STIHL stops when throttle

Checking the chainsaw’s main working mechanisms

If your STIHL chain saw stops you should check that all the major systems are working correctly:

  • fuel tank. The saw will not work properly if there is not enough fuel in it or it is of poor quality;
  • ignition coil and high-voltage wire. Normally, the spark plug gap should not be more than 0.5 mm;
  • carburetor and fuel filter. If the tool does not work due to malfunction of these mechanisms, it is necessary to contact specialists.

Why won’t the chainsaw start?

If there are defects it is necessary to check the serviceability of the components.

If a new chainsaw does not start, you should check the presence and supply of fuel, the occurrence of spark on the spark plug, the functioning of the exhaust valve, the state of the filters. The work of the saloon glow device built into the fuel cap can also be disturbed.

Stihl MS290 Dying At Full Throttle

The reason that does not start the Chinese chain saw, can be poor quality equipment. There may be a variety of faults, improper assembly. Some products arrive defective. If the inspection does not reveal any faults that can be repaired yourself, the saw can be replaced under the warranty card.

When cold

The reason why the device does not start in the cold, is often a violation of the sequence of starting the engine.

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It is necessary to read the manual: the manufacturers indicate how to start the chainsaw correctly.

To enrich the fuel, first close the choke. Then the fuel is sucked in. A special primer is used for this. Then turn on the ignition. Before the first flash of the engine, it is necessary to make several movements of the starter. The choke is opened, the device is started. If the sequence is not correct, if any step is missing, it may not work properly.

If the chainsaw stops starting, the likely cause is a problem with the fuel system. Starting problems may be caused by an improperly adjusted carburetor, clogged fuel line and fuel filter. The quality of fuel also matters. If the fuel is diluted with water, the tool will not start well or will not work at all. The mixture must be fresh.

Possible cause of trouble starting is an engine malfunction. Wear or breakage of the part leads to undesirable consequences: reduced compression in the cylinders and other troubles. It is recommended to contact professionals with such problems, because it is difficult to diagnose and fix the problem yourself.

stihl, stops

When it is hot

If the chainsaw does not start well when it is hot, you should start the inspection of the tool with the spark plug. You will also need to check the spark plug.

The spark plug must be dry for the appliance to work properly. When it is wet, no spark is created on the contacts. You can try to replace the part with a new one.

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If it is sparking and the spark plug is working, try to look for a problem in the fuel system. If a visual inspection could not detect the cause of the failure, you should remove the carburetor. If the fuel mixture is too much, the machine won’t start. The spark plug should be wet. You should turn the spark plug hole downward. If the fuel mixture leaks, the reason why the chainsaw will not start when hot, is that there is too much fuel.

The basic elements of chainsaws

Before we get into breakdowns and tool repair issues, let’s first understand what the chainsaw actually consists of. First of all, I would like to note that this tool belongs to the category of equipment, the work of which depends directly on the internal combustion engine.

As important is the fact that chainsaws are equipped with an engine that has one cylinder, and the work is done on this kind of fuel, such as gasoline. It is worth mentioning that in spite of its similarity with other tools, it does not have a gearbox. And it is replaced by a kind of single chain gear, through which the movement of the chain itself (saw) is made.

In fact, the chainsaw is a fairly simple design, but this does not prevent it from being reliable, practical and able to fully provide direct smooth and cyclic work even in quite difficult conditions. This tool is made up of a huge range of specific elements “vital” for its proper and efficient operation. This is a carburetor, a direct chain tensioner, a bar complete with a chain and other elements.

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Before you buy a chainsaw, be sure to study all the options, and choose the right brand of chainsaw for you.

To help you choose, we’ve put together a reliability rating of chain saws for you.

If you are on a tight budget, read the article about Russian chainsaw manufacturers.

Immediately after starting

The machine may stall immediately after starting if the carburettor is out of adjustment or has not been correctly set. this causes an uneven fuel supply. The result is that the device starts to vibrate distinctly. To correct the problems, the carburetor is readjusted, acting according to the instructions for the mechanism.

The engine also stops when the fuel valve is clogged. In such cases, it is sufficient to simply clean it. If the lawnmower starts to run but then immediately stops, there may be some difficulty in getting the fuel to the carburetor unit. Solve the problem by loosening the valve, which allows the mixture to circulate freely in the system.

Stopping can also be caused by air leaks in the case of mechanical damage (holes, cracks) to the hose that produces fuel intake. In this case you should add revolutions to the drive to expel the air bubbles from the system faster.

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