;

weight. 5.5 kg.

Husqvarna chain saw features

Husqvarna chain saws rival STIHL products in terms of sales. The fact that the saws produced in Sweden of this brand also has its own advantages:

  • Husqvarna saws are adapted to work in northern climates, including Russia, which means they are more reliable and last longer than competitors;
  • Quick start by means of Smart Start technology;
  • the auto-adjustment function allows you to work with different types of fuel;
  • The efficient two-stage air filters don’t require frequent changes, which greatly reduces the operating costs of Husqvarna chain saws;
  • The proprietary vibration damping system effectively controls vibration, and the comfort grips won’t slip from your hands;
  • Exhaust from the Husqvarna two-stroke engine is afterburning, so its emissions are lower, and the chain saws are much more environmentally friendly than most competitors;
  • powerful and compact high-speed engines provide high performance and long hours of continuous operation;
  • metal housings weigh quite a lot, but they are not afraid of shock or rough handling;
  • Several lines of Husqvarna chain saws let everyone, hobbyist or professional, find a tool to fit his or her needs.

We’re done with the theory. Let’s take a closer look at the best chainsaws from STIHL and Husqvarna.

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