STIHL’s idle adjustment.

Adjustment of the carburetor of the chainsaw STIHL 260

Stable sustainable work at any speed, developed capacity, efficiency, use of technical capabilities in the volume provided for and laid down by the manufacturer, and even a motorcycle resource. all this depends on its carburetor. In addition to the fact that this node must also be kept in the proper condition and served in a timely manner, it must still be correctly adjusted. Setting up the chainsaw carburetor is not easy, but with a unhurried thoughtful approach and clear following the instructions, it is feasible for almost anyone, and it should be carried out at the first signs of the need for this, and regardless of whether the new motorcycle is operated or the types of types is operated. The need to adjust the fuel supply unit (hereinafter referred to as the UPT, that is, the carburetor) is evidenced by the following reasons, signs and malfunctions:

  • factory or own settings were shot down due to weakening of adjusting bolts and vibration or in the process of unsuccessful attempts to adjust the carburetor in a new one;
  • damaged lid of the UPT case;
  • The engine does not start or starts with a strain, and then stalls almost immediately;
  • The saw does not work steadily at idle or does not keep them at all;
  • excess of fuel and too thick exhaust;
  • Electrodes of the spark plugs are black (supply to the re.enriched mixture motor) or with a white plaque (impaired);
  • Motopila does not develop maximum turns or power;
  • The motor stalls during a speed set;
  • strong vibration of the chainsaw is observed;
  • Due to violations in the operation of the air cleaning system into the distribution of the fuel-air mixture of the mechanism, particles of garbage hit;
  • The piston group has significant wear. in this case, the regulation of the UPT is used as a temporary measure that allows you to make the work of the tool more stable.

Naturally, when the mud gets into it, the fuel system needs to be washed. this problem cannot be solved by adjusting the carburetor. And a worn piston needs overhaul. However, in these cases, they also set up.

It can also be needed even when the brand or quality of fuel, atmospheric pressure, humidity and ambient temperature, height above sea level (when the place of operation changes from the plain to the mountainous terrain, and vice versa) can also be adjusted.

Before regulating the UPT, you must make sure that both filters (air and fuel) are clean. In addition, there should not be an air leak into the motor from the side (through the seals, laying under the UPT or its accelerating pump or somewhere else), otherwise it will not be possible to adjust the carburetor.

Almost any UPT is regulated by 3 screws:

  • one. The bolt of the chief nozzle designated “H” and used to set the maximum speed of the saw engine.
  • 2. Bolt of the idle jacket, designated “L” and used to set low speeds. That is, to regulate the idle.
  • 3. Idle taching bolt, indicated in various. “LA” (stihl), “t” (Partner, Husqvarna).

There are also carburetors with fewer adjusting screws. So manufacturers protect their products from unprofessional intervention and at the same time try to simplify their configuration.

Before starting adjustment, you should carefully study the operating instructions attached to the chainsaw, especially the part where the angles of rotation of the mood bolts are given. This is an important condition that will make it possible to set up without going beyond the operating parameters of the engine.

For safe regulation during its implementation, the rules should be followed:

  • one. The tool must be steadily installed on a flat surface of a rigidly fixed object (workbench, rack, table).
  • 2. The chain should be directed away from itself and other present.
  • 3. There should be a safe distance between the chain and any surrounding objects that guarantees the impossibility of their mutual contact.

In such cases, adjusting the carburetor on the chainsaw can be as follows. First start the tool and warm it up for 10 minutes.

We begin adjustment of the UPT by determining the position of the mood “L”, in which the idle speed will be the greatest. To do this, we very slowly and smoothly turn this bolt in one direction or the other. And so several times, until the right position is found. After that, we turn “l” by 1/8–1/4 turn (the required value is indicated in the technical documentation for the tool) counterclockwise (hereinafter PEF).

Then we continue to regulate the idle stroke using the screw “s” (“la”, “t”):

  • If the chain after manipulations with the bolt of “l” is motionless, then it is necessary to smoothly rotate “s” (“la”, “t”) clockwise (hereinafter referred to as it) until it starts to move. Then twist the “s” to 1/8–1/4 turns back.
  • If the chain moves, rotate “s” (“la”, “t”) of the PFS until it stops, and then twist “S” to 1/8–1/4 turns in the same direction.

The engine should work evenly. And check it, how it accelerates. It is believed that the engine in acceleration mode works normally if, when you smoothly press the accelerator, the revolutions in a short time and without “failures” increase to its maximum value. If the engine works unevenly and/or poorly accelerates, then it is necessary to slightly. a maximum of 1/8 of the whole turn. Turn the “l” PCH. After that, it is necessary to again make the above settings “S” (“LA”, “t”). Repeat these adjustments until the engine starts to work evenly and accelerate well.

Now check the setting of the adjusting bolt “H”. To do this, accelerate the engine to maximum speed. Only for a long time it is impossible to drive it so without load, you need to pause. We look at the exhaust and listen to the work of the motor. If too much comes out of the muffler, and the brutal smoke, and the motorcycle is very noisy, which means the carburetor makes an overly rich mixture. In addition, the maximum power of the power unit is lower than should be. And also in it will form. In this case, it is necessary to “h” a little to tinker. Then again check the operation of the engine and, if necessary, repeat the adjustment.

Adjustment of the chainsaw STIHL 211

Probable malfunctions of the Stihl MS 211 chainsaw

Now, during the operation of the chainsaw, the Stihl MS 211 took and the staller. I poured the consistency (I follow the proportions correctly), began to start, did not start, dried a candle, cleaned, purged the engine as it is said in the operating annotation, the filter is unsuccessful. You started, you let go, it stalls idle here, so I worked a little with a gas.pressed gas and spat. After that, in general, I finished starting up, pulling, pulling, not even cotton, what is it, I won’t know. Can change the absorption in the gas tank? I have never changed it for the 2nd year, in the annotation, it is recommended to do this once a year, I don’t work much with a saw. No one has come across a similar unreasonable?

I had the same inconsistent did not start. Realizing that I myself would not do anything, I still went to the service center, all the more so that the guarantee has not yet passed. There, together with the master, we sorted out for a long time, inspected all the details, even put a new carburetor. All in any. There turned out to be a little trifle: the filter in the gas tank clogged. In some places bad gasoline came across.

stihl, idle, adjustment

I use this tool, everything would be nothing, but this is the problem. When filling the oil tank from 2/3 to the full level, it flows and perfectly, through the oil tank’s cabin, which is located in the tire attachment, ultimately leaks from under the tire very perfectly. The service manual shows how to remove the sapun out of the case, but how much I did not try and failed. Maybe someone to tell, how to do it, and what is the device of this sapun?

There is a ball valve in the case. But pulling them out of the buildings is quite problematic. He should only let in air. It is possible that something, the small one fell under the ball. In principle, I would recommend not yet touching the bacon, but simply not to leave the saw for storage with full tanks.

Model 211, jammed the driven chain star, what is the reason, what to do?

Unboxing 52cc chainsaw clone Stihl // first run and tuning carburetor

Most likely the reason is the needle of the chain wheel bearing, substitution is required.

STIHL MS 211 C-BE. Worked no more than 30 minutes. A couple of times clamped the tire, the chain stopped. And so, I drank stalled. He could not launch. The engine is very heated. For the next day he flooded the new fuel. Saw earned, but at idle, the chain continued to move. I decided to twist the idle (previously all the options were factory). LA twisted the screw until the chain stops, gave the gas. The saw stalled. Returned back the position of the screw la, started the saw. The chain moves, the saw does not stall. Again, adjust the idle. Everything is repeated, saw stalls. What could be?

Idle speed 2800, you cannot set the eye (hearing) if the chain moves at these turns. replacement springs of stretching clutch clutch. It costs inexpensively, work for 20 minutes in the service and idle adjustment. In general, if you give gas and saw it stalls like a clogged air filter. Another moment. 211 saw is very demanding on the quality of the fuel mixture. There should be a good gasoline, the correct mixture of 1/50 and it should not be old.

Read what kind of oil is poured into a chain electric saw

Tell me, in relation to the STIHL ms 211 saw. When buying, the seller of the official dealer, without filling chain oil into the tank, poured the fuel mixture into the saw, after which he started the saw and repaid for about 20 seconds. This is what all sellers do, or it would still be correct to fill the oil tank for lubricating the oil pump during trial launches (dry wear of the tire and chain excites less than the possible wear of the oil pump). After checking the fuel mixture, the seller leaked back to the captain of the seller. Is it now necessary to devastate the carburetor before downtime until the future of June? The seller said nothing. Start and drive at medium speeds or neglect gasoline in the carburetor? If you need to drive the saw until the carburetor is devastated, whether it is necessary to fill the chain oil into the tank?

Forgive what wear of the pump oil in 20 seconds, if then, when sawing there, few people look at or do not check the presence of oil when sawing. Initially, there is a lubricant on all surfaces. Before any long.term storage, it is necessary to drain and start, develop a mixture in a carburetor! Thus, you postpone the time when you need to contact the service to clean the fuel system.

With maximum speed and maximum load, the engine begins, as it were, to pass the speed, while it works stably, the thrust is very good. Maybe this is normal for the 2MIX motor?

STIHL MS 181, MS 211 will not start.Carburetor repair, carburetor adjustment

OTSTIHL with a modern engine 2-mih.

How to properly adjust the carburetor on the chainsaw // Stihl

In this video, we will answer the question of how to configure or regulate

DIY carburetorbenzopili

The carburetor did not touch, the number of revolutions is normal? In general, engines with different technical solutions have their own “small” features in terms of launching, work, sound, etc. If it starts well, idle and workers are stable, the rod is normal, the oil is coming. what else is needed?

Tell. Piston for MS 211C chainsaws is compatible with any piston another brand of saw ?

The cylinder and piston group from MS211 is suitable only for MS-211 and MS211C.

One tank of oil for lubrication of the chain goes to two tanks of gasoline. Why is this happening, because the instructions written in the proportion of 1: 1?

The oil filter was clogged, the oil was diluted not in accordance with the recommendations on the proportions for the season, most likely the oil is too thick.

Read adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw STIHL MS

I took a used chainsaw STIHL 211. The chain is strongly worn out, you definitely should not sharpen it and I just can’t pull it. It seems to be pulling, I make a couple of revolutions behind the chain with my hand, and it sags again, a couple more revolutions and it pulls on, what is the problem can be? And how to remove the chain tensioner?

As for the sag of the chain, some “tightening after a broach” is permissible. This chain after the broach, as it were, finally becomes in place and is a little weakened, maybe from a too stretched chain, a developed star, defects of the tensioner mechanism. Drive the tensioner with the key and remove the mounting screw of the tensioner (it is closed by the bar, if it is still intact) and roll the tensioner with a screwdriver. Installation of the new in the reverse order.

Adjustment of the Carburetor of the Stihl 180 chainsaw with your own hands

The factory carburetor of the STIHL chain saw plays one of the leading roles in the model of the model. During her work, he is responsible for mixing the fuel mixture with air and its supply to the motor cylinder.

Before adjusting the carburetor, you will need to remove the plastic body of the tool and clean the internal parts of the saw from dust and soot. 3 adjusting screws are located under the hull cover. The first 2 screws. are marked with letters H and L. they are needed to adjust the proportion of fuel and air, which determines the level of opening of the throttle damage. During the weakening of the screws, the fuel mixture is enriched with air, which is why the power of the internal combustion engine falls. If the screws are twisted, then the amount of air used in fuel decreases, which leads to an increase in engine rotation speed.

A screw with labeling H is required to configure maximum engine speeds. The screw l is responsible for adjusting the required minimum engine speeds. The third screw, with the labeling s, is needed for the accurate setup of the idle revolutions of the ICE of the chainsaw STIHL MS 180.

Setting up the carburetor of the saw of the German brand consists of two stages. The first stage is the base, or, as it is also called. factory. It is produced only with a shutty engine of a garden tool. The second stage is final. To perform it, a warmed motor is required. To know to what extent to turn the adjusting bolts, you need to read the instructions of the saw in advance. It indicates the exact settings scheme for each individual screw. Arbitrary adjustment of bolts without knowledge of their exact final position can lead to damage to the chainsaw motor.

During the basic settings of the carburetor, when the cold engine turned off the H and L, it is necessary to slowly turn along the way the clock until the way. Then each of them needs to be turned into 2 full turns in the opposite direction.

The final tuning of the carburetor is performed in this order:

  • First, you need to start the chainsaw motor and let it work for 5 minutes until heated;
  • Next, you will need to start turning the screw H in different directions until the maximum revolutions of the motor at idle are found;
  • Then the screw with labeling L needs to turn 1/4 of the clock against the watch arrow;
  • If, after the actions performed, the chain on the tire began to rotate, then the screw S needs to turn against the stroke of the watch. It is necessary to finish manipulations with screws S only when the saw chain is completely stopped;
  • Next, you need to configure the maximum engine speed, using a hand tachometer connected to the motor.

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After the completion of the carburetor executed, you will need to check the engine operation. To do this, on the tool turned on, it is necessary to press the gas trigger several times. If, with a quick click, the engine is gaining momentum sharply, and when it releases it, it loses them, it means that the adjustment of the factory carburetor was performed correctly.

External examination of the candle

Visual exploitation of the candle can tell a lot about the engine’s work:

  • Raw working part, which is wrapped in a cylinder, indicates a malfunction in the power system. Fuel mixture is too enriched. Carburetor setup is required. Either the wrong ratio of oil and gasoline. than the norm is poured and it does not have time to burn during the work course of the piston. Nar appears. It needs to be cleaned with sandpaper. In no case should the candle with acetylene or gasoline burner. After that, the inner part of the candle can separate.
  • Weak spark. To see a spark, you need to twist the candle. Then the high voltage wire is connected to it, the candle with the metal part is pressed to the cylinder. Then you need to pull the starter, and at this time look at the electrodes of the candle. A weak, unstable spark can say about bad contacts in conjunction with a high.voltage wire, the wrong gap between the electrodes. Different candles have this gap from 0.5 to 0.7 mm. As a result of the fact that the internal electrode gradually burns during operation, the gap increases. To restore the distance, you need to knock out the external electrode a little, or put a new candle.
  • Promotization of a candle. Sometimes you can notice a dark edging between the insulator of the candle and the metal nut. This indicates that the metal part from ceramics has departed. With such a candle, the chainsaw stalls or works with interruptions. This is because the spark is knocking on the cylinder through the candle case. Depressurization can occur with a cheap poor.quality candle, or if at the time of installation, it was excessively tightened.
stihl, idle, adjustment

How to disassemble for cleaning and replacing the remote control?

In order to clean, change gaskets or a needle valve, the carburetor must be disassembled. To do this, you need to promote 4 screws on the lid of the compensator and one on the fuel pump.

Having opened the case, you should be extremely careful, t. to. If garbage enters into the inside of the carburetor will make his work impossible. The thickness of the channels in it is comparable to the thickness of the thread or even the human hair.

The engine works with interruptions

You can start identifying the malfunctions of the Stihl 180 chainsaw yourself if the warranty period expires. Sometimes the engine works with interruptions that can be caused by the failure of the cylinder piston group. You can repair it yourself. To extract a cylinder from the tank on its head, you need to unscrew the bolts. The master should check the piston, there should not be chips, scratches and naps on it. If any, it was possible to find, then the piston must be replaced.

Piston rings and piston provide optimal pressure in the combustion chamber. The rings should be tightly worn on the piston case. If the piston inserted into the cylinder has a free move when swinging, then this indicates his wear. To eliminate the problem, it is necessary to waste the cylinder and install repair parts. But the easiest way will be to replace the CPG set.

Setting instructions

If there is a situation when the tool needs repairs for greater productivity and saving fuel, the carburetor adjustment with all related operations will be an indistinguishable event. Adjustment of the carburetor of the lawn mower 55, 250 and. And so, performing options for the carburetor system of saw 80, you need:

  • Clean the fuel tank and air filters, which will provide more high.quality actions.
  • Find the screws n, l and s on the carburetor.
  • Using the designated screws to produce the basic options of the mixer of the stihl 180 combustible mass, performed with the motor turned off: using the annotation, set clear angles of rotation of the screws n and l, which regulate the ratio of gasoline and air, where the screw N is the screw that controls the gikler of the highest revolutions; L is the screw of small revolutions; S. a screw of accuracy of idle values. When setting the basic values, slow down slowly H and L clockwise, after the stop, return to the position for 2 revolutions back.
  • Turn on the engine and perform the final setting with your own hands of the Stihl carburetor. Find the largest idle speeds, with a threshold of screw l in various directions. As the maximum will be found, the screw is returned 1/4 of the hours of hours. Optimal settings of the carburetor of the chainsaw of the carburetor MS 250 MS 660 P340S Partner. In the event of a chain, the idle screw is returned to its full stop.
  • Will perform the techno check and adjust the acceleration and the largest number of revolutions.

A chainsaw is a technically complex tool that must be served from time to time. Cleaning, replacing filters and of course adjusting the gasopyle carburetor, will help to last the entire time she has set for it. In this article we will consider the issue of setting a carburetor. How and for what it is carried out.

Each owner of the carburetor must have the necessary tools to adjust this system. There are three adjusting screws that are located on the device case. They have their own markings:

  • L. screw for correction of low speeds.
  • H. screw for adjusting high speeds.
  • T. regulates the idle speed, in most cases it is used for experiments.

Air filter of the chainsaw

Before adjusting the carburetor, you need to prepare the device:

  • The engine warms up, that is, it starts about 10 minutes before the repair, and turns off at the beginning of work (see. how to get a chainsaw).
  • Air filter is checked and washed.
  • The circuit stops by turning the screw t to the stop (see. Oil for the chain).

To carry out safe repair, you need to prepare an even surface, where you can carefully place the device, and turn the circuit in the opposite direction. Need a tachometer. It determines the presence of a violation in the carburetor. When revolutions, the sound should be perfect and absolutely even. If screaming notes are noticed, then the mixture is oversaturated.

Carburetor adjustment is divided into two main stages. The first is called basic. Correct adjustment of the carburetor of the chainsaw 180, 250, 260 and all models of the STIHL chain saw with your own hands. It is produced when the engine is turned on. The second is performed when the engine warms up.

To carry out the carburetor setup procedure successfully, you need to familiarize yourself with the instructions for the operation of a particular model in advance to identify additional features of configuring the device.

stihl, idle, adjustment

To correctly set the carburetor of the Chinese chainsaw, you must first remember the factory settings of the device, then turn on the engine. Later you will have to leave it to work for a few hours to accurately set its own parameters. Sometimes work is carried out once after the ten.minute functioning of the engine, however, many Chinese.made models require special treatment.

  • Events begin in idle mode. Using adjusting screws, you need to achieve a systematic set of revolutions with an engine, so you should first let it work at low speeds. Deviation from the norm is the movement of the chain by the bus. In this case, it is necessary to adjust the optimal position in extreme screws in order for the chain to remain motionless.
  • The transition to the momentum of medium speed is carried out. Sometimes the engine is smoking. This defect can be eliminated if you tighten the screw to serve a poorer fuel mixture.

In this case, the smoke will disappear, but the engine speed will increase. It is necessary to adjust the settings until the level is reached when, when pressing the throttle, the engine smoothly gains momentum, sharp jerks or interruptions are not heard.

  • The engine engine is being checked. The chainsaw is transferred to minimum turns, and then a rapid press is carried out on the lever. With maximum pressing, it is kept for 3 seconds. If there are violations in the operation of the engine, you need to gradually loosen the screw until the optimal position is reached.
  • The chainsaw should work for several hours in real conditions. It is necessary to engage in cutting wood, and then perform an inspection of all the elements involved in this event. If there are deviations, they need to be fixed using adjusting devices. When all defects are eliminated and optimal settings are set for the supply of correctly concentrated fuel, you can consider the process of configuring the device with complete.

Repair Husqvarna 142 DIY Video Video

Setting up a chainsaw carburetor. Or how not to pay repairmen!

The possession of a chainsaw in many ways makes life even lover, and in some professions this tool is actually indispensable. However, as any relatively complex device, chainsaws require periodic maintenance. Due to the untimely or not of the most high-quality maintenance, as well as as a result of the influence of both planned and excessive loads, various malfunctions may appear. For professionals, interruptions or unstable saw work reduces the efficiency of work or may cause a spoiled working day. One of the fairly common faults is the incorrect tuning of the carburetor of the chainsaw, which is lost due to unsuccessful attempts to adjust or displacement of adjusting screws for other reasons.

The following signs and malfunctions indicate the need to adjust the carburetor:

  • The engine starts with a strain and stalls almost instantly;
  • The consumption of gasoline is excessively large, the exhaust is too thick, the combustible mixture in the cylinder does not completely burn;
  • The factory settings of the carburetor of the chainsaw are shot down (due to vibrations or unsuccessful attempts to regulate);
  • malfunctions of the air cleaning system, which led to the fall of particles of garbage into the distribution of the fuel mixture of the mechanism;
  • Significant wear of the piston group. setting up the carburetor in this case acts as a temporary measure.

It is clear that when dirt gets into the fuel system with one setting, the problem cannot be solved. it is necessary to flush it. In the case of worn piston, major repairs are required. However, in all these cases, the carburetor is also adjusted.

Carburetor adjustment stihl 230

Stihl MS 180 chainsaws are designed in such a way as to greatly facilitate their operation with inexperienced users. To do this, some functions available on more powerful StiHL models were abolished in the carburetor of the saw. But there is still an opportunity to set up, and repair, also adjusting the Carburetor of the Stihl 180 chainsaw with your own hands, is possible.

When you need to adjust the STIHL 180 carburetor

First you should decide why it may be needed to adjust and repair the Stihl MS 180 carburetor. So, this must be done in the following cases:

  • if the chainsaw does not hold idle turn;
  • Repair may be required if the saw does not start;
  • power loss is observed;
  • overstated fuel consumption;
  • chainsaw does not develop the largest speeds.
  • stalls when recruiting.

This list can be continued for a long time, but we identified the main prerequisites. Before starting adjustment, you need to know what main parts a carburetor on the Stihl 180 chainsaw consists of, and who produces it.

Stihl carburetor device

So, the STIHL MS 180 carburetor is developed and produced by the subsidiary of STIHL, under the title of Zama. Photo and video. And adjusting the carburetor. Stihl 361 chainsaw is used. Unique carburetors on their building have a company logo guaranteeing product quality.

Fuel pump

Directly in the carburetor case, a fuel pump is installed, which works under the influence of an air pulse from the chainsaw crankcase, transmitted through special channels. The pump has a diaphragm, it directly is responsible for pumping fuel under the influence of a pulse. Better and body is installed with a gasket that is responsible for the density of the fuel pump.

Distribution camera

In the distribution chamber, as in the fuel pump, there is also a membrane that opens and regulates the supply of fuel by pressing a special rocker, raising its needle valve with all this.

The camera cover is the compensator case, which is mounted on the carburetor using 4 screws, a gasket is installed between the case and the lid, which increases the height of the camera and responsible for sealing.


The fuel nozzle is built into the carburetor case in such a way that it is a connecting link between the distribution camera and cavity in which the throttle is installed. Air is supplied to the nozzle and an air mixture occurs to the nozzle. Carburetor adjustment and saw repair. Features of the chainsaw STIHL MS 230. 230 stihl. Carburetor adjustment Stihl 180 can be repaired by the Stihl 180 chainsaw. The nozzle has a check valve, which covers the flow of air in the reverse sequence, in other words from the throttle chamber into the distribution chamber.

The shuttle of the throttle

The throttle is installed in the carburetor case and is responsible for increasing the supply of fuel mixture directly to the motor cylinder. At the time of pressing the gas, the throttle is opened, thereby increases the capacity of the channel and fuel from the carburetor cavity, rushes into the cylinder in a larger volume.

Combustion of a larger amount of fuel, increases the amount of energy formed, which affects the power and speed of processes. The damper is installed on the shaft of the carburetor passing through the entire body. At the output of the shaft from the housing, a mount for the gas cable is installed, a cone.shaped, adjusting screw responsible for configuring the idle walk is located nearby. Carburetor adjustment and saw repair. Stihl 230 chainsaw is equipped with a heating system. By twisting the screw, you can slightly adjust the position of the shaft and the shutters installed on it, thereby increase or decrease the idle stroke, opening or opposite covering the damper.

How to properly adjust the carburetor on the chainsaw // Stihl

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How to properly adjust the carburetor on the chainsaw // Stihl Spare parts, devices and equipment for forest and garden. Setting up the gas.rosopila carburetor adjustment is not started by the chainsaw STIHL 180? Subscribe to our YouTube channel:.

Carburetor adjustment on the Stihl MS 230, MS 250 chainsaw

MS230 in Kyiv on Petropavlovskaya Borshchagovka.Piston substitution with rings on the chainsaw of Stihl.

Carburetor adjustment on the Stihl MS 230, MS 250 chainsaw

In this video, we will answer the question of how to configure or regulate

DIY carburetorbenzopili

Air damper

The carburetor air damper is installed on the back of the throttle and is responsible for the launch of the cold motor, its control is carried out by the engine control lever. The article examines in detail the adjustment of the chainsaw carburetor with three adjusting screws, as well as adjusting the Carburetor of the Stihl 180 chainsaw with one screw. For cold launch, the air damper is 100 percent overlap, for ordinary work, open.

STIHL carburetor adjustment

STIHL 180 chainsaw carburetor, indiscriminately, can only be adjusted for the number of revolutions at idle. To grow or reduce the supply of fuel in various modes using special screws. The manufacturer limits access to adjustments and does not set these screws. How to adjust the carburetor to the correct idle speeds is very painstakingly described in the manufacturer’s instructions.

In case of certain flaws, and the presence of experience, you can grow or reduce the supply of fuel by gap growth when the needle valve is opened.

For the growth of the supply, the rocker of the needle valve in the distribution chamber must bend upward, and to reduce, down. Thereby adjust the needle and, accordingly, valve throughput.

Do not carry out adjustment without the help of others, t. to. This must be done very accurately and with an error to return the original position of the rocker.

Carburetor adjustment

If the Stihl 230 chainsaw starts up and stalls or just works unstable, then it is time to see how things are with the fuel supply system, namely the carburetor. Most likely the reason lies in it, and it requires maintenance. We will not dwell on this process within this article, Earlier they talked about the repair of the carburetor on the chainsaws in general and the STIHL in particular. We recommend reading articles: device and adjustment of the carburetor on the Stihl 180 chainsaw and the second interesting article about adjusting the carburetor on chainsaws in general.

The articles raise questions of the main reasons why the saw begins to “ruin”. Detailed and detailed answers are given that will help to repair the faults with your own hands.

It is worth remembering that the chainsaw of the STIHL MS 230 is a semi.professional saw, and not a household! For this reason, it is worth carrying out periodic services, it is better to apply to a specialized service!

If for some reason you cannot contact the STIHL specialized service, and you want to adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw with your own hands, then you definitely need to watch cognitive videos regarding this issue. We present to your attention, our selection.

Adjusting the carburetor at the STIHL 230 and 250 saws is no different, so watching the video will be useful to the owners of both the other chainsaws.

Why is the STIHL 180 carburetor pouring and several characteristic malfunctions

After we examined the device of the carburetor to determine the reason why the fuel enters the combustion chamber in a larger volume is not difficult. This happens due to wear of the gasket between the compensator cover and the carburetor body. You will ask how this can affect?

The answer is simple, contracting, the gasket releases the diaphragm on top of it on a share of millimeters down. She, in turn, will push the needle valve more strongly on the rocker, it will open more than the laid and the fuel will come in abundance (she will begin to pour).

Another reason is the stretching of the diaphragm itself, this occurs as a result of natural wear. It is impossible to prevent this process, but you can solve the problem by periodically changing all the gaskets, the diaphragm of the carburetor, and the fuel pump. For this there is a repair kit.

When cleaning the chainsaws with compressed air, in no case should you blow into the fuel tube, this can lead to stretching the diaphragm.

Frequent breakdown of the Stihl carburetor and how to avoid it

A common cause of failure of the carburetor on the Stihl chainsaw is the sticking of the valve in the nozzle. The reason for the sticking is a violation of the storage of a chainsaw, more precisely, the instructions of the manufacturer STIHL 180 for proper preparation for storage.

As follows from the instructions, before long.term storage, it is necessary to drain the fuel from the tank, and then start the saw and make gas from the carburetor. Failure to fulfill this elementary rule, entails the following consequences. The Forcnui valve, being in direct contact with the fuel, sticks to the case, t. to. gasoline gradually evaporates and only sticky oil remains. You cannot replace the nozzle, t. to. They are not in the remote complex, you can only try to knock it out and rinse, which is not always possible to do without spoiling the nozzle.

How to clean a chainsaw filter

To clean the filter of the chainsaw of Husqvarna is necessary after each use. The process of cleaning itself, depending on how much the filter is contaminated, can be done in two ways:

  • The mechanical method of cleaning, which is a blowing of the filter.
  • With a higher degree of pollution, the filter is washed in soapy water.

Important! It is forbidden to rinse the filter in aggressive solutions: gasoline, diesel fuel, acetone

How much does a new carburetor cost

The average question is whether these are original carburetors. In online stores

Stihl 180 chainsaws are in great demand in the first place due to their reliability. The carburetor was no exception and is also quite reliable and unpretentious. The adjustment or repair of the carburetor is required only after prolonged operation, after at least 5-7 years (with average workload). The setting process itself is as simplified as possible by StiHL engineers, this is the first chainsaw in which only one screw is provided for adjustment.

The consumer can repair the chainsaw of the Stihl chainsaw independently due to the simplicity of the design. The instrument that proven in the construction segment has a capacity of 1400 W, the engine volume 31 cubic meters. cm.

The tool has excellent recommendations, popularity among users. This is due to a reasonable price and quality characteristics. However, the operation of the chainsaws is periodically accompanied by breakdowns.

Dismantling of the carburetor if it is necessary to check or repair the components

The device of different models of carburetors is almost the same, so when working with them you can use the standard scheme. All elements must be removed carefully, and then lay out according to the order below, so that it can be successfully placed in place at the end of the repair work.

Stihl Weedeater Carb Adjust

Removing the upper cover

  • The upper cover is removed. To do this, unscrew 3 bolts that hold it in a circle.
  • Foam is also removed, as it is the upper component of the filter conducting the air.
  • The fuel hose is removed.
  • The drive of the drive is displayed immediately on it.
  • The cable tip is disconnected.
  • The gasoline hose can be completely removed if you are systematically pulled off from the fitting.

To finally prepare the carburetor for major repairs or replacement of the smallest parts, you need to carefully disconnect it from the main system. Sometimes its further disassembly is required. The constituent elements should be unscrewed and fold the fasteners in groups, since these small details are easily lost.

In order for the chainsaw to work correctly, you need to carefully perform the work on setting the carburetor in strict accordance with their order. If there are any violations in the operation of the device, you must independently perform its complete disassembly. In most cases, it requires replacing any parts that have become unsuitable for use.

If the carburetor settings are constantly checked, and measures are taken in a timely manner to increase its performance, there are no problems with the chainsaw.

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